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Daily Care News from 2001

  1. The ADA has released new recommendations on food and diet in the management of diabetes. (30 December 2001)
  2. The ADA has updated its Standards of Medical Care for Patients With Diabetes Mellitus. (30 December 2001)
  3. Treatment Issues in Type 1 Diabetes covers issues related to glucose monitoring, pump therapy, strategies for insulin use, inhaled and oral insulin, pediartic diabetes, and hypoglycemia. (30 December 2001)
  4. Dancing With Many Different Ghosts: Treatment of youth with type 2 diabetes. (30 December 2001)
  5. Productivity and Medical Costs of Diabetes in a Large Employer Population. (30 December 2001)
  6. Computer-assisted teaching of nutritional anemias and diabetes to first-year medical students. (30 December 2001)
  7. Home Testing Of Fructosamine Improves Glycemic Control In Patients With Diabetes. (23 December 2001)
  8. Beneficial effects of intensive therapy of diabetes during adolescence: Outcomes after the conclusion of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT). (23 December 2001)
  9. Coping strategies of parents facing child diabetes mellitus. (23 December 2001)
  10. Respite care users who have children with chronic conditions: Are they getting a break? (23 December 2001)
  11. Children's understanding of illness: Students' assessments. (23 December 2001)
  12. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Kitchen Table Approach. (23 December 2001)
  13. New HbA1c test approved by the FDA for home use. (16 December 2001)
  14. TheraSense Receives FDA Clearance for Labeling Changes to FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System. (9 December 2001)
  15. Insulin pump therapy and rapid acting insulin: what have we learned? (9 December 2001)
  16. A Nonlinear Effect of Hyperglycemia and Current Cigarette Smoking Are Major Determinants of the Onset of Microalbuminuria in Type 1 Diabetes. (9 December 2001)
  17. The Endocrinology & Diabetes Unit at British Columbia's Children's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has placed all of their diabetes patient handouts on their web site. (9 December 2001)
  18. Glycemic control with Humalog Mix25 in type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled with glyburide. (9 December 2001)
  19. Cygnus and Sankyo Sign Agreement for Co-Promotion of GlucoWatch Biographer. (2 December 2001)
  20. A Pilot Study of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: Clinical decisions and glycemic control after its use in pediatric type 1 diabetic subjects . (2 December 2001)
  21. Use of Insulin Pumps in Pregnancies Complicated by Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes in a Multiethnic Community. (2 December 2001)
  22. Hospitalization among diabetic children and adolescents and non-diabetic control subjects. (2 December 2001)
  23. Physiological insulin replacement in type 1 diabetes mellitus. (2 December 2001)
  24. Insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes. (2 December 2001)
  25. Insulin-treated diabetes patients with fear of self-injecting or fear of self-testing. Psychological comorbidity and general well-being. (2 December 2001)
  26. Comorbidity of diabetes mellitus and eating disorders. (2 December 2001)
  27. The November 2001 issue of Diabetes Interview has an article about How People With Diabetes Can Avoid Health-Insurance Conflicts. (2 December 2001)
  28. We have a new section about Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Diabetes. (25 November 2001)
  29. We offer advice on What To Do When You Give the Wrong Insulin Dose. (25 November 2001)
  30. Walgreen Recalls Lantus. (25 November 2001)
  31. The Journal of Pediatrics contains an article about Academic pediatric departments, government agencies, and children with special health care needs. (25 November 2001)
  32. A comparison of insulin lispro and buffered regular human insulin administered via continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pump. (18 November 2001)
  33. Hypoglycemia rebound migraine. (18 November 2001)
  34. Taking Care of Your Diabetes, a diabetes education program by Dr. Steven Edelman, has published its 2002 Conference Schedule. (18 November 2001)
  35. Management of diabetes: are doctors framing the benefits from the wrong perspective? (18 November 2001)
  36. National screening programme for diabetic retinopathy. (18 November 2001)
  37. Intensive Insulin Therapy in Critically Ill Patients. (11 November 2001)
  38. Roche acquires Amira Medical, maker of an alternative site meter. (11 November 2001)
  39. Diabetes and Nutrition explores different types of foods and their effects on blood sugar. (11 November 2001)
  40. FDA Approval Received for GlucoWatch® Biographer Manufacture at Cygnus. (4 November 2001)
  41. As Diabetes Epidemic Surges, HHS and ADA Join Forces to Fight Heart Disease, the Leading Cause of Death for People with Diabetes. (4 November 2001)
  42. Screening for diabetic retinopathy is well received by patients and may improve self-management intentions. (4 November 2001)
  43. Diabetes control deteriorates in girls at cessation of growth: relationship with body mass index. (4 November 2001)
  44. Adolescent views of diabetes-related parent conflict and support: a focus group analysis. (4 November 2001)
  45. Family Practice News Online offers a summary of available insulins at Drug Update: Insulin and Insulin Analogues. (Free registration required) (4 November 2001)
  46. Physician explanations for failing to comply with "best practices". See also Physicians Often Disagree With 'Best Practices' in Treating Type 2 Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (4 November 2001)
  47. The Importance of Physicians' Nutrition Literacy in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus. (4 November 2001)
  48. It's Not Your Fault reports on polycystic-ovary syndrome (PCOS). (4 November 2001)
