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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2010

    29 December 2010

  1. [New!] Bionic Pancreas: Artificial organ could improve control over diabetes.
  2. [New!] Gary Hall Jr.: Olympic medalist now a hero to diabetics.
  3. [New!] Girl planning bonspiel to raise money for diabetes research.

    22 December 2010

  4. Novo Nordisk Partners with Charlie Kimball and Chip Ganassi Racing. See also INDYCAR: Who The Heck Is Charlie Kimball? and An Interview Charlie Kimball, The World's Fastest Diabetic.
  5. Life with diabetes intense, emotional for children and parents.
  6. Russia Approves First Animal-to-Human Transplant Procedure.
  7. Diabetes and YouTube.

    15 December 2010

  8. Russian boy regains right to attend party.
  9. Funding crucial to pig cell treatment's future.

    8 December 2010

  10. UnitedHealthcare hits some insulin users in the wallet.
  11. Brothers share more than the usual bonds.
  12. Students' Youtube Channel Gives Voice to Diabetics .
  13. Animal truly is best friend for diabetic.
  14. Ron Santo battled daunting opponent: diabetes.

    1 December 2010

  15. Grandson almost died after doctor sent him home: woman.
  16. Olympian teaches children about diabetes.
  17. Diabetics ask: Why no sleek testing devices?
  18. Mother's worst nightmare turns to hope.
  19. 'Tales in the Insulin Vial': stories from the battle against diabetes.
  20. Type I diabetes does not hold back Billings teen.
  21. Type 1 traumas.
  22. Juvenile diabetes changes life of Creedmoor girl.
  23. Tempers flare among those with Type 1 diabetes.
  24. Transplant leaves diabetic insulin-free.
  25. Crystal Bowersox talks about her life with diabetes for Cambio Cares.

    24 November 2010

  26. Diabetes' civil war.
  27. Lynyrd Skynyrd Foundation helps Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  28. Juvenile diabetes expert explains condition to Jefferson students.
  29. Alert dog is live-saving companion.
  30. Dog helps monitor kindergartener's diabetes.

    17 November 2010

  31. Living with diabetes 50 years on.
  32. Sullivan not letting disease run his life.
  33. Diabetic boy sweet on life.
  34. Pet dog provides alerts for diabetic toddler.
  35. Madison kindergartner holds bake sale to raise money to support her diabetic friend.
  36. Norwich man’s 13-mile dash to see Canaries play.
  37. TELUS Diabetes "Balance" Campaign brings insulin pumps to kids in need.
  38. Dead in bed syndrome is Type 1 mystery.

    10 November 2010

  39. Dealing with Diabetes at UMass. See also College Diabetes Network.
  40. Mother, Best-Selling Author, and Fundraiser: An Interview With Brenda Novak.
  41. Be aware of signs of type 1 diabetes.

    3 November 2010

  42. A graduation gift from dad.
  43. CGMs, pumps and sensors for diabetes management.
  44. Diabetes doesn't mean a life of bland food, experts insist.
  45. Diabetes risk: Boy learning to live with Type 1 diabetes.
  46. Technology helps those with Type 1 diabetes manage disease.
  47. Type 1 Diabetes And Halloween Candy—Always a Bad Combo?
  48. Research into perforin protein which plays a part in type 1 diabetes.
  49. Diabetics lose 'must-have' drug.

    27 October 2010

  50. Four kids, three with Type 1 diabetes, one 'crazy life' for this single mother.
  51. Lohr inspires himself to live out dreams.
  52. Diabetics push for better testing devices.
  53. Type 1 diabetes hasn't stopped him.
  54. Read about the recent meeting of Marlborough's Sweetest Kids.

    20 October 2010

  55. Technology for Living: Innovations Transform the Lives of People With Diabetes.
  56. Neptune Beach girl helps raise money for Juvenile Diabetes research through granddad's Lynyrd Skynyrd band.
  57. X-Factor winner Steve Brookstein and Hollyoaks stars turn out for Pop 4 Diabetes.
  58. Living the sweet life.

