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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2007

    30 December 2007

  1. Now he can sleep late -- Medical gift ensures a better life for Clarenville boy.
  2. Holiday Hazards for Diabetics -- How Those With Diabetes Can Avoid Unhealthy Holiday Season Temptations.
  3. Diabetes Group Backs Low-Carb Diets.
  4. How to make life easier for diabetes sufferers.

    23 December 2007

  5. International Initiative To Study Viruses Implicated In Type I Diabetes Launched In London.
  6. Diabetes Nannies to the Rescue.
  7. Young diabetics bearing the brunt of public ignorance.
  8. Woman gets conditional sentence after daughter dies from diabetes.
  9. Man called 911 for seizure, was hit by stun gun, files suit.

    16 December 2007

  10. Pig islets ready to Rocky and roll.
  11. Space-tech could make life easier for diabetics.
  12. O'Brien's on the moo-ve.
  13. Superkid manages life with Type 1 diabetes.
  14. Your Insulin Pump Proposals: What You Want the Manufacturers to Change.

    9 December 2007

  15. NFL Legend John Madden Speaks Up for Diabetes Research.
  16. Exclusive Interview: Elliott Yamin, former 'American Idol'.
  17. Youngster not Slowed by Diabetes.
  18. Health campaigners say insulin pumps will save NHS money.
  19. 50,000 People Denied Insulin Pumps In The UK.
  20. Someone you know - maybe you - has diabetes.
  21. Diabetic girl at risk through lack of funding.
  22. Police point to diabetes as probable cause of death for Algoma CEO's daughter.

    2 December 2007

  23. Lewis & Clark Student Helps Create First U.N. World Diabetes Day.
  24. Traveling with diabetes is a video at
  25. Walk Against Diabetes In Abu Dhabi.
  26. Skin Patch May Replace Traditional Injections.
  27. Residents say new diabetes monitor is life-changing.

    25 November 2007

  28. Diabetes patients come to aid of Bangladesh.
  29. Diabetes and children - no holiday for these young people.
  30. To Your Health: Type One Diabetes.
  31. To The Extreme.
  32. Think Pig is from an article published in the New Zealand Listener.
  33. Diabetes becoming big problem in cats.

    18 November 2007

  34. Runners group honors former Conley athlete.
  35. Diabetes is no obstacle to a long, healthy life.
  36. Dress hides girl's insulin pump — with style.
  37. Insulin pump is lifeline to normality.
  38. Mom Creates Web Site To Monitor Child's. See also MyCareConnect to learn about the web site.
  39. Kids with diabetes get support.
  40. Aim: Bring end to Type 1 diabetes; A USF researcher gets $189-million in grants to try to find the causes of the disease. See also the TEDDY Study Web Site.
  41. Diabetes sufferers urge more care, access.
  42. Insulin Pills Studied as Possible Way to Prevent or Delay Juvenile Diabetes.
  43. More Black Children Dying From Diabetes. See also More black children die from diabetes.
  44. PM pledges diabetes equipment spend.

    11 November 2007

  45. A long life repays debt for diabetes sufferer.
  46. Insulin pump is a lifesaver.
  47. Man's best friend helps Moreau in struggle against disease.
  48. Diabulimia, from Self Magazine, explores the very dangerous practice of skipping insulin to lose weight. See also The diet that's too good to be true.
  49. For some youths, managing diabetes is part of daily life.
  50. My iPod, My Cell, My Insulin Pump.
  51. Living with diabetes.
  52. 10 ways to be a smart diabetic.
  53. Syringes on display delivers message of diabetes.
  54. Pump pocket.
  55. Diabetes film debuts at Carnegie Science Center.

    4 November 2007

  56. Transplant key to success in diabetes cure.
  57. Omega-3 Lowers Risk of Type 1 Diabetes by 55 Percent in High Risk Group.
  58. Type 1: The OTHER Diabetes.
  59. Son's diagnosis 'knocked the life out of me'.
  60. Diabetes changes chef's perspective on food, health and life.
  61. You Can't Be Afraid To Try.
  62. American Idol's Elliott Yamin reflects on his diabetes... his music... and his true love.
  63. Sister-in-law's gift of love saves life of Sylacauga woman.
  64. Israel's SteadyMed pumps it up more - for less.
  65. Devil in drug plan details.

