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Celiac News from 2009

    30 December 2009

  1. Autoantibody frequency in celiac disease.
  2. 23 December 2009

  3. Gluten-Free for the Holidays, and Beyond.
  4. Short stature, celiac disease and growth hormone deficiency.
  5. 2 December 2009

  6. The Changing Face of Childhood Celiac Disease in North America: Impact of Serological Testing.
  7. The impact of maternal celiac disease on birthweight and preterm birth: a Danish population-based cohort study.
  8. Natural Hidden Autoantibodies to Tissue Transglutaminase Cross-React with Fibrinogen.
  9. The effects of ALV003 pre-digestion of gluten on immune response and symptoms in celiac disease in vivo.
  10. Serum and Intestinal Celiac Disease-associated Antibodies in Children With Celiac Disease Younger Than 2 Years of Age.

    25 November 2009

  11. The effect of biopsy-positive silent coeliac disease and treatment with a gluten-free diet on growth and glycaemic control in children with Type 1 diabetes.

    18 November 2009

  12. High fat consumption in children with celiac disease.
  13. Screening Detects a High Proportion of Celiac Disease in Young HLA-genotyped Children.
  14. Celiac disease in 87 children with typical and atypical symptoms in Black Sea region of Turkey.
  15. Celiac disease in patients with presumed irritable bowel syndrome: a case-finding study.
  16. Anti-Pituitary Antibodies in Children With Newly Diagnosed Celiac Disease: A Novel Finding Contributing to Linear-Growth Impairment.

    11 November 2009

  17. Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity.
  18. Two prolamin peptides from durum wheat preclude celiac disease-specific T cell activation by gluten proteins.
  19. Foods formulation for people with celiac disease based on quinoa (Chenopoduim quinoa), cereal flours and starches mixtures.
  20. Celiac-associated peptic disease at upper endoscopy: How common is it?
  21. Malnutrition in adults with gastrointestinal disorders: a new reservoir of celiac disease?
  22. Silent celiac disease in a cohort of healthy adults.

    28 October 2009

  23. Long-term Clinical Significance of Thyroid Autoimmunity in Children with Celiac Disease.
  24. Serologic screening for celiac disease in children: a comparison between established assays and tests with deamidated gliadin-derived peptides plus conjugates for both IgA and IgG antibodies.
  25. Neurological symptoms in patients with biopsy proven celiac disease.
  26. 21 October 2009

  27. Study of celiac disease in adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  28. Uveitis in celiac disease with an excellent response to gluten-free diet: third case described.
  29. 14 October 2009

  30. Blocking Peptides Decrease Tissue Transglutaminase Processing of Gliadin in Vitro.
  31. Variability of Histopathological Changes in Childhood Celiac Disease.
  32. Increased Serum High-density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol Concentration in Celiac Disease After Gluten-free Diet Treatment Correlates With Body Fat Stores.
  33. Long-term and acute effects of gliadin on small intestine of patients on potentially pathogenic networks in celiac disease.
  34. Identification of human zonulin, a physiological modulator of tight junctions, as prehaptoglobin-2. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.

    30 September 2009

  35. Psyllium as a substitute for gluten in bread.
  36. Body Mass Index in Celiac Disease: Beneficial Effect of a Gluten-free Diet.
  37. Changing Pattern in the Clinical Presentation of Pediatric Celiac Disease: A 30-Year Study. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  38. Small-intestinal histopathology and mortality risk in celiac disease.

    23 September 2009

  39. Mystery Molecule Identified: Key Role in Celiac Disease, Other Autoimmune Disorders.
  40. Proximal Small Intestinal Microbiota and Identification of Rod-Shaped Bacteria Associated With Childhood Celiac Disease.
  41. A Brazilian experience of the self transglutaminase-based test for celiac disease case finding and diet monitoring. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  42. Celiac Disease: From Pathogenesis to Novel Therapies.
  43. Infections may have a protective role in the etiopathogenesis of celiac disease.
  44. Autoantibody screen in inflammatory myopathies high prevalence of antibodies to gliadin.
  45. Nutrient intakes during diets including unkilned and large amounts of oats in celiac disease.

