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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2016

    28 December 2016

  1. Soaring insulin prices prompt insurance shift.
  2. Opinion: Medicare should cover cost of Omnipod insulin device.
  3. FDA OK's new diabetes device that aims to simplify daily testing, dosing.
  4. Virginia Beach woman tests artificial pancreas in study that could help millions of type 1 diabetics.
  5. Local mom becomes advocate to warn of undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes.
  6. La Crescent student may write the book on handling adversity.
  7. Diabetes costing Americans more than any other disease.
  8. Va. service dog organization owner held in contempt of court.

    21 December 2016

  9. ETSU doctor studies reliability of diabetes alert dogs.
  10. Bionic pancreas system manages blood sugar levels in patients with type 1 diabetes living at home.
  11. Were Pet Owners Scammed Out Of Thousands Of Dollars By A Service Dog Company? (Click on video links to view segments from the show.)
  12. Irish mum with two diabetic kids urges parents to know the symptoms.

    14 December 2016

  13. Ed Damiano: WebMD's 2016 Health Hero.
  14. The Interesting Way Alan Thicke Helped With Juvenile Diabetes, Because His Legacy Lives On.
  15. Scottish diabetes equipment funding increase.
  16. Lower-Cost Canadian Health Care as Good as U.S.’s for Low-Income Kids with Diabetes.
  17. Challenges, misconceptions abound for kids with T1 diabetes.
  18. Why diabetes patients can’t buy generic insulin.
  19. 'It Was a Weird and Dark Place': How Women with Diabulimia Dice with Death.

    7 December 2016

  20. When it's not just the flu: Kids with Type 1 diabetes often misdiagnosed due to the rapid onset of common symptoms.
  21. Richard Goyder and Ian Narev's pursuit of a type 1 diabetes cure.
  22. Type 1 Inspiration: A Diabetes Diagnosis Didn't Stop This Girl.
  23. Type A Personality, Type 1 Diabetes — A Student’s Perspective.
  24. What’s Your Type: Diabetes Awareness.
  25. Global aid programme expands to provide poor children with free type 1 diabetes care.
  26. One in five Australians with type 1 diabetes is hypo-unaware, study finds.
  27. Public, professional education needed about type 1 diabetes symptoms.

    30 November 2016

  28. Holcombe doesn't let diabetes hold him back.
  29. Hunter Norment perseveres through Type 1 diabetes.
  30. Family shares message of diabetes diagnosis and prevention.
  31. 10 injections a day: How a Waycross child lives with Type 1 Diabetes.
  32. Tech freshman educates others on living with diabetes.
  33. How to help your child manage their diabetes.

    23 November 2016

  34. When it's not just the flu: Kids with Type 1 diabetes often misdiagnosed due to the rapid onset of common symptoms.
  35. How to speak to someone living with diabetes, without being rude.
  36. NASCAR racer driven to win despite Type 1 Diabetes.
  37. Reds' All-Star powering through Type 1 diabetes.
  38. Fellow diabetics help boy’s cycling dream.
  39. How to help your child manage their diabetes.
  40. Type 1 diabetes diagnosis alters life’s journey.
  41. Addie Hilger: We’re not going to let diabetes stop us.
  42. A family affected by type 1 diabetes doesn’t let the disease stand in their way.
  43. A type one diabetic shares his top to-know list for living with the disease.
  44. Local families face silent struggle.
  45. High School Football Player Raising Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Both On and Off the Field.
  46. Incredible toddler saved daddy's life by force-feeding him Muller Crunch Corner yoghurts.

    16 November 2016

  47. Why does Insulin keep getting more expensive?
  48. Who was Sir Frederick Banting and how did he discover that insulin could treat diabetes?
  49. When social stigma is nearly as damaging as diabetes.
  50. "You can still live your dream": IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball discusses his life with diabetes.
  51. Siblings both diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.
  52. Why living with diabetes has meant ‘everything’ to Matthew Jordan.
  53. Combating misconceptions and raising awareness about living with Type 1 diabetes.
  54. Camp Helps, Bonds Families Dealing with Type 1 Diabetes.
  55. Managing type 1 diabetes is 'essentially my day job'.
  56. Living With Type 1 Diabetes Is A Luxury - And It Shouldn’t Be.
  57. Health Buzz: Derek Theler Talks Type 1 Diabetes.
  58. Teen in trouble over diabetes awareness shirt.
  59. Diabetes is no longer a rich-world disease.
  60. UF Diabetes: The next generation.

