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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2011

    28 December 2011

  1. Riding a War Horse to fame.
  2. Living with Diabetes in the US Military.
  3. New device detects diabetes at 'light' speed.

    21 December 2011

  4. Parents get insulin-pump tattoos to support diabetic son.
  5. Sprinter with diabetes chosen to be Olympic torchbearer.
  6. Diabetes Technology Regulates Blood Sugar Levels; Local Family Hopes FDA Approves Artificial Pancreas.
  7. Spartans senior battles busy life, diabetes.
  8. Family survives quite the Christmas adventure.
  9. Helping a Son Cope With Diabetes, While Juggling Her Own Challenges.
  10. High-Tech Pump Helps Three Type 1s Swim the English Channel.
  11. Standing Up For Sugar, the Hypoglycemia Alert Dog.
  12. Driving Isn't An Issue for Most People With Diabetes.
  13. Driving licence form revamp for people with diabetes.
  14. Suspended sentence for triple-fatality driver; Diabetic shock cited as likely cause of collisions that killed 3.
  15. Ultradian Diagnostics Partners With UAlbany NanoCollege to Ramp Up Research and Pilot Prototyping. See also Making good ideas better.
  16. 24,000 diabetes deaths a year 'could be avoided' in UK.

    14 December 2011

  17. Aspiring Young Actress Works To Spread Diabetes Awareness.
  18. Knights dunk diabetes.
  19. Teen leads active life despite diabetes.
  20. Berkshire father and son share medical alert dog.
  21. Defective gene could help treat diabetes patients. See GATA6 haploinsufficiency causes pancreatic agenesis in humans.

    7 December 2011

  22. Dog Sense.
  23. Diabetes alert dog safeguards 5-year-old.
  24. Team Type 1 gets early start on 2012.
  25. Matthew Calderon, Fort Lee basketball lover, dies at age 16.

    30 November 2011

  26. Former Miss America Nicole Johnson and a Type 1 diabetic, finds healthy relationships help us; she's part of Bringing Science Home at USF.
  27. Brandy Barnes' Community Of Women With Diabetes.
  28. Diabetes doesn't stop this six year old.
  29. Living with diabetes; Marc Quinn, Type 1 Diabetes.
  30. Artificial pancreas could be 'holy grail' for Type 1 diabetics.

    23 November 2011

  31. Super Bowl champ Tom Crabtree helps tackle diabetes - deliciously.
  32. For first time at USF, student wins prestigious Marshall Scholarship.
  33. Team Type 1 at the Tour of Rwanda for charity and victory.
  34. Managing your child's diabetes: Resources & studies.
  35. DR. PONDER: Theories abound on causes of 'bed death'.

    16 November 2011

  36. Girl diagnoses self with diabetes.
  37. Who's a good Dog? Ruby the Diabetic Sensing Dog.
  38. Balancing Act - Managing kids' Type 1 diabetes — shots, sugars — while they are in school can be a struggle, especially with fewer nurses.
  39. Researchers look at strategies to combat growing diabetes problem.
  40. Our daughter got diabetes at one.
  41. A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes pushes Dan Hayward to ride for a cure.
  42. Trials hold hope for insulin transplants.
  43. Barbara Davis Center researcher reveals treatment for type 1 diabetes preventing the disease in mice.

    9 November 2011

  44. Coaches help keep diabetics off sidelines.
  45. Type 1 diabetes checks are crucial for students, school staff.
  46. Blood Sugar Extremes Can Affect Young Brains.
  47. Type 1: El Paso patients, families join diabetes lobbying effort.

    2 November 2011

  48. Headliner: Helping companies and patients.
  49. La Jolla High School senior on track to raise thousands for type 1 diabetes research.
  50. Snowboarding iron man won't be stopped by diabetes.

    19 October 2011

  51. Albany's Delaney overcomes odds with just one hand.
  52. Business partner: The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Ford of Britain.
  53. Family removes boy from IDEA over response to health needs.
  54. Plymouth North teams combine to 'Stick it to Diabetes.'

    12 October 2011

  55. IndyCar driver doesn't let diabetes keep him out of race.
  56. Life's sweet despite tough road for diabetes.
  57. E.B. dentist to use Halloween candy to benefit soldiers, fight diabetes.

