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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2009

    23 December 2009

  1. Sam's Diabetes: The Search for a Cure.
  2. Tween provides 6-year-old easier way to handle diabetes.
  3. Lasara Parents Arrested in Death of Daughter.
  4. 16 December 2009

  5. Celtics' Ray Allen copes with time away.
  6. Film Premiere Proceeds Go To Diabetes UK.

    9 December 2009

  7. Pumping diabetes awareness.
  8. Animal transplants imminent.

    2 December 2009

  9. The Future of Diabetes Research: Thoughts from JDRF CEO Alan Lewis (PDF).
  10. Virtuoso cellist takes a bow.
  11. Dangers of Diabulimia.
  12. Show goes on, but insulin pump still missing.
  13. Diabetes policy needed.
  14. New Accu-Chek Diabetes Link Launched.
  15. Flying off cliffs and reaching for the stars.

    25 November 2009

  16. Thinking About Diabetes With Every Bite.
  17. Interview with Kevan Herold: Doctor, Researcher, and Diabetic.
  18. Rider never says never.
  19. YMCA trainer talks about his life with diabetes.
  20. Managing Diabetes and Sports is a video from Good Morning America.
  21. Would Your Carry Your Best Friend's Baby?
  22. Pay for insulin pumps, Opposition tells government.
  23. NHS 'must boost use of technology'.

    18 November 2009

  24. Opportunity Knocks for CDEs Wanting to Improve Their Spanish.
  25. For young sufferers, staying vigilant is key to diabetes.
  26. Pilot study searches for improved treatment of very young diabetics.

    11 November 2009

  27. NIH diabetes leader heading to UMass.
  28. Viking Allen Commits To Sacking Diabetes.
  29. UF receives $3 million grant to study type 1 diabetes.

    4 November 2009

  30. Canyon all pumped up.
  31. More kids have diabetes, fewer schools have nurses.
  32. Former Cleveland Cavalier Chris Dudley Writes Book About Overcoming Hurdles of Diabetes.

    28 October 2009

  33. Tricking diabetes gives children treat.
  34. Diabetes may create a chasm between patient, doctor.
  35. Banting birthplace creates Canadian shame.
  36. Comics take medical science to kids.
  37. 21 October 2009

  38. Giving blood with little pain.
  39. Boost for campaign fighting rare disease.
  40. 14 October 2009

  41. iPhone Apps Help Pro Car Racer Control Diabetes.
  42. Former Blazers star looking at governor's race. See also Dudley's possible bid could be a slam dunk for Oregon.
  43. More Patients with Chronic Disease OK to Dive.
  44. Diabetic First-Grader, Alert Dog Left Out Of Classroom.
  45. Man learns tough lesson when insulin delayed in mail.
  46. A New Way to Inhale, Not Inject, Insulin.

    7 October 2009

  47. Raymore football player scores against juvenile diabetes.
  48. Winning on and off the tennis court. See also Elizabeth Profit: Diabetes & the Future of Pro Tennis and Official Website of Elizabeth and Mary Profit.

    30 September 2009

  49. Granville pair organizes group for juvenile diabetes fundraiser.
  50. Pingu helps JDRF educate children about type 1 diabetes in the UK.

    23 September 2009

  51. Some Diabetics Taking Big Risks While Trying To Save Money On Supplies.

    16 September 2009

  52. Walsh Jesuit tennis player Nancy Joyce doesn't let Type 1 diabetes slow her down.
  53. Technology Helps Tame Colorado Teen's Diabetes.
  54. Two Mocs have 30-minute drill; UTC's Bass, Dockery dealing with diabetes.

    9 September 2009

  55. Regular Continuous Glucose Monitor Use Increases Diabetes Control For All Age Groups, Studies Show.
  56. Diabetic teen's dog helps keep his sugar levels on track.
  57. Abnormal Response to Wheat Protein May Provide Clue To Cause of Type 1 Diabetes.

    2 September 2009

  58. Is type 1 diabetes seasonal? See also Diabetes 'most likely to occur among children in winter'.
  59. Teflon-coated cells that could beat diabetes.
  60. 'They have given me my life back'.

    26 August 2009

  61. Undergrad wins $100,000 to expand iPhone app for diabetics.
  62. Kennedy Untold Story: Lauren Standford is a report of a teenager with diabetes who wrote a letter to Senator Kennedy and was then brought to D.C. to testify about diabetes.
  63. Nick Jonas uses the pen, the press, and politicians to bring awareness to diabetic research.
  64. Two Drugs Disappoint as Type 1 Kidney Treatments, But Shine With Eyes.
  65. Immunoglobulin M (IgM) Foretells Cardiovascular Complications.

