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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2006

    31 December 2006

  1. Desperate call for help -- then a fatal crash; Disoriented by diabetes, teacher smashes into tree.
  2. Diabetes puts Neumann in motion.
  3. Lexington teen is national spokesman; Passion for diabetes research, education led him to youth post.
  4. Teen stricken by diabetes wins role in Rose Parade.
  5. Diabetics in the Workplace Confront a Tangle of Laws.
  6. Cancer drug found helpful in controlling diabetes.

    24 December 2006

  7. Diabetes mellitus attenuates the repolarization reserve in mammalian heart.
  8. Detection of ketonemia and its relationship with hyperglycemia in type 1 diabetic patients.
  9. Thyroiditis and gluten intolerance: extrapancreatic auto-immune diseases associated with type 1 diabetes.
  10. Swedish families' lived experience when a child is first diagnosed as having insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: An ongoing learning process.
  11. The experiences of school nurses caring for students receiving continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy.
  12. A pilot study of school counselor's preparedness to serve students with diabetes: relationship to self-reported diabetes training.
  13. Effect of Type 1 Diabetes on Psychosocial Maturation in Young Adults.
  14. Comparison between multiple daily insulin injection therapy (MDI) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy (CSII), results of the five nations study.
  15. CSII in type 2 diabetic patients.
  16. National Register of patients with insulin pump treatment in the Czech Republic.
  17. Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) in Italy.
  18. CSII in Europe: where are we, where are we going? An analysis of articles published in Infusystems International.
  19. Counterregulatory responses in CSII.
  20. Rational use of insulin analogues in the treatment of type 1 diabetic children and adolescents: personal experience.
  21. Inhaled human insulin: new drug. No short-term advantages, to (sic) many unknowns in the long term.
  22. Fulminant type 1 diabetes: a novel clinical entity requiring special attention by all medical practitioners.
  23. Dose escalation of pramlintide improves its tolerability and efficacy. Also available in PDF format.
  24. Plasma lipid levels and nutritional intake in childhood- and adolescence-onset young type 1 diabetic patients in Japan.
  25. How prevalent are diabetes-related complications in patients with youth-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus? Also available in PDF format.
  26. Microdialysis-based 48-hour continuous glucose monitoring with GlucoDay: clinical performance and patients' acceptance.
  27. 17 December 2006

  28. Spanish students put skills to test with service projects.
  29. Whole family becomes part of diabetic child's care.
  30. NZ pioneer brings cure for diabetes a step closer.
  31. Banting House stirs visitors' emotions.
  32. Bitter, sweet disease; Juvenile diabetes alters lifestyle of the entire family.
  33. Marut doesn't let diabetes slow him down.
  34. Just a Little Different; Student life when faced with a chronic illness.
  35. Judge Won't Stop Exubera Sales.
  36. Families of diabetics get funding for devices.
  37. Woman's coma leads to secrecy, silence examines a court case in which a woman suffered irreparable brain damage from severe, prolonged hypoglycemia while using an insulin pump and highlights the importance of frequent glucose monitoring for everyone who uses insulin.

    10 December 2006

  38. 'Double Diabetes' a New Threat.
  39. Doctors Believe Insulin Pump Therapy is Preferable to Insulin Injections for Managing Diabetes, Says Survey.
  40. Researchers trial diabetes vaccine.
  41. South Africa: Today's Children to Bear Brunt of Diabetes Epidemic reports from the IDF meeting in Cape Town.
  42. Active 12-year-old was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4.
  43. What diabetes did, technology helped undo for Maribeth Russell.
  44. Petersen won't let diabetes slow him; Oilers forward living NHL dream despite disease.
  45. Hope to restore Banting house dashed.
  46. Diabetes killed Daniella, 13.

    3 December 2006

  47. Despite diabetes, photographer keeps life in focus.
  48. New Glucose Monitors Leave Finger Sticks Behind.
  49. Depression and eating disorders can complicate diabetes.
  50. Driven to succeed.
  51. Kendall Simmons Tackles Diabetes.
  52. These sisters are brave, smart, confident and living with diabetes.
  53. WDM activist for diabetic education is honored.
  54. 25 years and counting for Gnome Countryside.
  55. Damon Dash knows: To be a winner, train hard.
  56. Fund diabetes research, to help people, your wallet.
  57. Her nose knows.
  58. Health officials approach Alabama diabetes with new effort.
  59. Pfizer's new inhalable insulin slow to catch on.

