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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2012

    26 December 2012

  1. Boy's Christmas wish for diabetes cure.
  2. David Law Firm of Conway estblishes new scholarship for students with diabetes.
  3. dLifeTV Leaves the Television Set.

    19 December 2012

  4. RYAN REED: Race against Type 1 diabetes must not end with a red flag.
  5. Type 1 Diabetic Running Across the Country.
  6. Doctors note increase in type 1 diabetes in children.

    12 December 2012

  7. Longest surviving type 1 diabetes sufferer tells her story.
  8. Scientists aim to treat autoimmune diseases with worm-based therapy.
  9. Artificial Pancreas Studies Bring New Found Freedom to People with Type 1 Diabetes.
  10. Lady Mocs' Kayla Christopher dealing with diabetes.
  11. Service Dogs Pick Up Scent of Diabetes Danger.
  12. 12-year-old diabetic who cycled around nation to star in Roche TV commercial.
  13. Diabetes doesn’t slow girl’s activities.
  14. Diabetic youngsters find camaraderie at events.
  15. Lockport teacher's book raising diabetes awareness.
  16. The trouble with teens and diabetes ....
  17. If We Had Been Giving Our Daughter Vitamin D, Would She Still Have Developed Diabetes?

    6 December 2012

  18. Learning to cope and finding hope.
  19. CdM's Reinhardt shows he can't be stopped.
  20. Langford girl takes Type 1 to the masses.
  21. Living with juvenile diabetes a constant learning curve.
  22. Diabetes dogs: K9 insulin monitors.
  23. Compassionate canine.
  24. Donors help girl, 6, get diabetes alert dog.
  25. Cord blood may be the key to beating type 1 diabetes.
  26. Couple in diabetes prayer death going before state Supreme Court.

    28 November 2012

  27. Child and Teen Deaths from Diabetes Plummet Over 41-Year Period.
  28. Mysterious spike in Type 1 Diabetes.
  29. The difference between Type 1 and 2.
  30. Baby has rarest form of diabetes.
  31. 'Nutcracker' Star Overcomes Type 1 Diabetes For Role.
  32. Toddler's collapse led to shock diagnosis for mum.
  33. Parenting Kids With Type 1 Diabetes.
  34. A new normal: Young adults don't have to be derailed by Type 1 diabetes.
  35. Type 1 diabetes not just a kids disease.
  36. Train N.J.'s police to spot diabetes: Opinion.
  37. Woman gets diabetic alert dog with help from community.

    21 November 2012

  38. World renowned diabetes researcher at CU Denver dies; colleagues mourn.
  39. Golfer Michelle McGann is on a mission: ‘I want to help every Type 1 diabetic that I can’.
  40. Diabetes: a lost childhood.
  41. Diabetic alert dog to help Enid girl and family manage disease.
  42. Brennan’s Hero - Service dog helps Peculiar boy cope with disease.

    14 November 2012

  43. Living well together: Couple has managed woman’s diabetes for 67 years.
  44. Diabetes researchers look at cellular-level transplants as bridge to a cure.
  45. Parents 'unaware of type 1 diabetes symptoms'.
  46. Technology improving diabetes patients’ quality of life.
  47. For teen, fight to cure diabetes is personal.

    7 November 2012

  48. Charlie Kimball - Diabetic Racer - Racing.
  49. Cutler has learned how to deal with diabetes.
  50. Report on fewer children dying from diabetes offers good, but not celebratory, news.
  51. One family's story of living with diabetes after son's diagnosis.
  52. Fife family's joy as insulin pump 'liberates' young diabetic Tommy Black.
  53. Diabetes sufferers misuse insulin to lose weight, says charity.

    31 October 2012

  54. We Take S.H.O.T.s.
  55. Hammond school nurse focuses on diabetes education.
  56. One run. One man. One goal.
  57. Recognition for decades spent living with diabetes.
  58. When grandma was in trouble, 6-year-old knew what to do. See also Independence boy's quick thinking saves grandma's life.
  59. ViaCyte gets funding for potential diabetes cure.

