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Celiac News from 2007

    30 December 2007

  1. Population screening for coeliac disease in primary care by district nurses using a rapid antibody test: diagnostic accuracy and feasibility study. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  2. The safety, tolerance, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects of single doses of AT-1001 in coeliac disease subjects: a proof of concept study.
  3. Response to Hepatitis B Vaccination in Patients with Celiac Disease.

    23 December 2007

  4. Does every short stature child need screening for celiac disease?

    16 December 2007

  5. Imbalance in the composition of the duodenal microbiota of children with coeliac disease.
  6. Deficiency of 6B11+ Invariant NK T-Cells in Celiac Disease.
  7. A rapid and sensitive method to detect specific human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) class II alleles associated with celiac disease.

    9 December 2007

  8. Effect of gluten-free diet and co-morbidity of irritable bowel syndrome-type symptoms on health-related quality of life in adult coeliac patients.
  9. IgA anti-actin antibodies ELISA in coeliac disease: a multicentre study.
  10. Celiac disease and autoimmune thyroid disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.

    2 December 2007

  11. Is a gluten-free diet necessary in patients with potential celiac disease?
  12. Design of azidoproline containing gluten peptides to suppress CD4(+) T-cell responses associated with Celiac disease.
  13. Dealing with Celiac.

    25 November 2007

  14. Clinical Pattern of Celiac Disease Is Still Changing.
  15. Ninety percent of celiac disease is being missed.
  16. Inflammatory bowel disease in celiac patients.
  17. Pilot study on the correlation of optical coherence tomography with histology in celiac disease and normal subjects.

    18 November 2007

  18. Systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies on the prevalence of fractures in coeliac disease.
  19. Performance of a new rapid whole blood coeliac test in adult patients with low prevalence of endomysial antibodies.
  20. New therapeutic strategies for coeliac disease: tissue transglutaminase as a target.

    11 November 2007

  21. Long-term follow-up of 61 coeliac patients diagnosed in childhood: evolution toward latency is possible on a normal diet.
  22. Factors that Influence Adherence to a Gluten-Free Diet in Adults with Celiac Disease.
  23. Usefulness of Antibodies to Deamidated Gliadin Peptides in Celiac Disease Diagnosis and Follow-up.
  24. Celiac disease: Variations of presentations in adults.
  25. Oral mucosa of coeliac disease patients produces antiendomysial and antitransglutaminase antibodies: the diagnostic usefulness of an in vitro culture system.
  26. Clinical presentation and incidence of complications in patients with coeliac disease diagnosed by relative screening.

    4 November 2007

  27. Prevalence and clinical features of celiac disease in 950 children with type 1 diabetes in France.
  28. Serological screening of relatives of celiac disease patients: antiendomysium antibodies, anti-tissue transglutaminase or both? Free Portuguese language full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  29. The liver in celiac disease.

    28 October 2007

  30. Consumption of pure oats by individuals with celiac disease: A position statement by the Canadian Celiac Association.
  31. A prospective comparative study of five measures of gluten-free diet adherence in adults with coeliac disease.

    21 October 2007

  32. Welcome to Celiac Camp.
  33. Effect of a Gluten-free Diet on the Risk of Enteropathy-associated T-cell Lymphoma in Celiac Disease.
  34. Bone Mineralization in Young Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Screening-identified Evidence of Celiac Disease.
  35. Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Strategies for Diagnosing Celiac Disease.
  36. Long-term Fracture Risk in Patients with Celiac Disease: A Population-Based Study in Olmsted County, Minnesota.
  37. Sarcoidosis in Patients with Celiac Disease..

    14 October 2007

  38. HLA DQ Gene Dosage and Risk and Severity of Celiac Disease.

    7 October 2007

  39. What blood tests help diagnose celiac disease?
  40. Histopathologic diagnosis of celiac disease in children without clinical evidence of malabsorption.
  41. Environmental factors of celiac disease: Cytotoxicity of hulled wheat species Triticum monococcum, T. turgidum ssp. dicoccum and T. aestivum ssp. spelta.
  42. A case of celiac disease mimicking amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

    30 September 2007

  43. Development of autoimmunity to transglutaminase C in children of patients with type 1 diabetes: relationship to islet autoantibodies and infant feeding.
  44. Correction of Celiac Disease After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
  45. Clinical, subclinical and potential autoimmune diseases in an Italian population of children with Celiac disease.
  46. Celiac disease, pregnancy, small for gestational age: role of extravillous trophoblast.