    26 November 2006

  60. Insulin-glucose system gives diabetics break from shots.
  61. In Diabetes Fight, Raising Cash and Keeping Trust.
  62. CU diabetes-studies pioneer wins global acclaim.
  63. 'Amazing Grace' inspires diabetes fight Westwood View first-grader is Youth Ambassador for the Walk to Cure Diabetes.
  64. Cod Liver Oil Reduces Diabetes Risk.
  65. Type 1 diabetes deserves more attention.
  66. Can we prevent type 1 Diabetes by modifying infant nutrition?
  67. Breastfeeding may lower diabetes risk for children.
  68. Despite Difficult Start, Diabetic Morrison Realizes Progress.
  69. Carroll linebacker slaying his own dragons; Southlake Carroll gets shot of inspiration as he fights diabetes.
  70. Sticking around - A Hockey Player with Diabetes.
  71. Utah Soldier Serving in Iraq Gets Chance to "See" His Family on Thanksgiving.
  72. Letter of the Day: The rest of the story.
  73. Pump up the diabetes funding.
  74. Schools rapped over diabetes shots.
  75. Finally, diabetic patients receive medicine—and a new treatment center.

    19 November 2006

  76. Diabetes corralled, Morrison tackles self-doubt.
  77. Diabetes tests families' fortitude.
  78. Day in, day out -- New treatments chip away at burden of managing diabetes.
  79. Kids with diabetes test families' fortitude.
  80. New Diabetes Monitor Decreases Finger Sticks.
  81. 5 ways to manage juvenile diabetes.
  82. Raising awareness of, money for diabetes.
  83. Insulin pumps covered in Ontario, Canada.
  84. Educating Patients for Pharmaceutical Companies.
  85. Insulin Stem Cells Hold Hope for Diabetes Treatment.
  86. Scientists debate the value of diabetic self-testing.

    12 November 2006

  87. What I Wish for Garrett. See also Documenting diabetes.
  88. Ribbon tattoo helps mother share diabetic daughter's pain.
  89. Athlete With Diabetes Competes In Miami Man Half Triathlon.
  90. Comic books benefit kids with diabetes.
  91. Diabetes A Family Affair When Kids Get It.
  92. Scientists Developing 'Artificial Pancreas'. See also Artificial pancreas promises to transform life for young diabetics.
  93. Stem Cells From Human Bone Help Diabetic Mice Make Insulin.

    5 November 2006

  94. Little ones can suffer too: Rate of disease is going up for children under 5, like Benjamin.
  95. Raised on insulin: What it's like to live with juvenile diabetes.
  96. Mr. Laughton goes to Ottawa.
  97. Regina girl to urge MPs to support diabetes research.
  98. Caution emerges over inhalable insulin; Long-term effects, costs questioned.
  99. Diabetes Can't Slow Her.
  100. Diabetes doesn't have to ruin your vacation plans.
  101. Guide Dog flunkies earn kudos in their second life as diabetes coma alarms.
  102. Batavia girl blazed her own trail.
  103. Daughter's death and a lifetime's mission.

    29 October 2006

  104. Winning life's pageant and living well with diabetes.
  105. Climber pushes the limits of diabetes.
  106. Trick-or-treat with a twist.
  107. Diabetes doesn't mean no treats.
  108. Halloween's No Holiday for Kids with Diabetes.
  109. For kids who are diabetic, dealing with Halloween treats can be tricky.
  110. A message of hope for victims of child diabetes, despite ignorance.
  111. Getting to grips with diabetes.
  112. Diabetic kids with a cause: Four area Type 1 diabetes sufferers will be lobbying Ottawa for a cure.
  113. Boy To Head To Ottawa To Fight For Diabetes Cure.

    22 October 2006

  114. Frugal investor leaves $35.6 million to charity. See also $35 Million Gift Received By Diabetes Research Institute Foundation And Um/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  115. Family gives back to center.
  116. County lacks specialists to treat diabetic children.
  117. A family's struggle to return to normal; Diabetes diagnosis a 'shock'.