    28 October 2007

  66. Activists Fight to Rewrite Disabilities Act.
  67. Life with diabetes: Outliving the prognosis.
  68. Leading by example.
  69. Stevenson legit contenders for Cup.
  70. McGee Remembered For Helping Juvenile Diabetes.
  71. Group supports students with diabetes.
  72. Treating Diabetes and Understanding Cultures.
  73. Device to keep kids with diabetes safe.
  74. Sensors Latest Way To Monitor Blood Sugar.

    21 October 2007

  75. Diabetic dilemma: With Type 1 diabetes rising, lawmakers push for a nurse at every school.
  76. Moderation key for diabetic children on Halloween.
  77. In Diabetes, a Complex of Causes.
  78. CU makes breakthrough in type 1 diabetes.
  79. Charted new course; Researcher gave patients new responsibilities in their diabetes treatment.
  80. A normal kid with type 1 diabetes.
  81. Diabetes not slowing down precocious 3-year-old.
  82. Elliott Yamin Named Global Ambassador Of The Inspired By Diabetes Creative Expression Competition.
  83. Is Alzheimer's a Form of Diabetes?
  84. FDA Says Diabetes Drug May Cause Pancreatitis.
  85. Privacy concerns cast pall over Microsoft's medical site debut.

    14 October 2007

  86. Omega-3 halves kids' type I diabetes risk.
  87. 24-hour monitoring: New, internal devices track diabetes around the clock.
  88. Nation's healthcare crisis gets personal.
  89. Medical costs put families on edge.
  90. Special needs complicate schooling.
  91. Search of a lifetime.
  92. Living with Diabetes.
  93. Elementary student is at head of diabetes cure march team.
  94. Neighbor Spotlight: Pam Henry.
  95. Insulin pump support group.
  96. B.C. families still forking out for insulin pumps.

    7 October 2007

  97. After All These Years: Al Lewis, Age 73, Living with Type 1 Diabetes for 69 Years.
  98. How I Coped With My Little Brother's Diabetes: Three Things That Made All the Difference.
  99. Glucose Sensor Helps Manage Diabetes.
  100. "The Silent Diabetes".
  101. Woman becomes University Hospital's 100th islet-cell transplant recipient.
  102. Expert urges multi-drug therapy for diabetic patients.

    30 September 2007

  103. A child's diabetes brought trials and a bit of wisdom.
  104. Healthwatch: Juvenile Diabetes On The Rise.
  105. Sweet news: Continuous blood glucose monitor latest device to help manage diabetes.
  106. Teenager a ‘strong' ambassador.
  107. DexCom Tackles Continuous Monitoring Market for Diabetes.
  108. Program trains dogs to alert diabetics to low blood sugar.

    23 September 2007

  109. Diabetes act gets schools involved.
  110. Living With Diabetes Demands an Extra Dose of Laughter.
  111. Diabetes patient rides on.
  112. Team Sudbury hopes to raise 95K in annual Walk to Cure Diabetes.
  113. Desert center provides support for kids with diabetes.
  114. 10-year-old coping with diabetes while pushing for cure.
  115. Diabetics swap finger pricks for new sensors.
  116. Designing for Diabetics. Be sure to view the accompanying slide show.
  117. New Technologies Bring New Hope To Diabetes Market.
  118. Quick-burning Carbs May Cause Fatty Liver: Low-glycemic Diet Protected Mice.

    16 September 2007

  119. Mutations In The Insulin Gene Can Cause Neonatal Diabetes.
  120. Cognitive behavioural therapy.
  121. Israel's Nutrinia brings the magic of mother's milk to baby formula.
  122. Preventing Type I Diabetes.
  123. The Cultural War on Diabetes. See also Kaiser Health Disparities Report: A Weekly Look At Race, Ethnicity And Health.

    9 September 2007

  124. Chesco Mom Says Private School Kicked Out Her Diabetic Son. This highlights the problem of for-profit schools.
  125. Mothers of diabetic children in Corona start day care petition online.
  126. Schools to boost diabetes care.
  127. Great Kids: Sheboygan Falls sisters become local face of Juvenile Diabetes.
  128. The 'diabetic rock star'. See also
  129. Living with diabetes.