    16 September 2009

  46. Symptomless coeliac disease in type I diabetes: 12-year experience in Estonia.
  47. Recurrent Febrile Infections and Neutropenia in a Child With Silent Celiac Disease.
  48. Modulation of the immune response by probiotic strains in a mouse model of gluten sensitivity.

    9 September 2009

  49. Celiac Disease Is Associated with Restless Legs Syndrome.
  50. Development of a cookie formulation for celiac people using defatted Chilean hazel nut (Gevuina avellana. Mol) flour and quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd) flour.

    2 September 2009

  51. Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Children With Type 1 Diabetes Screened for Celiac Disease.
  52. The role of celiac disease and type 1 diabetes coexistance. Is celiac disease responsible for diabetic status?
  53. New Gluten-Free Gift Bags Launched.

    26 August 2009

  54. The Association Between Celiac Disease, Dental Enamel Defects, and Aphthous Ulcers in a United States Cohort.
  55. Anti-microbial antibodies in celiac disease: trick or treat?
  56. Double Trouble Counseling Clients With Diabetes and Celiac Disease.

    19 August 2009

  57. The Expense of Eating With Celiac Disease.
  58. Hepatitis B vaccination failure in celiac disease: Is there a need to reassess current immunization strategies?
  59. Zinc and micronutrient combinations to combat gastrointestinal inflammation.
  60. Dynamics of celiac disease-specific serology after initiation of a gluten-free diet and use in the assessment of compliance with treatment.

    12 August 2009

  61. From the diagnosis of celiac disease to the prospect of legislative changes.

    5 August 2009

  62. Celiac Disease: Predictors of Compliance With a Gluten-free Diet in Adolescents and Young Adults.
  63. Prevalence of Metabolic Bone Disease in Children With Celiac Disease Is Independent of Symptoms at Diagnosis.
  64. Enteroscopy in the diagnosis and management of celiac disease.

    29 July 2009

  65. Celiac Disease Insights: Clues to Solving Autoimmunity.
  66. A food-grade enzyme preparation with modest gluten detoxification properties. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  67. Symptoms and signs in individuals with serology positive for celiac disease but normal mucosa.
  68. An Association Between Microscopic Colitis and Celiac Disease.

    22 July 2009

  69. Chapter 6 introduction of oats in the diet of individuals with celiac disease a systematic review.

    15 July 2009

  70. The response to hepatitis B vaccine: does it differ in celiac disease?
  71. Italian Paediatricians' Approach to Coeliac Disease Diagnosis.

    1 July 2009

  72. Food that makes you different: the stigma experienced by adolescents with celiac disease.
  73. "You don't need a prescription to go gluten-free": The scientific self-diagnosis of celiac disease.
  74. Increasing prevalence and high incidence of celiac disease in elderly people: A population-based study. Free full text available in PDF format.

    24 June 2009

  75. Headache in Pediatric Patients With Celiac Disease and Its Prevalence as a Diagnostic Clue.
  76. Tight junctions, intestinal permeability, and autoimmunity: celiac disease and type 1 diabetes paradigms.

    17 June 2009

  77. The effect of substituting alternative grains in the diet on the nutritional profile of the gluten-free diet.
  78. Going Gluten-Free At Age 13.

    10 June 2009

  79. Stratifying Risk for Celiac Disease in a Large At-Risk US Population Using HLA Alleles.
  80. Resistance to celiac disease in humanized HLA-DR3-DQ2-transgenic mice expressing specific anti-gliadin CD4+ T cells.
  81. Prevalence of Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity in the United States Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness Study Population.

    3 June 2009

  82. Efficacy of budesonide therapy in the early phase of treatment of adult celiac disease patients with malabsorption: An in vivo/in vitro pilot study.
  83. Different levels of humoral immunoreactivity to different wheat cultivars gliadin are present in patients with celiac disease and in patients with multiple myeloma. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  84. Immunological profile of coeliac disease in a subgroup of patients with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

    27 May 2009

  85. Between Celiac Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The "No Man's Land" of Gluten Sensitivity.
  86. Analysis of HLA and non-HLA alleles can identify individuals at high risk for celiac disease.