    5 October 2011

  58. Diabetics call the four-legged alarm system a godsend.
  59. Diabetes alert dog banned from class.
  60. Fabio Calabria riding for a cause.
  61. My Greatest Diabetes Fear.
  62. DR. PONDER: Exercise self-care with alcohol as a diabetic.
  63. NIDDK Offers $15M for Type 1 Diabetes Genes Studies.

    28 September 2011

  64. Do What You Love, and It Will Never Be Work: An Interview With Indy Race Car Driver Charlie Kimball.
  65. A diabetic's desperation led to creation of new medical emergency kits.
  66. Do You Have a Diabetes Sick Day Plan?
  67. Friends meet over insulin pump.
  68. Diabetic, 5, manages her disease.
  69. Diabetes Service Dogs Save Lives.
  70. Phil Southerland, former professional cyclist and CEO of Team Type 1, raising diabetes awareness.
  71. World Health Organization appoints Phil Southerland.

    21 September 2011

  72. Miss America 1999 gives tips on living well with illness.
  73. Swimmers with Diabetes Cross English Channel.
  74. My Guardian Angel Against Low Blood Sugar.
  75. Birth and Beyond - More Than Just a Number: Early Pregnancy With Type 1 Diabetes.
  76. Parents call for better policies to protect diabetic students at school.
  77. VUCast: Future Diabetes Vaccine?
  78. North Vancouver family finds new 'normal'.
  79. L-P goalie Galetti playing sports despite diabetes.
  80. Your Health: Lubbock girl uses diabetes to teach and inspire.
  81. Can baby teeth provide a future cure?

    15 September 2011

  82. Comments to-There Will Be a Diabetes Cure.
  83. No link between vitamin D and child type I diabetes.
  84. J'lem researchers: Juvenile diabetes cure is closer.
  85. Diabetes Drugs: Type 2 Agents Effective for Type 1.
  86. Savouring their sweet victory over diabetes.

    7 September 2011

  87. Diabetes Tech Helps Race Car Driver Stay On Course; Charlie Kimball Races Grand Prix With Diabetes.
  88. Diabetes 'blessing in disguise' for pair of Knights.
  89. Taylor relieved to receive his big league call.
  90. Wyandotte Girl Fights Diabetes One Step at a Time.
  91. Close call for misdiagnosed child.

    31 August 2011

  92. There Will Be a Diabetes Cure.
  93. Has Science Discovered Way To Halt Diabetes?
  94. Danbury family meets diabetic cycling team, promotes diabetes awareness.

    24 August 2011

  95. Great News for People With Type 1 Diabetes.
  96. Trial of xenotransplantation treatment for diabetes kicks off in Argentina.
  97. St. Charles family learns to cope with boy's diabetes.
  98. Cycling's Team Type 1 inspires diabetics.
  99. The Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler Raises Money for Youth Diabetes Awareness.

    17 August 2011

  100. 'It's Not Rocket Science': LAUSD Eyes Volunteers, Not Nurses For Insulin Shots.
  101. How to handle every parent's nightmare.
  102. Program helps diabetic kids transition to insulin pumps.
  103. Parenting Style Impacts Control of Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents.
  104. Rays' Sam Fuld back at Fenway, where legend began.
  105. A headliner again at 47, Verplank in hunt at PGA.
  106. Diabetic marathoner pumped about running again.
  107. Ticats' Denson doesn’t let a little diabetes hold him back.
  108. Diamyd Shifts Away from Diabetes To Cut Costs.

    10 August 2011

  109. TSA Apologizes For Confiscating Pregnant Woman's Insulin, Ice Packs.
  110. With diabetes, Rays outfielder San Fuld faces tough opponent. See also Tampa Bay Rays' Sam Fuld cheers patients at USF diabetes center.
  111. Pro Snowboarder Sean Busby: Showing Kids That Anything Is Possible.
  112. Diabetes no act for 'Nurse Jackie' star.
  113. Shock turns into cheer after fight.
  114. Helmsley Trust Funds New Boston-Based Website for Diabetes Patients.
  115. Dating a Man with Diabetes: An Editorial.

    3 August 2011

  116. Three-year-old saves mum from diabetic coma.
  117. Fort Polk's little hero saves mom's life.
  118. Team Type 1 changes its name and colors at the Tour of Denmark.

    27 July 2011

  119. Lives wasted as FDA stalls on diabetes care.
  120. DR. PONDER: Diabetes care includes emergency preparation.
  121. "Iron Andy" inspires kids with diabetes.
  122. Camp gives children tips to manage diabetes.
  123. Amalia takes her case to Holyrood.

