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Diabetes News in the Popular Press from 2005

    25 December 2005

  1. Because of diabetes, U.S. cross-country skier working on his balance.
  2. Scott Dunton Surfs and Manages Diabetes Without Fear.
  3. Newfound freedom: Insulin pumps change children's lives.
  4. Celebrity Health - Mari Wilson.
  5. For Family With 2 Diabetics, Constant Vigilance.
  6. Basketball camp teaches children with diabetes many lessons.
  7. Bodybuilder uses training to top disease.
  8. U of L achieves 'amazing' find with stem cells.
  9. Popcorn tribute for transplant workers.

    18 December 2005

  10. Brother duo fights diabetes.
  11. Just their type.
  12. Biking to beat diabetes.
  13. Living with diabetes: awareness is crucial.
  14. 21st-Century Kids Fight Diabetes.
  15. No recess for diabetes.
  16. Stronger than their struggles, published in the December 18, 2005 Cincinnati Enquirer, is about kids who overcome childhood illnesses, including type 1 diabetes.

    11 December 2005

  17. The best playing out west? Adam Morrison may be the top player in the game. See also Slow, small ... and terrific.
  18. To protect and to serve.
  19. Support group helps families cope with type 1 diabetes.
  20. Diabetes Won't Stop Me From Being A Winner.
  21. SIUC student develops diabetes injector device.

    4 December 2005

  22. Crosslin attends national diabetes conference. See also Dakota Crosslin earns 'Lilly for Life Award' (photo).
  23. Dealing with diabetes.
  24. Juvenile diabetes.
  25. CDA: Start early for long-lasting disease control. Intensive therapy reduces risk of progression of retinopathy, albuminuria, even when HbA1c levels off.
  26. New pancreas offers new life.
  27. Hog wild at MicroIslet: San Diego company hopes to help diabetics with insulin-producing pig cells.
  28. Local boy faces daily challenges of juvenile diabetes.
  29. Pinning diabetes.
  30. More Ethiopian immigrants getting diabetes.
  31. NBA stock of Gonzaga's Morrison is skyrocketing.
  32. Diabetic defies doctors by circumnavigating the U.S.
  33. Stars of Innovation Win Awards in Japan.

    20 November 2005

  34. Family fights historical society to save home of insulin discoverer Banting.
  35. Constant care tells the story of two-year-old Aaron, who uses an insulin pump.
  36. What's the deal with diabetes?
  37. Diabetes can't slow Westview standout.
  38. Illness doesn't deter tenacious Gator.
  39. Kris Freeman: Diabetes Won't Keep Him From the Olympics.
  40. Dealing with diabetes.
  41. Living a big win over diabetes.
  42. Insulin capsule hopes for diabetics.
  43. Glucose, up close.

    13 November 2005

  44. Wednesday's Child.
  45. Schools meet needs of diabetic students.
  46. Russian girl wins world competition for children with diabetes.
  47. Veteran roper pumped for Texas Stampede; Kory Koontz's ride is smoother with insulin device in place.

    6 November 2005

  48. From insulin to islets: Transplant brings hope to Northbrook man. See also Islet cell transplants proving to be 'functional cure'.
  49. Marathons especially tricky for runners with diabetes.
  50. Diabetes youth ambassador is a good sport about illness.
  51. Schools, camps balance desire to accommodate students with medical problems and their ability to help.
  52. Banting students aid diabetes fight.
  53. Diabetes care 'failing children'.
  54. His goal is finding a cure.
  55. Experts urge adding food data to menus.
  56. A Chihuahua's Best Friend is about Alyssa and her dog Chief, both of whom have diabetes.
  57. Diabetes can strike pets, too, but they can live with it.

    30 October 2005

  58. Mother says school puts diabetic son in danger.
  59. 'Quiet hero' saves family in traffic.
  60. Diabetes – even young children are affected.
  61. Meridian family joins diabetes study.
  62. Local teenager battles medical condition in aftermath of Hurricane Wilma.
  63. FDA reviewer battles the drug his boss approved.