    24 October 2012

  60. Provincial insulin pump program to be launched spring 2013: Alberta government.
  61. Two Long Island specialists seek to heighten diabetes awareness in local schools.
  62. With Cat and Dog Diabetes Rates on the Rise, UPenn Offers Canine Diabetes Trial.
  63. Two diabetic sufferers reveal the truth behind their battle with the illness.
  64. Dublin H.S. Student Wants To Teach Others About Type 1 Diabetes At Columbus Marathon.
  65. N.J. officials call for investigation into police treatment of diabetic shock victims.
  66. Girl, 4, falls into life-threatening diabetic coma after misdiagnosed with minor infection at NHS walk-in centre.
  67. Roche continues to restructure diabetes unit.

    18 October 2012

  68. Diabetic alert dogs save lives.
  69. Service dog provider puts Groves family on alert.
  70. Family: Service dog for diabetic child fails at job.
  71. Yale Football: Roy Collins meeting the challenge of an athlete managing diabetes.

    10 October 2012

  72. Medical Alert Service Dog, Teague, new student at St. Ann Catholic School.
  73. The dog 'nose:' Diabetic alert dogs proving better than tech tools.
  74. For diabetic children, a camping experience.
  75. Toddler Learning to Manage Type One Diabetes.
  76. Colorado's Will Pericak hopes to inspire others with Type 1 diabetes.
  77. Parents’ shock over life-changing illness.
  78. Diabetes can be life altering, not life ending if managed properly.
  79. How to talk to your children about diabetes.
  80. Eli Lilly And The State Of The Insulin Battle.
  81. Blood money: Black, gray markets for diabetes test strips a big business.

    3 October 2012

  82. Connor, 6, hailed for quick actions to save diabetic father.
  83. UCLA vs. Colorado: Will Pericak excels -- Type 1 Diabetes and all.
  84. Highs and lows: Local author shares stories of Type 1 diabetes.
  85. Mum campaigning for diabetic children to get life-changing equipment on NHS.
  86. It’s not easy, but he takes it all in stride.
  87. To prevent complications of type 1 diabetes, company looks to C-peptide.

    26 September 2012

  88. Reminding Myself That My Life Is More Than Diabetes.
  89. Rockets' Forbes believes diabetes helped further career.
  90. The Force is with Evan and Chewy.
  91. Managing Diabetes With Your iPhone: Glooko Now Supports 17 Different Glucose Meters.
  92. Arizona mom demanding answers after diabetic son dies at hands of spiritual healer.

    19 September 2012

  93. High school volleyball: Buffalo’s Persinger finds success, despite maladies.
  94. Ore City boy with Type I Diabetes gets dog trained to sense blood sugar levels.
  95. Liverpool girl will get her diabetic alert dog this month.
  96. Vacaville youth is youngest Bay Area spokesman for juvenile diabetes.
  97. Living with diabetes: Brown family adjusts to life with Gracie’s condition.
  98. Suspicious death of Joe Fitzpatrick at home of 'healer' under investigation.

    12 September 2012

  99. Diabetes not slowing down IWU Sophomore Klein.
  100. Camarillo's Kimball ready for IndyCar season finale.
  101. The pump has given me greater freedom.
  102. Diabetes charity slams PCT.

    5 September 2012

  103. 18-year-old diabetic finishes Ironman.
  104. Local teen with diabetes establishes fund to help children receiving medical care.
  105. Dogs warns boy when diabetic dangers arise.
  106. Little League Champ Won't Let Diabetes Hold Him Back.
  107. Friend learns about diabetes.

    30 August 2012

  108. Study Attempts to Reverse Autoimmunity in Type 1 Diabetes.
  109. A $21,000 alert dog could change lives of 3-year-old's family in Carnegie.
  110. IndyCar racer laps diabetes.
  111. Long Distance Runner Battles Diabetes On Cross Country Trek.
  112. Diabetic pumped up about change.
  113. Diabetes on Campus: One College Student’s Experience.
  114. Diabetes doesn't keep Kimball from IndyCar racing.
  115. Confusion Over Diabetes Types Adds to Patients' Woes.
  116. Local off-road group hosts fundraiser Saturday for diabetic boy, alert dog.