    9 November 2016

  61. Why I Care: Kimball uses racing as platform to inspire diabetics.
  62. RaeLynn talks diabetes Saturday at the MAC.
  63. What I learned about Type 1 diabetes.
  64. Kid Captain: Love of animals, love of Hawkeyes.

    2 November 2016

  65. Why treating diabetes keeps getting more expensive. See also Why hoarding insulin has become a way of life for this Type 1 diabetes patient.
  66. Bernie Sanders is going after insulin makers over price hikes.
  67. Camilla praises Theresa May for speaking out about her diabetes.
  68. Living with Type 1 Diabetes in Haddam.
  69. Eric Church’s Foundation Donates $1 Million to Combat Diabetes.
  70. Diabetes can't slow down 9-year-old top-ranked pitcher's blazing fastball.
  71. Six years into my battle: Reflections on life with Type 1 diabetes.
  72. 'Diabulimia': Type 1 diabetics restricting insulin to lose weight need to be taken seriously, experts say.
  73. 'Diabetic children need more help in school' say team from Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.
  74. A wet, yet worthy, walk to battle Type 1 diabetes.

    25 October 2016

  75. Jay teachers' intuition leads to juvenile diabetes diagnosis.
  76. We finally have an “artificial pancreas” for diabetics. But it's a letdown.
  77. UW students start first type 1 diabetic support group on campus.
  78. Carnegie Mellon’s Sam Benger balances football, diabetes.
  79. Against all odds, Wampum woman survives for a half century with Type 1 diabetes.
  80. New Beaver woman recognized for 50 years with Type I diabetes.
  81. Lake students tackle larger mission with National Honor Society project.
  82. Long time diabetic frustrated over rising insulin costs. See also Diabetes patients see insulin price skyrocket.
  83. New type of insulin reports on Afrezza.

    19 October 2016

  84. The insulin market is heading for a shakeup. But patients may not benefit.
  85. Eric Paslay Welcomes Pediatric Diabetes Patients Backstage at His Boston Concert.
  86. For Sounders forward Jordan Morris, diabetes has shaped him into the player he is today.
  87. Parents express Type 1 diabetes concerns.
  88. Local Young Woman Races to Raise Funds for Type 1 Diabetes.
  89. Inspirational youngster helps raise more than £3,000 for diabetes charity.
  90. Type 1 Diabetes Community Keeps Fighting for a Major Increase in Cure Research.

    12 October 2016

  91. FDA Approves First Artificial Pancreas Faster Than Anyone Expected.
  92. Hacking Diabetes at Home.
  93. College students with Type 1 diabetes face special challenges.
  94. How Barbara Davis' Carousel of Hope Ball Became a Biannual $2 Billion Fundraiser.
  95. Oklahoma's Mark Andrews thrives despite challenge of diabetes.
  96. Lohmann: Local couple going national with diabetes support group.
  97. Families with type 1 diabetes urge Scottish MPs to invest in fighting the condition.
  98. St. Thomas freshman’s company takes on childhood diabetes.
  99. How DexCom Can Fight Back Against Medtronic's Artificial Pancreas.
  100. Comic launched to inspire people with type 1 diabetes.

    5 October 2016

  101. Eric Paslay on His Struggle with Diabetes: ‘I’ve Definitely Had Scary Moments on Stage’.
  102. Lehi Girl Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes.
  103. Playing Ball With Low Blood Sugar.
  104. You're Going To Do What?
  105. From a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes – it’s okay, they can cope.
  106. Diabetes adds to struggles of high school.

    28 September 2016

  107. A diabetic gets fired over a $1.69 (plus tax) drink and Dollar General must now pay her $277,656.
  108. Diabetic boy, 14, 'treated like a terrorist' at the Eiffel Tower because security guards were suspicious of his insulin pump.
  109. Former Hendricken star Matt Creamer learning to live with Type I diabetes.
  110. Visiting Disney World With Type 1 Diabetes.
  111. Thomas Glass: Baritone; A rising opera star living with type 1 diabetes.
  112. Doctor slammed over failure to save diabetic teenager.

