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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2014

    31 December 2014

  1. How Drug Combination Helps Control Type 1 Diabetes.
  2. Number of Type 1 diabetes cases growing.
  3. Sugar levels may slow brain growth in children with Type 1 diabetes.

    24 December 2014

  4. Open source and the cloud: Changing the lives of people with Type 1 diabetes.
  5. Diabetes Patients Are Hacking Their Way Toward a Bionic Pancreas.
  6. Diabetics told to check glucose before driving.
  7. Faith-healing couple sentenced to 10 years in diabetic daughter's death.

    17 December 2014

  8. Jay Cutler is the Chicago Bears nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year Award.
  9. CU-Boulder student group working to educate campus about Type 1 diabetes.
  10. Stanford soccer star handles diabetes, faces decision to join Sounders.
  11. Girl Scout awarded for helping children with Type 1 Diabetes.
  12. Dispelling the misconceptions and confusion surrounding diabetes.
  13. Texas County Constable Saves Life Of Veteran In Diabetic Coma.

    10 December 2014

  14. 50 Years Later — Beating The Type 1 Diabetes Prognosis.
  15. Quick-thinking Lucas, 4, saves life of diabetic Plymouth mum.
  16. Mother finds unique, savvy way to monitor son's Type 1 diabetes.
  17. KORN Singer Jonathan Davis Discusses His Son's Battle With Type 1 Diabetes.
  18. Mifflinburg teen overcomes Type-I diabetes.
  19. Research at UVa Medical Center could change life for Type 1 diabetics.
  20. BU student refuses to let diabetes hold her back.
  21. Mothers slam diabetes emergency injection policy.

    3 December 2014

  22. A Roanoke County 9-year-old who lives with Type 1 diabetes.
  23. Tonbridge dads taking on Ironman to help children with diabetes.
  24. Medtronic Diabetes and Dexcom Rivalry To Heat Up.

    26 November 2014

  25. Iron Man Joins The Fight Against Diabetes.
  26. Is a Bioengineered Organ Going to Lead to a Biological Diabetes Cure?
  27. UM's Diabetes Research Institute working toward cure of Type 1 diabetes.
  28. Type 1 Diabetes Increasing As Medical Teams Shrink.
  29. Thoughts on 'A Day in the Life of a Diabetic' from a journalist who's had plenty of them: opinion.
  30. Type 1 Diabetes is a 24/7 Responsibility - and We Get No Vacation Time From It.
  31. Johns Creek woman shares story of life after diabetes.
  32. Chislehurst mum backs new Diabetes UK care in school helpline.
  33. Type 1 diabetes hasn't slowed SC kicker.
  34. Harris' Heroes: Md. teen with type 1 diabetes fights for a cure.
  35. Diabetes Awareness Month: Certain eating disorder on the rise among type 1 diabetes patients.
  36. Living with type 1 diabetes: Cases rise, causes unclear.
  37. Pumps, glucose monitors keep Type 1 diabetes in check.
  38. Children with diabetes can learn from bear.
  39. At 88, Irene Cook is inspiring proof a full life and diabetes can co-exis.
  40. Dr. Donald F. Steiner, Diabetes Researcher, Dies at 84.

    19 November 2014

  41. Runner with Type 1 diabetes completes cross-Canada trek to raise awareness. See also Sebastien Sasseville concludes cross-country trek to raise awareness for diabetes.
  42. Beta-O2 testing cure for type 1 diabetes.
  43. People with diabetes 'still denied vital prescriptions'. See also 700,000 diabetes sufferers put at risk by "appalling" NHS blood test cuts.
  44. Helping children live with diabetes.
  45. Freshman fights Type 1 Diabetes.
  46. Student lives life normally in spite of Type 1 diabetes.
  47. Diabetic cheetah gives hope to sick kids.

    12 November 2014

  48. Tonight's University Lecture: Creating a Bridge to a Cure for Diabetes. See also ENG Prof's Bionic Pancreas Takes a Big Step Forward.
  49. UAB research could be a breakthrough for diabetes treatment. See also In human clinical trial, UAB to test drug shown to completely reverse diabetes in human islets, mice.
  50. Woman's insulin use in fighting diabetes recognized.
  51. Diabetes UK launches new care in school helpline.