    23 October 2005

  64. Alachua County focuses on insulin pump mix-up in schools.
  65. Diabetes fails to beat talented Bruin.
  66. Boatman Has Handle On Diabetes, Football.
  67. Youngster with diabetes inspires others in walk.
  68. Death of a 'great kid' stuns tearful students.
  69. Inspiring athlete.
  70. Insulin brand cuts affect vet's offices.

    16 October 2005

  71. Schools focus on helping diabetic children.
  72. Another Sort of Insulin Shock: Medication Error Prompts Suit.

    9 October 2005

  73. An inexplicable family affair: In defiance of odds, 3 sisters have Type 1 diabetes.
  74. Using Insulin Pumps for Children.
  75. From the Dead Sea to Mount Everest: Geri Winkler faces the greatest challenge of his life.
  76. Optical sensor could offer diabetics a convenient alternative to blood testing.
  77. One Woman's Powerful Reminder.

    1 October 2005

  78. Local resident makes tiny bouquets for large cause.
  79. A dose of reality.
  80. Faceoff with diabetes.
  81. Black Lab helps woman cope with her diabetes.
  82. Diabetic 'obsessed' with blood sugar balance.

    25 September 2005

  83. Young diabetics sought for study in the UK.
  84. Local girl example of progress made in fight against diabetes.
  85. Learning To Live with Diabetes: Six-year-old Kevin is the only student at Herndon Elementary School with type 1 diabetes.
  86. Helping hand for parents.
  87. Artist honoured for surviving—thriving—with lifelong diabetes.
  88. Sis says gift of kidney shows Ostertag's all heart.

    18 September 2005

  89. Diabetes doctor puts kids first: Lilly award is testament to physician's caring nature.
  90. Living with a diabetic is an eye opening experience.
  91. The Long Honeymoon: New research on diabetes aims at prolonging the initial insulin high.
  92. 7-year-old girl with Type 1 juvenile diabetes a 'trooper'.
  93. Camps help kids with diabetes thrive.
  94. Diabetes can be everyday struggle for some kids.
  95. Steelers' Kendall Simmons Tackles Diabetes.
  96. PSU's Paxson back for more.

    11 September 2005

  97. 5-year-old to lead diabetes walk.
  98. Military family gives gift to nurse.
  99. Specialist helps diabetes sufferers in Louisiana.
  100. Region welcomes much-needed diabetes care.
  101. Transplant Joy After Years Of Waiting.
  102. Diabetic pleads for help as drug price soars.
  103. Polish Bioton Comes Bearing Insulin.

    4 September 2005

  104. Insulin Pump Helps Children Manage Their Diabetes.
  105. Away from home.
  106. Australia joins top league for child diabetes.
  107. Diabetes among school aged children.
  108. Dealing with illness just part of routine.
  109. Diabetes doesn't stop local Ironwoman.
  110. How diabetes failed to sink an Olympic winner.
  111. Diabetic found dead with illegal drugs in her system.

    28 August 2005

  112. Camp Support: Youth at the Circle of Life retreat learn from one another how to deal with diabetes.
  113. Woman with diabetes hopes a dog can help her.
  114. Diabetes insulin pump.
  115. Naugatuck man fights for transplant: Blocked in state, Saguta looks to Bay State for help.

    21 August 2005

  116. Diabetes UK worried at loss of choice.
  117. Hero: Bolivar boy steers car to safety after dad becomes ill.
  118. Children suffer from diabetes too!
  119. Bobby Browning: Grandson's illness motivates project manager's involvement in American Diabetes Association.
  120. LCCC pitcher controls foes – and his Type 1 diabetes.
  121. Fast Friends - Ledyard 7th-graders living with juvenile diabetes share bond.
  122. Robyn Winterbottom offers hope and a garage sale for juvenile diabetes.
  123. Rice pudding helped fuel Channel swim.
  124. Canine companion can sniff out diabetes risk.
  125. Camp Come-together: Kids with diabetes make friends and learn to cope.
  126. Adulterated insulin sold in medicine shops.

    14 August 2005

  127. A healthy dose of togetherness: Camp Possibilities gives diabetic kids a place where testing blood and taking insulin are a small part of a big experience.
  128. Quest for diabetes cure puts student's project in motion.
  129. Interrogated diabetic sues village, cops.