    21 September 2016

  113. Insulin can cost more than a mortgage payment — and the reason why shows everything that's wrong with American healthcare.
  114. Diabetics can spend $1,000 a month taking care of themselves — and it's not just because of insulin.
  115. High insulin costs hit Mississippians.
  116. Half of All Type 1 Diabetes Develops After 30 Years of Age. (Free Medscape membership required)
  117. Misdiagnosing Children with Diabetes Serious Concern.
  118. Fifth Quarter: Diabetes no limit to WarEagles' foursome.
  119. Helsby school wins award for providing good diabetes care for pupils.

    14 September 2016

  120. 'Longstanding scandal': Huge insulin price hikes worse than EpiPen's, experts say.
  121. UK commercial pilots with diabetes and treated with insulin can fly with no safety concerns.
  122. Hudson child ambassador for Nick Jonas' diabetes organization.
  123. The diary of a girl with the little known eating disorder 'diabulimia'.
  124. Diabulimia: Diabetes and eating disorder service launching in UK.
  125. JDRF backs Sernova’s implant for T1D.
  126. Novel SGLT Inhibitor Adds Benefit to Insulin in Type 1 Diabetes (free Medscape membership required).
  127. What type 1 diabetes taught this doctor-to-be about medicine, family and life.
  128. How pro cyclists make it in a cash-starved sport.
  129. Miss America 2017: Miss New Hampshire wears glucose monitor on pageant stage.
  130. Alert dog helps girl cope with her diabetes.
  131. Pfizer leads Series A for upstart that aims to help ‘cure Type 1 diabetes’.
  132. Alphabet and Sanofi Set Up a Joint Venture in Diabetes Treatment.
  133. Insulet Enrolls First Patients in Clinical Trial for its Omnipod® Artificial Pancreas System.
  134. 'I give my diabetic child SUGAR because she needs it': Irate mum SLAMS new Scottish TV ad. See also This Scottish diabetes advert made a lot of people very angry.

    7 September 2016

  135. Soaring insulin prices have diabetics feeling the pain. See also It's not just EpiPens: Drug prices rising across the board.
  136. Artificial pancreas trial in young children with diabetes receives €4.6millon grant from European Commission.
  137. Diabetes hasn't kept Reed from trading paint.
  138. My friend's diabetes diagnosis when she was 9, changed my perception of the disease.
  139. Colin ‘Twinkle’ Rowland: a year of incredible fundraising to mark 50 years with type 1 diabetes.
  140. Diabetes doesn't keep Brentwood's Rowan Phillips down.
  141. Joe Pasquale is jumping out a plane for Diabetes UK.
  142. Exeter professor awarded prestigious diabetes prize.
  143. Working Like a Dog (to Sniff Out Blood Sugars!).

    31 August 2016

  144. Families feel the pinch as insulin prices rise.
  145. Good Lord. Even the Price of Insulin Is Skyrocketing.
  146. Why a lifesaving drug that's been around since 1923 is still unaffordable.
  147. Express Scripts promises clients caps on diabetes spending.
  148. Adam Duvall's goal: Overcome Type 1 diabetes, one day at a time.
  149. With diabetes, a family's world changes.
  150. Nick Jonas, Type 1 diabetic, meets with Vancouver kids as part of advocacy campaign.

    24 August 2016

  151. Keighley hospital awards pair who have lived with diabetes for more than 100 years between them.
  152. Student speaks to FDA about diabetes.
  153. Students lend a hand to medical research.
  154. Alex Ellis Never Let Type 1 Diabetes Slow Him Down.
  155. Children at risk from delays in referrals on diabetes.
  156. Insulin price spike leaves diabetes patients in crisis.

    17 August 2016

  157. Despite Challenges, RaeLynn, Eric Paslay and Other Stars Don't Let Type 1 Diabetes Limit Their Dreams.
  158. When 'normal teen' stuff is a warning sign of illness: What parents should know.
  159. Author Kurt Andersen Talks About Life With Diabetes.
  160. Will Your Prescription Meds Be Covered Next Year? Better Check.
  161. Will Embryonic Stem Cells Ever Cure Anything?

    10 August 2016

  162. Barbara Davis Keeps the Carousel of Hope Charity Ball Turning.
  163. Back to School With Diabetes.
  164. Pump It Up Challenge educates Queensland school children about type 1 diabetes.
  165. Pediatric Endocrinologist Fosters Small Changes Every Day.
  166. FGCU swimmer Evita Leter overcomes diabetes to reach Olympics.