    5 November 2014

  52. Usher teams up with Camp Kudzu for Atlanta charity event.
  53. Woman with Type 1 Diabetes Completes NYC Marathon, Raises Funds for Research.
  54. Miss Idaho gives Type 1 diabetics brave role model.
  55. Middle Georgia family raises childhood diabetes awareness.
  56. One wheel, many goals.
  57. Giant Coup For Diabetes UK Northern Ireland.

    29 October 2014

  58. App allows local mom to monitor son's blood sugar levels.
  59. Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers bike outside house for diabetes fundraiser.
  60. MU student's death highlights difficulties of balancing Type 1 diabetes, college life.

    22 October 2014

  61. NASCAR Driver Overcomes Diagnosis To Get Back Behind The Wheel.
  62. Out of the Ashes: Ashten Smith-Gooden hasn't let diabetes define her.
  63. Handsworth hitter Maya Bennett a study in perseverance, and an inspiration to her Royals.
  64. Local TD calls for reduction in waiting times for insulin pump therapy.
  65. Siblings share type 1 dilemma.
  66. Diabetes and Division I - Field Hockey's Sarah Keer is Inspiring by Example.
  67. Sen. Nybo now a member of legislative diabetes caucus: Nybo family to share their "touched by type 1" story soon.
  68. New EU Driving Rules for Type 1 Diabetes Could Spell Danger. (Free Medscape membership required.)

    15 October 2014

  69. Sigh of relief: Tech gives PCSD parents peace of mind.
  70. When diabetes is your running buddy.
  71. 5 Uncommon Diabetes Diagnoses.

    8 October 2014

  72. 'Bionic pancreas' opens up new possibilities to kids with Type 1 diabetes.
  73. Girl hopes for freedom at 11 with insulin pump.
  74. Stroudsburg woman's life-changing diagnosis.
  75. From Barcelona to The Alps, Powered By Insulin | The Glucose Project.
  76. Collins' checklist includes managing Crusaders' offense, juvenile diabetes.
  77. Coon battles opponents, type 1 diabetes.
  78. Lana Chestang is Mobile's first Red Strider youth ambassador.

    1 October 2014

  79. Girl tests bionic pancreas.
  80. Hudson college student's blog makes life sweeter for others with diabetes.
  81. Citizen Hackers Modify Diabetes Device.

    24 September 2014

  82. When the Biomedical Industry Can't Prioritize Diseases, Private Money Can Save Lives​.
  83. Modern Life Without a Pancreas.
  84. Living With Type 1 Diabetes -- a Forgotten Disease.
  85. Brandon Roux, son fight Type 1 diabetes together.
  86. Teaching through high-tech teddy bears: a chat with inventor Aaron Horovitz.
  87. A 12-year-old girl with diabetes is taking on 410km bike ride in Taiwan.
  88. Southern Owls lineman won't let diabetes hold him back.
  89. Farnworth mum: 'Kearsley West Primary School is struggling to supervise my daughter's diabetes'.

    17 September 2014

  90. Bionic Pancreas: A Father's Mission To Fight Type 1 Diabetes.
  91. Kids with Type 1 diabetes get a taste of normal life with 'bionic pancreas'.
  92. Amesbury brothers try out bionic pancrea.
  93. Researchers test "bionic pancreas" at camp for diabetic kids.
  94. Artificial pancreas: the future is now.
  95. If You Meet Someone With Type 1 Diabetes, This Is What You Should Know.
  96. Diabetes doesn't slow down UCLA student.

    10 September 2014

  97. The all-diabetic pro cycling team in the Tour of Britain. See also Unique diabetic team to ride final Bristol leg of tour of Britain.
  98. Triathlete inspires children with type 1 diabetes.
  99. Four-Time Olympian Kris Freeman Balances Type 1 Diabetes with Olympic Dreams.
  100. Hiding nothing: Diabetic lingerie model Amanda Kuc poses with insulin pump.
  101. Diabetes doesn't slow down Ben Davis quarterback Kyle Castner.
  102. Ben Davis QB, diabetic Kyle Castner emerging as role model for both on-field, off-field exploits.
  103. Breastfeeding my Type 1 Diabetic Baby.
  104. Pharmaceutical company ends type 1 diabetes drug program.