    23 September 2007

  47. Subclinical neurological abnormalities in children with celiac disease receiving a gluten-free diet.
  48. Long-term follow-up of individuals with celiac disease: An evaluation of current practice guidelines.
  49. Natural history of antibodies to deamidated gliadin peptides and transglutaminase in early childhood celiac disease.

    16 September 2007

  50. Silent Celiac Disease Is Frequent in the Siblings of Newly Diagnosed Celiac Patients.
  51. Gut microflora associated characteristics in first-degree relatives of children with celiac disease.
  52. The management of complicated celiac disease.
  53. Economic burden of a gluten-free diet.
  54. Risk of primary adrenal insufficiency in patients with celiac disease. Free full text available in PDF format.

    9 September 2007

  55. Accuracy of serologic tests and HLA-DQ typing for diagnosing celiac disease.
  56. Multiplex assays to diagnose celiac disease.
  57. Diagnostic accuracy of IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase antibody assays in celiac disease patients with selective IgA deficiency.
  58. Waiter, Please Hold the Wheat.

    2 September 2007

  59. Celiac disease: In vitro and in vivo safety and palatability of wheat-free sorghum food products.
  60. Can Campylobacter jejuni play a role in development of celiac disease? A hypothesis.

    12 August 2007

  61. Omitting control biopsy in paediatric coeliac disease: a follow-up study.
  62. Combination enzyme therapy for gastric digestion of dietary gluten in patients with celiac sprue.
  63. Transamidation of Wheat Flour Inhibits the Response to Gliadin of Intestinal T Cells in Celiac Disease.
  64. Antibodies Against Synthetic Deamidated Gliadin Peptides and Tissue Transglutaminase for the Identification of Childhood Celiac Disease.
  65. Deamidated gliadin peptides as targets for celiac disease-specific antibodies.
  66. A case-control study of presentations in general practice before diagnosis of coeliac disease.
  67. HLA related genetic risk for coeliac disease.

    5 August 2007

  68. The influence of gluten: weaning recommendations for healthy children and children at risk for celiac disease.

    29 July 2007

  69. Designing individual treatments for coeliac disease.
  70. For the Gluten-Averse, a Menu That Works.

    15 July 2007

  71. Prevalence of celiac disease in Tunisia: mass-screening study in schoolchildren.

    8 July 2007

  72. Predictors of reduced health-related quality of life in adults with coeliac disease.

    1 July 2007

  73. Women and celiac disease: association with unexplained infertility.
  74. Serum and intestinal dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV/CD26) activity in children with celiac disease.
  75. Where are all those patients with celiac disease?
  76. Celiac disease as a rare cause of primary amenorrhea: a case report.
  77. Immunochemical determination of gluten in malts and beers.

    24 June 2007

  78. Fate of Five Celiac Disease-Associated Antibodies During Normal Diet in Genetically At-Risk Children Observed from Birth in a Natural History Study.
  79. Affinity maturation of immunoglobulin A anti-tissue transglutaminase autoantibodies during development of coeliac disease.
  80. Role of the "Immersion Technique" in Diagnosing Celiac Disease With Villous Atrophy Limited to the Duodenal Bulb.

    17 June 2007

  81. Effect of a gluten-free diet on growth and small-bowel histology in children with celiac disease in India.

    10 June 2007

  82. Prevalence of coeliac disease (CD) in children with type 1 diabetes (T1D).
  83. Dental enamel defects in children with coeliac disease.
  84. Are xenogeneic anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies the holy grail for celiac patients?
  85. Predictors of Clinical Response to Gluten-Free Diet in Patients Diagnosed With Diarrhea-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  86. Celiac disease manifested by polyneuropathy and swollen ankles.

    3 June 2007

  87. Screening by anti-endomysium antibodies for celiac disease in Tunisian children with type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  88. High prevalence of glucose intolerance even among young adults in south India.
  89. Long wait for coeliac diagnosis.
  90. Vaccine hope for food disease sufferers.

    27 May 2007

  91. Increased prevalence of celiac disease in first and second-grade relatives. A report of a family with 19 studied members.
  92. Highly efficient gluten degradation by lactobacilli and fungal proteases during food processing: new perspectives for celiac disease.
  93. A population-based study of coeliac disease, neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases.
  94. Capsule endoscopy in refractory celiac disease.
  95. Persistent small bowel mucosal villous atrophy without symptoms in coeliac disease.
  96. The Westchester Celiac Sprue Support Group has a group of traveling Teddy bears to help kids with celiac.