    3 August 2016

  167. Artificial Pancreas Is First To Raise $1 Million Under New Crowdfunding Rules.
  168. Breakthrough: The Case of Murder in the Pancreas.
  169. Former NFL star Simmons shares personal journey with diabetes.
  170. Hilton family adjusting to 7-year-old’s Type 1 Diabetes.
  171. Girl Scout Gold project helps tackle Type 1 diabetes.
  172. Can Diabetes Alert Dogs Help Sniff Out Low Blood Sugar?
  173. This is what diabetes really looks like: Teen reveals truth about condition - without a cake in sight.
  174. Novo's Victoza diabetes medicine rebuffed by Express Scripts.
  175. Pharmacy benefit managers are restricting access to lots of drugs next year.
  176. Thomas J. Beatson, Jr. (1932-2016).

    27 July 2016

  177. Eric Paslay Opens Up About His Struggle with Diabetes.
  178. Pilot with Type 1 diabetes who has raised more than $150,000 for research will speak in Council Bluffs.
  179. Local singer pays it forward; Children with diabetes enjoy concert by Crystal Bowersox.
  180. Nick Jonas Makes Dreams Come True for Pediatric Diabetes Patients with a Meet and Greet Before His Boston Concert.
  181. Southwest flight attendant soothes girl with diabetes after moment of panic.
  182. Living With Type 1 Diabetes: Amina's Pas de Deux.
  183. Meet the Colorado doctor helping Hispanic families with Type 1 diabetes.
  184. Dexcom “Committed” to Bringing CGM to Medicare Population.
  185. Oakland hackers take a stab at making crowdfunded insulin.
  186. CIRM grants ViaCyte $3.9 million for diabetes stem cell therapy.

    20 July 2016

  187. The DIY diabetes kit that's keeping us alive.
  188. Britain's diabetic leader reflects differing healthcare systems.
  189. Increased hospital admissions for hypoglycemia in England over last 10 years.
  190. KORN Singer Talks Son's Battle With Diabetes.
  191. Campaign launched to help parents recognise type 1 diabetes in children.
  192. Thoeny has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 60 years.

    13 July 2016

  193. Country Music Star Eric Paslay Partners with Dexcom to Share His Story and Help Others Living with Diabetes.
  194. NASCAR Driver Ryan Reed: a Diabetes Diagnosis Didn't Stop My Dreams.
  195. Camp for children with diabetes builds lasting relationships.
  196. Olympic snowboarder Sean Busby inspires diabetic campers.
  197. New UK Prime Minister Brings Spotlight to Type 1 Diabetes.
  198. Camp Red Jacket empowers diabetic children.
  199. Simple fun with a dose of education is what Camp Kno-Koma is all about.
  200. Adolescent girls with type 1 diabetes have worse perception of condition than boys.
  201. Dunwoody girl's eye exam was a lifesaver.
  202. Sherrington: What family of Cowboys assistant Derek Dooley, like mine, has taken away from fight against juvenile diabetes.
  203. RaeLynn Becomes A Diabetes Patient Ambassador.
  204. No one knows why more adults are getting this kids' disease.
  205. Diabetes puts high demands on parents of little sufferers.
  206. 'You can still do what you want to': Theresa May on how diabetes has changed her life. See also Theresa May set to become the first world leader with Type 1 diabetes.
  207. Poster campaign aims to prevent life-threatening condition in children with diabetes.

    29 June 2016

  208. Health insurer's limit on insulin pumps worries patients.
  209. 'Hacking' a Diabetes Cure?
  210. Hunter Johnson, 12, thrives in sports despite diabetes diagnosis.
  211. The Best Prom.
  212. Dad's ingenious solution to disguising daughter's glucose monitor.
  213. Double-duty brings out his best.
  214. Jaxon’s journey: Teen adjusts to new life after Type 1 diabetes diagnosis.
  215. Bionic pancreas operated by iPhone provides better control of type 1 diabetics’ glucose level.

    22 June 2016

  216. What it’s like ... to have your child diagnosed with diabetes.
  217. Kids with diabetes share common experience.
  218. Marlins pitcher McGowan shares story of triumph over diabetes.
  219. Not-So-Friendly Skies for T1D Travelers.
  220. Metro girl says she was kicked off softball team because she’s diabetic.
  221. Dog's nose brings relief for diabetic girl's family.