    3 September 2014

  105. Diabetes trials hailed a potential cure.
  106. Artificial pancreas could change diabetics' lives.
  107. The Netherlands triumphs at international football tournament for children using insulin pumps.
  108. Cardiff Half Marathon challenge for Rachel.
  109. Diabetic Pune teen conquers Macchu Picchu.

    27 August 2014

  110. Targeting 'diabetes distress,' depression with more screenings.
  111. Jerry the Bear can help kids manage type 1 diabetes.
  112. Diabetes hero receives award from PM.
  113. Hudson boy is ambassador for Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.
  114. Bupa Great Birmingham Run: Lyndsay takes on 13-miler despite diabetes.
  115. Living with Type 1 diabetes: A dancer's story.
  116. NZ scientists in diabetes breakthrough.
  117. A glucose meter of a different color provides continuous monitoring.

    20 August 2014

  118. Diabetic teen kicked out of Delsea Drive-In for candy contraband.
  119. Diabetes Cycling Team Prepares for USA Pro Challenge.
  120. Keeping tabs on Type 1 diabetes.
  121. Type 1 Diabetes Not Just For The Young Anymore.
  122. IndyCar's Kimball teams with NBA great Wilkins, promote diabetes awareness at Milwaukee Mile.
  123. Cameron award for 'amazing' diabetes campaigning mum.
  124. Challenges of Type 1 diabetes can't keep Calgary's.
  125. Young Josh picked to represent UK.
  126. New mum who blamed tiredness and weight loss on the demands of motherhood dies from undiagnosed diabetes aged 26.

    13 August 2014

  127. Moms With Type 1 Kids Losing Sleep.
  128. Jerry the Bear Using Bitcoin to Help Children With Type 1 Diabetes.
  129. Sanofi wins right to market MannKind's inhaled insulin drug Afrezza.
  130. Family: Girl's Bionic Pancreas Trial Saving Lives.

    6 August 2014

  131. Ravenna teen won't let diabetes put brakes on future plans.
  132. Diabetes no obstacle for Team Novo Nordisk.
  133. Balancing Type 1 diabetes with busy middle-school life.
  134. Family adapting after one twin daughter diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.
  135. Local student with diabetes to be honored at stock car race.
  136. Learning to be active with diabetes.
  137. Surrey diabetic pupil to get medical help at school.
  138. 30 July 2014

  139. Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison Shows Us Her Insulin Pump.
  140. Hockey for kids with diabetes.
  141. Coeur d'Alene boy raises thousands for Type 1 Diabetes foundation.

    23 July 2014

  142. Newly Crowned Miss Idaho Wears Her Insulin Pump With Pride. See also Hey, Miss Idaho, Is That An Insulin Pump On Your Bikini?
  143. 'Bionic Pancreas' Astonishes Diabetes Researchers.
  144. School praised for supporting diabetic pupil.
  145. Mom on a Mission Creates New Glucose Powder.

    16 July 2014

  146. Diabetes hasn't slowed Ryan Reed's drive for NASCAR excellence.
  147. Shelburne golfer aims to send diabetic youth to camp.
  148. CMN hero with diabetes wants to be a doc to help other.
  149. Researchers invent nanotech microchip to diagnose type-1 diabetes.
  150. This crowd-funding campaign would give every diabetic child a high-tech teddy bear.

    9 July 2014

  151. Olympic skier Kris Freeman tells kids with diabetes to 'never give up' at Camp Red Jacket.
  152. Diabetes won't dash his dreams.
  153. LFAC DKA Awareness Campaign Launched in Ecuador.
  154. Families say diabetic alert dogs bought from Va. nonprofit don't perform as advertised.
  155. Living With a Diabetic Dog.
  156. Province to offset costs of insulin pumps for children.
  157. A Diabetes Hoarder Story.