    20 July 2011

  124. Mum aims to raise awareness of juvenile diabetes.
  125. San Jose Junior Sharks hockey player doesn't let diabetes stop her.
  126. DR. PONDER: Principles matter in diabetes self-care as in faith.
  127. 'I survived the hospital poisoner': Diabetic actor, 23, says he was given deadly saline.
  128. Chertsey woman banned from driving due to diabetes.
  129. Once a Spokesperson for Juvenile Diabetes, Erin Now Suffers From Diabulimia.

    13 July 2011

  130. Type 2 Drug Victoza Helps Type 1s, Too.
  131. Bay Area diabetes camps canceled, hundreds of kids out of luck.
  132. Day camp for diabetics makes debut in Morris.
  133. Chicago-area children with diabetes join worldwide congress.
  134. Granville siblings represent Ohio at Children's Congress 2011.
  135. Coping with diabetes big learning curve for family.

    29 June 2011

  136. Life expectancy improves for type 1 diabetics.
  137. Is BCG a cure for diabetes? The long road to acceptance.
  138. Research shows promise in reversing Type 1 diabetes.
  139. Justice Sonia Sotomayor speaks about struggles with Type 1 diabetes; others can relate.
  140. Actor Kevin Kline advocates for diabetes research.
  141. Indy racer won't let diabetes keep him off the track.
  142. Climber now turns to Ironman competition.
  143. Graduate balances academics, standout swimming and diabetes.
  144. Camp puts focus on living with diabetes.
  145. Dog Smells Danger for Diabetics.
  146. Is Big Pharma Really Trying to Cure Diabetes? We're Seeking Profits and Debunking Myths.

    21 June 2011

  147. Father's Day Reflections.
  148. New app for teens with Type 1 diabetes.
  149. Coping with Type 1 diabetes has become routine for Galesburg 6-year-old.
  150. 'I never thought ill son had diabetes.'
  151. Jury: Redwood City officer used excessive force.
  152. American Idol Finalist Crystal Bowersox Joins JDRF's Children's Congress for Diabetes Research.
  153. Draft guidance on early form of artificial pancreas for diabetes management.
  154. Donor islet cells cure diabetes after transplant.
  155. Diabetic pets can still live a dog's life.

    15 June 2011

  156. A Graduation That May Carry Unnecessary Risk explores the importance of planning the transition from pediatric to adult care.
  157. Why You Need to Watch Your Medicine.
  158. Hawaii's youngest diabetes advocate heads to Congress.
  159. Specialized Diabetes Camps.
  160. Balancing Diabetes and Celiac Disease.
  161. Rubens Bertogliati: "That's the hardest climb in Switzerland."
  162. Diabetic Pro Snowboarder descends remote Iceland Mountains.
  163. Nasal vaccine could prevent diabetes.

    8 June 2011

  164. 5PM INTERVIEW: Juvenile Diabetes Congress.
  165. Diabetes Won't Sideline Ryan Reed.
  166. Zoe McBride, 18, fights diabetes with fitness.

    1 June 2011

  167. Man celebrates 85 years of living with diabetes.
  168. Living with diabetes.
  169. Type 1 personalities - Joslin's study of 50-year diabetes patients indicates what has made them survive, thrive.
  170. Ainsley Jordan faces lifelong battle with Type 1 diabetes.
  171. Liberty High senior Reed keeping his life on track.
  172. Teenager scoops Mr Wales title.
  173. Pet Talk: Dogs are trained to identify when a diabetic boy is having issues with his blood sugar.
  174. Type 1 Diabetes Scouts Have Fun.
  175. Walkerton teen wins award for managing diabetes.
  176. San Diego company studies stem cell implant as a Type 1 diabetes treatment.

    25 May 2011

  177. Team Type 1 takes on diabetes awareness.
  178. Two Fremont boys deal with everyday life and Type 1 diabetes.
  179. Diabetic recognised.
  180. Aid snatched from Parkdale child ambassador.

    18 May 2011

  181. Nat Strand's Amazing Race.
  182. Phil Southerland was told he’d die. He didn’t listen. He kept charging.
  183. Dr. Ponder: What's behind 'diabetic coma'?
  184. Charlie Kimball makes history at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. See also Rookie Charlie Kimball appreciates 1st day at IMS.
  185. Profiles in Type 1: Dr. Jonathan Beach.
  186. The Signs of Diabulimia.