    15 June 2016

  222. UnitedHealthcare-Medtronic Insulin-Pump Deal Prompts Outrage.
  223. Family held by security in Dubai International Airport – for two hours – because of an insulin pump. See also Airport security holds boy with type 1 diabetes because of insulin pump.
  224. Living With Type 1 Diabetes: The Best & The Worst.

    8 June 2016

  225. The Surprising Way Baby Daddy's Derek Theler Conceals His Insulin Pump When He Goes Shirtless on TV. See also Baby Daddy's Derek Theler on Growing Up with Type 1 Diabetes: My Parents Lived in Fear I'd Go into Insulin Shock.
  226. Smart pumps, smarter insulin: Boston's T1D Exchange aids innovation in type 1 diabetes.
  227. Pancreas procedure for Type 1 diabetes.
  228. Man hauls anvil up mountain to support diabetic daughter.
  229. Diabetes award for school.
  230. A Ride Worth Taking: Family Raises Big Money for Type 1 Diabetes.
  231. From London to Ottawa: Mom walks to Parliament Hill for diabetes awareness.
  232. Taking action against discrimination in Kuwait.
  233. Educate Your Immune System.

    1 June 2016

  234. 6-year-old participates in medical trial.
  235. Students engineer mobile app to help Type 1 diabetics, win national award.
  236. Diabetes tries to tell NASCAR driver Ryan Reed, fan they can’t, but they don’t listen.
  237. New device for diabetes eliminates the need for painful finger pricking.
  238. sugarBEAT Continous Glucometer Cleared in Europe.
  239. Diabetic services at ‘crisis point’.

    25 May 2016

  240. This Diabetes Activist Hacked Her Medical Device and Made an Artificial Pancreas.
  241. Tubeless insulin pump gives independence to active diabetics.
  242. Juvenile Diabetes Research: Playing sports with diabetes.
  243. Grand Forks student participates in groundbreaking 'T-rex' diabetes study.
  244. What Is It Like to Raise a Child with Type 1 Diabetes?
  245. Diabetes doesn’t slow down IndyCar racer Charlie Kimball.
  246. First results of the Fr1da study—36,000 children already tested for early type 1 diabetes.
  247. A Polish vaccine against diabetes.

    18 May 2016

  248. Is more monitoring better for Type 1 diabetes patients?
  249. I Don’t Let Type 1 Diabetes Get in My Way.
  250. Father shows mettle to heave anvil up mountain in support of ill daughter.
  251. Charlie Kimball’s car will change number.
  252. First Colonial soccer defender battles opponents and Type 1 Diabetes.
  253. Isabella Lewis first in Kent to try new Omnipod diabetes management system.
  254. Gate City High School doubles partners manage juvenile diabetes together.
  255. Jane Fonda, Sidney Poitier, Sherry Lansing, David Foster to Be Honored at Carousel of Hope Ball.
  256. Trip Of A Lifetime: Sioux Falls Boy With Type 1 Will Test Out Artificial Pancreas.
  257. Major conference for type 1 diabetes.

    11 May 2016

  258. Tech-Savvy Families Use Home-Built Diabetes Device.
  259. Bountiful Couple First in Utah to Build DIY "Artificial Pancreas" for Type 1 Diabetes.
  260. Mike Rutherford: Ignorance about diabetes is rife.
  261. Newly crowned Miss NH raises awareness of diabetes.
  262. Get Inspired: Worcester's Chris Pennell on life as diabetic rugby professional.
  263. Cebix Shuts Down Following Mid-Stage Trial of C-Peptide Drug.
  264. Roche commits to diabetes testing and sees 2017 return to growth.

    4 May 2016

  265. Plymouth couple to be honored for supporting diabetes research.
  266. American Girl Has a Hit With Diabetes Doll Kit.
  267. What It's Like Living With Type 1 Diabetes.
  268. Young athlete thrives despite type-1 diabetes.
  269. 11 Things People Living With Type 1 Diabetes Want You To Know.
  270. Living With Type 1 Diabetes: Food Shaming At Family Parties.
  271. Apple's debut CareKit apps target diabetes, depression, pregnancy.