    13 October 2010

  59. A forgotten miracle drug is getting a fresh injection of life.
  60. Racer Craig beats diabetes to become Scottish champ.
  61. Wabash Student's Life Saved by Brothers.
  62. Staggered by diabetes diagnoses, family acts.
  63. Ryan goes distance to fight diabetes.
  64. Researcher confident of major breakthrough.

    6 October 2010

  65. Major type 1 diabetes data study launched in Scotland.
  66. A made-in-India solution to a tragic health scourge.
  67. Singer Bret Michaels sending Hampton boy to diabetes camp.
  68. Motivated team player, always puts school first.
  69. Claire completes three peaks three-legged.
  70. Cycling: Athlete takes bad with good.

    29 September 2010

  71. Walking the walk: Teen living with diabetes enlists friends to participate in fundraising event.
  72. W.Va. children help their mom monitor her diabetes.
  73. Pancreas transplant offers second chance at life.
  74. Rare form of diabetes doesn't slow Valpo's Bobos.
  75. How it is: Caring for a child with Type 1 diabetes.
  76. 'Wisdom of crowds' marshaled to solve type 1 diabetes.
  77. New insulin could cut need for daily injections.
  78. Dog Helps Detect Blood Sugar Drops.
  79. Iran performs 1st islet cell transplant.

    22 September 2010

  80. Schools trained to properly care for diabetic students.
  81. Crystal Bowersox: Her First Interview on Diabetes.
  82. Training Smarter, Not Harder: An Interview With Melissa-Marie Kauffman.
  83. Jr Lancer Cheerleaders Support Ellie's Efforts to Find a Cure.
  84. Local Girl Publishes Book About Struggle with Diabetes.
  85. School nurses treat more than just 'boo-boos'.
  86. Fellowship Christian's Hunter Bryant plays football with diabetes.
  87. Service dog a 'hero,' guards student against illness.

    8 September 2010

  88. Justin Webb: 'I have to believe in miracles'.
  89. Family discovers, adjusts to a 'new normal' with diabetes.
  90. Type 1 diabetes not slowing Jets backup inside linebacker Kenwin Cummings.
  91. Camp helps children deal with diabetes.
  92. As the Quest for an Artificial Pancreas Continues, Europeans Look at a Novel Approach.
  93. Survey Data Reveals Shocking 'Insulin Pump Postcode Lottery'.
  94. The cruel cost of ignoring diabetes: Jane lost an arm and two legs to the disease because, like so many, she didn't take it seriously.

    1 September 2010

  95. Diabetes Dynamo: Dr. Steven Edelman Makes a Personal Quest America's Health Intervention.
  96. Race driver puts diabetes in back seat.
  97. USF brings science home.
  98. Young drivers get defensive driving lesson with a medical twist.
  99. Teen manages life with Type 1 diabetes.
  100. Dealing with a child who has diabetes.
  101. Mo. service dog firm ordered to refund customers.
  102. The Diabetes Dude Ramps Up an Innovative Diabetes Awareness Campaign.
  103. Diagnostic anomaly: Illinois girl leads to creation of registry to detect rare form of diabetes.
  104. When the Worst Happens.

    25 August 2010

  105. Diabetic's mom has school plan in place.
  106. Finally, the Pump includes a video interview of Kris Freeman, filmed during the Olympics.
  107. UW tight end catches on to playing with diabetes.
  108. Florida State RB Ty Jones earning praise.
  109. Diabetes can't slow Indy racer Kimball.
  110. Pro baseball player and insulin pump user Dave Hollins tells his diabetes story.
  111. TV Programme Unhelpful In Dispelling Diabetes Myths, UK.

    18 August 2010

  112. Performer surprised by injuries after traffic stop.
  113. Response measured to call for diabetics to test blood sugar before driving.
  114. Environmental, maternal influences alter type 1 diabetes risk in children.
  115. On the move to cure diabetes.
  116. Gwynedd family back charter for young diabetics.
  117. Pharmacy students help diabetic kids just be kids.
  118. Milford's Dodge becomes poster child for medical tech.
  119. Hoyas' Austin Freeman Won't Let Diabetes Slow Him Down.
  120. Dylan Covey Spurns Brewers Because of Type 1 Diabetes. See also Covey declines deal after diabetes diagnosis.