  49. Once rare, type 2 diabetes is now a plague on Indian tribes. (4 November 2001)
  50. Cherokees tackle diabetes with education. (4 November 2001)
  51. The Challenge of Halloween offers advice and guidance for families of kids with diabetes. (28 October 2001)
  52. The Joslin Diabetes Centers offer advice on Helping Kids With Diabetes Enjoy Halloween and the Holidays. (28 October 2001)
  53. Insulin Pumps Effective for Diabetic Children. (28 October 2001)
  54. Good Metabolic Control Is Associated With Better Quality of Life in 2,101 Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes. (28 October 2001)
  55. The Effect of Evening Alcohol Consumption on Next-Morning Glucose Control in Type 1 Diabetes. (28 October 2001)
  56. PowerPak offers online education courses to meet continuing education requirements for health care professionals. While designed for health care professionals, they can help anyone living with diabetes learn more. For all course, click on the "Lesson" icon on the left to begin. Sample courses include:
  57. Issues in Type 2 Diabetes is a periodic publication of the National Diabetes Education Initiative. (28 October 2001)
  58. Diabetic Retinopathy: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Management is an online course about diabetic retinopathy, published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. (28 October 2001)
  59. In Risks with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion can be serious, G Knight, consultant physician at Rotherham General Hospitals, complains that doctors do not adequately warn their patients about the risks of DKA for patients using pump therapy. Dr. Knight cites data from 1985 to support the claims. However, one cited study does not support the claims: Frequency of diabetic ketoacidosis and hypoglycemic coma during treatment with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion. Ellen Ullman offers a rebuke to G Knight for choosing to ignore the benefits of pump therapy. (21 October 2001)
  60. The risk and outcome of cerebral oedema developing during diabetic ketoacidosis. (21 October 2001)
  61. Hypoglycemia: An Excuse for Poor Glycemic Control? (21 October 2001)
  62. Insulin Therapy for Diabetes: Is the Future Now? explores the importance of clinicians receiving formal training on insulin therapy. (21 October 2001)
  63. Clinical Management of Diabetes in the Elderly. (21 October 2001)
  64. Health related quality of life in patients with long-standing insulin dependent (type 1) diabetes mellitus: benefits of regular physical training. (21 October 2001)
  65. Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of insulin aspart. (21 October 2001)
  66. Recent Developments in the Pharmacological Reduction of Blood Glucose in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes. (21 October 2001)
  67. Study finds impaired pancreatic exocrine function in patients with type 1 diabetes. (21 October 2001)
  68. Short Exercise Bouts Are as Effective as Long Sessions. See also Effects of long versus short bout exercise on fitness and weight loss in overweight females. (21 October 2001)
  69. Diabetes control deteriorates in girls at cessation of growth: relationship with body mass index. See also Anticholinergic treatment improves glycaemic control in adolescent girls with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. (14 October 2001)
  70. Insulin and Glucose Excursion Following Premeal Insulin Lispro or Repaglinide in Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes. (14 October 2001)
  71. Article explains the EURODIAB project. (14 October 2001)
  72. The American Hearth Association issues a warning about high-protein diets, which are often promoted to people with diabetes as a way of reducing carbohydrate intake. See also Dietary Protein and Weight Reduction: A Statement for Healthcare Professionals From the Nutrition Committee of the Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Metabolism of the American Heart Association. (PubMed abstract) (14 October 2001)
  73. WebMD offers interactive online presentations, including one on type 1 diabetes. (14 October 2001)
  74. Orlistat Effective for Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance. (14 October 2001)
  75. Diabetes Therapeutics and Self-monitoring Diagnostics Market to Reach $31.7 Billion By 2007, demonstrating that diabetes is big business. (14 October 2001)
  76. Insulin glargine: a review of its therapeutic use as a long-acting agent for the management of type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus. (7 October 2001)
  77. Influence of intensive diabetes treatment on body weight and composition of adults with type 1 diabetes in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial. (7 October 2001)
  78. Extreme altitude mountaineering and Type 1 diabetes; the Diabetes Federation of Ireland Kilimanjaro Expedition. (7 October 2001)
  79. Beneficial Effects Of Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion In Older Patients With Long-standing Type 1 Diabetes. (7 October 2001)
  80. The effect of acute hyperglycaemia on appetite and food intake in Type 1 diabetes mellitus. (7 October 2001)
  81. Metformin does not adversely affect hormonal and symptomatic responses to recurrent hypoglycemia. (7 October 2001)
  82. Oral drug makes expectant mothers with gestational diabetes rest a little easier. (Video presentation. (7 October 2001)
  83. Abstract points out the dangers of taking unregulated 'herbal cures' for diabetes. (7 October 2001)
  84. Paper reviews insulin analogs. (7 October 2001)
  85. Early detection of microcirculatory impairment in diabetic patients with foot at risk. (7 October 2001)
  86. Woman with gestational diabetes gives birth to 14 pound baby. (7 October 2001)
  87. Intensive Insulin Therapy With Insulin Lispro: A randomized trial of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion versus multiple daily insulin injection. (30 September 2001)