    7 August 2005

  130. Civil Air Patrol: Allison G. Catheron II.
  131. Death to the Spoonful of Sugar.
  132. Subtle signs.
  133. Iacocca does ads to aid battle against diabetes.
  134. Bloomington's Sarah Rousey is on the Pro Billards Tour.
  135. Sanford's Wrenn overcomes diabetes.
  136. When blood sugar is low, this dog knows.
  137. Little Kids, One Very Grown-Up Problem.
  138. Dan Thomas overcomes illness to play again.

    31 July 2005

  139. 'Double diabetes' puzzles doctors.
  140. Diagnosed with diabetes, teen gives disease a direct hit.
  141. Camping it up.
  142. Modern-day 'Lassie' saves owner's life.
  143. St. Pius coach fights diabetes.
  144. No greater love; Mary Foulks of Victorville donates a kidney to her diabetic brother.
  145. Rays fans strike out in food feud. A Sarasota couple tries to bring snacks as a diabetic safeguard. They're ejected after an argument.
  146. Diabetes: Undercover Research!
  147. Patient given 'insulin overdose'.

    24 July 2005

  148. Boy's tragic death sparks State probe.
  149. 'It's always a roller-coaster ride'.
  150. 'Double Diabetes' Harder to Detect, Treat.
  151. Due to lack of insulin - Diabetics' lives put at risk.
  152. Local boy, 11, not derailed by diabetes.
  153. Planning the key for families of kids with juvenile diabetes.
  154. Campers with common bond: Diabetes.
  155. Diabetics told ~ you're not covered.
  156. Molecular biologists are real newsmakers.
  157. Tiny pump could transform lives. See also Starlet Patch.
  158. National network for diabetes research launched by two leading British universities.

    17 July 2005

  159. Back From Iraq: A Soldier's Story.
  160. Diabetes Doesn't Hold Back Ironman Triathlete.
  161. Cat and Cliff.
  162. Study Participants Love Inhaled Insulin.
  163. Why is the fact that bacterial elements can cause Diabetes being ignored? asks Lawrence Broxmeyer MD.
  164. Kilimanjaro 2005, A Climb for a Cure.
  165. Taking Control: Kodiak triathlete doesn't let diabetes dictate his life.
  166. Organ recipient to run in transplant 'Olympics'.
  167. One woman's war with fake drugs.

    10 July 2005

  168. 21st-Century Kids Fight Diabetes.
  169. Milan graduate educates peers about diabetes.
  170. INGAP Peptide.

    3 July 2005

  171. Camp for diabetics offers rare fellowship.
  172. Camp New Horizons.
  173. Wayland High's profile in courage.
  174. Lauren: 'diabetes almost got me'.
  175. Teen visits Billings on diabetes tour.
  176. Falmouth 11-Year-Old Highlights Need for Diabetes Research.
  177. Scott's just living with diabetes.
  178. Supply scare for juvenile diabetic lifeline.
  179. The ride of his life: George Ledbetter is cycling from Mexico to Canada for charity and his daughter's memory.
  180. Persevering is part of his game; Chiefs OF handles diabetes, slumps and even the Red Sox and Cubs.
  181. Intensive therapy cuts diabetes problems: study.
  182. Solving the diabetes puzzle that baffled the world.
  183. Cutting down on needles: FDA is determining whether to approve inhaled insulin for diabetics after a study proves effectiveness.
  184. Korea Advances One Step Closer to Stem Cell Therapy.
  185. Bulgarian Boyan Petrov is attempting K2 this summer, but Boyan’s toughest challenge is the one he faces every day type 1 diabetes.

    26 June 2005

  186. Diabetic reactions can put drivers on a collision course.
  187. Back from South America.
  188. Kids Join Stars to Plead for Diabetes Funding.
  189. SHS student to educate Congress about diabetes research.

    19 June 2005

  190. Diabetics give up needle for pump.
  191. Commentary: Diabetic teen puts fresh face on stem-cell research quest.
  192. Local teens go searching for a diabetes cure.
  193. Diabetes from cradle.
  194. Teen on diabetes awareness mission.
  195. Teen of the Week: Brian Barber lives life his way.
  196. Ethan travels to Washington.
  197. Petersburg child joins 149 other juvenile diabetes sufferers from across the nation in Washington to blitz Capitol Hill.
  198. D.C. stands for 'diabetes cure'.
  199. Acworth families search high and low for ways to support juvenile diabetes research.
  200. Diabetic's road tragedy raises thorny questions.

