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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2008

    31 December 2008

  1. Study shows Type I Diabetes is genetic disease.
  2. Quarterback keeps his diabetes in check.
  3. Like defenders, diabetes can't stop SHG's Beck.
  4. Diabetic Teen Laura C.

    24 December 2008

  5. Sweet extras for the soldiers; Many benefit as Weston youths send candy to troops.
  6. Denver QB keeps diabetes in check, stays on his game.
  7. Diabetes no obstacle for local swimmer.
  8. Human Medical Tools Might Help Foal Live with Diabetes.

    17 December 2008

  9. The Barbara Davis Center: Cutting edge.
  10. Norco student delivers research report to diabetes experts.
  11. Albany's Eddie Delaney over comes disability to become a star.
  12. Bonded by blood - Valley students take charge of their diabetes.
  13. Former Olympic swimmer has new race to find diabetes cure.
  14. B.J. Crombeen overcomes diabetes for St. Louis Blues.
  15. Diabetes doesn't stop teenager.
  16. Parents encouraged to learn about diabetes warning signs.
  17. Nick Jonas and Bayer Diabetes Care Design Diabetes Dog Tags to Unite People Touched by the Disease. See also Nick's Dogtags.
  18. Breakthrough diabetes research may be closest thing to a cure [VIDEO].
  19. Child's huffing and puffing: juvenile diabetes unmasked.
  20. Diabetic teenager found dead in bed.
  21. Use the Internet, but include your doctor in the mix.

    10 December 2008

  22. Parents fight for diabetic kids' rights.
  23. Downturn treats device makers unevenly.
  24. Poor children in diabetes 'risk'. See also Deprived harder hit by diabetes.
  25. Police: 8-year-old given wrong medicine.

    3 December 2008

  26. A Father of A Child with Type 1 Child Warns: Be Prepared for Hypoglycemia.
  27. Time away from home makes mom thankful.
  28. Stage-struck Tees diabetes girl is £10,000 winner.
  29. Eye on Health - Diabetes Family.
  30. Fighting diabetes with art.
  31. Step by Step: Dancing in 'The Nutcracker' a sweet treat for diabetic dancer.
  32. Coyote Heart.
  33. Navigating the sweetest season.
  34. Diabetes doesn't dampen teen's enthusiasm for ballet.
  35. Concerns remain over diabetes care.
  36. Griffins coach Fraser lives with Type 1 diabetes.
  37. Pig organs: Ready for humans at last?
  38. Researcher looks to vitamin D in diabetes prevention.

    26 November 2008

  39. Diabetes could cost U.S. well over $218 billion.
  40. First Horse Born With Type 1 Diabetes.
  41. Dexter has a nose that's on 'alert'.
  42. A shot at a normal life: How diabetics treat their disease.
  43. Dealing with diabetes at 12.
  44. Helping teens with diabetes.
  45. Savings tips for people with Type 1 diabetes.
  46. Mr. T Tattoo Challenge for Diabetes Research.

    19 November 2008

  47. Health or Wealth? Tough Choice for Diabetics -- Diabetes Treatment Costs Rise; Many Diabetics Cannot Keep Up.
  48. 51 years of diabetes and insulin.
  49. Poll finds that young diabetes patients have trouble coping.
  50. Two Girls Are Best Friends, Help Each Other With Diabetes.
  51. Geri Winkler seeks a new adventure along the Silk Road; Type 1 diabetic travels through Central Asia.
  52. Shannon Koehle: Q&A - Miss Black U.S.A. 2007 And Diabetes Advocate Kalilah Allen-Harris.
  53. Pumped up for life.
  54. Ray Allen, Wife Recall Son's Diabetes Diagnosis .
  55. Insulin pump treatment is not equitable in New Zealand.
  56. Cost of insulin pumps for children to be covered (in British Columbia). See also B.C. limits insulin aid for kids.