    11 August 2010

  121. Eve Samples: Three kids, three diagnoses — a family changed by diabetes.
  122. Mothers press for greater understanding of diabetes.
  123. Victory living with diabetes.
  124. USC kicker takes diabetes head-on.
  125. Bluefish's Jiannetti one of many diabetics who've found athletic success.
  126. OMG, more than one lesson from this diabetes study. LOL!
  127. Red Wine Ingredient Increases Insulin Sensitivity, Works Against Retinal Disease.
  128. Diabetics should consult doctor before fasting.
  129. MIT: Shining A Light On Diabetes.

    4 August 2010

  130. Ru Taking Ur Meds? (Dr. Sez Texting Teenz Helps!)
  131. Diabetes diagnosis takes 12-year-old girl by surprise.
  132. Pump helps diabetic teen regain sense of normalcy.
  133. Ten Reasons to Test Your Blood Sugar.

    28 July 2010

  134. New York Historical Society Brings to Life the Dramatic Story of the Discovery of Insulin.
  135. Canada's George Canyon talks to kids at diabetes camp in Arkansas.
  136. Racer pulls out in front of his illness.
  137. Olympic skier tells kids that diabetes isn't a handicap.
  138. Race In Brazil A First For Team Type 1.
  139. A role model for people with Type 1 diabetes.
  140. Strangers Give Insulin Pump to Boy.
  141. The Inside Pitch Exclusive: Cat Fight; Taylor battles Diabetes while making his mark on the field.
  142. Please Help! What To Do When You're Deemed a Diabetes Expert.
  143. Diabetics warned against fasting during Ramadan.

    21 July 2010

  144. Haskell woman a thriving example of beating a disease.
  145. York U. diabetes study is a worldwide first, professor says.
  146. Champion is back on track after controlling illness.
  147. Sensor-augmented insulin pump can give Type 1 diabetics greater freedom.
  148. Santa Barbara researchers to test artificial pancreas.
  149. Singer-songwriter hopes to use her art to help others.
  150. Diabetes Monitoring Device Benefits Man and Man’s Best Friend.

    14 July 2010

  151. Diabetic pilot in bid to break US flights record.
  152. Pump study could ease school insulin issues.
  153. UF study looks at links between children's gut bacteria, type 1 diabetes. See also Children's gut bacteria linked to type 1 diabetes.
  154. Colts DE aspirant Chick knows perseverance.
  155. Shot in the arm for Type 1 diabetes prevention in Australia.
  156. Lakewood family pleads for the return of lost insulin pump.

    7 July 2010

  157. Olympic skier helps KoralKids cope with diabetes.
  158. Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow manages diabetes with routine, faces New York Yankees.
  159. Diabetes doesn't slow down pro golfer Kelli Kuehne.
  160. Pump boosts Seb's life.
  161. Parents win insulin pump battle for daughter.
  162. Diabetes is often misunderstood.
  163. Coalition pledges $35m for diabetes care.
  164. Labrador helps diabetic girl.
  165. Traveling Wisely With Diabetes.
  166. Car stickers could help diabetics get help faster.

    30 June 2010

  167. Fewer Dying From Type 1 Diabetes.
  168. Cardiff father cycles length of Wales for diabetic daughter.
  169. A (Safe) Place for Families in Need.
  170. Life-saving dog alerts girl to diabetes crash.

    23 June 2010

  171. USF launches initiative for young diabetics.
  172. Artificial Pancreas Gets Real.
  173. Poorly girl's fight for £6.50-a-day monitor.
  174. Dreaming Despite Diabetes: Canadian country music star George Canyon visits Rutledge's Camp Kudzu.
  175. A Father's Inspiration Helps Charlie Kimball Race With Diabetes.
  176. Olympian inspires kids at diabetes camp.
  177. Bitter medicine after tow.
  178. Diabetic girl, 6, has life saved four times a WEEK by dog which knows when she needs insulin.
  179. Tyler's Guide for a Successful Vacation.
  180. Thank-you party fetes donors, volunteers.
  181. Why I Eat Like A Caveman.

