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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2013

    25 December 2013

  1. D.C. native Katelyn Prominski’s ballet training has helped her move past daunting obstacles.
  2. Family works to get handle on youth’s Type 1 diabetes.
  3. Diabetes diagnosis no reason not to enjoy Christmas says teen.
  4. Early gift brings quality of life for diabetes patient.

    18 December 2013

  5. OPINION: Type 1 diabetes very different to type 2.
  6. North grads organize run to fight diabetes.
  7. Trusts criticised over 'poor' childhood diabetes control.

    11 December 2013

  8. Country music icon talks about living with diabetes.
  9. Diabetic teen completes 30km challenge around World Islands.

    4 December 2013

  10. Sky is the limit for Toronto professor with Type 1 diabetes. See also Canadian with diabetes scales Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  11. Tributes paid to an ‘inspirational’ great-grandad.
  12. A New Life With Type 1 Diabetes: Jada’s Story.
  13. Whittier College women’s basketball team supports captain with diabetes.
  14. 66 year old St Helens woman receives a medal from Diabetes UK.
  15. 8-year-old saves father's life; dad: 'I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her'.
  16. Diabetes doesn't have to control patients' lives.
  17. High school hockey preview: Malone goalie Brown plays with diabetes.
  18. Bay State cyclist takes her grief on road, raises funds.

    27 November 2013

  19. Diabetes development: Baby food & Type 1 Diabetes.
  20. Good Samaritan rushes to help woman with diabetic emergency.
  21. Marshall elementary student backed by peers.
  22. Student raises diabetes awareness.
  23. Diabetes Center patrons reach for the Brass Ring.
  24. Mother of 2 children with diabetes raises funds for research.
  25. Young Girl Meets Challenges Of Living With Type One Diabetes.

    20 November 2013

  26. Sir Frederick Banting and the use of insulin to treat Type 1 diabetes.
  27. Diabetic earns solo pilot's license 35 years after learning to fly.
  28. Rockford man living with diabetes for 50 years shares treatment changes.
  29. Children’s National helps a Bethesda boy deal with his Type 1 diabetes.
  30. Otis biker has ridden thousands of miles to fight Type 1 diabetes.
  31. Gamecocks kicker Elliott Fry won’t let Type I diabetes slow him down.
  32. Keira, 8, is inspiration for diabetes aid event in Shrewsbury.
  33. Having a Healthy Pregnancy With Type 1 Diabetes.
  34. World Diabetes Atlas shows sudden rise in the disease has potential to 'bankrupt Australian health system' discusses type 1 diabetes in Australia.
  35. Utah documentary ‘Sugar Babies’ shown for World Diabetes Day.
  36. Tandem Diabetes Care Raises $120M in Bigger-Than-Expected IPO.

    13 November 2013

  37. Bioengineered mini-organ mimics healthy pancreas.
  38. Sanford Research Gets Closer To Diabetes Cure.
  39. IndyCar's Charlie Kimball: What World Diabetes Day Means to Me.
  40. World Diabetes Day: Seeing my son with diabetes is heartbreaking, I'd take it from him if I could.
  41. Be aware of type 1 diabetes symptoms in children.
  42. Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes making strides on type 1.
  43. Lufkin 1st grader refuses to be defined by diabetes, leads fundraising campaign.
  44. Type 1 Diabetes Challenge Was A Real Eye Opener.
  45. My Name Is Liddy, and I'm a Type 1 Diabetic.

    6 November 2013

  46. Possible cause of juvenile diabetes found in Italy.
  47. Va. girl among first teens to test artificial pancreas.
  48. Diabetes Cold Nighttime Sweat Seen Ended With Artificial Pancreas.
  49. Cells offer hope for Type 1 diabetes.
  50. Kathleen's 60 years of living with diabetes.
  51. Dear Parents of a Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic.
  52. Deerfield family seeks type 1 diabetes cure.
  53. Lititz Man starts organization to help those with diabetes.
  54. Mystrom memoir shares story of living with diabetes.
  55. Mackenzie Douthit: I’m Risking My Life For My Second Baby.