    12 November 2008

  57. Disney Trying to Cure Hannah Montana Diabetes Plot. See also Parents who previewed it tell the real reason Disney yanked Hannah Montana's episode about diabetes and The Truth About the 'Hannah Montana' Diabetes Episode.
  58. Former Miss America Nicole Johnson Takes Action for Type 1 Diabetes Research.
  59. Jay Cutler didn't plan on being a role model. Now he has no choice.
  60. Coker soccer player wants no sympathy, only wins.
  61. UCLA walk-on Mann not fazed by diabetes.
  62. Making kids' lives easier.
  63. New technology aids those who take insulin.
  64. Dreaming of a sweet Christmas.
  65. Lifetime of lessons from diabetes.
  66. Researchers examining how insulin pumps impact lives.

    5 November 2008

  67. Rule riles a diabetic test-taker; Says medical equipment viewed as cheating device.
  68. Diabetic doctor outlived expectations, went on to educate others about disease.
  69. Living with diabetes.
  70. N. youngster spreading awareness about diabetes.
  71. Living on The Outside: The Impact of Diabetes-Related Stigma.
  72. Help for children with type 1 diabetes.
  73. Despite diabetes, Panthers' Boynton keeps healthy outlook.
  74. Central lineman doesn't fret over diabetes.
  75. New lease on life - 11-year-old winning fight against diabetes.
  76. Diabetes can afflict the young and the old.
  77. UVa Researchers Revolutionize Diabetes Treatment.
  78. Artificial pancreas would dial up diabetes control. See also Researchers developing artificial pancreas to treat diabetics.

    29 October 2008

  79. Kids celebrate Halloween with no candy.
  80. Climbing above adversity.
  81. Rider deals with diabetes.
  82. Zoombang 'putty' protects athlete's insulin pump.
  83. School nurses help kids control diabetes.

    22 October 2008

  84. Diabetes 'a burden at times' for Broncos QB; Cutler thriving despite disease that can hinder an athlete's performance. See also A Cut(ler) above For Broncos QB, games improves along with his health.
  85. Pony Tale.
  86. Diabetes no barrier for active eighth grader.
  87. Gary V unleashing pure energy in Araneta.
  88. Govt approves pig-human tissue transplant medical trial.
  89. Seattle, Swedish researchers working on diabetes vaccine.
  90. Professor says pig cell testing will make or break company (video from New Zealand).
  91. Suit claims police violated rights.

    15 October 2008

  92. Diabetes Hits Home For Maria Menounos.
  93. Tributes for Crystal Palace woman who died in her boyfriend's arms.
  94. Hoping for a life with no more needle pricks.
  95. Woman defies the odds to give birth to baby boy after double organ transplant.
  96. Despite Diabetes, Athletes Push to the Limit.
  97. Diabetes dog can smell blood sugar.
  98. Beyond Insulin: Searching for a Cure to Type 1 Diabetes.
  99. No laws require districts to keep nurses in schools.

    8 October 2008

  100. Super Will - watch the video.
  101. Hard Work and Determination Pay Off for Student Athlete with Diabetes.
  102. Need For Funding For Biomedical Research.
  103. Mislabeled Insulin Syringes.
  104. Woman sues state over what she calls a ‘bureaucratic mistake'.

    1 October 2008

  105. Canyon talks to students about diabetes .
  106. BFFFLWD: Thicker than water.
  107. Playing with diabetes; Reporter's son learns 'fun' lesson from first Canadian diabetic to conquer Everest.
  108. Dealing with diabetes: Amy Decker's story (Free registration required).
  109. How I did it: Living with Type 1 Diabetes.
  110. Harrogate pupil tackles three peaks challenge.
  111. Officer feared insulin pump was weapon. See also Police departments face $20M lawsuit and Lawsuit claims Dearborn, Allen Park cops beat diabetic man.

    21 September 2008

  112. Mom of diabetic boys faces different childhood 'firsts'.
  113. Steps toward a cure.
  114. Student's shirts raise diabetes awareness.
  115. High school football: Ultimate warrior; Running back has fought diabetes to become 'Mr. Durable'.
  116. Double shock for family.
  117. Insulin pump gives seven year old another chance at 'being a kid'.
  118. Eagles commit $25 million to UI diabetes research.
  119. Rescuer gives shelter dogs skills to serve.
  120. Banting homestead recognized with plaque.
  121. Middle Schoolers Face Charges For Sticking Classmates With Lancets.

