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December 23, 2003
Rufus arrives just in time for Christmas! He was picked up from the post office while Patrick was at school. When he got to our house, he was very happy he made it in time for Christmas. He was getting very nervous he would be stuck in the box all alone. Melissa only has half-day kindergarten, so she helped Rufus get settled. She checked his blood sugar; it was 77 and gave him lunch, no shot. Melissa loves Rufus' clogs.

Patrick went to a friend right after school and got home at 5:00; when he checked Rufus, he was 300. Uh oh! He should have had a shot. Patrick gave him 3 units of Humalog. We had friends over for a little Christmas party. Everyone loved Rufus. Patrick's friends Daniel and Alex are staying for a sleepover. When Patrick changes his site, he decides Rufus needs a pump, too. So, we make him one, put in the site and Rufus is on the pump. Rufus loves it and said when Patrick put in the site, it didn't even hurt!

I hope we set his basal rate right. I guess I'll be checking nighttime blood sugars 12 a.m., 3 a.m., 6 a.m. like when Patrick started!

It's getting late, so Patrick and Rufus check blood sugar. Patrick is 305 and Rufus is 240. They think they might have forgotten to bolus for something at the party. They correct, and the watch Rugrats Go Wild with their friends… and hopefully fall asleep. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we don't have a present for Rufus yet because it was a surprise that he came. I guess we'll do some last minute shopping. Melissa thinks he needs pajamas and Patrick thinks he needs a souvenir from the Indian Museum by our house.

December 24, 2003
It's Christmas Eve! Everyone is excited. Rufus is doing great on the pump. Grandma, Pop, Aunt Colleen and Uncle Billy come for Christmas today. They will all stay overnight since they live in New Jersey 1 ˝ hours away. We have a big dinner and exchange some gifts. Patrick gets a pool table and Melissa gets a Barbie vacuum. Patrick and Melissa each get one more surprise and it's a surprise for Rufus, too. Their very own Rufus and Ruby! Rufus is so happy to have his own bear family around for Christmas. We leave milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Check blood sugars and get to sleep… It's going to be a busy day tomorrow!

December 25, 2003
Merry Christmas!

We are up early opening presents. Patrick opens a couple and feels sick. We check for a low, but he is 240. He feels horrible and throws up. We check for ketones and he has moderate ketones. Rufus does, too. Maybe it was too much excitement. Nighttime blood sugars were not bad - at 3 a.m., Patrick was 180 and Rufus was 175, and they both corrected. We give insulin with a syringe and lots of water. We change pump sites, too. They start to feel better. Rufus still has his gift to open and Patrick still has a lot to open, but Melissa is done with hers. She does not think it's fair that Patrick still has gifts and she doesn't. She does not get any sympathy and gets over it quickly. She helps Patrick open a few more presents. 9 a.m. Patrick and Rufus are both 200. We give shots again according to our ketone scale. Both get 3 units of Humalog and more water. As soon as they can go to the bathroom again, we can test for ketones.

10 a.m., ketones are down to small. Patrick and Rufus feel much better. They open gifts. Rufus gets a jacket, hat, scarf, and boots to keep him warm. Even though he has fur, it gets cold in the Pocono's and he might need it!

11 a.m. Time to check blood sugar again. Patrick is 180 and Rufus is 175. Another shot. 2 units each and more water. We have to wait to check ketones again. Maybe we'll get the machine that can check blood ketones soon. Patrick, Rufus, Rufus, Ruby, and Melissa are busy playing. Patrick and Rufus are still taking it easy playing the new Game Boy Advance SP.

1 p.m. Patrick and Rufus only have trace ketones and blood sugars are 140 (Patrick) and 150 (Rufus), and they are hungry. So, we have lunch of leftover ham, chicken wings, perogies, and potato salad from last night. Try not to eat too much… don't want to spoil Grandma Jude's lasagna dinner! No more shots. They just bolus to cover the carbs and an extra unit to get rid of the ketones.

The rest of the day, we just play Monopoly, pool, play doh, video games, and work in the Smithsonian crime lab.

4 p.m. ketones are negative! We have dinner at 5:00 and then just play play play all night! It was a nice Christmas

December 27, 2003
Grandma Jude and Pop go home today. They loved meeting Rufus and enjoyed looking at all his stuff. Cousin Eddie comes to visit for Christmas vacation. Rufus loves meeting Patrick's family. They all watch Rocky movies (Eddie started boxing), play video games, play pool, and stay up late. It's a good vacation. Blood sugars run high from being couch potatoes, but we correct a lot. We have to ask about a temporary basal rate for days like this at our next endo visit.

December 31, 2003
New Year's Eve! We pack up and head to New Jersey to celebrate New Year's at Eddie's house. We have a party with snacks and fireworks at midnight. We play Monopoly until very late. Rufus, Rufus, and Ruby go to sleep right after fireworks. Patrick has a 56 at 1:30 a.m. He stayed up too late. We treated the low, but it was a stubborn one. Finally got to sleep around 3 a.m. We'll all sleep in tomorrow.

January 1, 2004 Happy New Year!
We all sleep late, but have to do more visiting. Rufus decides to stay at the house with Ruby and Rufus. They say they are beat. I can't blame them. We go visit our cousings and have lunch at their house. It's an early night tonight!

January 3, 2004
It's time to head back home to Pennsylvania. Rufus had a good time visiting Patrick's family, but back to school on Monday. Rufus wants to go with Patrick. We have to check with his teacher first.

January 5, 2004
No school for Patrick today. He's sick. His doctor said it's the flu even though he got the flu shot. We hope he's better soon. Ketones are driving us crazy.

January 9, 2004
Patrick's finally feeling better. It's back to school on Monday!

January 13, 2004
Rufus is coming to cub scouts today to read his book and show his stuff. He'll wear his cub scout neckerchief.

January 14, 2004
Rufus is going to visit Melissa's kindergarten class today and read his book. He is excited and so is Melissa. Maybe Rufus will dress up in his tie. Ruby and Rufus M (M is for McPartland) want to come, too.

January 15, 2004
Snow day! No school!

January 16, 2004
Another Snow Day! Now we have a very long weekend. Rufus will have to visit Patrick's class next week.

January 20, 2004
Rufus went snowtubing with us today. He got to race "Gary in the Morning" from our local radio station - and Rufus won! Gary talked about Rufus and the race on the radio. Rufus got his own lift ticket. He had so much fun.

January 21, 2004
Finally back to school and Rufus gets to visit Patrick's class to read his book and show his stuff.

January 22, 2004
Time to say goodbye. We will miss you, Rufus. Thanks for visiting!

The McPartland Family
John (dad), Shari (mom), Patrick (9, diagnosed /02 and pumping with a Cozmo), and Melissa (5)

Rufus visiting Patrick at school

Patrick, Melissa, and Rufus enjoying snow tubing

Patrick and Rufus warming up

Rufus goes down on the family snow tube with Patrick and his friends

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