    15 October 2006

  118. Doctor's not in; Retirement leaves valley with one specialist to treat diabetic youngsters.
  119. Injured Diabetic Makes It Out of Crash; Diabetic Driver Heading Home Survives 4 Days on Wheat Thins and Dew After SUV Crashes in Mass.
  120. Take control: Living with diabetes requires a healthy diet, discipline and exercise.

    8 October 2006

  121. Cleveland Boy First In Region To Use New Blood Sugar Monitor.
  122. A New Approach to Treating Juvenile Diabetes.
  123. Conquering the triathlon empowers young athlete in his diabetes battle.
  124. A numbers game: Monitoring blood sugar plays key role for athletes, such as Comet volleyball Boone twins, to do well.
  125. Dispute arises over diabetic kids' school.
  126. Wales NHS quizzed on child diabetes.
  127. Boy's 911 call saves dad.
  128. Sniffing Out Diabetes.
  129. Monitoring diabetes wirelessly: Scottsdale firm hopes checking glucose levels becomes easier with its new wireless system.

    1 October 2006

  130. Morrison's gameplan includes curbing diabetes.
  131. New diabetes medicine from Gila monster saliva causes excitement. See also Diabetics hail 'wonder drug' derived from the lizard and Diabetic drug has Gila monster to thank.

    24 September 2006

  132. Hope for new diabetes treatment.
  133. Calling 911 for diabetes emergencies.
  134. Fighting a family disease.
  135. Despite onset of diabetes, 7-year-old lives life to fullest.
  136. Illness conqueror -- 69 years with diabetes.
  137. Student-athlete ahead in count against diabetes.
  138. Athens family knows the pain of having juvenile diabetes.
  139. Insulin pump keeps diabetic Kuehne going strong.
  140. Avalanche, diabetes don't deter Sasseville from taking on Everest.
  141. Why Rosie gets two shots a day is about a cat with diabetes.

    17 September 2006

  142. 'Miracle' unfolds for diabetic girl; Genetic discovery allows 6-year-old to swap insulin pump for readily available pill.
  143. Diabetic Man In Coma After Arrest; Family To Take Clement Off Life Support.
  144. As diabetes rises, doctors' numbers fall. See also Number of Endocrinologists Declines Nationwide as Population With Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis Increases.
  145. Diabetes: Alive And Well After 50 Years - And Response.
  146. Pump iron, muscle out diabetes.
  147. Modern Ways Open India's Doors to Diabetes examines the explosion of type 2 diabetes in India.

    10 September 2006

  148. A happy Sept. 11 memory is about a woman who received a pancreas and kidney transplant on September 11, 2001.
  149. Disease Can't Stop Tiny Dynamo.
  150. New Treatments (and Old Advice) Can Aid Diabetics.
  151. Local baby on front line of war with diabetes.
  152. Living against all odds.
  153. Diabetes can't fell Carter linebacker Nehls.
  154. Bromfield grad puts grant to good use.
  155. Boy on a mission for diabetes cure.
  156. Uplifting news on diabetes reports that weightlifting can improve insulin sensitivity.

    3 September 2006

  157. The Beep of the Sensor, the Thrill of Control.
  158. Errors admitted in diabetic death.
  159. Civil servant harassed for taking medicine to rock gig.
  160. Father rides 122 miles for daughter's diabetes.
  161. Montana State QB plays through diabetes.
  162. Steelers' Kendall Simmons Tackles Diabetes.
  163. Needle bins put in public toilets.
  164. Cats Get Diabetes Too.

    27 August 2006

  165. Diabetes camp: Kids with disorder come as campers, return as leaders.
  166. Pig cell treatment may start again.
  167. Study Looks For Key To Long Life With Diabetes.
  168. Young Australians living with diabetes are also vulnerable to depression.
  169. Diabetes complications blamed in co-ed's death.

    20 August 2006

  170. Students with medical needs juggle college life, disease management.
  171. Stem cells may help Bergen boy fight diabetes.

    13 August 2006

  172. Shocking rise in child diabetes.
  173. Cell Transplant Helps Reverse Diabetes.
  174. Call to highlight the dangers of diabetes.

    6 August 2006

  175. Nurse meets diabetic woman whose life she saved during Hurricane Katrina.
  176. Girl, 8, able to save her diabetic dad's life.
  177. Jacinda, 12, saves diabetic from sea.
  178. 10-year-old doesn't let diabetes get him down.
  179. Procedure done locally is helping diabetics.
  180. From pigs, a cure for diabetes?