    19 August 2009

  66. Nine months on the Protégé teplizumab clinical trial: How it started, how we are doing....
  67. Inspiration for kids who have to live with diabetes.
  68. Living with Diabetes includes a video.
  69. Diabetes brings together Bears' QB and Windsor boy.
  70. 2000 motorcyclists begin ride to raise funds for diabetes research.

    12 August 2009

  71. New drug may put brakes on diabetes.
  72. Puppy is learning warning scents to protect 6-year-old diabetic.
  73. Surfing with Type 1.
  74. Taking the Needle's Sting Out of Diabetes.
  75. Imperial innovator in healthcare technology wins global award reports on Professor Christofer Toumazou who is developing an implantable silicon chip for patients with Type 1 diabetes.

    5 August 2009

  76. Living with his diabetes; Fargo man receives award for taking good care of himself.
  77. Diabetes 101: School nurses become experts; A grant helps provide medical professionals with the right skills to care for Type 1 students.
  78. Program teaches teachers diabetes.

    29 July 2009

  79. Ankeny girl meets with lawmakers and celebrities.
  80. Camp helping kids cope with diabetes.
  81. First young diabetes patient in Palestine receives insulin pump.
  82. Breakthrough in diabetes treatment.

    22 July 2009

  83. Standards Might Rise on Monitors for Diabetics. See also How Accurate Are Handheld Glucose Meters?
  84. Do Contaminants Play a Role in Diabetes?
  85. Sotomayor's nomination is historic also because she is living successfully with diabetes.
  86. NBC Nightly News featured a story about type 1 diabetes that features the Diabetes Research Institute.
  87. Indy Lights Racer Charlie Kimball Will Not Let Diabetes Slow Him Down.
  88. Living her life to the fullest.
  89. Second Opinion: OmniPod gives girl normalcy.
  90. Diabetes doesn't stop U.S. setter.

    15 July 2009

  91. Dreaming Up a Diabetes Center.
  92. Human testing on artificial pancreas.
  93. Barrington boy meets teen idol, partner in diabetes battle.
  94. Pitcher flourishes despite Type I diabetes.
  95. Valley Med launches first program in nation to link doctors and lawyers to address diabetics' needs.

    1 July 2009

  96. Boris Kovatchev: Artificial Pancreas Could Help Diabetics.
  97. New shot aims to head off Type 1 diabetes; Shot is one of a handful of new immune therapies being tested around U.S. See also Experiment seeks to head off Type 1 diabetes.
  98. Interview with Manny Hernandez, Founder and President of Diabetes Hands Foundation.
  99. Carlyle focused on return to Braves 'pen; Reliever learning to live and pitch with diabetes.
  100. Non-compliance vs. diabetes self care: Are we still playing a blame game?

    24 June 2009

  101. Insulin Pump Snatched From Diabetic Teen; Pump Stolen Amid Basketball Game At Park, Teen Says. See also Teen Gets New Insulin Pump After Theft.
  102. Joslin 50-Year Medal Winner Triumphs over Diabetes.
  103. Modesto child focuses spotlight on juvenile diabetes.
  104. No slowing down; Diabetes Couldn't Sideline St. John's Athlete.
  105. William H. Barton students raise $12,000 with diabetes fundraiser.
  106. Diabetes center unveiled; High-tech facility is named after couple who donated $1 million in an effort to raise awareness about different types of diabetes.
  107. Dogs being trained to sniff out diabetes.

    17 June 2009

  108. Braves' Buddy Carlyle joins list of athletes with diabetes.
  109. Bears QB Cutler faces tough questions -- from kids. See also Cutler responds well to critics.
  110. Fun on the diamond: Local boy deals with diabetes; to compete in event at the Trop.
  111. Grueling ride for a good cause.
  112. Episcopal Academy rower fights through serious medical conditions.
  113. My son Sam has a life-threatening disease. But now we live in hope. See also Diabetes: The Silent Killer, an excellent audio program by BBC correspondent Justin Web about type 1 diabetes that focuses on his son Sam and his family.
  114. Diabetes Lobbyist Speaks Up.
  115. Raising Awareness for Juvenile Diabetes.
  116. 'Stunning' progress in diabetes treatment.
  117. Stem cells put to test as treatment for diabetes.

    10 June 2009

  118. 'I thought insulin pumps were for lazy diabetics - now I'm hooked', says Steve Dixon.
  119. Braves' Buddy Carlyle joins list of athletes with diabetes.
  120. Telemedicine may improve care for school children with diabetes.
  121. Insulin pumps: getting smaller, more convenient, easier to use.
  122. 'Dream team' revealed to chase diabetes cure 'We've been waiting a long time for this' Four scientists who will research a cure for Type 1 diabetes. See also Sanford unveils global clinic.