    20 May 2007

  97. Efficient degradation of gluten by a prolyl endoprotease in a gastrointestinal model: implications for celiac disease.

    13 May 2007

  98. Jury Is Still Out on Gluten, the Latest Dietary Villain.
  99. The Absence of a Mucosal Lesion on Standard Histological Examination Does Not Exclude Diagnosis of Celiac Disease.
  100. Diagnostic significance of HLA-DQ typing in patients with previous coeliac disease diagnosis based on histology alone.
  101. Clinical utility of counting intraepithelial lymphocytes in celiac disease intestinal mucosa.
  102. Testing for IgG class antibodies in celiac disease patients with selective IgA deficiency. A comparison of the diagnostic accuracy of 9 IgG anti-tissue transglutaminase, 1 IgG anti-gliadin and 1 IgG anti-deaminated gliadin peptide antibody assays.

    6 May 2007

  103. Immune cross-reactivity in celiac disease: anti-gliadin antibodies bind to neuronal synapsin I.

    29 April 2007

  104. Impact of celiac autoimmunity on children with type 1 diabetes.
  105. Early diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease in type 1 diabetes. A longitudinal, case-control study.
  106. Coeliac disease in Dutch patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and vice versa.
  107. Video Capsule Enteroscopy in the Diagnosis of Celiac Disease: A Multicenter Study.
  108. New aspects in celiac disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.

    22 April 2007

  109. Commentary: Reaching a milestone in diagnosing coeliac disease.
  110. Pre-endoscopy serological testing for coeliac disease: evaluation of a clinical decision tool. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  111. Clinical presentation and incidence of complications in patients with coeliac disease diagnosed by relative screening.
  112. Dental enamel defects in children with coeliac disease.
  113. Gluten-free beer put to test.

    15 April 2007

  114. Correlation of Duodenal Histology With Tissue Transglutaminase and Endomysial Antibody Levels in Pediatric Celiac Disease.
  115. Failure to respond to hepatitis B vaccine in children with celiac disease.

    8 April 2007

  116. Morphometric Analysis of Small-Bowel Mucosa in Turkish Children with Celiac Disease and Relationship with the Clinical Presentation and Laboratory Findings.

    1 April 2007

  117. Screening for Celiac Disease in Family Members: Is Follow-up Testing Necessary?
  118. Pre-endoscopy serological testing for coeliac disease: evaluation of a clinical decision tool. Free full text available in PDF format.
  119. Commentary: Reaching a milestone in diagnosing coeliac disease.
  120. Enamel hypoplasia in coeliac children: a potential clinical marker of early diagnosis.

    25 March 2007

  121. Delayed diagnosis of coeliac disease increases cancer risk. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  122. In vitro tests indicate that certain varieties of oats may be harmful to patients with coeliac disease.
  123. Two-year follow-up of anti-transglutaminase autoantibodies among celiac children on gluten-free diet: Comparison of IgG and IgA.
  124. Role of wireless capsule endoscopy in the study of intestinal diseases. Critical analysis and observation of the first 50 cases.
  125. Population screening for celiac disease: Follow up of patients identified by positive serology.
  126. Celiac disease: more common than you think.
  127. But everything might contain gluten.

    18 March 2007

  128. Capsule Endoscopy Changes Patient Management in Routine Clinical Practice.
  129. Intestinal Permeability and Antigliadin Antibody Test for Monitoring Adult Patients with Celiac Disease.
  130. Detection of Celiac Disease in Primary Care: A Multicenter Case-Finding Study in North America.
  131. Correlation of Clinical and Histopathological with Endoscopic Findings of Celiac Disease in the Turkish Population.
  132. Celiac disease associated antibodies in persons with latent autoimmune diabetes of adult and type 2 diabetes.
  133. Gliadin, glutenin or both? The search for the Holy Grail in coeliac disease.

    11 March 2007

  134. Small bowel ultrasound in patients with celiac disease Retrospective study.
  135. Neutrophil Recruitment and Barrier Impairment in Celiac Disease: A Genomic Study.
  136. Dietary treatment of gluten neuropathy.