  88. FDA announces a voluntary recall of Micronase due to presence of fungal organisms. (30 September 2001)
  89. Some Diabetic Teens Prone to Risky Behavior. (30 September 2001)
  90. Cygnus Seeks Approval for Children Ages 7-17 to Use GlucoWatch® Biographer. (30 September 2001)
  91. Importance of Postprandial Glucose Control. (30 September 2001)
  92. Mission Control: New Approaches to Glycemic Management in Diabetes offers CME credit via a free online course. (30 September 2001)
  93. Insulin Resistance: Implications for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases. (30 September 2001)
  94. Continuous Blood Glucose Data Sent Over The Internet. (30 September 2001)
  95. NovoLog®, now available in the US. (23 September 2001)
  96. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Issues New Guidelines for Management of Gestational Diabetes. (23 September 2001)
  97. Higher carbohydrate intake is associated with decreased incidence of newborn macrosomia in women with gestational diabetes. (23 September 2001)
  98. Acceleration of diabetic retinopathy in pregnancy. (23 September 2001)
  99. Caries and salivary status in young adults with type 1 diabetes. (23 September 2001)
  100. Asian Pacific Islander American population almost two times more likely than whites to have diabetes. (23 September 2001)
  101. In the age of junk food, type 2 diabetes strikes children. (23 September 2001)
  102. Cygnus Receives $750,000 Grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases to Advance Research on Biosensors. (16 September 2001)
  103. The hospital and home use of a 30-second hand-held blood ketone meter: guidelines for clinical practice. (16 September 2001)
  104. Treatment satisfaction and psychological well-being with insulin glargine compared with NPH in patients with Type 1 diabetes. (16 September 2001)
  105. Association between symptoms of depression and glycaemic control may be unstable across gender. (16 September 2001)
  106. Efficacy and tolerance of intranasal insulin administered during 4 months in severely hyperglycaemic Type 2 diabetic patients with oral drug failure. (16 September 2001)
  107. Treating diabetes with aerosolized insulin. (16 September 2001)
  108. Phobia of self-injecting and self-testing in insulin-treated diabetes patients: opportunities for screening. (16 September 2001)
  109. Metformin Does Not Adversely Affect Hormonal and Symptomatic Responses to Recurrent Hypoglycemia. (16 September 2001)
  110. QUICKI Does Not Accurately Reflect Changes in Insulin Sensitivity with Exercise Training. (16 September 2001)
  111. The ADKnowl: identifying knowledge deficits in diabetes care. (16 September 2001)
  112. Islet cell antibodies and glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies, but not the clinical phenotype, help to identify type 1(1/2) diabetes in patients presenting with type 2 diabetes. (16 September 2001)
  113. Consumer Reports magazine reviewed blood glucose meters in its October 2001 issue. (9 September 2001)
  114. Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes with Insulin Lispro During Ramadan. (9 September 2001)
  115. How Much Activity Do Youth Get? A Quantitative Review of Heart-Rate Measured Activity. See also Children May Need More Exercise Than US Guidelines Say. (9 September 2001)
  116. Characteristics of an Adult Population With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes: The relation of obesity and age of onset. See also Increased Obesity Accelerates Onset of Type 2 Diabetes. (9 September 2001)
  117. BD has several excellent brochures online, including Gestational Diabetes, Delicious Desserts, and the Fast Food Guide. (9 September 2001)
  118. The Pacific Business Group on Health has published its one-page 2001 Basic Guidelines for Diabetes Care. (2 September 2001)
  119. The effect of extend bar containing uncooked cornstarch on night-time glycemic excursion in subjects with type 2 diabetes. (2 September 2001)
  120. Variations of Ambulatory Blood Pressure With Position in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: Influence of disease duration and microangiopathy in a pilot study. (2 September 2001)
  121. Lamotrigine reduces painful diabetic neuropathy. (2 September 2001)
  122. Life with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) therapy: child and parental perspectives and predictors of metabolic control. (26 August 2001)
  123. Animas Corporation and the Diabetes Trust Fund to Provide Insulin Pumps to Children and Teens. (26 August 2001)
  124. One diabetic therapy discontinued; Mother of children with disease criticizes Lilly. (26 August 2001)
  125. Medscape answers a question about type 1 diabetes and insulin resistance. (Free Medscape membership required) (26 August 2001)
  126. Cygnus Receives Important FDA Approval for Large-Scale Manufacturing. (19 August 2001)
  127. Glucagon administration - underevaluated and undertaught. (19 August 2001)
  128. A phenomenological study of chronic sorrow in people with type 1 diabetes. (19 August 2001)
  129. The Supplement: New horizons in insulin pump therapy from Practical Diabetes International includes many excellent articles and letters, including Insulin pumps in children and adolescents by Dr. Ragnar Hanas and Psychological aspects of pumps and patient selection by Dr. Cathy Lloyd. (19 August 2001)
  130. Summary of the 5th Scientific Spring meeting of the Psycho-Social Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD) study group of the EASD. (19 August 2001)
  131. Improving the outcome for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes: results of a changing service in Copenhagen. (19 August 2001)
  132. Iron supplementation inhibits cough associated with ACE inhibitors. (19 August 2001)
