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Celiac News from 2006

    31 December 2006

  1. HLA-DQB1*0201 homozygosis predisposes to severe intestinal damage in celiac disease.
  2. No observed local immunological response at cell level after five years of oats in adult coeliac disease.
  3. Gluten-Free Diet Impact on Leptin Levels in Asymptomatic Coeliac Adolescents: One Year of Follow-Up.
  4. Coeliac disease and primary hyperparathyroidism: an association?
  5. Population screening for coeliac disease in a low prevalence area in Italy.
  6. First prevalence of celiac disease in a Portuguese population.
  7. Prevalence of diabetes-related autoantibodies in celiac disease.
  8. Undiagnosed coeliac disease and nutritional deficiencies in adults screened in primary health care.
  9. Effect of HLA DQ2, dietary exposure and coeliac disease on the development of antibody response to gliadin in children.

    24 December 2006

  10. Coeliac disease and oats: a systematic review.
  11. Celiac Disease and Risk of Liver Disease: A General Population-Based Study.
  12. Recent advances in the understanding of celiac disease : therapeutic implications for the management of pediatric patients.
  13. Anheuser-Busch releases gluten-free beer.
  14. Support group helps make living with celiac disease a piece of (no gluten) cake.
  15. 17 December 2006

  16. Development of autoimmunity to transglutaminase C in children of patients with type 1 diabetes: relationship to islet autoantibodies and infant feeding.

    10 December 2006

  17. How do Swedish paediatric clinics diagnose coeliac disease? Results of a nationwide questionnaire study.
  18. HLA genotyping is useful in the evaluation of the risk for coeliac disease in the 1st-degree relatives of patients with coeliac disease.
  19. Celiac Disease and HLA in a Bedouin Kindred.
  20. Coeliacs must learn to live without their daily bread.
  21. Food fight.
  22. Claire cooks up a new business to meet food allergy challenge.
  23. Wheat no more. Go gluten-free.

    3 December 2006

  24. Genome-wide linkage analysis of 160 North American families with celiac disease.
  25. A new indirect chemiluminescent immunoassay to measure anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies.
  26. Alice's Story.
  27. CNN Newsroom Anchor Heidi Collins to be Official Spokesperson for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.

    26 November 2006

  28. Treatment and Management of Celiac Disease.
  29. Gluten intolerance: Gender and age-related features.
  30. Epilepsy and Celiac Disease: Favorable Outcome With a Gluten-Free Diet in a Patient Refractory to Antiepileptic Drugs.

    19 November 2006

  31. Oats in the treatment of childhood coeliac disease: a 2-year controlled trial and a long-term clinical follow-up study.

    12 November 2006

  32. Celiac disease triples risk of diabetes.
  33. Prevalence of celiac disease among siblings of celiac disease patients.

    5 November 2006

  34. Celiac disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  35. Clinical Value of Immunoglobulin A Antitransglutaminase Assay in the Diagnosis of Celiac Disease.
  36. Levels of serologic markers of celiac disease in patients with reflux esophagitis. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  37. Prevalence of celiac disease in an urban area of Brazil with predominantly European ancestry. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  38. Celiac Disease: It's Common, and Commonly Misdiagnosed.

    29 October 2006

  39. Clinical Benefit of a Gluten-Free Diet in Type 1 Diabetic Children With Screening-Detected Celiac Disease.
  40. Celiac Disease and Risk of Subsequent Type 1 Diabetes: A general population cohort study of children and adolescents.

    22 October 2006

  41. Systemic autoimmune disorders in celiac disease.

    15 October 2006

  42. Rotavirus infection frequency and risk of celiac disease autoimmunity in early childhood: a longitudinal study.
  43. Recent developments in celiac disease.
  44. Overweight in celiac disease: prevalence, clinical characteristics, and effect of a gluten-free diet.
  45. Cognitive impairment and celiac disease.

    8 October 2006

  46. Should Stored Serum of Patients Previously Tested for Celiac Disease Serology be Retested for Transglutaminase Antibodies?
  47. Celiac sprue is primarily a disease of blocked cellular recognition.
  48. Are you celiac aware?

    1 October 2006

  49. Sourdough lactobacilli and celiac disease.
  50. Endoscopic markers for celiac disease.

    24 September 2006

  51. The prevalence of growth hormone deficiency and celiac disease in short children. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.

    17 September 2006

  52. Do we need to measure total serum IgA to exclude IgA deficiency in coeliac disease?
  53. Selected aspects of the epidemiological analysis of celiac disease and diabetes mellitus type 1 coexistance in children and youth.
  54. Extraintestinal manifestations of celiac disease.
  55. Hematological manifestations of celiac disease.
  56. Peripheral Neurological Disturbances, Autonomic Dysfunction, and Antineuronal Antibodies in Adult Celiac Disease Before and After a Gluten-Free Diet.
  57. Stores increasingly offering gluten-free products.
  58. Patients often lost in painful mystery.
  59. Brewer Finds Success With Gluten-Free Beer.

    10 September 2006

  60. Oral proteases: a new approach to managing coeliac disease. Full text available in PDF format.
  61. Current epidemiology and accessibility to diet compliance in adult celiac disease.
  62. Abnormal fatty acid pattern in intestinal mucosa of children with celiac disease is not reflected in serum phospholipids.
  63. Clinical features of celiac disease in Indian children: are they different from the West?