    22 August 2012

  117. Diabetic's mum upset at treatment.
  118. Public Radio’s Kurt Andersen Tackles Misunderstandings About Diabetes.
  119. Diabetic alert dog an 'extra, safe tool' for 6-year-old.
  120. Family Pets Turned Into Diabetic Alert Dogs.
  121. ARCA: Ryan Reed Not Letting Type 1 Diabetes Sideline His Dreams.
  122. Teenage Diabetic Works To Find Cure For Disease.
  123. Children attend diabetes camp.
  124. Young diabetic to represent country.
  125. Daily life with type 1 diabetes.
  126. Canadian kids with diabetes compete in international soccer tournament.

    8 August 2012

  127. Children with Diabetes Provides Support.
  128. New hope to stop Type 1 Diabetes before it occurs.
  129. Support network forms for kids with Type 1 diabetes.
  130. Football players help 7-year-old tackle diabetes.
  131. Scientist creates insulin patch.

    1 August 2012

  132. Chef Sam Talbot leads a sweet life.
  133. Bluffton boy grew up overnight when diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
  134. What it takes to make school a safe place for students with diabetes.
  135. National type I diabetes prevention trial now an option for younger children. See also Beating Diabetes Before It Happens.
  136. Experimental Peptide Preserves Beta-Cells in Type 1 Diabetes.
  137. Shared Appointments Showing Success For Diabetes Patients.

    25 July 2012

  138. Worcester, Mass. doctors praising 1 athlete for overcoming challenges.
  139. Diabetes alert dog is boy’s best friend.
  140. Charlottetown boy heading for World Diabetes Cup.
  141. Local family battles 'beast of a disease'.
  142. Diabulimia: The Illusion of Control.

    18 July 2012

  143. IndyCar's Charlie Kimball makes impact on and off the track.
  144. London 2012: Diabetes girl on carrying torch.
  145. Melanie Chisholm helped save brother from diabetic coma.
  146. Need to check your blood sugar? There's an app for that.
  147. Diabetes Service Dog Gives Woman A New Leash On Life.
  148. Man admits importing counterfeit diabetic test strips, which sold in Allentown.

    4 July 2012

  149. Diabetes Reversed in Mice Using Stem Cells. See also University of B.C. scientists use embryonic stem cells to deal with Type 1 disease and Stem Cell Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes.
  150. Diabetic alert dog becoming lifesaver for Myrtle Beach girl.
  151. Service dog helps Kansas girl manage diabetes.
  152. Dog ‘Rescues’ Union Family.
  153. Swimmers dive in to raise cash for charity.
  154. More Than Just a Summer Camp.

    27 June 2012

  155. Jessepalooza this Sunday. See also Jessepalooza.
  156. PSA May Be Unreliable in Type 1 Diabetes.
  157. Kids gang up to cope with diabetes HappyDolls carry messages around the world.
  158. Two siblings bike across America for diabetes research.

    20 June 2012

  159. Artificial pancreas that helps diabetics sleep safely at night.
  160. Film raises awareness for young diabetics.
  161. Can an artificial pancreas defeat diabetes?
  162. This New Artificial Pancreas Could Solve Type 1 Diabetes.
  163. California teen reaches X-Games despite struggles with Type 1 diabetes.
  164. USF Diabetes Center Targets Type 1 In Families.

    13 June 2012

  165. Progress Continues Toward Artificial Pancreas. See also Trial of artificial pancreas gives diabetes patients a break.
  166. Pricks and Needles: What Living With Type 1 Diabetes Is Like.
  167. TSA agrees to brief agents following incident at SLC International Airport.
  168. NFL QB's donation allows first ever children's diabetes camp.

    6 June 2012

  169. Researchers Offer Free Screening For Relatives Of Type 1 Diabetes Patients.
  170. Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes gives hope to patients with type 1 diabetes.
  171. Taking control of Type 1 diabetes - endo days.
  172. In My Shoes: Learning more about Type 1 diabetes.
  173. Kenya: Safaricom Donates Sh5 Million for Diabetes Walk.

    30 May 2012

  174. Diabetic College Students Juggle Glucose Levels and Class.
  175. Patient perspectives: Kerri Morrone Sparling.
  176. Type I Diabetes doesn't keep Young from catching for South Central .
  177. Youngster makes the best of a bad situation.
  178. Type 1 diabetes keeps young dancer on his toes.
  179. Seeking a way to monitor son’s diabetes, family goes to the dogs.

    23 May 2012

  180. Bionic Pancreas Technology.
  181. A Diabetic Alert Dog Can Keep a Monroe Toddler Safe.
  182. Pumps 4 kids - the campaign rolls on.