    2 September 2007

  130. Family First: Children & Diabetes includes a video about a camp in New York.
  131. Low Carbohydrate Diets: Why You Don't Want the "Experts" to Tell You What to Eat.
  132. A formidable team is set to tackle type 1 diabetes.
  133. Rare pigs key to diabetes treatment.

    19 August 2007

  134. Nothing's standing in their way.
  135. St. Joseph searches for diabetes triggers.
  136. Promise of a normal life for diabetics.

    12 August 2007

  137. Noah Moore Juggles Life With Diabetes.
  138. Diabetes problems 'vitamin link'.
  139. Camp offers haven for children learning to live with diabetes.
  140. Verplank has faced tougher competition - diabetes. See also Diabetes has nothing on Verplank, and Verplank battles diabetes at 43, is inspiring with a 66.
  141. Sallisaw family battles diabetes.
  142. Big Flats girl, 9, helps lobby for diabetes research.
  143. Rochester Hills preteen on a busy crusade against diabetes.
  144. Publisher Moved His Field Miles Ahead.

    5 August 2007

  145. A Good Night's Sleep With Diabetes.
  146. Lemonade Stand Raises $3,900 To Get Service Dog For Brother.
  147. Jake's progress.
  148. Little Girl Serves As Role Model For Other Children.
  149. Insulin Grown In Plants Relieves Diabetes In Mice: Holds Promise For Humans.

    29 July 2007

  150. Young Type 1 Diabetics Benefit From Exercise. Article references Impact of Physical Activity on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Children With Type 1 Diabetes: A multicenter study of 23,251 patients (Diabetes Care 30:2098-2100, 2007), for which only an extract is freely available.
  151. Diabetic finishes 'wicked' 19-hour Maritimes swim. See also Swimmer completes round trip of Strait.
  152. Diabetic and Determined.
  153. Dedicated volunteer helps those affected by diabetes.
  154. Fundraiser to help pay for teen's insulin pump.
  155. Boy, 14, in coma at Potter movie.
  156. GP pays damages to partner of musician who died from diabetes. See also GP pays out after diabetes death.
  157. Jake's progress.
  158. Race for Life: Triathlon Camp for Diabetics.
  159. Diabetes diagnosis doesn't bench local ringette star.
  160. Diabetes make concessions to fashion.
  161. Local firm gets $500,000 grant for human trials of diabetes drug.
  162. Swedes make diabetes discovery. See also Hope for diabetics after cell transplant.

    22 July 2007

  163. After All These Years: Gerald Cleveland, Age 91, Has Had Type 1 Diabetes for 75 Years.
  164. Laughter and learning at diabetes camp for kids.

    8 July 2007

  165. Golfer Verplank an inspiration to fellow diabetics.
  166. Making A Difference.
  167. New hope for diabetic children in Wales.
  168. The diabetes way of death; Diabetics in Africa are dying because they cannot afford insulin, says Dr Thomas Stuttaford. The IDF's Life for a Child program helps children with diabetes in several countries get the medical supplies they need.

    1 July 2007

  169. Study Estimates 15,000 Children and Adolescents Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Annually.
  170. Mother's fight to get son boxing.
  171. It Takes a Village to Fundraise for Diabetes.
  172. Officials move to adjust insulin pump guidelines for police candidates.
  173. Child's diabetes prompted mother to design a new syringe.

    24 June 2007

  174. Diabetes cure advocate returns from Washington.
  175. Living with diabetes; Fairfield teen testifies on Capitol Hill about juvenile diabetes.
  176. Young Girls With Diabetes At Risk For Dia-Bullimia.

    17 June 2007

  177. It's a cross-country ride for diabetes cure.
  178. Some diabetic girls skip insulin in dangerous effort to diet.
  179. Bret Michaels, Diabetic Lead Singer of "Poison," Lives Life Large. See also the dLife segment about Bret.
  180. Football is best medicine for diabetes.
  181. Fighting back.
  182. Inhale Or Inject?
  183. Athlete, motivator comes to inspire Vandenberg.
  184. Cycling so much more to Southerland.

    10 June 2007

  185. Diabetes can't stop Erin Alicebelle Turner.
  186. Seattle at forefront for Type 1 diabetes research.
  187. Camp CoDiak Lets Diabetic Kids Be Kids.
  188. Coping with diabetes while pushing for cure.
  189. Insulin Pens Go Sleek, With Options.