    12 June 2005

  201. Stuffed and ready to serve — the 'Staff Sergeant Thompson bear'.
  202. Diagnoses might be missing Type-1 diabetes, study says.

    5 June 2005

  203. Kids and Diabetes.
  204. Dining out on diabetes.
  205. Hey, Look at Me: Is it possible to be both diabetic and a restaurant critic?
  206. Bandmates rock to fight juvenile diabetes.
  207. Helping diabetics to be winners.
  208. PEZ Interviews: Team Type 1.
  209. Sisters make vital connection.
  210. Teenage girl pokes classmates with a diabetes tester.

    29 May 2005

  211. 'Diabetes Doesn't Have to Stop You' is an interview with Will Cross, conducted from Mount Everest on May 16, 2005.
  212. Happy ending.
  213. Despite diabetes, UW golfer becomes Pac-10 champion.
  214. Even with two chronic diseases, Camden girl is always in high spirits.
  215. Living With Diabetes: First-grader is learning how to cope with illness, but the shots are no fun.
  216. Addison Twp. fire chief pedals to battle diabetes.
  217. A Sunday stroll could bring a cure to millions; As Adam Morrison showed in the NCAAs, diabetes doesn't have to hold you back.
  218. Graduate tackles ailment head-on.

    22 May 2005

  219. Ricordi's mission: Cure diabetes.
  220. Battle Hymn of the Immune System.
  221. Lindsay resident one step closer to getting an insulin pump.
  222. Pig Organ Transplants to Apes Likely This Year. See also Pig-cell transplant treatment denied and Pig cells offer hope of miracle cure.
  223. Modified Liver Cells Keep Diabetes under Control.
  224. The Cottage Grove Community Hospital and Clinics has an article about Eating Well With Diabetes.
  225. Senior feels 'lucky to graduate'.
  226. Thunder Bay student wins diabetes scholarship.
  227. Vacationing with diabetes.

    15 May 2005

  228. Travel Tips for People with Diabetes. See also our pages about Traveling with Diabetes and Flying With Diabetes.
  229. Jessica Kroner is featured in an article about diabetes in her hospital's quarterly magazine.. (See page four.)
  230. Diabetes won’t deny Niziolek from her place on the diamond.
  231. Miracle of life is quite real for Debbie.
  232. Kno-Koma offers diabetics fun, chance for independence.
  233. Eager to take a chance; A woman tells how an experimental treatment has helped bring her Type 1 diabetes under control.
  234. These Bulldogs are 'pumped up'; Steve Gledhill, Justin Hampton control diabetes with insulin pumps.
  235. Matt Wallace: Making the state baseball tourney last season meant a lot to Matt Wallace, a 2004 RHS graduate who died last week.
  236. Girls With Type 1 Diabetes Don't Let Condition Control Life.
  237. Team diabetes: Internists say it takes a group to manage diabetes.
  238. Carbs / Blood Sugar Readings / Insulin / Managing Diabetes is a Never-Ending Proposition.
  239. Juvenile diabetes demands constant monitoring.
  240. A woman who has been awarded a gold medal for surviving 50 years on insulin hopes to be an inspiration to young diabetics.
  241. World diabetes body worried about young sufferers.
  242. Charges dropped in fatal crash.
  243. Diabetic shock may have caused man to resist rescue workers.

    8 May 2005

  244. Diabetes: Erika's Story.
  245. Head on: Fourth grader faces type 1 diabetes.
  246. Team Type 1 is about funding research for a cure. The bicycling team also has a blog.
  247. Patients turn to the Web to share treatment details.
  248. Working For A Cure: Great Falls family raising money for diabetes research.
  249. Massachusetts' Lauren Stanford of Plymouth Named One of America's Top Ten Youth Volunteers.
  250. Diabetic driver talks about incident.
  251. Boy's wheel hero when illness hits.
  252. Students share individual stories about how they deal with disorder.
  253. Dealing with Diabetes.
  254. Juvenile diabetes symptoms getting harder for parents to spot.
  255. Non-injectable insulin debuts in Ecuador.