    11 May 2011

  187. World-class athlete Chris Southwell explores his boundaries.
  188. UCI clarifies No Needle Policy for diabetics.

    4 May 2011

  189. Team Type 1's Efimkin wins the Tour of Turkey.
  190. Chase Pelletier, Competitive Kart Racer.
  191. Dr. Ponder: Diabetics don't have to be perfect.
  192. As Doggie Diabetes Soars, Human Treatment May Help.
  193. A wedding without diabetes worries.
  194. HS Lacrosse Notebook: Type 1 Diabetes doesn't slow down Lower Dauphin's Addie Answine.
  195. Camps Help Kids Look Forward.
  196. Diabetes in Kids Comes With Hefty Price Tag.

    27 April 2011

  197. 3rd grader expelled for wielding diabetes tester.
  198. Parents have positive effect on diabetes treatment in teens.
  199. How diabetic teens and kids can learn from one another.
  200. Teddy bear challenges diabetes.
  201. In short time, Fuld a legend.
  202. Treatment options vastly improved for Type 1 patients.
  203. Diabetes sufferers lobbying Government.

    20 April 2011

  204. Quebec to cover cost of insulin pumps for Type 1 diabetes.
  205. Phil Southerland's Not Dead Yet: Memoir of a Bike Racer With Diabetes.
  206. Meet the City worker who breaks aviation world records in his spare time.
  207. A Miracle Technology for Type 1s: Can It Be Saved?
  208. IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball keeping pace with diabetes. See also At 230 mph, Indy driver monitors glucose and A Sweet Ride for a Determined Diabetic.
  209. Diabetes events support Camp Kandu, alert dogs.
  210. Camp has educational fun for diabetic youths.
  211. Thirteen-year-old organizes paintball benefit in Alton.
  212. Halozyme's Ultrafast Insulin Generates Faster-In And Faster-Out Profile For Type 1 Diabetes Patients Using Insulin Pumps.

    13 April 2011

  213. Hackensack hospital to pioneer new diabetes treatment.
  214. Technology fights eye disease.
  215. Swim for Diabetes raises over $200,000.
  216. Sky's the limit for Newton born Sky News anchor Stephen Dixon.
  217. Poker run personal for parents of boy with type 1 diabetes.
  218. Study aims to find cause of type 1 diabetes.
  219. Schools in UAE urged not to shun diabetics.
  220. Diabetic girl dies at boarding school.
  221. Doctor cleared of misconduct following death of Widnes patient Sarah Jane McNicholas.

    6 April 2011

  222. Diabetic pilot plans record-breaking North Pole flight. See also Diabetes Polar Flight.
  223. Big boost for Team Type 1 with Tour de Suisse invite.
  224. Nuggets' Forbes "blessed" to get NBA shot.
  225. Each One of Us Inspires the Other.
  226. Vitamin D Issues in Type 1 Diabetes.
  227. Type-1 diabetes should be considered in older people.

    30 March 2011

  228. Famous faces of diabetes.
  229. Diabetic to lose her pump and sleep.
  230. Big-hearted bikers who've saved Caoimhe from 1,722 jabs a year.
  231. Banding together against Type 1 diabetes.
  232. Some Type 1 Diabetics Seem Shielded Against Complications.

    23 March 2011

  233. Experimental "Body Reboot" Drug Begins Trial As Preemptive Preventer Of Diabetes.
  234. Wonderkids campaign: Why are more of our children getting type 1 diabetes?
  235. The smart diabetic lives the longest.
  236. Canyon still hopes to fly into Kamloops.
  237. Diabetic girl, 10, petitions government over treatment.
  238. Expert: Children with diabetes face trouble.
  239. Coffing riding her Big Break success into the 2011 season.
  240. Weston Abusamra Helps Diabetes Research.
  241. Life-changing diabetes aid target of cuts.
  242. It's appropriate to cry over new glucose monitor.
  243. Pontiac 3rd-grader suspended for pricking classmates with blood-sugar testing device.