    30 October 2013

  56. Type 1 diabetes knowledge could save a life – your child's!
  57. Scientists Report Transplant Advance for Type 1 Diabetes.
  58. Kids with diabetes enjoy Halloween too.
  59. 4 Ways to Enjoy Holidays When You Have Diet Restrictions (type 1 diabetes and celiac).
  60. Noninjectable Insulin Developers Make Progress.
  61. Enid Family Uses Diabetic Alert Dog To Monitor Young Daughter.

    23 October 2013

  62. Meet Karmel Allison, The Woman Who Fainted Behind President Obama.
  63. Diabetes, Sotomayor's Parents and the Memory of the Heart.
  64. El Paso teen shows others with diabetes they can live normal, active lives.
  65. Twins battling diabetes together.
  66. With quick thinking by Mom and help from his entire family, 8-year-old Jerin Smith learns to live with juvenile diabetes — like any other boy.
  67. Care boost for children with diabetes.
  68. Peggy given a medal for her diabetes work.

    15 October 2013

  69. Coping with type 1 diabetes.
  70. Oregon diabetic refused insulin, civilly committed.
  71. PureTech Ventures, JDRF Team Up to Form Type 1 Diabetes Startup Creator.

    9 October 2013

  72. Sleepover Advice for Kids Coping With Type 1 Diabetes.
  73. Teen living with diabetes hopes to inspire others.
  74. Type 1 Diabetic marks one year as a firefighter.
  75. Two families push for attitude change toward a life threatening disease.
  76. Diabetes service dog not properly trained, dissatisfied in Virginia-based company. See also An Eighteen Thousand Dollar Journey of Hope, Puppies and "In Spite Of" and How to Punish Children and Puppies, While Making Money.

    2 October 2013

  77. Type Miscast: An Elmhurst Doctor's Type 2 Diabetes Misdiagnosis Results in the Death of a Six-Year-Old Girl.
  78. Sleepover Advice for Kids Coping With Type 1 Diabetes.
  79. Sugar Fix: A diabetic child spurs ENG prof’s race for a bionic pancreas.
  80. Special teddy bear could help kids cope with diabetes.
  81. Jackson pair doesn't let diabetes keep them off field.
  82. NASCAR driver drives to stop diabetes.
  83. More Eugene students with Type 1 diabetes.

    25 September 2013

  84. Kelly Close: State Of Diabetes Treatment, Companies In The Sector And Challenges Patients Face.
  85. Managing diabetes: Your child's first sleepover.
  86. Diabetics Hold Their Breath for Inhalable Insulin.

    18 September 2013

  87. Diabetic Children Test Bionic Pancreas At Mass. Camp.
  88. Seattle Children's helping families manage Type 1 diabetes.
  89. School's nurse staffing keeps diabetic student out of class.
  90. Madison Clinic Helps Young Diabetes Patients Manage Their Own Care.
  91. Type 1 Diabetes: Challenge for Kids and Adults Awaiting a Cure.
  92. Sailing with Diabetes.
  93. Fifth-grader with Type 1 diabetes has support system.
  94. 'I won't let diabetes stop my music career'.
  95. Diabetes expert Dr. Louis Philipson stresses importance of accurate diagnosis.
  96. Madyson Siragusa, 11-Year-Old With Diabetes, Denied Permission To Have Service Dog In School.

    4 September 2013

  97. Beverly Hills boy braves Type 1 diabetes.
  98. The Long Run: Type-1 diabetic aims to complete first full marathon.
  99. Facebook is Not Evil Proves People with Diabetes .
  100. Dogs train to sniff out trouble for diabetics.
  101. More diabetics buying dogs that sniff out low blood sugar.
  102. Oregon Faith-Healing Parents Charged With Manslaughter In Daughter's Death From Diabetes.

    28 August 2013

  103. New Reverse Vaccine Brings Hope as a Possible Type 1 Diabetes Treatment.
  104. Parents: Store policy discriminates against diabetics.
  105. Brantford native climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  106. Center stage in diabetes battle.
  107. Diabetes awareness mission takes flight.
  108. Roughrider and Type 1 diabetic John Chick lives his football dream.

    21 August 2013

  109. Insulin pumps 'better than injections' for type 1 diabetes.
  110. Insulin pumps 'give back life'.
  111. Living with diabetes.