    1 May 2005

  256. 'Charlatan' guilty in girl's death; Naturopath's bad advice helped kill diabetic. See also A Quebec judge convicts a natural therapist in the manslaughter death of a diabetic 12-year-old.
  257. Molly is a 14 year old spot-nosed monkey who has had insulin-dependent diabetes for six years.
  258. Insulin pumps give kids a new life.
  259. 'Super sniffer wonder dog' is more than a friend to girl with diabetes.
  260. Diabetes no match for Eagle.
  261. Diabetic's writing offers information, inspiration.
  262. Teacher turns 'obsession' into diabetes fund-raiser.
  263. County youths not immune to diabetes.
  264. Health Alert: Islet transplant.
  265. 'Snorting insulin safe and effective' is about inhaled insulin.
  266. Schoolyard Prank Puts Students at Risk for HIV.

    24 April 2005

  267. 'How can you just leave someone lying there?'
  268. Young artist brightens his life.
  269. Diabetes in check, she carries on lacrosse legacy.
  270. Living with diabetes is about being on constant watch.
  271. CMC procedure treats Type 1 diabetes.
  272. Celebrities and diabetes.
  273. Pioneering operation gives hope to diabetes sufferers.
  274. For Dear Life: Katherine Gentry learns routines will be entirely different after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
  275. Jim Witheril is running marathons to help raise awareness of the signs of diabetes, in honor of his son who passed away from undiagnosed diabetes. See also Running vs. diabetes.
  276. Promising Company, Bad Deal from Forbes discusses Dexcom, a company developing implanted, continuous glucose sensors that went public in early April 2005.

    17 April 2005

  277. The high cost of living with diabetes.
  278. Melchionda: My brother Anthony is my hero.
  279. Carr takes personal battle public.
  280. Diabetes not about to halt pumped-up player.
  281. Teens with diabetes face life and death challenges while keeping in step with their peers.
  282. Dealing with diabetes.
  283. Mum's little lifesaver.
  284. Twenty-first century kids fight diabetes.
  285. 'Cool' texts could help save lives.
  286. Denis wins award for 60-year diabetes fight.

    10 April 2005

  287. Children contract illness after visiting petting zoos.
  288. Diabetes doesn't slow Bill King.
  289. New approach to diabetes.
  290. Diabetes care lapses when kids become adults.
  291. Center Reaches Out To Young Diabetes Patients.
  292. Magazine features former Groton woman.
  293. Pig cells go the distance for diabetic.
  294. Pig cell transplants into monkeys 'safe and effective'.
  295. The Diabetic Demographic.

    3 April 2005

  296. Coping with my Child's Diabetes.
  297. Driven to help others: Kathy Duke juggles civic duties, business, family - and diabetes.
  298. Dowling's Cordova overcoming diabetes.
  299. Research holds out hope for Plymouth teenager.
  300. Expert Says Diabetes Linked to Obesity Skyrocketing in US, Elsewhere.
  301. No kidding! Diabetes targets the cradle.
  302. Craig Medred: Scdoris is special, but so are other mushers includes a story about Guy Blankenship, an Iditarod racer with diabetes.
  303. Luck steps up as goalkeeper.
  304. Moderation replacing lists of taboo foods.
  305. Driver's Insulin Pump Blamed for Fatal Crash.
  306. Woman sues Munson over alleged insulin overdose.

    27 March 2005

  307. Christine Kenny the poster child for juvenile diabetes.
  308. Study urges steps to fast-track new diabetes monitor.
  309. Millionaire math whiz knew Amylin's drug would help his Rachel.
  310. Shot in arm for diabetics.
  311. Dealing with diabetes: Camp helps kids cope.