    25 June 2014

  158. Apple, Google, Samsung to take on diabetes with wearables -- report.
  159. Mayor talks about her life with diabetes.
  160. Most patients with type 1 diabetes do not download, review glucose data.
  161. How diabetes and injury failed to stop Plymouth Commonwealth Games medalist Katherine Endacott.
  162. University of Alabama Catcher and Type I Diabetic, Molly Fichtner.

    18 June 2014

  163. Artificial Pancreas Shows Promise in Diabetes Test.
  164. Father Devises A 'Bionic Pancreas' To Help Son With Diabetes.
  165. Bionic pancreas helps control diabetes, study says.
  166. 'Bionic Pancreas' Astonishes Diabetes Researchers.
  167. Bionic pancreas frees people from shackles of diabetes.
  168. Latest artificial pancreas projects show promise for the future of type 1 diabetes treatment.
  169. Why the words 'I forgot' from doctor will haunt father of tragic toddler.

    11 June 2014

  170. Diabetes researcher leaving UPMC for Allegheny Health Network institute.
  171. Brave Elland tot Phoebe Malbon battles Type 1 diabetes with FIVE injections every day.
  172. London boy builds a better book on diabetes for kids.

    4 June 2014

  173. The T1D Exchange Spurs Research.
  174. Burlington NHLer Cory Conacher hosting golf tournament to fight type 1 diabetes.
  175. Shannon Allen Tries To Throw Diabetes A CURVE.
  176. Hope Foundation Scholarship recipient doesn’t let diabetes get her down.
  177. Cyclist rides to root out undiagnosed diabetes.
  178. Mel Stephenson: 'Being diagnosed with diabetes at 14 isn’t going to hold me back'.
  179. RSPCA rescue cat saves diabetic 8-year-old girl's life THREE TIMES.
  180. Pumps that could transform lives of diabetics lying in storage since 2011.
  181. Resold diabetes strips cause health concerns.
  182. Boy, 11, arrested after 20 schoolchildren stabbed by needle.

    28 May 2014

  183. Sleeping Without Fear.
  184. Charity says diabetes patients in NI denied equipment.

    21 May 2014

  185. People With Chronic Illness Fare Worse Under Cost-Sharing.
  186. Ealing diabetes sufferer to tackle Kilimanjaro.

    14 May 2014

  187. Many Type 1 diabetics living with disease 50-plus years, study seeks to know why.
  188. Kris Freeman: Four-Time Olympic Athlete and Type I Diabetic.
  189. Dalby ironwoman Jane achieves Australian first.
  190. Diabetes can't stop Harriton defender.
  191. Hospital's Insulin Pen Misuse Leads to Testing of 4,200 Patients.

    7 May 2014

  192. Advances in diabetes testing technology improve patient care.
  193. At-Home Overnight Artificial Pancreas Trial Reveals Health and Lifestyle Benefits for Adolescents.
  194. Youngster plays piano for diabetes research.
  195. A Diabetes Tale of Survival and Triumph.
  196. Stouffville diabetic sharing discovery of tax help.
  197. Toronto Blue Jays' Dustin McGowan has longest start since 2008 in win over Pittsburgh Pirates.

    30 April 2014

  198. Riding the globe: Whitefish man becomes first person with diabetes to backcountry snowboard on all 7 continents.
  199. Life With Diabetes: Baseball's Cory Vaughn.
  200. Diabetes is not as simple as it appears.
  201. Northwood pair overcome diabetes to compete.
  202. Discovering Diabetes.
  203. A memorable last Spring Fling for Lucas family.
  204. MacArthur: Diabetes contributing to McGowan's fatigue.

    23 April 2014

  205. Usher’s son battling diabetes.
  206. Inspired by his little brother, BYU outfielder Kelton Caldwell doesn't let diabetes slow him down.
  207. Vaughn fights off diabetes while chasing his dream.
  208. Family learns how to deal with diabetes.
  209. Maria Menounos Gets Emotional Over Dad's Disease.
  210. Roche’s diabetes biz bounces back—for now.