    13 May 2009

  87. New therapeutic strategies for celiac disease.

    6 May 2009

  88. A Comparison of Antibody Testing, Permeability Testing, and Zonulin Levels with Small-Bowel Biopsy in Celiac Disease Patients on a Gluten-Free Diet.

    29 April 2009

  89. The great majority of children with type 1 diabetes produce and deposit anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies in the small intestine.
  90. Serum fatty acid profile in celiac disease patients before and after a gluten-free diet.
  91. Early pregnancy loss in celiac women: The role of genetic markers of thrombophilia.

    22 April 2009

  92. Read the latest gluten free news in these new blog articles.

    15 April 2009

  93. Increased Prevalence and Mortality in Undiagnosed Celiac Disease.
  94. A Pilot Study on the Noninvasive Evaluation of Intestinal Damage in Celiac Disease Using I-FABP and L-FABP.
  95. Removing celiac disease-related gluten proteins from bread wheat while retaining technological properties: a study with Chinese Spring deletion lines. Free full text available in PDF format.

    8 April 2009

  96. Long-term health and quality-of-life consequences of mass screening for childhood celiac disease: a 10-year follow-up study. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  97. Economic benefits of increased diagnosis of celiac disease in a national managed care population in the United States.
  98. Sulfonylurea treatment in a girl with neonatal diabetes (KCNJ11 R201H) and celiac disease: Impact of low compliance to the gluten free diet.

    1 April 2009

  99. Pattern of celiac disease in infants and children.
  100. Celiac disease in the 21st century: issues of under- and over-diagnosis.
  101. Prevalence of Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Children with Celiac Disease and Effect of Gluten Withdrawal.

    25 March 2009

  102. Intestinal T cell responses to gluten peptides are largely heterogeneous: implications for a peptide-based therapy in celiac disease.
  103. Bovine Milk Caseins and Transglutaminase-Treated Cereal Prolamins Are Differentially Recognized by IgA of Celiac Disease Patients According to Their Age.
  104. Celiac disease: diagnostic criteria and impact of gluten free diet--patients' perspective.

    18 March 2009

  105. Living with celiac disease.
  106. Celiac diagnosis sparks idea for gluten-free bakery.
  107. Gluten-free oatmeal cookies are fabulous.

    11 March 2009

  108. Cost-effective HLA typing with tagging SNPs predicts celiac disease risk haplotypes in the Finnish, Hungarian, and Italian populations.
  109. Missing Celiac Disease in Family Medicine: The Importance of Hypothesis Generation.
  110. A Simple Validated Gluten-Free Diet Adherence Survey for Adults With Celiac Disease.

    4 March 2009

  111. Effect of B vitamin supplementation on plasma homocysteine levels in celiac disease.
  112. Electrochemical immunosensor for the diagnosis of celiac disease.
  113. The prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease and celiac disease in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  114. 25 February 2009

  115. Home blood testing for celiac disease: recommendations for management. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.

    18 February 2009

  116. Potential reno-protective effects of a gluten-free diet in type 1 diabetes.
  117. Celiac Disease Affects 1 Percent of U.S. Population. See also GI condition once thought rare is common in U.S.
  118. Follow-up of adult celiac patients: which noninvasive test reflects mucosal status most reliably?

    11 February 2009

  119. Effect of a gluten-free diet on bone mineral density in children with celiac disease.
  120. Diabetes and autoimmune diseases: prevalence of celiac disease in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. Free Portuguese language full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  121. beta-Cell Autoimmunity in Pediatric Celiac Disease: The Case for Routine Screening?

    21 January 2009

  122. Coeliac disease: current approach and future prospects.
  123. Doctor unraveling mystery of celiac disease.
  124. Celiac sufferers adjust to gluten-free lifestyle, wait for a cure.

    7 January 2009

  125. Life as a Celiac Kid.

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