  133. Searching for glycemic control in pediatric type 1 diabetes: A long way to go by Dr. Fran Kaufman offers an excellent overview of the challenges that children and teens with diabetes face. (12 August 2001)
  134. Predictors of glycemic control and short-term adverse outcomes in youth with type 1 diabetes. (12 August 2001)
  135. TheraSense offers guidance on Glucose Measurements Using Blood Extracted from the Forearm and the Finger. (12 August 2001)
  136. Maternal outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of a community-based support program for families of children with chronic illnesses. (Full Text at Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine) (12 August 2001)
  137. Blood glucose awareness training (BGAT-2): long-term benefits. (Full text at Diabetes Care) (12 August 2001)
  138. Disease management popular among HMOs. (12 August 2001)
  139. Company working on developing wearable, disposable insulin pump. (12 August 2001)
  140. "Teens and Diabetes: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll" was presented by Dr. Francine Kaufman and Dr. Richard Rubin at our conference at Disney World. (5 August 2001)
  141. The best defense against hypoglycemia is to recognize it: is caffeine useful?. (5 August 2001)
  142. FDA issued revised labeling guidelines for EMLA cream in 1998. (5 August 2001)
  143. The adequacy of diabetic care for children in a developing country. (5 August 2001)
  144. What Is So Bad About a Big Baby?. (5 August 2001)
  145. Impact of Diabetes on Long-Term Survival After Acute Myocardial Infarction: Comparability of risk with prior myocardial infarction. (Full text at Diabetes Care) (5 August 2001)
  146. The marital relationship and psychosocial adaptation and glycemic control of individuals with diabetes. (Full text at Diabetes Care) (5 August 2001)
  147. Child and parental mental ability and glycaemic control in children with Type 1 diabetes. (29 July 2001)
  148. Stability of U-10 and U-50 dilutions of insulin lispro. (29 July 2001)
  149. Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Finding a Sensible Pathway Through the Maze of Available Agents. (Free Medscape membership required) (29 July 2001)
  150. Study examined Hypoglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. (29 July 2001)
  151. A Guessing Game to Rally the Diabetic Child. (29 July 2001)
  152. The Cherokee Nation website has information about diabetes in Native Americans. (29 July 2001)
  153. Lifestyle and Behavior Modification in the Management of Obesity. (Free Medscape membership required) (22 July 2001)
  154. The Glycemic Index: Flogging a Dead Horse?. (22 July 2001)
  155. Therasense responds to letter about blood glucose testing using the arm in recent issue of in Diabetes Care. (22 July 2001)
  156. A national screening programme for diabetic retinopathy. (15 July 2001)
  157. Rate and prediction of infection in children with diabetic ketoacidosis. (15 July 2001)
  158. Newest Sweetener Stirs Up Old Debate. (15 July 2001)
  159. Czech study confirms benefits of insulin pump therapy. (15 July 2001)
  160. Patient safety is all about taking that extra step. (15 July 2001)
  161. How It Works: Giving Diabetics (and Their Sore Fingers) a Break reports on the GlucoWatch by Cygnus. (8 July 2001)
  162. Psychosocial Therapies in Diabetes: Report of the Psychosocial Therapies Working Group. (1 July 2001)
  163. Current Topics in Diabetes Mellitus is an online continuing medical education course with lots of excellent information, especially the section on Managing Diabetes in Special Circumstances by Dr. Satish Garg of the Barbara Davis Center. (Free Medscape membership required) (1 July 2001)
  164. Mom a Factor in Diabetic Girls' Eating Disorders. (1 July 2001)
  165. Declining Insulin Requirement in the Late First Trimester of Diabetic Pregnancy. Full Text at Diabetes Care. (1 July 2001)
  166. The Effect of Flexible Low Glycemic Index Dietary Advice Versus Measured Carbohydrate Exchange Diets on Glycemic Control in Children With Type 1 Diabetes. Full Text at Diabetes Care. (1 July 2001)
  167. Use of an Automated Device for Alternative Site Blood Glucose Monitoring reports on tests of the new Sof-Tact automated blood glucose meter by MediSense. (1 July 2001)
  168. Diabetes screening planned at more grade schools. (1 July 2001)
  169. Scientists Report New Findings On The Connection Between Diabetes And Heart Disease And Stroke. (1 July 2001)
  170. Improving Quality Improvement Using Achievable Benchmarks For Physician Feedback: A Randomized Controlled Trial. (24 June 2001)
  171. Culture can complicate treatment of diabetes. (24 June 2001)
  172. Is an Insulin Pump Right for Your Child and Family? (17 June 2001)
  173. Pump Therapy for Children: Weighing the Risks and Benefits -- View 1: The Cons of Insulin Pump Therapy in the Young Child. (17 June 2001)
  174. Pump Therapy for Children: Weighing the Risks and Benefits -- View 2: Insulin Pump Therapy in Young Children With Diabetes. (17 June 2001)
  175. HumaPen Ergo: A New 3.0ml Reusable Insulin Pen: Evaluation of Patient Acceptability. (Free Medscape membership required) (17 June 2001)
  176. The ADA offers guidance on the GlucoWatch Biographer. (10 June 2001)
  177. The Current State of Glucose Monitoring. (Free Medscape membership required) (10 June 2001)
  178. Fathers of children with diabetes mellitus and their role in coping strategies in the family. (10 June 2001)
  179. Washington Hospital Center Finds that Most Primary Care Doctors Don't Know Basic Tests for Diabetes Patients. (10 June 2001)
  180. MiniMed Inc. Comments on HCFA Decision to Expand Coverage for Insulin Pumps. (10 June 2001)
  181. Vitamin E Improves Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System In Type 2 Diabetics. (10 June 2001)
  182. Adolescent Diabetics Need More Help In Coping With Disorder. (10 June 2001)
  183. Insulin Sensitivity Increases At Moderates Altitudes. (10 June 2001)
  184. Conference examines diabetes in American Indian populations. (10 June 2001)