    20 March 2005

  312. Diabetic ordered off BA flight. See also Diabetic forced off plane for carrying insulin kit.
  313. Family copes with daughter’s diabetes.
  314. UM student and mountain climber doesn't let insulin pump slow him down.
  315. Vikings pitcher won’t take loss from diabetes.
  316. Morrison injects Zags with renewed energy. See also Zags' star fights diabetes and Diabetic Morrison Leads Zags at Texas Tech.
  317. Senior to compete in national contest.
  318. Diabetes patient walks the walk in fund raising.
  319. Son's disease propels a stem cell pioneer.
  320. Dad of Diabetic Daughter Wins Big; As Do Millions with Diabetes and Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

    13 March 2005

  321. For diabetic kids, every day is a test.
  322. Pharmacists help diabetics keep track of medication.
  323. Mom searching for diabetes cure.

    6 March 2005

  324. Islet transplants could be the future of diabetes treatments. See also Researchers: New Approach May Keep Diabetes Patients Off Insulin Shots; UM Researchers Work To Make Supply Of Insulin-Producing Cells.
  325. Spare a kidney? N. Adams man seeking donor for transplant.
  326. Diabetes doesn't deter Portage's Dixon.
  327. Kevin is poles apart from rest; A diabetic man is taking on one of the world's toughest races – from Canada to the North Pole.
  328. Rob Chappell Finds Inspiration in Hockey to Battle Diabetes.
  329. Cheerleader takes on diabetes.
  330. UConn lax defender on guard against diabetes.
  331. Living with diabetes.
  332. Kathy Quimby still strong after Type 1 setbacks.

    27 February 2005

  333. ASU Student Earns Endocrinology Award for Diabetes Work.
  334. Pump makes diabetes manageable.
  335. Child diabetics denied life-saving therapy.
  336. Exercise can be a challenge for diabetics.
  337. Pump is so sweet for Nick.
  338. Diabetes market primed for new devices.

    20 February 2005

  339. US Diabetes Monitoring Products & Therapies Demand to Reach $17.6 Billion in 2008.
  340. Student with diabetes raises money for illness.

    13 February 2005

  341. Producer Michael Lee of member station KUT in Austin, Texas, offers this audio snapshot of Chad Rackowitz, a Texas teacher and diabetic who may owe his life to the first graders he teaches.
  342. Children with diabetes share their stories.
  343. Reporter's life-changing near-death experience.
  344. Avonmore girl, 5, credited with saving father's life.
  345. Diabetes fails to stop high-scoring Thunderbird.
  346. Duel Role for Fencing Teens.
  347. Is math important? Just ask a diabetic.
  348. New Course Aims To Help Diabetic Youngsters.
  349. Swap Ops Beat My Diabetes.

    6 February 2005

  350. My Body: Sweet Success -- With careful monitoring, the Tigers' Jason Johnson confronts his diabetes.
  351. Cash gift buys insulin pump.
  352. Making the best of it -- Leo High School senior manages his juvenile diabetes in a very mature way.
  353. Woman hopes book will help diabetic parents cope.

    30 January 2005

  354. Boy's 911 call saves dad.
  355. Diabetes Doesn't Stop UNO's Chappell.
  356. Wrestling with diabetes.
  357. Scientists Stonewall on Spurious Soda Scare.

    23 January 2005

  358. 'Risk is worth the reward,' Plymouth breakfast attendees told.
  359. With determination, Strusses deal with diabetes.
  360. Off to camp! A fun way to learn about diabetes.
  361. Diabetic youth's practical tips part of book.
  362. Paris sets sail - regatta trip beckons.
  363. Thornton mother helps with international study.

    16 January 2005

  364. Infants to test milk diabetes link.
  365. Tales from a 'transplant veteran'.
  366. Dealing with diabetes.
  367. Stick to It: No Sugar-Coating: Diabetics Endure Plenty of Shots.
  368. Breakthrough in Treating Diabetes with Adult Stem Cells.

    9 January 2005

  369. Teen robbed of insulin device.
  370. Diabetic back in school's lunch line.
  371. Spotlight: Urban has tackled more than football, basketball (free registration required).
  372. Woman serves as successful example of diabetes care.
  373. Oakland diabetic educates, advocates for others.
  374. Health Matters: Diabetic Research.
  375. Canadian research may offer alternative to needles for patients who need injections.
  376. Can You Keep A Secret? from eDiets examines the question of when -- and who -- to tell about your diabetes.

    2 January 2005

  377. Dahlia: Boy wows Brass Ring crowd.
  378. For Pitt's Stephens, diabetes requires strict regimen.

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