    20 September 2008

  122. Driven to succeed: Fatherhood focuses Melton's powerful intellect on cure for diabetes.
  123. Diabetic girl's treatment boost.
  124. Teen shooter aims high.
  125. Life of bruises.
  126. Thoughtful Bucs tackle juvenile diabetes.
  127. My guardian angel on four legs ... the dog that sniffs out a four-year-old's diabetic attacks.

    7 September 2008

  128. For type 1 diabetics, ignorance is deadly; Sudden drop in glucose or insulin can mean death.
  129. Kaimuki 8th-grader with type 1 copes with frustrations and risks.
  130. New UK guidance on insulin pumps gives school kids with diabetes freedom from injections.
  131. New Law Says No Needles Allowed In Trash Cans.
  132. Making An Impact: Team Type I wants to win races - and raise diabetes awareness.
  133. Diabetic swimmer meets Channel charity challenge.
  134. New Discovery In Diabetes Blood Sugar Device.
  135. Determined to fight diabetes.
  136. A diabetic turns to the tattoo as medical I.D.
  137. Managing diabetes during Ramadan.
  138. Vitamin D shifts into focus.
  139. Lab Tests Point to Problems with Trendy New Stevia Sweetener; CSPI Urges More Testing Before Stevia Extract is Used in Food, Drinks. See also Toxicology of Rebaudioside A: A Review (PDF).

    7 September 2008

  140. Checking Out Innovative Diabetes Products & Companies at the Children With Diabetes Conference.
  141. Family with Nine Kids, Three with Type 1, Finds There Are Some Silver Linings.
  142. Realistic Goals Improve Management of Type 1 Diabetes.
  143. A different kind of school supply list WHERE TO LEARN MORE Help for kids with asthma.
  144. Diabetic boy caught in school dilemma.
  145. Bassett forced into retirement by diabetes fears.
  146. Re-educating the Immune System to Treat Type 1 Diabetes.
  147. C-Sections May Increase the Risk of Diabetes.
  148. No easy answers after diabetic's crash.

    24 August 2008

  149. 86 Years After Insulin, Type I Diabetes Drugs Promise More.
  150. Liberty Township Family Starts Group for Children with Diabetes is a local news report about Children with Diabetes.
  151. Insulin? First-time college students juggle school, life and diabetes. See also the video CNY in Focus: Helping college-bound students with diabetes.
  152. Meds Shmeds, Gimme Fries.
  153. Cooking to Earn Respect, 600 Dinners at a Time.
  154. Deciding to live again.

    17 August 2008

  155. Primal screams is a story about the Jonas Brothers.
  156. Wade Wilson understands Jay Cutler's challenge.
  157. Gary Hall Jr.: Live from Beijing.
  158. Hometown Heroes: MacBride family - Hampton Township.
  159. Fighting juvenile diabetes.

    10 August 2008

  160. An Artificial Pancreas: A device that reads glucose levels and delivers insulin may be close at hand. See also "Artificial Pancreas" For Some Diabetics; Experimental Device Delivers Insulin Without Involving Patient, which includes an excellent video segment from CBS News.
  161. Vitamin D for Babies May Prevent Diabetes Later in Life.
  162. 'For first time in 5 years, I felt great'.
  163. Three UF researchers win diabetes award.
  164. Kids & Diabetes: When Diagnosis Comes Early in Life, Child Takes on Adult-Size Responsibility.

    3 August 2008

  165. Beta eye-lets.
  166. Could An Artificial Pancreas 'Cure' Diabetes?.
  167. The Clean Teen Machine. See also Jonas Brothers - Jonas Dad Speaks Out About Son's Diabetes Battle.
  168. New kid on the blog is about Gary Hall, Jr.
  169. Junior golfer is in the swing despite diabetes.
  170. Diabetic campers learn life lessons.
  171. Denogean: Youngster talks the talk for juvenile diabetes.
  172. South Nashville girl suffers rare type of dibates compounded by a genetic mutation.

    27 July 2008

  173. NICE prescribes greater role for insulin pumps.
  174. Ontario zeroes in on diabetes.
  175. Artificial pancreas just years away, experts agree.
  176. Brownfield overcomes obstacles of Type 1 Diabetes, experiences life-changing trip to Yankee Stadium.