    27 April 2016

  272. Latest On The Sanford Project: Clinical Trial Studying Type 1 Diabetes In Children.
  273. Scioto Foundation Announces New MacKenzie Brown Type I Diabetes Scholarship Fund.
  274. Franklin College softball player doesn’t let diabetes slow her down.
  275. I Built a Superpower to Treat My Son's Diabetes.
  276. Girls soccer notes: Diabetes can't slow Andrew senior Abby Hooker.
  277. The other diabetes: Type 1 less known, no less serious.
  278. Founder of Silicon Alley darling Razorfish expands diabetes app.
  279. Could a cheap drug PREVENT type 1 diabetes? 'At risk' children will be given common treatment for disease to see if it stops it developing.

    20 April 2016

  280. Diabetes Patients 'Screaming' About Insulin Costs. (Free Medscape membership required.) See also Media Matters: Can Anything Be Done About High Insulin Prices?
  281. Type-1 diabetes 'prevention' trial starts in Scotland.
  282. Matt is back in the driving seat after diabetes ban blow.
  283. Huntsville-based GrifGrips develops technology to help people with Type 1 Diabetes.
  284. 'Women with diabulimia don't see 30', warns eating disorders expert.
  285. Anorexic Diabetics Treated 'Too Late'.

    13 April 2016

  286. Bennet, FDA commish say 'fast-track' for medical device made in Aurora helping change lives.
  287. Lexington woman won't let diabetes hold her back.
  288. For 45 NFL players lobbying Congress, the fight against diabetes is personal.
  289. Liraglutide benefits obese and overweight Type 1 diabetics the most, an exploratory study shows.
  290. Type 1 diabetes won't stop me from running London Marathon.
  291. Nurse's Notes: Living with type 1 diabetes is like Sherlock Holmes every day.
  292. I have type 1 diabetes and it isn't because of my diet or weight.
  293. A South Spencer High School student says she was denied her insulin.
  294. Insulin's Surging Price Turns Diabetes Staple Into Luxury Good.

    6 April 2016

  295. What's behind skyrocketing insulin prices? See also Lifesaving Diabetes Drug Price Tripled in 10 Years and Insulin prices have skyrocketed, putting drug makers on the defensive.
  296. Artificial Pancreas Makers Race to Marke.
  297. Diabetes: From Ancient Discovery To Contemporary Treatment.
  298. Hope for the Battle against Type 1 Diabetes.
  299. Type 1 Diabetes Cell Therapy Trial Enrolls First Patient at Sanford.
  300. For teen with type 1 diabetes, it's about numbers - and a whole lot more.
  301. Florida Southern Women's Soccer Supports Teammate in Fight Against Type 1 Diabetes.
  302. Nottingham mum-of-six to run London Marathon for diabetic brother.
  303. Abbott hosts first ever sleepover at London Planetarium for children with T1 diabetes.

    30 March 2016

  304. Trial aims to 'stall' type 1 diabetes. See also Type 1 diabetes trials give hope for 'more normal life'.
  305. Diabetic toddler raises awareness of Type 1 diabetes.
  306. Nashville judge doesn't let type 1 diabetes hold her back.
  307. McManaman: Diabetes hasn't been able to slow down Indy driver Charlie Kimball.
  308. Beckman's Caitlin Kennedy learns to thrive with diabetes.

    23 March 2016

  309. Pancreas Transplant May Eliminate Injections for Some With Severe Diabetes.
  310. How Dogs Can Sniff Out Diabetes and Cancer.
  311. 'I wish I could go back' – Doctor breaks down as she admits missing diabetes signs in girl who died hours later.

    16 March 2016

  312. Everyday Heroes - The Calabrese Family.
  313. Tallahassee woman marks milestone in diabetes treatmen.
  314. Fifth graders born half a world away find friendship in living with diabetes.
  315. Elite Sophomore Prospect Abby Prohaska Shoots, Scores, Saves.
  316. Parents hack kids' glucose monitors to fill medical void.
  317. 'A scary thing': ex-NHLer Doug Gilmour's personal connection to diabetes fight.
  318. Seriously ill teen with diabetes died 'hours after doctor failed to diagnose condition'.
  319. The Motley Fool Sits Down With the CEO of Dexcom Inc.