  185. Lions camp is a help, joy to diabetic, disabled. (10 June 2001)
  186. ACE Inhibitor Delays Progression of Diabetic Microalbuminuria. (Free Medscape membership required) (3 June 2001)
  187. Exercise Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetics. (Free Medscape membership required) (3 June 2001)
  188. Pump maker MiniMed to be acquired by Medtronic. See also Biotech pioneer finds cures, vast fortune, an article about MiniMed founder Al Mann. (3 June 2001)
  189. A Systematic Approach to Risk Stratification and Intervention Within a Managed Care Environment Improves Diabetes Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction . (Full Text) (3 June 2001)
  190. A Model Educational Program for People With Type 2 Diabetes. (Full Text) (3 June 2001)
  191. Diabetes Screening in Canada (DIASCAN) Study: Prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes and glucose intolerance in family physician offices. (Full Text) (3 June 2001)
  192. Debiotech is working on a miniature pump for subcutaneous infusion of insulin. (3 June 2001)
  193. KTVX in Utah reported on Insulin Pumps for Kids. (3 June 2001)
  194. Diabetes 'will strike half of UAE population in 25 years'. (3 June 2001)
  195. The elderly and herbal meds: Buyer beware! addresses one woman's questions about herbal "remedies" for type 2 diabetes. (3 June 2001)
  196. Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion in type 1 diabetes is beneficial in selected patients and should be more widely available. (27 May 2001)
  197. Lantus, a new 24-hour basal insulin, is now available in the US. See also the Lantus web site. (27 May 2001)
  198. Direct Comparison of Insulin Lispro and Aspart Shows Small Differences in Plasma Insulin Profiles After Subcutaneous Injection in Type 1 Diabetes. (27 May 2001)
  199. Group Visits Improve Metabolic Control in Type 2 Diabetes. (Full Text) (27 May 2001)
  200. Eating disorders in adolescents with type 1 diabetes. (27 May 2001)
  201. Predictors of self-care behavior in adults with type 2 diabetes. (27 May 2001)
  202. A new report shows that diabetes cases are increasing dramatically among women, and predicted to rise even faster as the population ages. (27 May 2001)
  203. Final height of children with type 1 diabetes: the effects of age at diagnosis, metabolic control, and parental height. (27 May 2001)
  204. Prevalence and risk factors of retinopathy in children with diabetes mellitus. (20 May 2001)
  205. Management of diabetic nephropathy. (20 May 2001)
  206. Asia's first diabetes infoline becomes operational. (20 May 2001)
  207. Diabetes mellitus - A four-article symposium. (20 May 2001)
  208. Short-term effects of severe hypoglycaemia in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. (20 May 2001)
  209. What's Your Number, Sweetie? is an article about the Glycemic Index. (20 May 2001)
  210. Q & A answers question about Growth and Maturation in Children With Type 1 Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (20 May 2001)
  211. Intensive diabetes management plus coping skills training improved metabolic control and quality of life in adolescents. (13 May 2001)
  212. Coping skills training for youth with diabetes mellitus has long-lasting effects on metabolic control and quality of life. (13 May 2001)
  213. Adolescent girls and boys differed in how they incorporated diabetes into their identities and how they managed the illness. (13 May 2001)
  214. The Effects of the Local Camps on Children with Type I Diabetes Mellitus. (13 May 2001)
  215. Clinical and psychosocial factors associated with achievement of treatment goals in adolescents with diabetes mellitus. (13 May 2001)
  216. Endocrinologists Urged to Keep Electronic Records on Diabetics. (Free Medscape membership required) (13 May 2001)
  217. Canada first to launch self-care incentives for kids with juvenile diabetes. (13 May 2001)
  218. Newer "designer" insulins and treatments allow diabetes patient to take control. (13 May 2001)
  219. Many Factors Cause Medical Errors in Patients With Diabetes. (13 May 2001)
  220. CDC to introduce book on diabetes in women. (13 May 2001)
  221. Healthy eating for diabetics is healthy eating for everyone else. (13 May 2001)
  222. Insulin pump therapy helps diabetes, newspaper reports. (13 May 2001)
  223. The exploding problem of diabetes: Pharmacists are making use of their unique position to help patients manage their disease. (13 May 2001)
  224. Oral Agents in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. (13 May 2001)
  225. Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Rational Approach Based on Its Pathophysiology. (13 May 2001)
  226. Guidelines for Premeal Insulin Dose Reduction for Postprandial Exercise. (6 May 2001)
  227. Avoidance of Hypoglycemia Restores Hypoglycemia Awareness by Increasing beta-Adrenergic Sensitivity in Type 1 Diabetes. (6 May 2001)
  228. Anticholinergic treatment improves glycaemic control in adolescent girls with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. (6 May 2001)
  229. Prevalence and Significance of Retinopathy in Subjects With Type 1 Diabetes of Less Than 5 Years' Duration Screened for the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial. (Free Medscape membership required) (29 April 2001)
  230. Behavior Therapy for Families of Adolescents With Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (29 April 2001)
  231. Antihypertensive Therapy for Diabetics Should Include an ACE Inhibitor. (Free Medscape membership required) (29 April 2001)
  232. Diabetes Care Study Shows Positive Results For Detecting Hypoglycemia With The Cygnus Glucowatch® Biographer. (29 April 2001)
  233. Guidelines for premeal insulin dose reduction for postprandial exercise of different intensities and durations in type 1 diabetic subjects treated intensively with a basal-bolus insulin regimen (ultralente-lispro). (29 April 2001)