    20 July 2008

  177. Insurers hold key to diabetes device sales.
  178. Gadget makes diabetes more manageable.
  179. Pediatric endocrinologist makes time for young campers.
  180. Taking her shot: Artist, furniture designer Dana Mangnuson.
  181. A lifetime with Type 1 diabetes.
  182. Emma Koster's battle to play at top.
  183. CT Scans May Cause Medical Device Malfunctions. Free Medscape membership required.
  184. Pigs may fly for mayor.
  185. Reece's life 'could have been saved'.

    13 July 2008

  186. Living, growing, and learning to deal with diabetes.
  187. Vitamin D and diabetes: An over-simplified solution to a complex problem.
  188. Recognizing type 1 symptoms early can save child's life.
  189. Young tennis player meets all challenges.
  190. 3 teens get chance to meet diabetic idol.
  191. Heavy Hitters in Lomita.
  192. Marathon Maritime swim underway. See also Marathon swimmer forced to abort attempt to reach three provinces in one day.
  193. 10 Speed diaryist Matt Wilson wins stage for injured Team Type 1 teammate.
  194. Baby Ethan on the needle.
  195. A medal-winning life: 50 years with diabetes.
  196. Diabetes vaccine test showing promise.
  197. Gingrich hails gift for diabetes research.

    6 July 2008

  198. Sisters never missed a day of school.
  199. In the U.S. and Holland, Diabetes Looks Different.
  200. The Race of Her Life. A NEWSWEEK writer with type 1 diabetes goes to a unique triathlon camp. Blood sugar, sweat and tears.
  201. Blood, Sweat and Peers.
  202. Escalating diabetes figures present worrying trends; Australia ranks only behind Scandinavia for new cases of insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes.
  203. Dietary adherence associated with better glucose control in children with type 1 diabetes.
  204. Type 1 diabetes rate jumps.
  205. Day Camp Helps Diabetic Kids.
  206. Special Camp for Kids with Diabetes.
  207. Neonatal Diabetes groundbreaking treatment offers hope.
  208. Austinite's invention for diabetics reduces needle sticks. See also Invention Could Change Lives Of Diabetics.
  209. Town closes deal on Banting estate.

    29 June 2008

  210. Courthouse X-ray scanners knock out kid's insulin pump.
  211. Bob Hawkinson Author battles diabetes with a smile. See also The Joy of Diabetes.
  212. Healthy fun for diabetic campers; Type 1 is the norm at Camp JADA.
  213. Insulet sees insulin pump output up sixfold.
  214. Children at risk from diabetes as illness goes undiagnosed.
  215. Daughter becomes mother's cause for juvenile diabetes.

    22 June 2008

  216. Work on artificial pancreas project nears historic end.
  217. Cutler regaining control of life.
  218. Allen Reveals Son Has Diabetes.
  219. A good spokes-man; Gurnee cyclist proves you can rise far above a disease.
  220. Insulin pump gives golfer more than just wellness.
  221. How little football fan Charlie is taking diabetes in his stride.
  222. Young resident's diabetic responsibilities lands him a post secondary scholarship.

    15 June 2008

  223. Schools learn to handle diabetes.
  224. Dog rescues Aid Township woman.
  225. BC should pay for insulin pump, families say.
  226. Living strong: Diabetic cyclist participating in coast-to-coast race.
  227. Let Them Eat Fish! Study Shows that Diets Rich in Omega-3 May Keep High-Risk Children From Developing Type 1 Diabetes.
  228. Day camp for diabetic kids teaches parents, too.

    8 June 2008

  229. Vitamin D May Cut Risk Of Type 1 Diabetes. See also Lack of vitamin D may cause juvenile diabetes.
  230. Lifestyle creating more type 1 diabetics.
  231. Genetically Engineered Mice Regenerate Beta Cells; Finding may prove a major advance in type 1 diabetes research, study says.
  232. Weight gain no big deal in type 1 diabetes: study.
  233. Sanford Putting $400 Million To Cure Type 1 Diabetes. See also A chance to affect millions; Sanford's aim to cure Type 1 diabetes deserves support, praise.
  234. Type 1 diabetes doesn't prevent athlete from facing all his hurdles straight on.