    3 June 2009

  123. Meeting the Challenge of Diabetes.
  124. Dealing with diabetes is part of Shea's game.
  125. Lizzie's new life: Teen becomes advocate for diabetes.
  126. Friends making strides to help control diabetes.
  127. Ironman Competitor with Diabetes Inspires Individuals with Diabetes to Live Without Limits.
  128. Family's delight as little Lauren gets a new lease of life.
  129. UK diabetics to be first in the world to try out new insulin pump.
  130. Help on way for chronic diabetics in Northern Ireland.
  131. Paediatric Diabetes Clinic: Helping parents and children overcome the disease.

    27 May 2009

  132. Not one missed day for two graduates.
  133. Unbeaten on court, unbowed in life.
  134. 'I wrote the book I wanted to read'.
  135. Hospital steps in to fund pump for Lauren.
  136. Mother found guilty in daughter's diabetes death.

    20 May 2009

  137. Two men punch and rob boy of his insulin pump.
  138. Lawsuit against two cities to be upgraded in light of man's death.
  139. Sotomayor's Medical History Sparks Wider Debate.
  140. Tattoos being used for medical alerts.
  141. Adult Stem Cell Implants Make Newly Diagnosed Type 1s Insulin-Free.

    13 May 2009

  142. Children with diabetes: Is it safe to play sports?
  143. 'I believe under fives should be on a pump'.
  144. Diabetic motorist dies; lawyer says police beat him.
  145. Eating Like an Ironman.
  146. 'Our girl will have diabetes all of her life'.
  147. Someone 2 Know: Dr. David and Maryann Zucker.
  148. Polymers release insulin in response to glucose trigger.

    6 May 2009

  149. Blog: Be prepared for traveling with diabetes. See also Traveling with Diabetes and Flying with Diabetes.
  150. Success of Clinical Research Depends on the Altruism of Many Volunteers.
  151. An apology to all those affected by diabetes.
  152. Living to play the game.
  153. Dealing with diabetes.
  154. I want others to get same chance as me.
  155. A call for standardized self-monitoring blood glucose education.

    29 April 2009

  156. Dealing with Diabetes.
  157. Managing diabetes even more daunting in tough economy.
  158. Blood testing, mosquito style.
  159. Diabetes vaccine may be years away.

    22 April 2009

  160. Kingsport Family Faces Challenge Of 3 Diabetic Children.
  161. Walkers Crowd Carowinds to Walk for a Cure.
  162. Diabetic heads home from blockade.
  163. Local Mothers Fight Diabetes.
  164. Teen speaks out about diabetes.
  165. Baseball's in their blood, too.
  166. Economy costing diabetics their health.

    15 April 2009

  167. Doggies Rule! The Story of Hunter and Diva.
  168. Diabetics risking life and limb amid recession. See also Recession Preventing Diabetics From Getting Proper Health Care.
  169. Diabetes camp a treat for children.

    8 April 2009

  170. Laid off, New Job and Life with Chronic Illness.
  171. Juvenile diabetes: A new lifestyle.
  172. Family copes with toddler's diabetes.
  173. Walk to Cure Diabetes: Two Local Children Talk.
  174. Mariners RHPs Morrow, Lowe deal with diabetes.
  175. Artist was pioneer in treatment of juvenile diabetes and carved his legacy of the natural world.
  176. New camp will help kids with diabetes.

    1 April 2009

  177. Suburban 'Diabetes Clusters' Prompt Study.
  178. Diabetes takes center court.
  179. Family tries to get handle on child's diabetes.
  180. Dealing with type-one diabetes.
  181. 1 Sweet Ride.
  182. Camp Dia-Best offers kids fun, education.

    25 March 2009

  183. Insulin, 1922.
  184. Children's diabetes technology fair explains insulin pumps and glucose sensors.
  185. "Jesus Phone 3.0" touches diabetic blogger. See also LifeScan Diabetes Management for Apple's iPhone.
  186. Girl has pledged to raise $18,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association .
  187. 3 area youth to attend diabetes gathering.
  188. New toolkit could improve hospital care for diabetes.
  189. Insulin pumps for 'Gen Next' lifestyle in India.

    18 March 2009

  190. Danbury boy pumps up to beat Type I diabetes.
  191. The Jonas Family Talks Diabetes.
  192. Lakers' Adam Morrison is thinking forward.
  193. Souderton Taekwon-Do student keeps disease at bay through activity.
  194. JDRF-Funded Study Takes First Step Toward Development of Medicines That Can Regenerate Pancreases.