    3 September 2006

  64. Change in lipid profile in celiac disease: beneficial effect of gluten-free diet.
  65. Management of celiac disease in childhood and adolescence: unique challenges and strategies.
  66. Bowel sonography in adult celiac disease: diagnostic accuracy and ultrasonographic features.
  67. Celiac Disease Could be a Frequent Disease in Mexico: Prevalence of Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody in Healthy Blood Donors.
  68. Diagnosis of celiac disease. Full text available in HTML format.
  69. Unusual manifestations of celiac disease. Full text available in HTML format.
  70. Enzymatic gluten detoxification: the proof of the pudding is in the eating!.

    27 August 2006

  71. Club Celiac Sailing Adventure is a two hour sight seeing adventure aboard the schooner Adirondack in New York on Sunday, September 10th.
  72. Celiac disease on the rise.

    13 August 2006

  73. Cooking gluten-free: A celiac survival guide.

    6 August 2006

  74. HLA-DQ2 and -DQ8 signatures of gluten T cell epitopes in celiac disease. Full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  75. Baffling disease mistaken for other illnesses slowly being unmasked.
  76. Churchgoers want gluten-free wafers for communion service.

    30 July 2006

  77. 'A major life change' -- People with celiac disease undergo a radical shift in diet.
  78. Coping with celiac disease means dining without wheat.
  79. Pasta and pizza are poison for celiacs.

    23 July 2006

  80. The changing immunological paradigm in coeliac disease.
  81. Assessing the population impact of low rates of breast-feeding on asthma, coeliac disease and obesity: the use of a new statistical method.
  82. The epidemiology of coeliac disease in East Dorset 1993-2002: An assessment of the 'coeliac iceberg', and preliminary evidence of case clustering.
  83. Neuropathy associated with gluten sensitivity. Free full text available in PDF format.

    9 July 2006

  84. Celiac Success: New Enzyme Efficiently Degrades Gluten In "human Stomach" Environment is a follow up to a study reported last week.
  85. Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages—the $1.7 Billion Natural Foods "Niche" Market. See also Gluten-free market set to boom, says report.

    2 July 2006

  86. Highly efficient gluten degradation with a newly identified prolyl endoprotease: implications for celiac disease. See also Celiac Success: New Enzyme Efficiently Degrades Gluten.

    25 June 2006

  87. Rational design of combination enzyme therapy for celiac sprue.
  88. Celiac disease and childhood cancer.

    18 June 2006

  89. Inflammatory bowel disease: maladaptation of the vigilant genotype in a hyper-clean world?

    28 May 2006

  90. Celiac Disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  91. Serum prevalence of celiac disease in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  92. Celiac Disease-Sandwiched between Innate and Adaptive Immunity.
  93. Eating disorders and celiac disease: A case report.
  94. School and leisure activities in adolescents and young adults with chronic digestive disorders: impact of burden of disease.

    21 May 2006

  95. Highly efficient gluten degradation with a newly identified prolyl endoprotease: implications for celiac disease.
  96. Improving the management of celiac disease: An urgent challenge.
  97. Latent coeliac disease in a 4.5-year-old girl with type 1 diabetes mellitus--case report.
  98. To Hell and Back: The gluten-free journey.
  99. Against the grain; Celiac disease sufferers can't tolerate wheat, barley, rye, oats.
  100. Italians fight food discrimination; Top chefs lead fight for celiac and allergy sufferers.

    14 May 2006

  101. Celiacs: Gluten For Punishment.
  102. Learning to Live With Celiac Disease.

    7 May 2006

  103. As more diabetics turn up with celiac disease, doctors grapple with universal testing.
  104. New Gluten-Free Flour Developed for Sufferers of Celiac Sprue.

    30 April 2006

  105. Awakening to a whole new life.

    23 April 2006

  106. Testing for celiac disease without endoscopy.

    16 April 2006

  107. A First Communion dream in doubt. See also Dracut Girl Wants A Traditional First Communion and Family Upset With Church's Stance On Girl's Communion.
  108. Gluten guard.

    2 April 2006

  109. Association between insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and coeliac disease. A study on 175 diabetes patients.
  110. Risk of Celiac Disease in Children With Type 1 Diabetes Is Modified by Positivity for HLA-DQB1*02-DQA1*05 and TNF –308A.
  111. New easy test for celiac disease.
  112. Hopeful steps for celiac sufferers.

    26 March 2006

  113. Reduction of tissue transglutaminase autoantibody levels by gluten-free diet is associated with changes in subsets of peripheral blood lymphocytes in children with newly diagnosed coeliac disease.
  114. Long-term follow-up of coeliac disease - what do coeliac patients want?

    19 March 2006

  115. Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies and their role in the investigation of coeliac disease.

    12 March 2006

  116. Cutaneous manifestations in celiac disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.

    26 February 2006

  117. Celiac disease: Shedding light on Dr. Tony Riehl's condition.
  118. New labels help avoid forbidden ingredients, but dangers lurk.

    19 February 2006

  119. Allergy causes french fry quandary. See also McDonald's Sued Over Ingredients of Fries and Jupiter couple sue McDonald's, claiming fries made daughter ill.

    12 February 2006

  120. 'Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic', by Peter H.R. Green, M.D. and Rory Jones is First and Only Authoritative Guide on the Serious Autoimmune Disease.

    15 January 2006

  121. Most probable origin of coeliac disease is low immune globulin A in the intestine caused by malfunction of Peyer's patches.
  122. Celiac disease at a glance.

    8 January 2006

  123. Hidden danger is coming into focus; Celiac disease was once thought rare.

    1 January 2006

  124. Celiac disease in Tunisia: serological screening in healthy blood donors.
  125. Gluten-Free Foods Becoming Mainstream In U.S.

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