    1 June 2008

  235. Vaccine reverses type 1 diabetes in mice. This article references A Microsphere-Based Vaccine Prevents and Reverses New-Onset Autoimmune Diabetes, previously reported.
  236. So far, so good says Cutler of bout with diabetes. See also Jay giving diabetes the stiff-arm and Refreshed, Cutler ready to tackle disease, football, life.
  237. No slowing down; Insulin pump helps Kats catcher do whatever he wants.
  238. Girl gets her freedom; Insulin pump allows student with juvenile diabetes to 'do everything that other kids do'.
  239. 15 Per Cent Could Be On Pumps In Scotland.
  240. Diabetes pumps subsidised [in Australia].

    25 May 2008

  241. Dear Jay, a few encouraging words from an old hand at finger sticks.
  242. Riders' lineman has impact off field.
  243. Pumped for life - Insulin pump helps toddler live more normal life.
  244. New Types Of Pumps Give Diabetics Insulin, Information.
  245. Life-changing devices not being provided for diabetics; Holyrood is told only 326 out of 26,000 sufferers in Scotland are using insulin pumps.
  246. Eastlake's Cutler Gray pulls off a balancing act with diabetes, soccer.
  247. Lions send children to diabetes camp.
  248. Diabetes and technology meet.
  249. More women navigate pregnancy as diabetics.

    18 May 2008

  250. Diabetes 'is no extra road risk'.
  251. Local student to receive prestigious scholarship.
  252. Woman turns sons' illness into hope for others.
  253. Waianae Wonders; The play of Aaron and Anthony Robinson speaks volumes.
  254. Cutler adjusting to life with diabetes.
  255. Technology comes to diabetic newborn Lachlan's aid.
  256. Nassau medical center extends insulin pen warning.

    11 May 2008

  257. Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler Talks About Diabetes Diagnosis includes a video interview of Jay.
  258. Triumph of the spirit defines Thayer Academy athlete.
  259. Type 1 diabetes increasing among children.
  260. Some Diabetics Don't Have What They Thought They Had.
  261. Redefining Disease, Genes and All.
  262. Australian television features Living Cell Technologies' (LCT) world first islet cell treatment being developed for insulin-dependent diabetes.
  263. Diabetes brings out best in busy mom, family includes a video.
  264. No stopping Morander Senior overcomes diabetes to excel in baseball, football.
  265. Still Healthy After 54 Years Living With Type 1.
  266. Bowers balances gymnastics, diabetes.
  267. Necessity is mother of clothing invention.

    4 May 2008

  268. Broncos quarterback Cutler diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. See also Diabetes education group leader contacts QB and In his own words: Wade Wilson.
  269. Diabetes cases merit attention, leader says.
  270. Endocrinologist turned author, TV host and patient education advocate.
  271. Challenge yourself: While managing diabetes, Chelsea Miller reaches for the stars.
  272. Thriving With Diabetes Is Possible, Says Sacramento Teen.
  273. Pregnancy counseling for diabetic women and girls -- before pregnancy.
  274. Diabetic doc out to show disease can't run his life.
  275. ICS students explore frontiers: First Place, "My Brother, The Diabetic", Michelle Reidy, Grade 9.
  276. Families demand pumps (in Australia).
  277. Make-A-Wish Foundation buys service dog for diabetic boy.
  278. Rescued mother: 'Teach your child speed dial'.

    27 April 2008

  279. I Don't Live Like I Have Diabetes.
  280. Coffeys: With three children who are diabetic, family juggles 'huge emotional blur'.
  281. Marathon triumph for diabetes sufferer.
  282. Peabody family of four with diabetes travels to D.C. to fight for research.
  283. Ideas bring laughter, but 'sweet life' wins.
  284. Doctor, nurse test glucose monitoring system.
  285. Fresno School Nurses 'Onto' Benefits of Insulin Pumps.
  286. School nurses adjust to needs of diabetic students.