    11 March 2009

  195. Diabetes test under way at Christ.
  196. Children with Diabetes, You Are My True Inspiration.
  197. How a dog saves his owner's life three times a week by predicting her diabetes attacks.
  198. Diamyd Medical wins Swedish approval for diabetes vaccine study.
  199. Does Stem Cell Research Hold Diabetes Cure?

    4 March 2009

  200. Doctors investigate effects of drugs on type 1 diabetics. See also Type 1 diabetes and Recreational Drug Use.
  201. Even Those With Medical Coverage Struggle with Costs.
  202. Study examining role of genetics and environment in type 1 diabetes.
  203. Diabetes proves no match for his passion for the game.
  204. The disease that's stalking my children, by BBC newsman Justin Webb.
  205. Nurse shortages hit diabetes kids in the UK.
  206. Local girl with diabetes has dream granted.
  207. It's small but it is changing lives.
  208. Diabetes in Children: A Comprehensive New Picture.
  209. No takers for insulin pumps scheme (in Australia). See also Insulin pump subsidy 'failure'.
  210. Musician manages his diabetes, but he almost waited too late.
  211. Exeter High School graduate found dead in Tennessee college dorm room.
  212. 25 February 2009

  213. Keeping Fit the cowboy way.
  214. Two M's pitchers have a common foe: diabetes.
  215. Making a difference at 5.
  216. 6,000 inspiring miles.
  217. NYer Of The Week: East Village Thrift Shop Gives New Meaning To Good Bargain.
  218. Diabetes doesn't slow Dallas Stars' Toby Petersen.
  219. Mom Creates Web Site To Monitor Child's Diabetes.

    18 February 2009

  220. Helping a Diabetic in a Developing Country.
  221. Part 19 Of Our Award-winning Series "Our Children's Health" – Childhood Diabetes.
  222. Tulsa: Mom offers warning signs of diabetes.
  223. In the blood.
  224. Balanced life helps keep diabetes under control.
  225. Taking his message to Washington.
  226. For Uninsured Young Adults, Do-It-Yourself Health Care.

    11 February 2009

  227. Pro Bowl QB Shares Bond With Local Kids.
  228. With a Tour of California spot, Team Type 1 is spreading the message to athletes with diabetes.
  229. Noncompliance Versus Diabetes Self Care: Are We Still Playing a Blame Game?
  230. Diabetes can't keep Dwyer's Kaminske, Malloy off the field.
  231. Steve Canterbury, Howard, wrestling.
  232. Living with diabetes; Boy comes far in dealing with his illness.
  233. For better or worse includes children.
  234. Early tests help predict diabetes.
  235. Key distinctions must be drawn in diabetes coverage.
  236. Molecule that suppresses immune response under study in type 1 diabetes.

    28 January 2009

  237. Kerri Morrone Sparling Guest Post for "Diabetes, Day-By-Day".
  238. Diabetes At the Inauguration.
  239. Tackling a prickly problem.
  240. Young Girl Learns to Cope with Diabetes by Giving Back.
  241. For the sake of Jonty, mum gets set to tackle marathon.
  242. NFL Quarterback to Join Lilly Campaign.
  243. Jay Cutler Helps Children With Diabetes.
  244. Team Type 1 will visit elementary school to discuss diabetes in sports at Tour of California camps.
  245. Jodi's story: Roland-Story senior isn't about to let CF, diabetes get the best of her.
  246. Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You.

    21 January 2009

  247. Central swimmer in control in the pool and in the treatment of her diabetes.
  248. CLU Notebook: Dealing with diabetes hasn't slowed Smith in the pool.
  249. Vanderkooi won't be slowed down in spite of setbacks.
  250. PREPS: California High's Perea a big three-sport star.
  251. Erin Doyle, mom on a mission to Washington, D.C.
  252. A different kind of courage.
  253. Playing with a smile.
  254. Nemours lands grant to study diabetes.
  255. Diabetic man died after police mistook him for drink-driver, inquest hears.

    14 January 2009

  256. Type 1 diabetes: how schools are failing some children.
  257. A mom's fight against juvenile diabetes.
  258. Iron-willed diabetic; A Philadelphia triathlete refuses to let disease hinder his life.
  259. High-scoring Hornet lighting up the CAL.
  260. Obesity campaign to be changed due to bullying charge.
  261. Jupiter woman hopes foundation will help children with diabetes.

    7 January 2009

  262. Spaniard to be first diabetic space traveller.
  263. Shelby High's Royster up to the challenge.
  264. Prep spotlight - Kelsey Loeffler.
  265. Everyday battle; ThunderBird won't let diabetes stand in way.
  266. Personal Experience Inspires Teen's Fundraising.
  267. Living with diabetes; Local man may hold the secret to a long life with diabetes.

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