    16 May 2012

  183. We can be heroes.
  184. Diabetic alert dog 'lifesaver' for 8-year-old boy.
  185. Fundraiser will help purchase medical alert dog.
  186. Diabetes doesn’t keep Karz in the corner.
  187. Type 1 Diabetes - CNN iReport.

    9 May 2012

  188. New Push to Treat the Other Diabetes .
  189. Side Effect for Children: Day-Care Dilemmas. See also For Toddlers With Diabetes, The Challenge of Child Care.
  190. Informed Patient: Doctors Ramp Up Type 1 Diabetes Screening.
  191. Diabetic teen upset with TSA screeners at Salt Lake City Airport.
  192. South Devon man is among longest surviving diabetes patients.
  193. Giants and Reid hit the bull's-eye with diabetes initiative.

    2 May 2012

  194. Quick Thinking 9 Year-old Saves Diabetic Sister's Life.
  195. Packers tight end Crabtree fights brave battle with his wife.
  196. Award-Winning Editor Becomes Renowned JDRF Advocate.
  197. TD1: Juvenile Diabetes on the Rise Is Not So Sweet!

    25 April 2012

  198. My 5th Grader Was Groped By TSA.
  199. When It Comes To A1C Blood Test For Diabetics, One Level No Longer Fits All.
  200. Seizing each day: Local mom establishes non-profit to support families with Type 1 diabetes.
  201. Draft Dreams: One-handed Diabetic Overcomes, Hopes for NFL Shot.
  202. Young diabetic is force behind annual car wash.
  203. Vaccine trial volunteers get a spray.
  204. First-grader to get diabetic alert dog.
  205. Quake helps Jake keep diabetes at bay.
  206. Thomasville Family Saving Up for Diabetes Alert Dog.
  207. Family of tragic Halsall teen who died from undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes take awareness campaign to Downing Street.

    18 April 2012

  208. To Love a Diabetic.
  209. Program helps keep diabetic teen drivers safe.
  210. Great-grandfather dedicates diabetes medal to late wife.
  211. Former sailor from Eriskay in oldest bungee jump claim.
  212. Cumbrian diabetic of 50 years backs more research campaign.
  213. Refugio Girl With Diabetes Receives Service Dog.
  214. Diabetes dog detects low Glucose levels.

    11 April 2012

  215. Sam Talbot, Top Chef.
  216. Triathletes don't let diabetes stop them.
  217. Easter Bowl competitor, Teen with Type 1 diabetes plays tennis with glucose monitor, insulin pump.
  218. £1.5m cash boost for young people with diabetes.
  219. Preparing for Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes.
  220. Diabetes research reveals inconsistencies in care.

    4 April 2012

  221. Parents: Educate Yourselves About Type 1 Diabetes.
  222. Freemans win 50K title at US Championships.
  223. Finding out I was diabetic.
  224. 5-year-old's pup can detect diabetes ups and downs.
  225. Diabetes care standards for children linked to financial penalties (in the UK).

    28 March 2012

  226. My Story: Planning a healthy pregnancy with type 1 diabetes.
  227. Type 1 diabetes challenges family.
  228. Mom helps diabetic daughter create Diabetic Barbie.
  229. Community Helps Refugio Girl Get Diabetic Alert Dog.
  230. Just Don’t Do Nothing!
  231. Tawa College teen shows huge talent.
  232. Paramedics praise Ryan Carson lifesaving call.
  233. Former Williamson employee sues, claims he was fired because of diabetes.
  234. Diabetic-driver monitoring urged by victim's sister.

    21 March 2012

  235. Robert P. Krause; 90; engineer for first manned space flights; diabetic for 85 years.
  236. Triathletes don't let diabetes stop them.
  237. New technology helps teen musician deal with diabetes.
  238. Something Soft to Curb the Prick of Insulin.
  239. Wickford man thanks son for saving his life.
  240. Funeral for insulin pioneer's patient Sheila Thorn.
  241. Mansfield HS Senior Dies Unexpectedly, Final Tweets Signaled Problem.