    30 July 2006

  181. Bob Jones softball player won't let diabetes slow her down.
  182. Konnar cares; Medical alert ID project helps youth diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.
  183. Fun in the sun.
  184. Opening children's minds to new possibilities.

    23 July 2006

  185. Young Diabetes Patients Have Good Results With Insulin Pumps.
  186. Drawing To Deal With Diabetes.

    16 July 2006

  187. Crash probe looks at diabetes; Cause Of Erratic Driving Sought After Two Deaths.
  188. Miss Utah devoted to God, diabetes research.
  189. Back-to-School Checklist: Paper, Pencils and Diabetes Tool Kit.
  190. Fireworks can add a spark to life - but they've added five to 10 years to a diabetic teenager's.
  191. The sweet'n lowdown on juvenile diabetes.
  192. Give Those Who Battle Diabetes the Recognition They Deserve.

    9 July 2006

  193. 'Holy Grail' of diabetes.
  194. After son's diagnosis, mom writes on diabetes.
  195. Daughter, diabetic father share competitive bond.
  196. Infections 'may cause diabetes'.
  197. A small pump but a big change.
  198. Bikers Against Diabetes "B.A.D. RIDE" Benefit Invitation. See also Bikers Against Diabetes.
  199. Crane family copes well with diabetes.
  200. North experts' diabetes link.
  201. Diabetic coma caused crash.

    2 July 2006

  202. Insulin Pump Stolen From Diabetic Girl; Family Thinks Thief Mistook Pump For An iPod.
  203. New Bobcat An Inspiration For Those With Diabetes.
  204. A very special bond: All campers have diabetes.
  205. The Rainbow Club offers lessons, play for diabetic kids.
  206. Camp lifts attitudes of kids with diabetes.
  207. Camp gives children with diabetes a new outlook.
  208. Sugar Free Gang off to camp.
  209. Cheever transitions from camper to counselor.
  210. Yamin raises cash for diabetes fund.
  211. Up, up & Away: Hot air balloon rides provide light-hearted fun for young campers with diabetes.

    25 June 2006

  212. 4 Diabetes Drugs Are Seen Raising Hope and Profit.
  213. A Bite and Bark That Saved a Life.
  214. 21-year-old covers 127 miles by kayak.
  215. Bound For The Junior Olympics: MW's Coulter Hopes To Make Big Noise In Martial Arts.
  216. Abbott Helps Children With Diabetes by Sending Them to Camp This Summer.
  217. Breakthrough in battle against diabetes is about New Zealand's efforts to manage kids with type 2 diabetes.
  218. The Upside of Diabetes looks at investing in companies involved in diabetes.

    18 June 2006

  219. Harlem's Fetters won't let diabetes stop her.
  220. From curing hams to curing diseases; Researchers say pig islet cells are a viable alternative to human donors in treating Type 1 diabetes.

    11 June 2006

  221. Predators' Fryzel dealing with diabetes; Orlando receiver picked up play after diagnosis.
  222. Diabetes blocks couple's bid for residency.
  223. Diabetes is a tough road.

    4 June 2006

  224. Dudley Shoots to Help Kids With Diabetes.
  225. Agent says Morrison not hindered by diabetes.
  226. Editorial notebook: A son's journey with diabetes.
  227. Diabetic Plays Three Sports In Middle School.
  228. Bikers fight disease - and grief; Among 325 Tour de Cure cyclists, 60-plus have special inspiration.
  229. First Person: Diabetes: A personal and professional challenge.
  230. First Person: Forty years of diabetes, and the future.
  231. First Person: Diabetes - A personal and professional challenge (second article with the same title).
  232. First Person: High and low blood glucose, and how to treat hypoglycemia.

    28 May 2006

  233. Climber's pinnacle of success.
  234. Dudley Shoots to Help Kids With Diabetes.
  235. Diabetes an NBA hurdle for Morrison.
  236. Yamin's Diabetes Sparks Partnership.
  237. Parents commend school for helping daughter.
  238. Diabetics May Get Second Chance to Drive Big Rigs.
  239. Devices Automate Diabetes Testing.
  240. Diabetics get high-tech help to track sugar.
  241. Managing diabetes; Clyde resident not slowed by disease.