    16 April 2014

  211. An Uproar Over a Diabetes Article, With a Back Story.
  212. Does Your Toddler Have Type 1 Diabetes?
  213. Grand Prix: Charlie Kimball makes new fans at Miller Children’s Hospital.
  214. Grand Prix driver tames diabetes along with road courses.
  215. Lakewood Ranch Cinemas apologizes after taking supplies from diabetic. See also Manatee theater apologizes for taking supplies from diabetic teen.
  216. Toddler's Brave Battle With Diabetes.
  217. "First Family of Bowling" aims to strike out diabetes.
  218. Parent Traps: Helping your teen adjust to life with Type 1 diabetes.

    9 April 2014

  219. Continuous glucose monitoring in children: an interview with Terrance Gregg, CEO of Dexcom.
  220. Sansum Diabetes Research Institute Honors Retiring Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Lois Jovanovic.
  221. Morecambe boy’s brush with death after diabetes blunder.
  222. Diabetic cadet hopes to sue Ministry of Defence over army rules.
  223. Artificial pancreas crowned British invention of the year. See also DMU's artificial pancreas wins its creators Inventor of the Year award.
  224. Diabetic entrepreneur sells to growing population.

    2 April 2014

  225. Rotavirus can speed up diabetes onset.
  226. Athlete with diabetes encourages Truro children to overcome obstacles.
  227. Ryan Reed's Race Against Diabetes.
  228. Teens with Type 1 diabetes share experiences in group run by UB medical students.
  229. Paul Sullivan of Mundelein prepares to run the London Marathon for Type 1 diabetes charity.
  230. Sister of 11-year-old with diabetes raises $110K for research.
  231. One student’s race to cure diabetes.
  232. IndyCar driver highlights Children’s Hospital’s Diabetes Fair.
  233. No more needles: Startup tests implant that can measure blood sugar for up to a year.
  234. App, doctor pep talks lower diabetes patients' blood sugar.
  235. Theater calls cops on diabetic man for bringing in strawberries. See also Diabetic Moviegoer: Theater Called Cops When I Refused to Throw Out Strawberries.

    27 March 2014

  236. Run to raise diabetes awareness reaches Halifax.
  237. Chesterfield parent says diabetic students are 'still in danger'.
  238. Keeping it under control.
  239. Riding seven continents.
  240. Competitive run offers support for children’s diabetes.
  241. Every carb counts in managing diabetes.
  242. Youngster lobbies MPs on diabetes.
  243. Diabetic boy from Wilcot in Parliament.

    19 March 2014

  244. Artificial pancreas trials move forward with $2.3M grant.
  245. Young diabetes sufferers pumped by new decision.
  246. Teachers and aides under the pump to give medication to young students with special health needs.
  247. Tackling diabetes is child's play for brave Hull schoolboy Riley Innes who injects himself four times a day.
  248. JJC Baseball Team Hosts ‘Strike Out for Diabetes’ Fundraiser to Support 10-Year-Old Boy.
  249. Bret Michaels reaches out to diabetic young people before show.
  250. Youngster visits Parliament to discuss illness.
  251. Este Haim, Bassist of Haim, Discusses Living with Type 1 Diabetes. See also HAIM - "The Wire" (OFFICIAL VIDEO).

    12 March 2014

  252. A Half Century with T1: Four Profiles in Courage.
  253. Type 1 diabetes on rise in Phila.'s youngest.
  254. Arlington girl, 11, fighting diabetes and misconceptions of disease.
  255. The View Of Digital Health From An 'Engaged Patient'.
  256. Niskayuna man recognized for living 75 years with diabetes.
  257. Riding with diabetes doesn’t slow Oregon cyclist Michael Shelver.
  258. 85 years of service: Commitment to cause keeps Cosmos coming back.
  259. Boy diagnosed with diabetes inspires Kenilworth mum to run her first first half marathon.
  260. Sold-out gala raises $4.9 million for juvenile diabetes research.
  261. Managing type 1 diabetes and life as a magic circle partner.
  262. McKesson’s Build a Buddy Program Helps Kids With Diabetes Feel Less Alone.
  263. Diabetic man survives 18 days in outback by eating flies.
  264. L.I. Hospital: Reused Insulin Pen Part May Mean Hepatitis, HIV Risk For Patients.