    16 June 2010

  182. The Type 1 Versus Type 2 Diabetes War. See also What People with Type 1 Diabetes can Learn from Type 2s.
  183. Allen's Biggest Fans Benched By Diabetes.
  184. Blackmar Balances Diabetes and Baseball.
  185. Almost half 'wrongly believe that diabetes can be triggered by a sweet tooth'.
  186. Coffing on a roll on women’s Futures golf tour.

    9 June 2010

  187. All in the Family: Couple Struggles With Three Diabetic Children.
  188. Sammamish lacrosse players manage diabetes during games.
  189. Teen doesn't let diabetes stop him.
  190. Boynton provides inspiration and energy.
  191. Cyclists raise awareness for diabetes.
  192. Balancing carbs and classes.
  193. The Other: How Spouses of Diabetics Deal.
  194. Diabetes treatment changes with seasons, exercise.
  195. Glucose Monitoring for Children: Game On?
  196. Sub Antarctic Pigs and a Medical Revolution!

    2 June 2010

  197. These athletes refuse to let diabetes stop them.
  198. Diabetic shock.
  199. Ironman Jay.
  200. Graham Thompson's push to help other diabetics.
  201. Province facing diabetes crisis, report suggests.
  202. New technology for diabetes patients includes an accompnying video.
  203. Children show the way in overcoming fear of diabetes.
  204. Kids with diabetes can get Nintendo points for testing blood sugar.
  205. Youngster leads the way with new diabetes treatment.
  206. Women Inspiring Life With Diabetes: An Interview With Mari Ruddy.
  207. 9-year-old: 'I love McDonald's Mondays'.
  208. Coast to Coast Walk for Diabetes UK.

    26 May 2010

  209. Bret Michaels wins "The Celebrity Apprentice." See also Bret Michaels: On the Road to Recovery.
  210. Jonas Brothers Help Raise $250,000 for Diabetes.
  211. Diabetes has Celtics' Ray Allen and family fighting for the home team.
  212. Local boy takes part in diabetes study.
  213. Gymnasts using an insulin pump.
  214. The indomitable spirit of 'Diabetes Dude'.
  215. Future wizards win kiss with HAMlet.
  216. Schools 'letting down' pupils suffering from diabetes.

    19 May 2010

  217. Children with diabetes can lead normal lives.
  218. Dr. Stan DeLoach Developing Youngsters' Power in Diabetes Self-Care: Dr. DeLoach Talks about Campamento Diabetes Safari.
  219. Diabetes forces Devon girl to move Plymouth schools.
  220. Parents forced to quit work to help diabetic children in the UK. see also Parents of diabetic children forced to give up work.
  221. Stolen purse contained $6000 insulin pump.
  222. A magical moment.
  223. Chris Dudley wins Republican nomination for Governor of Oregon.

    12 May 2010

  224. The blood sugar battle: Prototype of artificial pancreas holds promise for better management of type 1 diabetes.
  225. New Agents That Keep Insulin Working Longer.

    5 May 2010

  226. Artificial pancreas is a bridge to a cure for Annie and millions like her.
  227. Diabetes diagnosis no deterrent for local teen.
  228. Bret Michaels Leaves Hospital Expected to Make Full Recovery.
  229. Parents want Alberta to pay for insulin pump.
  230. Insulin in a Pill; A drugmaker is testing an alternative to diabetes injections, but many sizable hurdles remain.
  231. Popular Diabetes Drug Works Differently Than Thought.
  232. Diabetes centre opens in memory of tragic teen.