    14 August 2013

  112. Five Year Old Diabetic Takes on Congress.
  113. Young Diabetes Patients Form Bonds At ‘Camp Colorado’.
  114. Local youth promotes diabetes awareness.
  115. Students With Diabetes program boosted confidence, improved HbA1c in young adults.

    7 August 2013

  116. Threat to diabetes sufferers as NHS rations testing strips to save money.
  117. Young mum from Caversham died from diabetes.
  118. Kimball delivers message with victory at Mid-Ohio.
  119. Finn goes to Washington: Cohasset boy represents state at Children's Congress.
  120. Quest to find a cure for daughter’s diabetes leads Barbara Weisman of Pelham into athletic challenges.
  121. Teenager works for Type I diabetes cure.
  122. Diabetic mother died due to her low blood sugar.
  123. Miss England finalist, 19, almost fell into a diabetic coma and died after her faulty insulin pump stopped working.
  124. Evie looks on bright side despite her life-changing condition.

    31 July 2013

  125. Be sensitive when talking with parent of a Type 1 diabetic.
  126. New technology could mean a new life for children with type 1 diabetes.
  127. Artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes patients: an interview with John Pritchard, Cambridge Consultants.
  128. Pumps add 'quality of life'.
  129. Diabetes in the teen years.
  130. Navajo girl with diabetes meets with lawmakers in D.C.
  131. This camp has canoeing, sports, blood sugar checks.
  132. NFL Player Reaches Out to Inspire, Empower Young Type 1.
  133. My shocking illness: Home Secretary Theresa May reveals she has Type 1 diabetes and needs daily injections... but vows to continue her political career.
  134. Transplants from pigs may help diabetics.

    24 July 2013

  135. FDA cracks down on illegal diabetes remedies.
  136. How to interface a Dexcom Diabetes Monitor to your Home Automation System.
  137. Pro football player helps boy with diabetes live his dreams.
  138. Diabetes Camp: 'It's a lot of fun and you're not the only one'.
  139. New Mexico woman having diabetes attack roughed up by deputies.

    17 July 2013

  140. Timing of first solid food influences diabetes risk.
  141. Kids learn about diabetes at camp while having fun.
  142. Twins and sister to be face of national campaign by Diabetes Australia.
  143. INDYCAR: Kimball not letting diabetes slow him down.
  144. Oxford teen joins Juvenile Diabetes delegation, Idol winner in D.C.
  145. Ketoacidosis rates remain troubling in juvenile type 1 diabetes.
  146. Diabetics outraged over quality of testing meters.

    3 July 2013

  147. Type 1 diabetes vaccine shows promise in early study: researchers.
  148. In the Spotlight: Time for a Sleepover.
  149. Sonia Sotomayor: Her Life With Diabetes.
  150. Pharmacies unwilling to take loss on insulin for Medicare patients.
  151. Curing type 1 diabetes: an interview with Dr. Habib Zaghouani, MU School of Medicine.
  152. Idaho’s only delegate for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes heads to Washington DC.
  153. Amina's Pas de Deux With Type 1.
  154. Madeline Kara Neumann Prayer Death: Conviction Upheld For Parents Who Only Prayed For Sick Daughter.

    26 June 2013

  155. ADA: Intensive Tx Yields Long-Term Gain in Type 1 Diabetes.
  156. Progress made on artificial pancreas, researchers tell diabetes conference in Chicago.
  157. Artificial pancreas effective in study, could one day help diabetics.
  158. Three continuous glucose monitoring devices highly reliable.
  159. Medtronic, J&J gains put diabetics nearer to artificial pancreas.
  160. Clinical trial participation: Why mom with diabetic daughter enrolled in USF study.
  161. Dover teen living with juvenile diabetes wants to help others cope with the disease.
  162. A Deadly Form of Diabetes Doctors Sometimes Miss.
  163. Artificial pancreas tells your tablet when you need insulin.
  164. ADA: New Type 2 Drug May Work in Type 1 Diabetes.