    9 March 2016

  320. The Rising Cost of Insulin.
  321. Mum of three diabetic children calls for better understanding of the disease.
  322. Sacred Heart's Brown didn't let diabetes derail career.
  323. 8-year-old teaches Taft principal, recently diagnosed with diabetes.
  324. How My Diabetes Got Me Hooked on Aviation.
  325. While his parents slept, this 7-year-old boy's life was saved by Jedi, his diabetes-sniffing dog. See also Meet Jedi, the Dog That Watches Over Type-1 Diabetic Child Every Night While His Family Sleeps.

    2 March 2016

  326. For Some Diabetics, a Struggle to Pay for Insulin.
  327. Bob Krause - 90 year old type 1 diabetic.
  328. The Importance Of Getting It Right In Diabetes Reporting.
  329. Victor Garber Supports Young People Living with Type 1 Diabetes: 'You Can Live with It and Thrive'.
  330. Babies weaned after six months are 'three times as likely to develop type 1 diabetes'.
  331. The Aussies at risk of dying while they are asleep from Dead-in-Bed syndrome.
  332. Family's campaign for the 'simple test' that could have saved their 13-year-old son's life.

    24 February 2016

  333. A Do-It-Yourself Revolution in Diabetes Care.
  334. Break Up the Insulin Racket. See also Eli Lilly's revenue boosted by jacking up cost of insulin for diabetics.
  335. Insulin pumps and princesses.
  336. ‘100 things' book and campaign launch today.
  337. Mini-Dose Glucagon May Manage Hypoglycemia for Type 1 Diabetes Patients.

    17 February 2016

  338. CU Scientists Make Major Discovery In Type 1 Diabetes.
  339. Local moms design a trendy way to carry insulin pumps.
  340. New diabetes devices improve connectivity, but patient, provider education needed.

    10 February 2016

  341. Artificial pancreas works for teens with type 1 diabetes.
  342. How Diabetes in Kids Differs From That in Teens.
  343. Parents fight diabetes diagnoses with diligence and technology.
  344. My Very Human Errors With My Very Human Disease.
  345. San Diego Company Testing Possible Diabetes Cure.
  346. North Carolina teen with diabetes wins wrestling state championship.
  347. Diabetes camp a confidence boost for youth.
  348. Man pools his efforts for charity.
  349. Insulin access remains limited for thousands of people, study finds.

    3 February 2016

  350. An Eating Disorder in People With Diabetes.
  351. Teen raising money for kits that will help ease diabetes fear.
  352. What it means to live with diabetes.

    27 January 2016

  353. What's Your Type? With Diabetes, It Can Be Unclear.
  354. How Playing With Jerry The Bear Changes Kids' Lives.
  355. Celebrating 50 years, a local man's diabetic journey.

    20 January 2016

  356. Navigating School With Diabetes.
  357. The athletes who have triumphed over type 1 diabetes.
  358. Badgers men's hockey: Diabetes doesn't keep freshman forward Luke Kunin from making a quick impact.
  359. Homewood-Flossmoor's Eva Rubin refuses to dial down due to diabetes.
  360. Going Collegiate With A Chronic Illness.
  361. Dunking for Success.
  362. She conquers diabetes by running marathons.
  363. Age group inspiration: Josie Pilon.
  364. Type 1 diabetes does not stop Tampa Catholic's Ragusa from playing 2 sports.
  365. Diabetes? That's just another hurdle I had to overcome in my sporting life.
  366. Why NBA star Julius Randle wore a Manlius boy's bracelet in last week's game.
  367. Diabetes doesn't slow down Blaine's Riley Tufte.
  368. Utica student aims to help children cope with diabetes.
  369. Kennewick teen diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes but still excels in school and sports.

    13 January 2016

  370. Kids with diabetes find comfort in custom American Girl dolls.
  371. Wiregrass guard leads team despite battle with Type 1 diabetes.

    6 January 2016

  372. Pioneering Artificial Pancreas, Developed at UVA, to Undergo Final Tests. See also UVa to lead studies on 'artificial pancreas' for type 1 diabetes.
  373. Surviving the war to fight diabetes as a refugee.
  374. Diabetic Ironman athletes say disease doesn't stop them from competing.
  375. WA youth research to close loop on diabetes with trial at Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital.
  376. The Awesome Change American Girl Is Making In 2016.
  377. Nuthall diabetic who has been injecting insulin for 50 years shows life goes on after diagnosis.

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