  234. Chronic care clinics for diabetes in primary care.
  235. Epipen shown ineffective as an alternative to glucagon in the treatment of severe hypoglycemia in children with diabetes. (29 April 2001)
  236. Lipoatrophy Associated With Lispro Insulin in Insulin Pump Therapy. (22 April 2001)
  237. Dr. Steve Edelman talked about "The GlucoWatch® Biographer: The Most Important Diabetes Monitoring Advance in a Decade". (22 April 2001)
  238. GlucoWatch UK offers information about the GlucoWatch for people in the UK. (22 April 2001)
  239. The Yorkhill Childrens' Diabetes Website in Scotland has it's teaching materials online. (22 April 2001)
  240. Study examined the effect of periodontal treatment on glycemic control in patients with Type 2 diabetes. (22 April 2001)
  241. Influence of a beta-glucan-enriched bedtime snack on nocturnal blood glucose levels in diabetic children. (15 Apr 2001)
  242. Just Seven Questions Crucial For Teens With Diabetes. (15 Apr 2001)
  243. Glucagon administration - underevaluated and undertaught. (15 Apr 2001)
  244. Use of alternative medicines in diabetes mellitus. (15 Apr 2001)
  245. Patterns of adherence to diabetes vision care guidelines: baseline findings from the Diabetic Retinopathy Awareness Program. (15 Apr 2001)
  246. Red wine protects diabetic patients from meal-induced oxidative stress and thrombosis activation: a pleasant approach to the prevention of cardiovascular disease in diabetes. (15 Apr 2001)
  247. Increased Risk of Eating Disorder Not Seen Among Diabetic Adolescents. (Free Medscape membership required) (15 Apr 2001)
  248. Factors influencing glycemic control in young people with type 1 diabetes in Scotland. (15 Apr 2001)
  249. Emerging therapies in type 2 diabetes. (15 Apr 2001)
  250. Animas Initiates Voluntary Recall For March Pumps. (8 Apr 2001)
  251. Insulin pump forum launched in UK. (8 Apr 2001)
  252. Maternal Weight Before Pregnancy Is Predictive of Recurrent Gestational Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (8 Apr 2001)
  253. Asymptomatic Type 1 Diabetes May Manifest Solely as 2-Hour OGTT Abnormality. (Free Medscape membership required) (8 Apr 2001)
  254. Mini-Dose Glucagon Rescue for Hypoglycemia in Children With Type 1 Diabetes. (1 Apr 2001)
  255. Retinopathy Common Early After the Onset of Type 1 Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (1 Apr 2001)
  256. A healthful food plan phases out `diabetic diet.' (1 Apr 2001)
  257. WebMD article reports that 'Home Blood Sugar Devices Not as Easy to Use as Thought.' (1 Apr 2001)
  258. Preventive Measures Help Patients with Diabetes See into the Future. (Free Medscape membership required) (1 Apr 2001)
  259. The Times of India reports that Child diabetics face tough time in school. (1 Apr 2001)
  260. GlucoWatch Approved by FDA. (25 March 2001)
  261. Maternal Reports of Raising Children With Chronic Illnesses:The Prevalence of Positive Thinking. (25 March 2001)
  262. Paper reviews Management of Hyperglycemic Crises in Patients With Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (25 March 2001)
  263. Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Children. (Free Medscape membership required) (25 March 2001)
  264. Plasma prorenin levels may predict persistent microalbuminuria in children with diabetes. (25 March 2001)
  265. Fiber lowers insulin needs of pregnant diabetics. (25 March 2001)
  266. Continuity and Quality of Care for Children With Diabetes Who Are Covered by Medicaid. (25 March 2001)
  267. Study demonstrates that daily wear soft contact lenses are fine for people with diabetes. (25 March 2001)
  268. FDA clears Innovo®, a new insulin delivery device from Novo Nordisk. (25 March 2001)
  269. Treatment of obesity: need to focus on high risk abdominally obese patients. (25 March 2001)
  270. Case study explores Pregnancy and Early-Onset Type 1 Diabetes. (25 March 2001)
  271. What attracts patients with diabetes to an internet support group? A 21-month longitudinal website study. (25 March 2001)
  272. Reducing hospital inpatient length of stay for patients with diabetes. (25 March 2001)
  273. Disetronic has released a safety notice for users of H-TRON an H-TRONplus insulin pumps. Some users have reported receiving too much insulin when their pump was exposed to water, though all these pumps had cracks in the case. They also have an update to the H-TRON and H-TRONplus manual and a question and answer page about this issue. (18 March 2001)
  274. Diabetes Management in the 21st Century: Multiple Therapeutic Options for Achieving Glycemic Control is an online CME course. (Free Medscape membership required) (18 March 2001)
  275. Paper outlines Management of Celiac Disease. (18 March 2001)
  276. The American Diabetes Association has information about Starlix, a new oral diabetes medication. (18 March 2001)
  277. Novo Nordisk highlights the therapeutic value of insulin aspart. (18 March 2001)
  278. Study examined compliance in adolescents. (18 March 2001)
  279. Simple Tests Screen for Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetic Patients. (Free Medscape membership required) (18 March 2001)
  280. Pediatrics, Hypoglycemia from Emergency Medicine presents medical information about treating non-insulin therapy hypoglycemia in children. (18 March 2001)
  281. Pediatrics, Diabetic Ketoacidosis from Emergency Medicine presents medical information about treating DKA in kids. (18 March 2001)
  282. Cygnus Signs U.S. Market Research Agreement With LifeScan For the GlucoWatch Biographer. (11 March 2001)
  283. MiniMed's new pump is called the Paradigm. If you've purchased a MiniMed 508 pump after March 1, 2001, you will be able to upgrade to the new pump for free after February 2002. (11 March 2001)
  284. The Diabetes Mall looks at new insulin pumps. (11 March 2001)
  285. Patients taking Glucophage XR can get a month of free medicine. (11 March 2001)
  286. The ADA's 16th Annual Southern Regional Conference on Diabetes is being held from May 24-27, 2001 at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. (11 March 2001)
