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  1. The Armband.
  2. CWD FFL 2017: The Week I Love Diabetes.
  3. Finding my Tribe: My experience at Friends for Life Orlando 2017.
  4. Friends for Life Orlando 2017.
  5. My Friends for Life 2017 Experience - Year 2.
  6. For some time now, we’ve had a great working relationship with dQ&A, a diabetes research company based in San Francisco. dQ&A stands for Diabetes Questions and Answers, and they deliver feedback from people with diabetes to the companies that provide our medications, devices and care. They work with pretty much everyone in the diabetes field and have presented several times at Friends For Life. More importantly, their survey results have been instrumental in bringing new diabetes technology to the market.

    Today, we’d like to invite you to become part of dQ&A’s research process - they are looking for more families to take part in their quarterly feedback surveys. This is a great way to make sure that your voice heard by the leaders of diabetes care companies.

    dQ&A will make a small donation to Children With Diabetes for every family that signs up, as well as compensating you for time you spend taking their surveys.

    Please give this your consideration. If you wish to sign up and join the dQ&A Research Panel, visit this link.
  7. Last week's poll asked readers how much of a financial burden paying for diabetes supplies places on their family. This week's poll asks our CGM users how often they dose insulin based on their CGM reading.
  8. The Featured Book of the Week is The Insulin Express by Oren Liebermann.
  9. This week's Humorous Tidbit is:
    Our 4-year-old son Willy, who was diagnosed when he was two, has been judging how low or high his blood sugar is feeling. One day I asked him if he was feeling like his blood sugar was low or high. He held his hand at his shoulder level and said, "I think it's about here."
  10. You know you're the parent of a child with diabetes when you find yourself arguing with your daughter because she WON'T eat her ice cream before she goes to bed! See more parent humor.
  11. Featured Diabetes Team Question of the Week

  12. The Featured Ask the Diabetes Team Question of the Week is:
    After an up and down night of blood sugars, my adult daughter could not communicate with me, as if her brain were malfunctioning. She returned to normal after several hours and hospital tests. Is this common in long term diabetics with erratic blood sugars?
    See the answer.
  13. From the CWD Forums

  14. From the CWD Forums:
    Reacting to CGMS overtapes
  15. Support, Advocacy, and Education

  16. Why is Medicare Paying For Failed Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems?
  17. Join JDRF's #Coverage2Control petition to tell insurance companies to provide coverage that works for people with type 1 diabetes.
  18. Studies, Focus Groups, and Surveys

  19. Researchers at Yale University are seeking parents of kids ages 11-16 with type 1 diabetes to evaluate a new web site called "Type 1 Teamwork." You can earn up to $50 for participating. To learn more or see if you are eligible to participate, visit or contact Roberta Delvy at (203) 737-7209 or via email at .
  20. Diabetes Videos and Podcasts

  21. #NoMoreHiding was shown by Dr. Desmond Schatz during his opening keynote at Friends for Life Orlando 2017.
  22. Diabetes in Social Media

  23. Parents Push for Better Emergency Insulin Access After Son's Death.
  24. The Unmet Need For Diluted Insulin.
  25. Tresiba Cuts Severe Hypoglycemia Risk by 40% & Is Safe for the Heart.
  26. Ontario Government Plan Would Cover Insulin Costs.
  27. What's Making a Splash in Diabetes Technology This Summer?
  28. Returning to the Stage with T1D.
  29. Would You Kill Me for a Tax-cut?
  30. “I was bone-crushingly exhausted.” The everyday signs of type 1 diabetes.
  31. How a Drug that Blocks Glucagon Might Help People With Type 1 Diabetes.
  32. Research

  33. My Child Is Islet Autoantibody Positive: Impact on Parental Anxiety.
  34. Occupation with grain crops is associated with lower type 1 diabetes incidence: Registry-based case-control study. Free full text available in PDF format.
  35. Overnight Closed Loop Control Improves Glycemic Control in a Multicenter Study of Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.
  36. The Challenges of Achieving Postprandial Glucose Control using Closed-Loop Systems in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes.
  37. Intestinal virome changes precede autoimmunity in type I diabetes-susceptible children. See also Type 1 diabetes risk linked to intestinal viruses.
  38. Daily Care

  39. Prediction of nocturnal hypoglycemia unawareness by fasting glucose levels or post-breakfast glucose fluctuations in patients with type 1 diabetes receiving insulin degludec: A pilot study. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  40. High‐intensity interval exercise and glycemic control in adolescents with type one diabetes mellitus: a case study. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  41. Association between quality of life of adolescents with type 1 diabetes and parents' illness perception as evaluated by adolescents.
  42. Diabetic Ketoacidosis at Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes Predicts Poor Long-term Glycemic Control. See also Presenting in DKA Predicts Worse Long-term Diabetes Control. (Free Medscape membership required)
  43. Challenges of Diabetes Management in Toddlers.
  44. Effect of Insulin Degludec vs Insulin Glargine U100 on Hypoglycemia in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: The SWITCH 1 Randomized Clinical Trial. See also Could SWITCHing to Insulin Degludec Thwart Hypoglycemia? (Free Medscape membership required)
  45. Celiac

  46. Prevalence of Celiac Disease in 52,721 Youth With Type 1 Diabetes: International Comparison Across Three Continents.
  47. No Evidence of Transfusion Transmission of Celiac Disease.
  48. Avoidance of Cow's Milk-based Formula for At-risk Infants Does Not Reduce Development of Celiac Disease: a Randomized Controlled Trial.
  49. Symptoms of Functional Intestinal Disorders Are Common in Patients with Celiac Disease Following Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet.
  50. Intussusception in Celiac Disease: is it a common feature in Children?
  51. Gluten-Free Host A No-Go, Says Pope. See also The Catholic Church says no to gluten-free communion. Here’s why.
  52. Diabetes in the Popular Press

  53. Building community: Kejimkujik National Park camp provides safe space for teens with Type 1 diabetes.
  54. Type 1 diabetes: 'A simple test could have saved my son'.
  55. Press Releases

  56. 'Neo-Islets', a Major Advance Toward a Functional Cure of Type-1 Diabetes. See also Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes.

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