    21 May 2006

  242. Beyond 'I'm a Diabetic,' Little Common Ground.
  243. Diabetics hurt by misconceptions.
  244. From the Dead Sea to Mount Everest.
  245. Hoyt student continues diabetes fundraiser.
  246. Diabetes can't beat teen athlete.
  247. Living and rowing with diabetes.
  248. With new cells comes new life.
  249. Diabetes: 'Your life changes overnight'.
  250. Rising Diabetes Threat Meets a Falling Budget.
  251. 'Just like any other kid'.
  252. Bursting the Bubble on Diabetes.

    14 May 2006

  253. A Canadian legacy left to slip away.
  254. Yamin's 'Idol' Talent Surprises Family.
  255. On track to top diabetes.
  256. Cal Pitcher Morrow Impressing Scouts Despite Health Challenges.
  257. A Diabetic Mountain Climber's Uphill Battle.
  258. Diabetic trucker helping put spotlight on disease.
  259. Diabetic kids storm Parliament.
  260. Diabetes Research At UH 'Crystalizes' With Major Finding New Insulin-production Method Holds Promise for Diabetics, Impacts Other Fields.

    7 May 2006

  261. Princess Lindsey.
  262. Day in the life of a diabetic is lived strictly by numbers.
  263. Aztecs freshman on softball field despite challenges of diabetes.
  264. Mother of invention; Daughter's diabetes inspires business selling insulin pump-friendly gear.
  265. Oak Park students ride for diabetes research.
  266. Discovering drugs that work.
  267. Diabetic sues over Taser use; Redmond police thought she was drunk.
  268. Man Receives Wrong Prescription From Cambridge CVS.

    30 April 2006

  269. Olympic skier Freeman aims for medal in '10.
  270. CVS Gives Whitman Toddler Wrong Prescription. The accompanying video explains more about what happened.
  271. Con Edison Athlete of the Week: Diabetes can't slow Spedafino.
  272. Diabetes can't deter Geibel athlete.
  273. A journey to the "islets".
  274. Diabetes awareness.
  275. Diabetic students receive help on campus and on web.

    23 April 2006

  276. New Devices May Free Diabetics From Constant Monitoring. See also Devices may aid diabetics' constant monitoring; Researchers hope glucose monitors will replace much-hated finger lances.
  277. A 12-year-old Tennessee girl reaches out to thank an Army sergeant patrolling in Iraq. See also A soldier's final gift: Before he died, Gregory Rogers reached out to help a young girl.
  278. Onward and upward; Gonzaga's Morrison forgoes senior year, turns pro. See also Morrison to sign with agent, enter NBA draft.
  279. Diabetes can't stop Preds' Jimmy Fryzel.
  280. LeTourneau Golfer Fighting Battle On And Off The Course.
  281. Kuehl determination: UA discus thrower will not let diabetes prevent him from success.
  282. Hope for diabetics.
  283. Diabetic kids may qualify for tax credit in Canada.
  284. A taste sweeter than sugar.

    16 April 2006

  285. Protecting option for diabetics; Researchers search for ways to prevent rejection of islet cells, which free patients from daily injections.
  286. Diabetes can't stop Preds' Jimmy Fryzel.
  287. Softball: Algoma's Prochnow battles diabetes.
  288. Game hero battles diabetes to play ball.
  289. Thief takes cash collected to aid juvenile diabetes.

    9 April 2006

  290. Saving Mom: Austin and Hannah McGhee become heroes in their own home.
  291. Hospital investigates medication mistake.
  292. Diabetes doesn't slow Jets' Harris.
  293. Health care threatened for most needy.
  294. New pump makes living with diabetes easier.
  295. Mum's blind devotion rewarded.
  296. Voluntary Group Boosts Children With Diabetes.
  297. Diabetes keeps dancer from Harrison Twp. on her toes.
  298. 'Million-dollar pigs' are medical marvels.
  299. Lexington police look for two runaways.
  300. Number of Kids on Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Doubles.
  301. Zero tolerance for junk food at schools?