    4 March 2007

  137. Coeliac disease and the risk of fractures - a general population-based cohort study.
  138. Is exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in adult coeliac disease a cause of persisting symptoms?
  139. Mucosal reactivity to cow's milk protein in coeliac disease.
  140. The Canadian Celiac Health Survey.
  141. Food questionnaire for assessment of infant gluten consumption.
  142. Coeliac disease and risk of schizophrenia and other psychosis: A general population cohort study.
  143. Long-Term Mortality in People With Celiac Disease Diagnosed in Childhood Compared With Adulthood: A Population-Based Cohort Study.

    25 February 2007

  144. Prevalence of coeliac disease in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus in a clinic based population.
  145. Long-term follow-up of 61 celiac patients diagnosed in childhood: evolution toward latency is possible on a normal diet.
  146. The Importance Of Exclusive Breastfeeding In Infants At Risk For Celiac Disease.
  147. An algorithm for family screening for coeliac disease.
  148. Celiac-Related Properties of Chemically and Enzymatically Modified Gluten Proteins.
  149. Combinations of common chronic paediatric diseases deviate the immune response in diverging directions.
  150. Tetramer visualization of gut-homing gluten-specific T cells in the peripheral blood of celiac disease patients. Free full text available in PDF format.
  151. Gluten-Free Cooking Spree Comes To New York City.

    18 February 2007

  152. The interaction between eating disorders and celiac disease: an exploration of 10 cases.

    11 February 2007

  153. Elimination of dietary gluten and development of type 1 diabetes in high risk subjects. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  154. Coeliac disease and risk of mood disorders - A general population-based cohort study.
  155. Lack of correlation of degree of villous atrophy with severity of clinical presentation of coeliac disease.
  156. Coeliac disease and risk of renal disease-a general population cohort study.

    4 February 2007

  157. Gliadin Peptides Activate Blood Monocytes from Patients with Celiac Disease.
  158. Islet cell, thyroid, adrenal and celiac disease related autoantibodies in patients with Type 1 diabetes from Sri Lanka. Free full text available in PDF format.
  159. Gluten Free Girl is the blog of Shauna James, who has celiac.

    28 January 2007

  160. Prognostic factors of celiac disease occurrence in type 1 diabetes mellitus children.
  161. Malignancy and mortality in a population-based cohort of patients with coeliac disease or 'gluten sensitivity'.
  162. The Iceberg of Celiac Disease: What Is Below the Waterline?
  163. A highly accurate method for monitoring histological recovery in patients with celiac disease on a gluten-free diet using an endoscopic approach that avoids the need for biopsy: a double-center study.
  164. Diagnosis of Celiac Disease in Clinical Practice: Physician's Alertness to the Condition Essential.
  165. Serological and Clinical Comparison of Children and Adults with Anti-Endomysial Antibodies.
  166. Extruded rice flour as a gluten substitute in the production of rice bread.

    21 January 2007

  167. Celiac disease presenting with motor neuropathy: Effect of gluten free-diet.
  168. Serum levels of soluble CD163 correlate with the inflammatory process in coeliac disease.
  169. Immunoglobulin A autoantibodies against transglutaminase 2 in the small intestinal mucosa predict forthcoming coeliac disease.
  170. Systematic review: the use of serology to exclude or diagnose coeliac disease (a comparison of the endomysial and tissue transglutaminase antibody tests).
  171. Diabetes, celiac disease present challenges for 6-year-old.

    14 January 2007

  172. A prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to establish a safe gluten threshold for patients with celiac disease.
  173. High prevalence of celiac disease in Brazilian blood donor volunteers based on screening by IgA antitissue transglutaminase antibody.

    7 January 2007

  174. Consumption of gluten-free products: should the threshold value for trace amounts of gluten be at 20, 100 or 200 p.p.m.?
  175. A prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to establish a safe gluten threshold for patients with celiac disease.
  176. Spectrum of gluten-sensitive enteropathy in first-degree relatives of patients with coeliac disease: clinical relevance of lymphocytic enteritis.
  177. Adult population screening for coeliac disease: comparison of tissue-transglutaminase antibody and anti-endomysial antibody tests.
  178. Screening of the adult population in Iran for coeliac disease: comparison of the tissue-transglutaminase antibody and anti-endomysial antibody tests.
  179. Celiac disease: pathogenesis of a model immunogenetic disease.

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