    14 March 2012

  242. Give unused insulin to help diabetics without insurance.
  243. Norwalk family grows with the addition of diabetic alert dog.
  244. Finding their way: Diabetic preteens aim for summer cam.
  245. Medal given to Northampton woman who has had diabetes for 70 years.
  246. Team Type 1 boss ‘shocked’ at California exclusion.

    7 March 2012

  247. Artificial pancreas gives girl a vacation from diabetes. See also NH Girl Tests Artificial Pancreas.
  248. Meter restrictions upset diabetics.
  249. Insulin pump transforms Graham’s life.

    29 February 2012

  250. US to trial Victoza medication in teens with type 1 diabetes.
  251. Girl Finds Strength in Fostering Diabetic Dog.
  252. Henley stepping up on and off the ice.
  253. Fourth-Grader's Diabetic Alert Dog Will Be Life-Changer.
  254. Diabetic children and teenagers fitted with insulin pumps.
  255. Uncovering clues to Type 1 diabetes.

    22 February 2012

  256. Twins key to juvenile diabetes study at VU.
  257. Living with childhood diabetes.
  258. Type 1 Diabetes affects Community High students.
  259. Women told not to skip insulin jabs.
  260. Iredell family welcomes service dog for diabetic sons.
  261. Diabetic alert dogs can sniff out health problems.
  262. 911 Dispatcher Designs Diabetic Warning For Cars.
  263. After Death of Loved One, Blog Helps Rutgers Student Heal.

    15 February 2012

  264. Sam Talbot's "Sweet Life" with Diabetes.
  265. Swimmers advance from sectionals to district meet.
  266. Young Children with Diabetes, Their Doctors Speak Out.
  267. Against All Odds; Ryan Reed, Race Car Driver With Type 1 Diabetes, Prepares For Historic Debut At Daytona With Venturini Motorsports.
  268. 'Belly bottom': A graphic warning of what happens when diabetics inject insulin at the same site every day.
  269. Houston-Area Family Gains Diabetic Alert Dog.
  270. Smartphone monitoring system puts diabetics, parents at ease.
  271. 8 February 2012

  272. Rays' Fuld shows heart as his legend grows.
  273. Rays star Sam Fuld hosts camp for kids with diabetes at USF. See also 'Super Sam' empowers youths
  274. Wrestlers don’t let diabetes keep them down.
  275. Cyclists overcome diabetes.
  276. Baxter woman named semifinalist for national 'Best of You' contest.
  277. School won't inject diabetic girl.
  278. Skittles' call goes above and beyond.
  279. Girl & dog bond over type 1 diabetes.

    1 February 2012

  280. TSA mistakes insulin pump for gun, causing LAX security scare.
  281. Diabetics could lose their driving licences in the UK.
  282. Mum had to pin me down to give me an insulin jab.
  283. The Badge of Courage.

    25 January 2012

  284. Diabetes Mystery: Why Are Type 1 Cases Surging?
  285. Reader’s choice adventurer: Jen Hanson.
  286. Ex-’Top Chef’ contestant: Diabetes not a food prison.
  287. 'What a special person' — father leads tributes to Carnoustie woman Dr Leigh Ellison.
  288. Police investigating whether medical condition caused last Friday's crashes.

    18 January 2012

  289. Snowboarder Sean Busby paves way for children with diabetes.
  290. Local Family Copes With Type 1 Diabetes.
  291. Managing diabetes: Longmont woman models disease management on elite cycling team.
  292. There’s No Shame in Taking Insulin Injections in Public.
  293. CU Med School’s Barbara Davis Center offers new insulin pump in clinical trial.
  294. Minnesota researchers on the cusp of a cure.
  295. How a cup of coffee a day may help to keep type 2 diabetes at bay.
  296. Paula Deen: Why I Didn't Tell Anybody I Have Diabetes.

    11 January 2012

  297. Miracle on Bloor Street.
  298. Rays Sam Fuld to host diabetes sports camp at USF.
  299. Diabetes affects millions; society should not stigmatize its victims.

    4 January 2012

  300. Jeremy Irvine Loaned His Body Out To Science For Medical Trials.
  301. Families await artificial pancreas until cure for diabetes.
  302. Prep girls basketball: Tomales' Azevedo manages Type 1 diabetes while playing as a major contributor for the defending section champions.
  303. Perth family plays key role in hunt for diabetes cure.
  304. Type 1 diabetes prevention 'better than cure'.

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