    28 April 2010

  233. Jonas Brothers "Rock For Diabetes" At Danny DeVito's House. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for this special event, please contact Carly Stewart at (323) 361-1747.
  234. 5 Reasons That May Explain Why Type 1 Diabetes Is on the Rise.
  235. Flying With Needles and Meds Can Raise Security Flags.
  236. Joslin offers outpatient treatment for pediatric patients with new-onset diabetes.
  237. Diabetes patient speaks out on pig-cell trial.
  238. 'If we hadn't brought her in, she could have passed away'.
  239. Pump Action.
  240. Local sisters are finalists in national contest.
  241. Diabetes takes alarming proportions in Algeria.
  242. Research into stem cells of adults stirs hopes.
  243. 21 April 2010

  244. Parents' fear of hypoglycaemia impacts on children's diabetes management.
  245. Kimball won't let diabetes slow him.
  246. Taking on theory of controlling diabetes.
  247. Student inks book on subject he knows best: Himself.
  248. Diabetics Skip Insulin To Lose Weight.
  249. Scientists work to keep hackers out of implanted medical devices. See also Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses.
  250. 14 April 2010

  251. The alarm that can save diabetics' lives (so why is the NHS rationing them?). See also NHS must act on diabetes pump.
  252. Parents who worry too much about their diabetic child 'could be situation worse'.
  253. College Softball: Catawba's Marshall a record-breaker.
  254. Diabetic teens do listen; When mom and dad get involved, kids better manage condition, study shows.
  255. Ruth's pumped about diabetic aid.
  256. Utah Kids with Diabetes Get Motivated in Park City.
  257. Redesigned Chassis Pumps New Life into Insulin Management System.
  258. Couple Accused of Door-to-Door Scam.
  259. Parasitic Worms Could Become Basis for Type 1 Therapy. See also Fighting Allergies by Mimicking Parasitic Worms.
  260. 7 April 2010

  261. Interview: Samantha Katz, DiabetesMine Design Challenge Judge.
  262. Self-empowerment for teens with diabetes.
  263. Diabetes diets as different as its patients.
  264. Quincy woman plays role in helping to keep camp for diabetic children open this summer.
  265. This Really Won't Hurt a Bit: Wireless Sensor Promises Diabetics Noninvasive Blood Sugar Readings.

    31 March 2010

  266. KCD senior is master of lacrosse, diabetes.
  267. MV's Cannon is beating the disease.
  268. Mother locates day care for daughter with diabetes.

    24 March 2010

  269. Our Journey to Hope and Beyond.
  270. The Story of GAD.
  271. Akron: Children's Hospital tests diabetes vaccine.
  272. Diabetic racer Kimball has 'bionic' drive to win.
  273. THS junior helps others fight diabetes.
  274. In the Zone: D-Y's Miller a success story.
  275. Oakland A's: Taylor a role model while battling through disease.
  276. Fuld running down big league dream; Diabetes can't stop Cubs outfielder from competing for job.
  277. Diabetes presents challenges for athletes.
  278. Pro Bowling: Diabetes can't derail bowler's tour dreams.

    17 March 2010

  279. Mom Says 'Just a Phone Call Away', Just Not Good Enough.
  280. Daily life with diabetes: Area 4-year-old deals with type 1 diabetes.
  281. Jays pair overcome diabetes.
  282. Chest cold, cold temps dog Kasilof musher.
  283. Diabetes: Do You Have It? Will You Get It? Find Out Now!
  284. Computer-Controlled Pancreas Could Close the Diabetes Loop.

    10 March 2010

  285. CU Hospital's diabetes research sets standards worldwide.
  286. Managing diabetes: Should teachers play a role in assisting diabetic children?
  287. Hoping, coping while waiting for a cure to diabetes.
  288. A constant battle: Those living with illness take nothing for granted.
  289. Diabetes no Drag for Hobey Baker Candidate Conacher.
  290. Family Finds Comfort In Dealing With Diabetes.
  291. UW to coordinate diabetes research network.
  292. Elliott Yamin's earthquake scare in Chile: In his own words.