    20 April 2008

  287. Tim Parker, "Medtronic's" Millionth. Touts His CGM As Both a Lifesaver and an Educational Tool.
  288. Local diabetes researchers seek to unlock mysteries of vitamin D.
  289. Students stand up for teacher.
  290. Teenager rides 140 miles to support diabetes charity.
  291. Diabetes not a death sentence, says author.

    13 April 2008

  292. Letter of the Week: A Grateful Mom Thanks Nick Jonas For Speeding Her Daughter's Diagnosis.
  293. Williamsport boy, family deal with challenges associated with Type 1 diabetes.
  294. Sandy's Madsen battles bulls, diabetes.
  295. John remains one tough Chick.
  296. Swimming toward goal.
  297. Kids with diabetes gain independence at Camp Kno-Koma.
  298. Juvenile diabetes creates daily challenges.

    6 April 2008

  299. Golden celebration of life with diabetes.
  300. Rich kids more likely to get diabetes: study.
  301. Delores "Dee" Brehm, Age 77: Living with Type 1 Diabetes for 58 years.
  302. Problem Solver: Insulin Pump Dilemma.
  303. Chick speaks from experience.
  304. Camps' relief for diabetic children is about camps in Australia.
  305. Diabetic suing Dollywood for sugared soda mixup.
  306. McNally: We shouldn't expect God to take over our own duties.

    30 March 2008

  307. Tallahassee doctors honored for work with children.
  308. Henderson Family Deals With Juvenile Diabetes -- in Triplicate.
  309. Diabetic device lets 6-year-old run, swim and play again.
  310. Walking for a diabetes cure; 9-year-old diabetes patient to walk for research.
  311. Half her life in the limelight.
  312. Is the medicine you depend on made in a place you trust? examines diabetes care products.
  313. Charges possible in diabetes death.

    23 March 2008

  314. Letter of the Week: Experimental Drug Has Cured My Son of Type 1, Says RN. For more information, see The Protege Study - Research to Protect Beta Cells.
  315. More Vitamin D in Childhood Cuts Later Diabetes Risk.
  316. Grape Skin Compound Fights The Complications Of Diabetes.
  317. Big Race Ahead for Cyclists With Diabetes.
  318. Diabetic attempts to scale Everest. See also Sebastien Sasseville Inspires.
  319. Group ships $1.1 million in medical equipment.
  320. Family uses creativity to fund camp.
  321. Finger-prick alternative for diabetics?
  322. Mother forced to go to her diabetic son's school every lunchtime to give him injection - because teachers refuse to do it.
  323. Diabetic children hit hard by viral outbreak.
  324. Kids' art project will benefit juvenile diabetes event.
  325. Family gives business profits to diabetes camp.
  326. Swimmer overcomes diabetes; Gary Hall has won 10 Olympic medals, and he's going for more.
  327. Pilot sentenced for concealing diabetes from FAA.
  328. Cell procedure brings hope for diabetes cure.
  329. Diane Berry of McKinney: Regulating diabetes requires daily attention.

    16 March 2008

  330. Human trials to begin on 'diabetes cure' after terminally ill mice are returned to health. See also Diabetes: Of Mice and Men.
  331. Diabetes: Bay Area companies fighting epidemic.
  332. Climber not limited by diabetes.
  333. Ammon Elementary Student Invents 'Diabetic Dress'.
  334. Diabetes coverage should be added to Ohio's health plans.
  335. Saucy Underwear Rep Proves A Lifesaver For Diabetes Sufferer Zoe.

    9 March 2008

  336. Stem Cells Finally Found in Pancreas.
  337. Grape compound may aid type I diabetics, ARS. See also How Plants Protect Us: Unmasking the Secret Power of Phytochemicals.
  338. Former Warrior battled diabetes to post impressive performances.
  339. Lesson in caring.
  340. Diabetes won't hold back Cubs' outfield prospect.
  341. Mum dies after 38 years at coma-stricken child's bed. See also Kaye Obara dies; cared for comatose daughter 38 years.

    2 March 2008

  342. Diabulimia—a Young Diabetics' Eating Disorder.
  343. Couple helps children, families learn to live with diabetes.
  344. McKibben perfects her juggling act.
  345. 'Riding on Insulin'.
  346. Waiting for HAPO: Why the results are so anticipate is about gestational diabetes.
  347. A pacemaker for your stomach - the pioneering surgery offering hope to diabetics.
  348. Companies, owners face federal fraud charges for selling dietary supplements.