    16 March 2011

  244. Ponder: A child diabetes diagnosis involves counseling.
  245. Rebekah wants to tell you a story.
  246. Circle of Life receives $25,000 grant.
  247. Diabetic alert dogs have nose for danger.
  248. How a Pocono 7-year-old endures diabetes.
  249. Diabetes can't keep Shafer off the lanes.
  250. Woman puts diabetes to the test in Costa Rica; A local Type 1 diabetic is 'tackling a volcano' on May 7 to raise funds and awareness for the disease.
  251. Increased Insulin May Be Needed Over 5,000 Meters.
  252. Madison woman celebrates 50 years with type 1 diabetes.
  253. Q&A: UCSF's Jeff Bluestone on the Tricky Balancing Act Between Academia and Industry.

    9 March 2011

  254. Fleeting Moments of Clarity: The Great Lancing Debate.
  255. Local Teen Gives Hope to Chronically Ill Children.
  256. Local Child With Diabetes Awarded Dream Trip.
  257. Team Type 1 impresses at Montepaschi Strade Bianche.
  258. Cases of type 1 diabetes in youth on the rise.

    2 March 2011

  259. Learning to survive, and thrive: Six-year-old with Type 1 diabetes forced to grow up quickly in order to deal with daily responsibility of living with lifelong disease.
  260. Local Teen's Dog Is a Life Saver.
  261. Eau Claire woman adapts to life as a Type 1 diabetic.
  262. Diabetes management app on smartphones helps teens manage blood sugar and insulin levels.

    23 February 2011

  263. 'Cowardly theft' almost killed her.
  264. Girl, 7, turns fear into fashion with used syringes.
  265. Local Student Manages Type 1 Diabetes.
  266. Q&A with Gus Ellis; Stanford volleyballer talks shop.
  267. Poulsbo woman an inspiration to others living with diabetes.
  268. Type 1 diabetes diagnosis for children often missed.

    16 February 2011

  269. Students with diabetes adjust to college life.
  270. Team Type 1 continues Giro and WorldTour push.
  271. Diabetes boom sparks Roche expansion.

    9 February 2011

  272. Researchers May Have Found A Potential Cure For Type 1 Diabetes.
  273. 2nd annual 'Jessepalooza' announced.
  274. Ponder: Good doctors address needs and numbers.
  275. Mother Grateful To Emergency Workers: Police brave blizzard to get insulin to girl.
  276. AHN's Brewer always game for activity.
  277. Summer camp helps kids adjust to diagnosis.
  278. Teens start handmade jewelry business to benefit diabetes causes.
  279. Giving diabetic athletes a shot in the arm.
  280. Local women helping out on diabetes research.
  281. Global Health Watch: Artificial pancreas has potential for pregnant women with Type 1 diabetes.
  282. CJB student builds unique project inspired by her diabetes.
  283. After Overdose, Auburndale Facility Barred From Accepting More Diabetics.

    2 February 2011

  284. Student's show about living with diabetes inspires WCU interdisciplinary learning initiative.
  285. Audio of John Madden's comments about Jay Cutler.
  286. "Artificial pancreas" shows promise in pregnancy.
  287. The Quest for a Painless Way to Check Blood Sugar.
  288. Saskatchewan residents living with Type 1 diabetes come together at winter camp.
  289. Girl with diabetes helps other kids in the hospital by donating toys.

    26 January 2011

  290. Interview With Nick Jonas, a Pop Star With a Conscience.
  291. Fight of a lifetime: Bruck hasn't let diabetes stop her.
  292. A mother's love brings a neighborhood to action.
  293. Justice Department defends banning CIDA aid worker; Diabetic barred from Afghanistan service.
  294. Vaccine For Diabetes.

    19 January 2011

  295. Diabetes Super Conference aimed at all with disease.
  296. Jay Cutler, No Matter His Performance, Is Still an Inspiration.
  297. Funding gaps leave many schools lacking nurses.
  298. B.C. NDP leadership candidate Adrian Dix says Type 1 diabetes doesn't slow him down.
  299. Pro bowler offers encouragement to fellow diabetics.

    12 January 2011

  300. Jan. 11, 1922: Insulin Makes a Nice Shot.
  301. From a Diabetes Diagnosis to an Award-Winning Business.
  302. Local teen is a role model for people with juvenile diabetes.

    5 January 2011

  303. Kitty, 13: I'm sick of people thinking my diabetes is due to an unhealthy lifestyle.
  304. Wanted: A new name for Type 1 diabetes.
  305. Callison: 'Living her dream' with aid of a patch.
  306. HealthFirst: Type 1 diabetes vaccine.
  307. Faith-based healing reviewed; The death of a boy whose mother failed to seek medical care puts focus on her church and others.

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