    5 March 2014

  265. Hughes helping in fight against juvenile diabetes.
  266. Group supports those affected by type 1 diabetes.
  267. Cheltenham parents delighted at the way daughter's school handles her diabetes.
  268. Reading University student to talk to MPs on diabetes.
  269. New hospital guidelines after diabetic teen’s death.
  270. FDA Backtracks Over GLP-1s' Effects on Pancreas.

    26 February 2014

  271. Lady suspended from gym for having type 1 diabetes.
  272. Diabetes campaigners want Gloucestershire's views on support for children with the condition.
  273. Scarlett Parliament bound for diabetes campaign.
  274. NASCAR driver brings message of hope to others with diabetes.
  275. 19 February 2014

  276. Bionic pancreas redefines life for diabetic.
  277. Peasedown St John mother supports call for better school care for diabetic children.
  278. Diabetic PE teacher Chris Phillips from Charlestown to compete in triathalon for Diabetes UK.
  279. Birkie Fever: Skiing with type 1 diabetes.

    12 February 2014

  280. 'Spare a Rose' campaign to help kids with diabetes.
  281. Coventry woman spares a rose to save a child.
  282. Kris Freeman on NBC Olympic Zone.
  283. Bionic pancreas could help fight diabetes.
  284. Type 1 Diabetes: A treatment's in sight but where's the funding?
  285. Researchers meet diabetics; Denny Sanford stops by.
  286. Dad of diabetes sufferer to help staff helpline.
  287. Good Samaritan braves the storm to find insulin for student.
  288. Girl, 5, saves her father's life by giving him an injection after he fell into diabetic coma.

    5 February 2014

  289. Ray Allen and his family work to raise money to fight diabetes.
  290. Bionic pancreas could help fight diabetes.
  291. Diabetic runner launches 9-month journey across Canada.
  292. No limits on Bacchus Marsh teen’s life.
  293. Kicks and pricks.

    29 January 2014

  294. Olympic Skier Kris Freeman Goes for Gold With Type 1 Diabetes.
  295. Illness fires entrepreneur's interest in synthetic biology.
  296. Rising hockey star Jordan DePape inspires diabetic kids.
  297. Joyce, former Ray Fuld holding area camps.
  298. MP battles for diabetics' aid.
  299. End of the diabetes jab? New insulin implant controls blood glucose levels without injections.
  300. Failings led to death of homeless teenager with type 1 diabetes.

    22 January 2014

  301. Google contact lens could be option for diabetics. See also NewsFlash: Google Is Developing Glucose-Sensing Contact Lenses! and Google’s Diabetes Contacts Are Cool, but I’d Rather Just Have a Cure.
  302. Is there connection between Type 1 diabetes and cleanliness? Finland serves as a model.
  303. Six-Time Ironman and Type 1 Diabetes Athlete Sebastien Sasseville to Take on Solo 7500 km Run Across Canada.
  304. Diabetes Danger.
  305. Changing diabetic lifestyles one data entry at a time with mobile apps.
  306. Dexcom files for patent for smartphone-connected continuous glucose monitoring.
  307. Two Little Boys With Type-1 Diabetes Started An Adorable Long-Distance Friendship On Instagram.
  308. First Production 2015 Ford Mustang Raises $300,000 for Charity.

    15 January 2014

  309. Notable Diabetes Advocates Join Diabetes Hands Foundation Board.
  310. Downhill for Diabetes born through love of slopes.
  311. Why do some people develop type 1 diabetes rapidly while others at risk do not?
  312. Golfers set to tee off for juvenile diabetes research.
  313. Team Type 1 Foundation Partners with Rwandan Ministry of Health.

    8 January 2014

  314. Diabetes Development: Baby Food and Type 1 Diabetes.
  315. Disney and Lilly publish diabetes books online.
  316. A new with Type 1 Diabetes.
  317. Notable Neighbor: Dr. Rubina Heptulla works on a cure for a disease that hits close to home.
  318. Website steps up to plate for hockey star.
  319. Diabetic ketoacidosis without cerebral edema linked to neurocognitive changes.

    1 January 2014

  320. Diabetes Innovators 2014.
  321. Family Claims Expensive Diabetic Alert Dog Failed.
  322. Sad News from the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI).

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