    24 February 2008

  349. Stem Cells For Diabetes.
  350. Friends, family remember Jerry as 'life of the party'.
  351. Diabetes may have played role in McGrath's death.
  352. Seeking suitable school for diabetic son.
  353. Charlie Kimball: Diabetes doesn't force Formula driver off the road to fame.
  354. Newfoundland and Labrador provides insulin pumps for kids; B.C. still refuses to do the same.

    17 February 2008

  355. Praise for the pump; Device a 'welcome relief and answer to our prayers,' says mother.
  356. Woodhaven senior's teammates help her manage juvenile diabetes.
  357. At Camp Bluebonnet, kids with insulin pumps are everywhere.
  358. Standout Ball Player Battles More than Opposing Teams.
  359. Diabetic students get assistance.
  360. Study: Can Supplement Prevent Type 1 Diabetes?
  361. Brookline diabetes researcher makes FDA history with clinical trial.
  362. Novo Nordisk to outsource 33% of diabetes R&D to India.
  363. Teen told his mum he would kill himself by upping his insulin dose.

    10 February 2008

  364. Diabetic boy, 4, in school ban.
  365. Dogs Could Be a Diabetic's Best Friend.
  366. Cross-country ride subject of award-winning film.
  367. Handing off teens' care.
  368. Youths charged with stealing insulin pump from hockey dressing room.

    3 February 2008

  369. Diabetes And Bulimia.
  370. Living with (and paying for) diabetes.
  371. Speaker first diabetic to reach Mt. Everest's summit.
  372. Diabetes hits close to home includes a video about young Finn.
  373. Running down diabetes: Athletes train for Iron Man event and documentary.
  374. Rolling Hills Estates' running man keeps on going and Perfect Attendance are about David Harper, 75, who has had type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years.
  375. Illness can't keep girl away from skating rink.
  376. MSU research may aid type 1 diabetes.
  377. Pigs Could Be the Salvation of Diabetes Sufferers.
  378. Diabetes study focusing on fatty acid.
  379. A1 and A2 milk: what is the fuss?
  380. Back to 9 needles a day. See also Thief grabs boy's $6,600 insulin pump.
  381. Student 'Ambassador' Dies Neglected & Alone.

    27 January 2008

  382. A Healing Blog.
  383. Parents Must 'Draw the Line' With Diabetes Control.
  384. Mom credits 5-year-old son with saving her life.
  385. Son's shock diagnosis with diabetes spurs family into action.
  386. Girl out to sweep aside diabetes.
  387. Lancer wrestler finds strength in family, faith.
  388. Joseph has to fight off defenders - and his diabetes.
  389. Neighbor Worth Knowing: Father, daughter fundraise tirelessly for juvenile diabetes research.
  390. Staying on top of diabetes, all the time.
  391. Floyd child still hunting for a cure.
  392. Learning a new way of life.
  393. Viewpoint: Bachmann committed to fighting juvenile diabetes.
  394. Arab Children Health Congress Ambassador For 2007 Tours the Middle East.
  395. Diabetic girls skip insulin to lose weight.

    13 January 2008

  396. Statins could help diabetes patients, say researchers.
  397. Pig Islet Cells: The Solution for Diabetes?
  398. Girl creates company to benefit other kids; Fifth-grader with diabetes uses some proceeds for insulin pump fund.
  399. Southerland puts troubled cycling in positive light.
  400. Heaven scent.
  401. Former Miss America visits for event focusing on diabetes.
  402. Sweet sorrows.
  403. Catholic school second grader wins Miracle Tie art contest, becomes an instant 'celebrity'.
  404. Kentucky School Policies On Diabetes Draw Criticism; Advocates Cite Bans On Checking Blood-sugar Level In Classrooms.
  405. Summit Focuses on Solutions to Diabetes Problem.
  406. No Laughing Matter; Diabetes Education in Comic Book Form Targets the Latino Community.
  407. Diabetes awareness through art launched in Egypt.

    6 January 2008

  408. Life with diabetes can prove inspiring.

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