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Books about diabetes matter to the CWD community. Books provide the information and the tool sets we need to make pump adjustments, healthy recipes, and decisions about our medical care. Books show us people with diabetes as the heroes, the scientists, the teachers, the athletes, the change-makers, and these narratives help shape the way we view this health condition.

Here at CWD, we've taken years to cultivate and curate a very special library, filled with stories and science that lift us up and keep us informed. These books are the ones we keep on our staff bookshelves and recommend to our friends. These are the stories we trust to keep us moving forward. Check out our CWD library, peruse the bookshelves, and please reach out if you have a dog-eared diabetes favorite that you'd like us to include.

Featured Book

Cheating Destiny High Resolution
Cheating Destiny

James S. Hirsch

The best-selling author of Hurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter offers a thought-provoking look at living with the disease that is becoming America’s fastest-growing epidemic, revealing his own bout with Type 1 diabetes, the science behind the disease, and the skyrocketing impact of diabetes on the American economy and society.

“My son is thirsty.” So begins Cheating Destiny, Jim Hirsch’s amazing book about living with type 1 diabetes, being the parent of a child with diabetes, the diabetes industry today, the cost to the US of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, islet cell transplantation, stem cell research, the maddening nature of US healthcare, and so much more. Hirsch is a captivating writer, and as the parent of a child with diabetes, I feel a special kinship to him — he too has a child with diabetes. He has also lived most of his life with type 1 diabetes. His book is a must read for everyone whose life includes diabetes. You’ll learn more than you could have imagined. And if you, like Jim and I, have a child with diabetes, be prepared for a deeply emotional experience. Highly Recommended.

Published by Houghton Mifflin, 2006. Hardcover, 307 pages. $25.00 ISBN 0-618-51461-9. Paperback (2007) ISBN 061891899X, $14.95.2010

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