    3 March 2010

  293. Fighting juvenile diabetes with vitamin D.
  294. UT Southwestern researcher ready to test new diabetes treatment in humans.
  295. Rebooting the Body examines efforts to eliminate the underlying autoimmunity of type 1 diabetes by restoring tolerance.
  296. Diabetic skier motivated by more than self, teammates and country.
  297. EIliott Yamin "Went Into Anderson Cooper 2.0 Mode" After Chile Earthquake.
  298. After diabetes diagnosis, 'Iron Andy' pushed himself to do more.
  299. Boy with diabetes is not a victim.
  300. When a dream can only stay a dream.
  301. Generous help sees James beat diabetes.

    24 February 2010

  302. USA's Freeman has blood sugar crash in cross-country pursuit.
  303. Little loved one has diabetes, but laughter has outweighed tears.
  304. Call for a cure.
  305. Artificial Pancreas Project Update.
  306. Keller doesn't let diabetes slow him down.
  307. Variety brings Zoe spice of life.
  308. Girl with diabetes to receive some canine help.
  309. Dear Abby: Teen with diabetes might be able to have an occasional treat.
  310. SickKids scientists discover a genetic clue for Type 1 diabetes.
  311. Gone too soon.

    17 February 2010

  312. Type 1 Diabetes holds "no limits" for Kris Freeman in the Olympics.
  313. Type 1 athletes compete.
  314. Boys' swimming: Virgilio won't be deterred by diabetes.
  315. Athlete tackles diabetes on, off field.
  316. Scholastic Art and Writing Awards: Carroll senior Dillon Olney's art is personal.
  317. Anchorage girl with diabetes to receive some canine help.
  318. Norwegian University Develops Self Help System To Monitor Diabetes Patients.
  319. iPhone Apps For The Masses: Health & Fitness.

    10 February 2010

  320. Insulin pump win for children with Type 1 Diabetes See also Insulin pump subsidy boost (in Australia).
  321. Scots third in world for child cases of Type 1 diabetes – and it's getting worse.

    3 February 2010

  322. Kevin Lewis refuses to be denied.
  323. Kris Freeman Skis for Gold at the Vancouver Olympics.
  324. Managing My Diabetes During RawUnity Powerlifting Competition.
  325. Former Roughrider John Chick speaks of his experience with diabetes.
  326. Diabetic children show pan talent.
  327. High-tech device gives local teen her freedom.
  328. Diabetes UK Announces Parliamentary Champion Winners.
  329. New source of insulin blossoming on the Prairies.
  330. Artificial pancreas is next goal for Type 1 diabetes.

    27 January 2010

  331. Fighting diabetes, a ZIP code at a time.
  332. N.S. must fund insulin pumps.
  333. Man runs past his diabetes.
  334. Young diabetes sufferers 'at risk' of complications.
  335. How Did School Staffers Get Insulin Instead of Flu Vaccine?

    20 January 2010

  336. What Lessons Those Carrots Are Teaching.
  337. Insulin Pumps Might Have Slight Advantage Over Shots in Type 1 Diabetes.
  338. Diabetes Success Story: Tyler Curry Stevenson.
  339. Fighting disease with cord blood.
  340. Redcar mum's vow in memory of diabetic son.

    13 January 2010

  341. Southwest High freshman's paper may have helped save a life. See also Biology project saves life of Fort Worth ISD teacher's daughter.
  342. Freeman hasn't let diabetes stop him.
  343. Sarah Rousey - Billiard Player. See also Billiards magazine makes local star a cover girl.
  344. Colleges: Clark has a keeper.
  345. Indianapolis Colts made an offer John Chick 'couldn't refuse'.
  346. Doctors use baby's cord blood to treat diseases.
  347. Digital Pharma: Virtual diabetes patient community launched on Second Life.
  348. Diabetes Technology and Intimacy.
  349. Tandem Diabetes Care Snags $52M Financing for Insulin Pumps.

    6 January 2010

  350. Diabetes stabilized with insulin pump.
  351. Biotech firm signs research deal.
  352. O'side High mourns sudden death of sophomore president.
  353. Death of Johnson & Johnson heiress, Casey Johnson,raises similar health questions as in Murphy's death.

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