    2 April 2006

  302. Diabetic Plans To Climb Highest Summit On Each Continent.
  303. Morrison headlines list of Wooden Award finalists.
  304. Teen of the Week: Andy Fleming stands up against his disease.
  305. Texas second baseman excels at baseball despite diabetes; Bradley Suttle was diagnosed at age 11.
  306. Diabetes study sees hope on a transplant-free cure.
  307. A Designing Duo Creates Useful Healthcare Tools.
  308. Students shine at area science fairs.
  309. Morristown child nominated for national hero award.
  310. Sick teen turned away.
  311. $6 Million Gift Resurrects a Boot Camp for Diabetics.
  312. When diabetes took her sight, she gained perspective.
  313. Annapolis Rejects Plans To Weigh Kids.

    26 March 2006

  314. Diabetic at the top of the game; Science gives Gonzaga's Morrison the tools to take his talent to the NCAA Tournament.
  315. Team Type 1: The Pieces Come Together.
  316. Ankeny third-graders take on diabetes.
  317. State's diabetes cases expand with waistlines.

    19 March 2006

  318. Star Takes Jump Shots and Insulin Shots; Gonzaga's Adam Morrison Battles Diabetes as Well as Opposing Teams.
  319. Facing life's challenges: 10-year-old Caitlyn Schubert wrestle, cheers with diabetes.
  320. Type 1 diabetes isn't same as type 2 diabetes.
  321. Lee man's goal to cure diabetes.
  322. Dealing with diabetes.
  323. Memorial High School student selected for statewide medical program.
  324. Treatment equals treats for pooch with diabetes.
  325. Local diabetes research proves enlightening.
  326. Beauregard softball star forced to balance sports, survival.
  327. Diabetes breakthrough may end insulin injections.
  328. Preventing type 1 diabetes. See also New Onset Study for details, and Type 1 Diabetes TrailNet for more information.
  329. Israeli researchers close in on vaccine for autoimmune diseases.

    12 March 2006

  330. Climber won't let disease stop him.
  331. Diabetics fly far for pig cell transplants.
  332. Not too young to be a hero.
  333. Boy, 11, given national award for saving father.
  334. 129,210 shots: Fread marks 50 years on insulin.
  335. A shared sickness - Diabetes has sister struggling; other frustrated at sense of helplessness.
  336. New treatments show promise for some diabetics.
  337. White shrugs off diabetes, leads Tigers.
  338. Teen with juvenile diabetes raising money to find a cure.
  339. Teen gets real about diabetes.
  340. Man: Diabetic shock led to wrongful arrest. (Free registration required)
  341. An Appeal to raise £5,000 to help diabetic children from Chernobyl has been launched.
  342. Village News columnist dies.

    5 March 2006

  343. Teens with illnesses find college mentors. CWD's Family Support Network can help college students find others near them and parents find other parents willing to help their kids who are away at college.
  344. Managing diabetes is just one of Perry's accomplishments.
  345. Mentoring course aids teens with illnesses.
  346. Fund launched in Fabian's memory.
  347. Athletics vs. Diabetes.
  348. Schneider: Fire chief's offer helps keep pupil at Elmhurst.
  349. A Ray of Hope for Diabetics is about the new drug Byetta.
  350. JCC installs 'Club Independence' for youth with diabetes.
  351. Nurse Reunited With Woman She Saved.
  352. Teens with diabetes can bond with others at camp.
  353. Mom: Diabetes in prison puts son in danger.

    26 February 2006

  354. Living with juvenile diabetes.
  355. 'They called me a junkie'.
  356. For these siblings, love is sweeter than sugar.
  357. Seaweed bubbles may fight diabetes. See also Diabetics get kelp to dump the needle.
  358. Sierra Sands nurses serving students' needs despite being shorthanded.
  359. Program for Ill Teens Faces Cash Crisis.
  360. 2006 Walk for the Cure at FGCU highlights urgency of diabetes.
  361. Deadly hit-run spree caused by low blood sugar.

    19 February 2006

  362. Obstacle, Yes, but Not a Career Ender.
  363. Diabetic Geri Winkler Arrives In Nepal On Bike After More Than 4,800 Miles Spent In The Saddle.
  364. Mt. Carmel sophomore hasn't allowed juvenile diabetes to pin him down.
  365. For diabetic diver, no pain, no gainer.
  366. Finding a cure for Lolly.
  367. Rye Neck's Spedafino a true fighter.
  368. Diabetes management gets a shot in the arm.
  369. Dog calls 911, saves diabetic owner's life.
  370. Diabetes Is Seen as a Rising Risk in Mothers-to-Be.