    19 June 2013

  165. Accuracy of Blood Glucose Meters Draws Scrutiny.
  166. Diabetes has been a part of my daughter’s life for a quarter-century.
  167. Tulsa 6th Grader To Talk To U.S. Congress About Type 1 Diabetes.
  168. Fifty years living with diabetes.
  169. Diabetes diagnosis came as shock to mum.
  170. Diabetes hasn’t slowed Alouettes’ Scott Paxson.
  171. Teenage health campaigner’s message to Parliament.
  172. 5-year-old finds mom unconscious calls 911.
  173. Silencing immune attacks in type 1 diabetes.
  174. Is a Type 1 Diabetes Cure Right Around the Corner?

    12 June 2013

  175. Chesterfield parents worried school unable to care for diabetic children. See also Parents concerned school unable to care for diabetic children.
  176. 5 Dads on Raising Kids With Diabetes.
  177. Genetic studies lead to clinical trial of new treatment for type 1 diabetes.
  178. Huron County's JDRF ambassador teaches SPS classmates about juvenile diabetes.
  179. UGA’s veterinary hospital offers take-home glucose monitors for diabetic pets.
  180. Got diabetes? There's an app for that. See also Nationwide Children’s Hospital Develops First Pediatric-Focused Diabetes Calculator.

    5 June 2013

  181. Another solid finish lands Charlie Kimball into top 10 in IndyCar standings.
  182. Diabetes team fights the good fight in bike race.
  183. Diabetes can't slow Marder.

    29 May 2013

  184. Fayetteville man recognized for living more than 80 years with type 1 diabetes.
  185. UNC scientist turns to tiny particles to treat diabetes.
  186. Shock diagnosis changed teen's life.
  187. CFISD elementary student with diabetes named finalist in national competition.

    22 May 2013

  188. Peoria student represents Arizona at D.C. session on diabetes research.
  189. How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes As You Age.
  190. Diabetes service dog saves the day and night for Fort Worth teen.
  191. NFL Patriots release Kyle Love after diabetes diagnosis.

    8 May 2013

  192. Brenda Novak kicks off her Online Auction for Diabetes Research.
  193. Diabetes won’t slow Indy 500 driver.
  194. Miss America offers tips for fighting diabetes.

    1 May 2013

  195. Chris Jarvis defied the odds in becoming an rower.
  196. Commentary: Diabetes couldn't block CdM grad from Olympic gold.
  197. ‘Diabulimia’ is a life-threatening disorder for some teens.
  198. Juvenile diabetes diagnosis life-changing for Middletown family.

    24 April 2013

  199. Right to insulin is human right: Sir Hirst.
  200. Former Stroud AC husband and wife team at the London Marathon.
  201. Living with Type 1 diabetes, local mom finds support through Diabetes Sisters.
  202. Scholastic Superstar: Meet Maria Capitano.
  203. Family's heartbreak after diabetic 29-year-old who planned to run the London Marathon dies from 'dead in bed' syndrome.

    17 April 2013

  204. Local biotech entrepreneur showcasing developing diabetes therapy at D.C. conference is about Sensulin LLC, which is developing a "smart" insulin that releases in response to glucose concentrations.
  205. Service dog helps Monarch Academy teacher monitor her diabetes.
  206. Conacher overcomes diabetes to reach NHL.
  207. Family health: Normal, active life can be lead with type 1 diabetes.

    10 April 2013

  208. Living with Type 1: A Family Story.
  209. Franchitti, Kimball and other Indy drivers join in the "Race with Insulin" cause .
  210. Diabetic Alert Dog Helps West Seneca Girl.
  211. Donations help Easton family afford medical assistance dog for 2-year-old diabetic son.
  212. Special Puppy Monitors Toddler's Blood Sugar.
  213. Dog Alerts Diabetic Boy When Blood Sugar Needs Testing.
  214. Standard of diabetes care leaves a lot to be desired in Ireland.

    3 April 2013

  215. The Diabetic's Paradox.
  216. BioHub offers new hope to diabetes sufferers.
  217. Jay’s message could be diabetes life-saver.