  287. Check Your Hemoglobin A1c I.Q. at the National Diabetes Education Program web site. (11 March 2001)
  288. The CDC offers an annotated bibliography on the economics of diabetes. (11 March 2001)
  289. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers guidance on patient empowerment in Helping Patients Take Charge of Their Chronic Illnesses. (11 March 2001)
  290. The British Medical Journal publised letters about the outcome of pregnancy in diabetic women. (11 March 2001)
  291. As Diabetes Strikes Younger, Children Get Lessons in Defense. (11 March 2001)
  292. Study demonstrates that people with Type 2 diabetes can enjoy sugar in their diet. (11 March 2001)
  293. Study found that substituting dietary saturated for monounsaturated fat impairs insulin sensitivity in healthy men and women. (11 March 2001)
  294. The Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona, offers a session on diabetes. (11 March 2001)
  295. The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation Convention will be held from March 16-18 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. (11 March 2001)
  296. If you're interested in the GlucoWatch, you can read the transcript of the FDA pre-market approval meeting from December 1999. (4 March 2001)
  297. Study finds vitamin E helpful in reducing levels of oxidized LDL. (4 March 2001)
  298. Temple University team finds that pacemaker helps people with gastroparesis. (4 March 2001)
  299. Health Care Costs Associated with Escalation of Drug Treatment in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. (Free Medscape membership required) (4 March 2001)
  300. Sales of blood glucose meters rising in Europe. (4 March 2001)
  301. Study Shows People With Diabetes Not Receiving Recommended Medical Eye Care. (4 March 2001)
  302. Computerized device gives diabetics more control is a story about the benefits of insulin pump therapy. (4 March 2001)
  303. Article about the growth in diabetes care purchases highlights the magnitude of the diabetes market. (4 March 2001)
  304. Article recommends CT scans for children with diabetes who present with an altered mental state. (4 March 2001)
  305. Nurses in Palm Beach County schools do more than apply bandages. (4 March 2001)
  306. Studies in Insulin Therapy: A Case-Based Approach is a free, on-line educational program about diabetes care. (Free Medscape membership required) (4 March 2001)
  307. What attracts patients with diabetes to an internet support group? A 21-month longitudinal website study. (25 February 2001)
  308. Reducing hospital inpatient length of stay for patients with diabetes. (25 February 2001)
  309. Effect of the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection on gastric emptying and its influence on the glycaemic control in type 1 diabetes mellitus. (25 February 2001)
  310. Study examined Parenting Styles, Regimen Adherence, and Glycemic Control in 4- to 10-Year-Old Children With Diabetes. (25 February 2001)
  311. Read the newsletter of the Diabetes Institute for Immunology and Transplantaion at the University of Minnesota. This issue focuses on islet and pacreas transplants. (25 February 2001)
  312. Knowledge About Diabetes Lacking Among Patients in India. (Free Medscape membership required) (25 February 2001)
  313. Taipei Times reports that diabetes is running rampant and that the death rate among Taiwanese diabetes sufferers is higher than that of other countries. (25 February 2001)
  314. Study suggests that a sustained reduction in HbA1c level among adult diabetic patients is associated with significant cost savings within 1 to 2 years of improvement. (18 February 2001)
  315. Study explored Interinstitutional Variation in Glycohemoglobin Monitoring and Glycemic Control of Diabetic Patients. (18 February 2001)
  316. Physical Activity and Risk for Cardiovascular Events in Diabetic Women. (18 February 2001)
  317. Treatment of Hypertension in Patients with Diabetes: Lessons from Recent Trials. (18 February 2001)
  318. Lower Blood Pressure Goals For Patients With Diabetes: The National Kidney Foundation Consensus Report. (Free Medscape membership required) (18 February 2001)
  319. Study Ties Obesity to Soda. (Free New York Times registration required) (18 February 2001)
  320. Type 2 diabetes in children exemplifies the growing problem of chronic diseases. (18 February 2001)
  321. Diabetic teenagers are prone to eating disorders. (18 February 2001)
  322. The current issue of Medical Student JAMA has several articles about cybermedicine, e-health, and the use of the Internet in medicine. (18 February 2001)
  323. Prevention: For Diabetics' Hearts, Aspirin Therapy. (Free New York Times registration required) (18 February 2001)
  324. Paper reports on Insulin regimens and insulin adjustments in diabetic children, adolescents and young adults. (18 February 2001)
  325. The American Diabetes Association has updated its Clinical Care Recommendations for 2001. (11 February 2001)
  326. Proposed Guidelines on Screening for Risk of Type 1 Diabetes. (11 February 2001)
  327. Aspirin Therapy in Diabetes is Underutilized. (11 February 2001)
  328. Teaching Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes How to Incorporate Sugar Choices Into Their Daily Meal Plan Promotes Dietary Compliance and Does Not Deteriorate Metabolic Profile. (11 February 2001)
  329. Diabetes Patients Grow Attached to Insulin Pump. (11 February 2001)
  330. Continuous Subcutaneous Glucose Monitoring in Children With Type 1 Diabetes. (11 February 2001)
  331. Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Therapy for Children and Adolescents: An Option for Routine Diabetes Care. (11 February 2001)
  332. Study suggests that children from single-mother families are at risk of poorer metabolic control and that these families have more challenges to face when raising a child with a chronic illness. (11 February 2001)
  333. Free diabetes clinic for kids planned for February 15th in Flint, Michigan. (11 February 2001)
  334. The Nursing Standard offers three excellent continuing education articles on its web site in the following topics: (11 February 2001)