    12 February 2006

  371. Insulin treatment woman gets award.
  372. Diabetes victim nears goal for fundraiser.
  373. Diabetes Seems to Be Rising.
  374. Morrison: NBA teams shouldn't worry about illness.
  375. Keeping Kids Healthy.
  376. Celebrity Health - Gary Mabbutt.
  377. How I've coped with diabetes for 50 years.
  378. Schools deal with rise in diabetic students; Nurses help kids keep eye on blood sugar, snacks, exercise.
  379. At many schools, the nurse is in.
  380. Diabetes Goes to School: Increase In Cases Raises Insulin-Injection Issues As Nurse Staffing Decreases.
  381. Ryan Phillips, Prep Basketball: Nothing can stop Santa Cruz's Cole Conroy.
  382. Parents fear kids exposed; Allege students stuck by lancets.
  383. Crash diabetic fainted at wheel.
  384. Divided Loyalties?

    5 February 2006

  385. The Trials and Tribulations of Dealing With a Diabetic Child.
  386. Diabetic Brothers Beat Odds With 8 Decades of Discipline.
  387. Mum saved by daughters.
  388. Yeast 'could allow insulin spray'.
  389. In New York Schools, Whole Milk Is Cast From the Menu.

    29 January 2006

  390. LillyforLifeTM Ambassador Kris Freeman Named to 2006 U.S. Olympic Ski Team. See also Freeman, Swenson Head Up U.S. Cross-Country Team, Kris Freeman's page at, and Olympian Fights for Gold While Battling Diabetes, an ESPN video interview of Kris Freeman.
  391. Scott Verplank Takes His Best Swing at Diabetes.
  392. Group honors two area women for commitment to athletics.
  393. Ryan Lindner honored by Assemblyman Sweeney. See also Local Youth Recognized for Diabetes Awareness Efforts.
  394. Thriving with diabetes.
  395. The ups and downs of life with diabetes.
  396. At Harvard's Stem Cell Center, the Barriers Run Deep and Wide.
  397. Drug Maker's Efforts to Compete in Lucrative Insulin Market Are Under Scrutiny.

    22 January 2006

  398. ADA honors diabetic who fought to deploy.
  399. Boy saves mother.
  400. Program that counsels teens struggling to stay open.
  401. Family donates $1M for diabetes research.
  402. A diabetes crisis consumes the country.
  403. Tight race to be the first in a new class of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) inhibitors for the oral treatment of type 2 diabetes.

    15 January 2006

  404. There Is Indeed No Stopping Him.
  405. Diabetic from infancy, an area teacher runs marathons to inspire students and himself.
  406. Olympian copes with challenge of cross-country skiing with diabetes.
  407. Olympian Eyes Gold Despite Diabetes.
  408. Scherban diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
  409. Sisters save life of diabetic dad.
  410. The New York Times ran a series of articles about diabetes:
    1. Diabetes and Its Awful Toll Quietly Emerge as a Crisis.
    2. By the Numbers: One Scourge in 2 Forms.
    3. Living at an Epicenter of Diabetes, Defiance and Despair
    4. In the Treatment of Diabetes, Success Often Does Not Pay.
    5. East Meets West, Adding Pounds and Peril.
    See also New York Gets Serious about Tracking Diabetes from NPR and NYT Examines 'Global Crisis' Of Diabetes In Four-Part Series.
  411. Many Diabetics Tempt Health Risks.
  412. Type 2 diabetes targets tender world of children.
  413. Tiny cells pack huge controversy. See also Despite fraud, patients and advocates hold out hope for future stem cell therapy.
  414. New York's plan to monitor diabetes raises privacy issues.
  415. Diabetes cited in DA's wreck.
  416. Driver in fatal crash has history of diabetes-related accidents.
  417. Driver crashes after falling into diabetic coma.
  418. Autopsy: Diabetic shock killed student.

    8 January 2006

  419. Army Specialist Prepares To Donate Kidney To Mom.
  420. Sister's kidney is a gift that will keep on giving.
  421. Life-long struggle with diabetes.
  422. Innovation In Diabetes Care: New Ways For People To Take Insulin; New Compounds Under Development.
  423. Stephanie Rimbach Helps High Desert's diabetic children.
  424. Taking on diabetes: Anchorage clinic specializes in treating a killer disease that's on the rise.

    1 January 2006

  425. Inspirational Leader.

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