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August 24
Hooray! Rufus has arrived! We had to go to the post office to pick him up. Máté was so excited! Apparently, Rufus was, too, because when Máté checked his blood sugar upon arrival, it was 2.8 (50). Máté rushed to the cupboard to get him some chocolate but I reminded him we should give glucose tablets first. We then showed him Máté's room, and read him the story of a Hungarian bear who went to school for the first time. (Máté is starting school on August 29.)

A bit later, Máté checked Rufus again and he was 2.8 (50) once more, so this time, after the glucose tablets, we gave him some fruit yogurt.

Dad came home and was pleasantly surprised to find Rufus here! We read the booklet "Rufus Comes Home" and agreed that if Rufus will help him it would be very nice to have such a book in Hungarian as well.

Before dinner, I checked Máté's BS (he doesn't want to check himself, maybe Rufus will help him get over his fears of that!), and it was 3.6 (65) so he and Rufus had dinner right away. Máté gave Rufus his shot of Regular (with a pen). Before going to bed, Máté combed Rufus' hair.

August 25
Rufus went horse riding today! Máté participates in therapeutic riding once a week and this Saturday Rufus rode with him. He was excited but fine. Unfortunately, Máté had a low of 1.8 (33) just before mounting the horse. It happened because we are now changing his daily schedule in preparation for school.

After the riding lesson, Rufus and Máté had lunch at McDonald's. Rufus even received a balloon! It was a very hot day, so in the afternoon, Rufus and Máté played inside.

August 26
This afternoon, Rufus and Máté visited Grandma and Grandpa, who live in Budapest, capitol of Hungary. (Kerepes, where we live, is about 8 miles from Budapest.) Grandma and Grandpa know pretty much about diabetes already! We usually have lunch at their place every second Sunday, and Grandma knows how to prepare a meal so that we can count the carbs. She also knows how to check Máté's blood sugar and can give a shot, too! (Máté's other Grandmother is a completely different story, though!) Máté and Rufus had a sandwich for supper and grandma offered them some watermelon afterwards.

After supper, we took Rufus for a walk in the Buda Castle District. A long time ago, in the Middle Ages, the Buda Castle was the residence of Hungarian kings. In this district, there are several houses which were built in medieval times. Máté and Rufus climbed onto the cannons.

August 27
Today we bought Máté's first schoolbag! Rufus likes it very much because it has bears on it. In the evening, the doctor came to vaccinate Máté against chicken pox because we've read in the Pink Panther Book that it is important for children with diabetes. Máté was a little bit afraid but afterwards, he said the shot hurt even less than an insulin shot. The doctor examined Rufus, too, and found him absolutely healthy.

August 28
Days are starting to get pretty hectic around here. School's opening tomorrow! This morning Máté had a haircut "to look nice" for school. He doesn't like when his hair is being washed.

In the afternoon, Rufus and Máté went to a farewell party at Máté's kindergarten held for those going to school. Máté said goodbye to his kindergarten friends. We hope he'll make new ones at school, too!

August 29
Today we were interviewed by a national periodical called "Mothers' Magazine". We told the reporter about Máté's everyday life with type I diabetes and introduced Rufus to her. She was truly interested to hear about Rufus' tour and his visits to children with diabetes all over the world. We told her about the difficulties, too, and the need for more people to be informed about this condition, and called her attention to the CWD website. We agreed it would be extremely useful to set up such a website in Hungarian as well.

The school opening ceremony took place in the afternoon. It was moving to see Máté among the other schoolchildren. He is growing up!

In the evening, we all went to a restaurant to have dinner to celebrate school opening. Máté and Rufus were both a bit high (160) so after the insulin shot, we were talking a little about the day's events until it was time to eat.

August 30
On the first day of school, there were no classes. The children went for an outing to see a farm where, during the school year, they are going to have horse riding lessons once a week. The owner of the farm created an environment which resembles that of 9th century Hungarians. In those times, the Hungarians were a nomadic people, rode horses and kept various animals. They were warriors, too, and fought from horseback, using bows and arrows and special kinds of swords. They lived in big tents. At the farm, the children could see all these things and heard about the history of the Hungarian people in ancient times.

Tonight, Rufus and Máté were sad because they knew they were going to part the next day. It's hard to say goodbye to Rufus, but we all had a good time with him and are proud of his friendship. Goodbye, Rufus, have a safe trip to Germany! We hope to see you again some time!

Máté Rozgonyi, 7, Hungary, dx'd Sept 1995 (MDI, Humulin R & N)
  Máté and Rufus
Máté and Rufus

Máté gives Rufus his shot
Máté gives Rufus his shot

Máté combs Rufus's hair
Máté combs Rufus's hair

Máté and Rufus have lunch at McDonalds
Máté and Rufus have lunch at McDonalds

Máté and Rufus visit Grandma and Grandpa in Budapest
Máté and Rufus visit Grandma and Grandpa in Budapest

Máté and Rufus at the playground
Máté and Rufus at the playground

Máté and Rufus looking out at Budapest
Máté and Rufus looking out at Budapest

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