    3 June 2007

  190. Tragic Consequences; Fatal Crash Cases Hard To Prosecute is about two drivers with type 1 diabetes who causes fatal accidents due to hypoglycemic reactions.
  191. Zip the Dog's Nose Knows Lows: Diabetes Alert Dog Saves a Life.
  192. Nurses recognized for helping students in diabetes maintenance.
  193. TV Can Be Bad for Children With Diabetes.
  194. Martin player of year.
  195. Multi-talented Weiss raises money to research cure for juvenile diabetes.
  196. Living with diabetes — and how!
  197. Diabetes gets her best shot.
  198. Cyclist Inspires at Camp.
  199. Camp for children with diabetes assists with independence.

    27 May 2007

  200. Second-grade girl comes to the rescue.
  201. Graduation sweet for diabetic.
  202. Diabetes fails to hold scholarship students back.
  203. MV's Bennett overcomes obstacles.
  204. Camp for children with diabetes assists with independence.
  205. Local boy to lobby for diabetes research.
  206. Bad eating habits can form in first years.
  207. Dealing with pets' diabetes.

    20 May 2007

  208. Girl, 6, honored for saving dad's life.
  209. Pageant contestant competes for diabetic sisters.
  210. Escondido Boy with juvenile diabetes gets to meet Thomas the Tank Engine.
  211. Diabetic files complaint after being denied job with police.
  212. S.J. Couple Who Died In Accident.

    13 May 2007

  213. As family grows, so does its appreciation for diabetes care.
  214. Diabetes epidemic.
  215. Students Invent Protective Pouch To Enhance Cell Therapy.
  216. New weapons against diabetes.

    6 May 2007

  217. Type 1 Diabetes: A Parent's Perspective.
  218. Taking their best shot at managing diabetes.
  219. New treatment helps rare form of diabetes.
  220. Dr. Diabetes Featured in New Comics.
  221. Childhood Diabetes Education.
  222. Driver in fatal crash sent to county prison.

    29 April 2007

  223. Type 1 Pop Star, Nick Jonas Tells His Story.
  224. Scorching sun trouble for diabetes patients.

    22 April 2007

  225. Fear of brain-wasting prions halts islet transplants.
  226. Father, son make best of life with diabetes.
  227. Driver's blackout 'killed nurse'.

    15 April 2007

  228. Young girl lends voice to diabetes cause.
  229. Massillon girl selected as diabetes delegate.
  230. Diabetes can't stop marathoner's drive.
  231. 13-Year-Old Donates Toy-Filled Backpacks to Diabetes Patients at Winthrop.
  232. The diabetic who is part pig.
  233. Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes: An Expert Interview with Richard A. Jackson, MD, and Amy L. Tenderich, MA.

    8 April 2007

  234. Diabetic student saved from death by McCleskey Middle staff.
  235. Boca Raton students aboard ship that sunk in Aegean Sea set to return.
  236. Type 1 Pumper Runs Fifty 50 Diabetes Company With a High-Minded Bottom Line.
  237. Connor, the boy who's become a world leader.
  238. 'I will always be defined' by the Iditarod race is about Bruce Linton, who competed in the race using an insulin pump.
  239. Miss Rossi goes to Washington.
  240. For Jake, everything counts.
  241. Poker Run to Raise Funds to Send Children With Diabetes to Camp.
  242. Camp teaches children to "own" their diabetes.
  243. Nationals Give $2 Million For Diabetes Care Facility.
  244. Lecturers egged to raise money for insulin pumps.

    1 April 2007

  245. Billion-dollar diabetes boy.
  246. At camp, she was normal.
  247. Carbo-loading tricky for Freeman.
  248. Iditarod Musher Bruce Linton writes about his experience.
  249. Long-term survivor poster girl for diabetes.
  250. Emory To Develop Islet Transplant Technology.
  251. Share Banting's epiphany; Visit the London bedroom where Canada's father of insulin had his brilliant insight.
  252. Diabetes in children: A call for the whole family to eat better.
  253. Doyle visit inspires mom to fight for diabetes' cure.
  254. Scientist at work: Richard DiMarchi.