    1. Type 2 Diabetes
    2. The development of diabetic ketoacidosis.
    3. Coeliac disease
  335. Study reviews Factors Influencing Glycemic Control in Young People With Type 1 Diabetes in Scotland. (11 February 2001)
  336. Study: Medication errors too common in schools. (11 February 2001)
  337. Diabetes Forecast article shows how insulin pump therapy can help adults with varying schedules. (11 February 2001)
  338. A British Medical Journal editorial recommends reducing television viewing and promoting playing to deal with the obesity epidemic in young children. (11 February 2001)
  339. The Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society has an article about the success of insulin pump use by one practice. (11 February 2001)
  340. LifeScan introduces the OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Monitoring System. (4 February 2001)
  341. Insulin Pump Preferred For Kids With Diabetes. (4 February 2001)
  342. Study reports on Risk Factors for Cerebral Edema in Children with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. See also Predicting Cerebral Edema during Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Diabetic Crisis Treatment Linked to Brain Swelling. (28 January 2001)
  343. Diabetes Life Lines by the University of Georgia offers a collection of papers about diabetes care. (28 January 2001)
  344. Type 1 Diabetes and Sports Participation provides strategies for training and competing safely. (28 January 2001)
  345. I'm a cyborg and I love it is a story by a writer who wears an insulin pump. (28 January 2001)
  346. HCFA offers a Status Report and Contact Information for states to help people who need financial assistance to pay for their diabetes supplies. (28 January 2001)
  347. The Lilly Cares -- Patient Assistance Program offers help for people who have trouble paying for insulin and other medications. (28 January 2001)
  348. The Centers for Disease Control has a web site dedicated to diabetes. Newly released data shows that Type 2 diabetes is epidemic in the United States. See a US map with prevelance statistics from 1999. (28 January 2001)
  349. No More Needles explores research into oral insulin. (28 January 2001)
  350. Study suggests that a sustained reduction in HbA1c level among adult diabetic patients is associated with significant cost savings within 1 to 2 years of improvement. (21 January 2001)
  351. Study finds new insulin aspart safe and effective for use in insulin pumps. (21 January 2001)
  352. Risk of Type 1 Diabetes Can Be Predicted By Presence of Antibodies. (Free Medscape membership required) (21 January 2001)
  353. New Treatments Help Diabetics Reach Target Blood Glucose Levels More Easily. (Free Medscape membership required) (21 January 2001)
  354. National Initiative to Help Prevent Blindness for People With Diabetes. (Free Medscape membership required) (21 January 2001)
  355. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers advice on Making Diabetes Checkups More Fruitful. (21 January 2001)
  356. Type 2 diabetes in children may be misdiagnosed. (21 January 2001)
  357. 1994 study suggests that clinicians need to be attentive to suicidal thoughts in youth with diabetes. (21 January 2001)
  358. Study finds that some patients using simplified meal-planning approaches and short-acting insulin regimens can use an insulin pump instead of 2 daily injections of 70/30 insulin. (21 January 2001)
  359. Hypertension and diabetes mellitus were positively associated with cognitive decline over 6 years in late middle-aged population. (21 January 2001)
  360. FDA issues warning to women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children on the risks of mercury in fish. See also the EPA advisory information. (21 January 2001)
  361. High blood glucose levels are putting half of adults at higher risk of fatal heart attacks, says a UK study (21 January 2001)
  362. Study reports on the psychosocial impact on mother of Saudi diabetic children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (21 January 2001)
  363. Compliance and adherence are dysfunctional concepts in diabetes care. (14 January 2001)
  364. RNWeb offers a course for nurses for When Your Patient is on an Insulin Pump. (14 January 2001)
  365. Healthcare Needs of Students with Diabetes in School is published by the California Department of Education. Currently in proposal form, and feedback is encouraged. (14 January 2001)
  366. Study finds basal insulin therapy with insulin glargine once a day to be as safe and at least as effective as using NPH insulin once or twice a day in patients with type 1 diabetes receiving basal-bolus insulin treatment with insulin lispro. (7 January 2001)
  367. Letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine reinforces the decreased risk of myocardial infarction with the use of angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors in patients with elevated blood pressure. See also Outcome results of the Fosinopril Versus Amlodipine Cardiovascular Events Randomized Trial (FACET) in patients with hypertension and NIDDM and The Effect of Nisoldipine as Compared with Enalapril on Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes and Hypertension. (7 January 2001)
  368. Diabetes Forecast explores Neuropathy: The"Forgotten" Complication. (7 January 2001)
  369. Medtronic Enterra Therapy is a indicated for the treatment of chronic nausea and vomiting associated with gastroparesis. (7 January 2001)
  370. Study reports on a new approach to screening for proteinuria in Japanese schoolchildren. (7 January 2001)
  371. Study reports on cases of accidental pediatric ingestion of metformin. (7 January 2001)
  372. Study finds poorer diets in families that watch TV during meals. (7 January 2001)
  373. Weight Status, Parent Reaction, and Self-Concept in Five-Year-Old Girls. (7 January 2001)

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