    27 March 2013

  218. Visionaries: One Harvard Scientist’s Quest To Find A Cure For His Kids.
  219. Student connecting diabetic teens.
  220. Woman with diabetes reaches out to kids.
  221. A Rookie Unheralded, Undrafted and Unfazed.
  222. Port Moody mom with diabetic daughter fearful over nursing support as her child starts kindergarten.
  223. Peasedown St John family back call over diabetes care for children.
  224. Young Diabetics Are Slimming Themselves to Death.
  225. Kimball in a race to conquer diabetes.

    20 March 2013

  226. New type of adult diabetes is on the rise.
  227. Raleigh girl outruns diabetes.
  228. Sansum Diabetes Research Institute Appoints Rem Laan as Executive Director.
  229. Mom Sentenced To 16 Years For Neglecting Diabetic Child.

    13 March 2013

  230. Could Pig Worms Lead to the Cure for Type 1?
  231. More children are being diagnosed with diabetes at Northampton General Hospital.
  232. Hingham woman leads diabetes fight.
  233. Diabulimia: The Dangerous Way Diabetics Drop Pounds.
  234. Registration open, scholarships available at Kansas diabetes camps.

    6 March 2013

  235. Northwestern's Gisler doesn't let diabetes keep him off the court.
  236. My Life Partner Has Diabetes.
  237. The Conversation: Can stem cell treatment cure type 1 diabetes?
  238. Kosair Children's Hospital to open diabetes center with $5 million gift.
  239. Mini-Organ Would Mimic Pancreas to Treat Type 1 Diabetes.

    27 February 2013

  240. Volunteer from Capital High wins national award.
  241. Ski event raises money for diabetes.
  242. How much do you know about diabetes? Let a 9-year-old Manlius boy fill you in.
  243. Children with Type 1 Diabetes.

    20 February 2013

  244. Families living with type 1 diabetes.
  245. Utah mom helps kids understand type 1 diabetes.
  246. Connected in Motion: Creating Community for People with Type 1 Diabetes.
  247. Brianna out to get jump on diabetes.

    13 February 2013

  248. Test strip supply linked to better diabetes care.
  249. Type 1 Diabetic Ryan Reed to run at least five Nationwide Series races.

    6 February 2013

  250. Diabetes researcher’s goal: Make insulin-producing cells in lab.
  251. Parents upset over 'diabetes discrimination'.
  252. Attorney shares her struggle with diabetes in new book.
  253. Kids learn to deal with diabetes at summer camp.

    30 January 2013

  254. Sebastien Sasseville Conquers Mountain and Desert.
  255. Girl, 9, Saves Mom From Diabetic Attack While Driving.
  256. Education crucial for type 1 diabetes patients.
  257. Pig cell trial improves diabetic man's sight.
  258. Diabetes doesn’t get him down.

    23 January 2013

  259. In the Thick of Diabetes Advocacy with Alan Thicke.
  260. Education crucial for type 1 diabetes patients.
  261. Rise of the diabulemics: The diabetic women jeopardising their health by skipping insulin jabs to prevent weight gain.
  262. New hope for a Type 1 diabetes cure.
  263. Special Report: Diabetes Discrimination.
  264. Court battle over $20,000 dog will stay in Beaumont.

    16 January 2013

  265. Sotomayor tells life story shaped by disease, overcoming adversity. See also her 60 Minutes Interview from January 13, 2013 and her interview on NPR from January 14, 2013.
  266. Basketball Camp for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes.
  267. Diabetes not stopping Lamar's Webb.
  268. Double Diabetes = Double Trouble!
  269. Calls for diabulimia to be recognised, say medics.
  270. Callison: Family strives for balance after diabetes diagnosis.
  271. UCSD breaks ground on medical research facility and diabetes center in La Jolla.

    9 January 2013

  272. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers solve insulin mystery.
  273. Living with type 1 diabetes.
  274. Quick-thinking daughter, 6, saves diabetic father's life by feeding him jelly babies after realising he was about to fall into coma.
  275. Our World: Service dog sniffs out girl's diabetes.
  276. Diabetes service dog saves man's life.
  277. Outside the Game: Jay Cutler inspires others with Type 1 Diabetes.

    2 January 2013

  278. Longest surviving type 1 diabetes sufferer tells her story.
  279. UK has world's fifth-highest rate of children with type 1 diabetes. See also UK fifth highest in world for child type 1 diabetes.

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