    25 March 2007

  255. Why has diabetes soared in children? See also Type 1 Diabetes on Rise in Young Children and Dramatic increase of Type 1 diabetes in under fives.
  256. Diabetes beaten, Padres' Cassidy can focus on pitching.
  257. Fighting diabetes one swing at a time.
  258. Ram fights diabetes - and wins.
  259. Diabetes Won't Stop 16-Day Trek Through Arctic. See also Former Stowe resident finishes grueling Iditarod.
  260. Zena Davenport manages misconceptions in battle with type I diabetes.

    18 March 2007

  261. Somali population discovering diabetes. See also the video of of a young girl who immigrated from Somalia and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
  262. Marissa's Mission.
  263. Dramatic increase in child diabetes. See also Research urged as cases of diabetes in children surge 500% in 20 years, Study: 'Clean' Children At Greater Risk Of Diabetes, and Sharp increase in type 1 diabetes among children mystifies researchers.
  264. Few Schools Using Simple Test to Find Diabetes in Teens.

    11 March 2007

  265. Sycamore teen is Ohio delegate at Juvenile Diabetes research congress.
  266. Screening helps kids get jump on diabetes.
  267. Girl, interrupted.
  268. Mother of diabetic girl crusades for school's help.
  269. Diabetes camp for children in the Tahoe community.
  270. Takeda Warns of Broken Bones in Women Taking Actos for Diabetes.

    4 March 2007

  271. Mother determined to stop diabetes.
  272. Taking diabetes to D.C.: Nine-year-old goes to Capitol to tell his tale.
  273. All-Star kid has the ticket.
  274. Woman overcoming diabetes.
  275. Spending a fortune on diabetes management.
  276. Snooker star on cue to help poorly children in Sheffield.

    25 February 2007

  277. Pig cells hope for diabetes cure.
  278. Camden Hills grad raises diabetes awareness in Ecuador.

    18 February 2007

  279. Insulin pump praised in New Zealand.
  280. Everyday Heroes: Kids Helping Kids With Diabetes.
  281. Diabetic injection problem sees Grade 1 pupil barred.

    11 February 2007

  282. 'Teen rebellion cost me my sight'.
  283. Dealing with diabetes.
  284. FD honors young hero.
  285. Breakthrough discovery for Type 1 Diabetes is about a girl with a very rare form of diabetes.
  286. There oughta be a law.
  287. Tokyo Univ. team's findings could help find diabetes cure.
  288. Imaging Technique Is Highly Accurate In Diagnosing, Locating Pancreas Defects In Newborns.

    4 February 2007

  289. Leaving the nest with Type 1 diabetes.
  290. Little Alicia helps save dad's life.
  291. Diabetes can't knock cowboy out of saddle.
  292. Daughter's disease spurs innovation.
  293. Training puts school staff at ease.
  294. Not content just to survive with diabetes.
  295. Grandma's book helps youngest diabetics.
  296. Using Cell Phones to Monitor Diabetes.
  297. Scientists Find Mechanism for Diabetes Prevention.
  298. Oral Insulin To Prevent Type 1 Diabetes Tested In Study.
  299. MEPs And International Diabetes Organisations Call For Better And Equal Care In Children With Diabetes Around Europe.
  300. Lilly, Novo Cut Insulin Prices for German Customers.

    28 January 2007

  301. Diabetics: one sweet market. (Registration required)
  302. Jacqui Needed Her Best Buddy.
  303. Children receiving 'flawed' diabetes care. See also Diabetic children face 'limb risk'.

    21 January 2007

  304. Diabetes On Rise, Along With Medical Costs.
  305. Coordination is key in caring for complex diabetes.
  306. Africa: Every Minute, 6 People Die From Diabetes.

    14 January 2007

  307. Bridling at Insulin's Cost, States Push for Generics.
  308. Carb and calorie intake low in young diabetics.
  309. Health Science Center asked to participate in national diabetes study.
  310. Allergic reactions to insulin have declined and Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) could reduce them further.
  311. High school runner received surprise diagnosis: diabetes.
  312. Youth ambassadors.
  313. Elliott Yamin; Advocate and 'Idol'.
  314. Diabetic pilot should not have flown solo.

    7 January 2007

  315. Local man devotes his life to running the Iditarod.
  316. Becoming the Cure.
  317. Students create book to help fight diabetes.
  318. San Rafael Guide Dogs washouts find new life detecting low blood-sugar levels in diabetics.
  319. Group Trains Dogs To Help Diabetics.

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