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Casey Hi, my name is Casey Vivit. I found out I had diabetes when I was 3 years and 9 mos old. Thanks to my Mom who just doesn't quit!

My mom had just gone through a very terrible time separating from my dad, and was just starting to feel better. She had her career, which at this point was more of a strain to continue. Although, we needed the financial support it provided. I was doing really well at "school", had lots of friends in my day care. I seemed to have times when I would have terrific temper tantrums and seemed really confused and couldn't understand my mom at all. Her words would just not make any sense to me. I would just cry and cry and thrash and really make a big mess in my room, because I was not behaving well.

Anyway, my mom tells me that I had this terrific appetite increase first off. She was glad when this happened because I was a picky eater. I weigh much less than the rest of the kids my age, and I just hate meat. I like hotdogs and hamburgers though. Then one friday she noticed I was asking for drinks alot, then going to the bathroom alot! I complained I was real thirsty. I couldn't get my own drinks because the sink was too high for me, so my mother really got tired of getting me my drinks. We went shopping that weekend and it seemed I spent more time around the bathrooms where the drinking fountain was than shopping. Mom got really tired of taking me to the bathroom, so I went by myself a couple of times. I bugged her so much she couldn't carry on a conversation with my sister, Shelby, who was 6, and buy her a pair of shoes. She got real concerned.

Then she remembered what her sister said about my cousin Elizabeth. She had an infection, so she had to go to the bathroom alot. That's when she got the idea of looking this up in the Medical Encyclopedia we have. This was when she got real scared. She looked up urine infection and found out that boys don't get them much. It also said to check out diabetes because the same symptom could be from diabetes. She checked this out and all the symptoms were there, plus more.

So the next Monday at work, she called the doctor. It turns out that my doctor was on vacation so she talked to his back up doctor. She told him that she felt that there was something wrong, because I was wetting the bed and over soaking my pull ups. I was almost dry, but now I was just getting my bed soaked, and every night. She also told him that I was so thirsty I had to have drinks all the time. He didn't think there was anything wrong, and that boys like me don't get potty trained until age 6, so not to worry. She said that there was something wrong...she didn't mention that she had looked up the possibilities in the encyclopedia because he would just say she was scaring herself into believing something was wrong. He finally relented because it was just a simple urine test to find out. She asked when the test would need to be done, and he said just to pick up the stuff from the lab. My mom's work is 1/2 hour away from the clinic, so it was tough for my mom to make all these extra trips outside of work and get us to daycare and be at work. She asked when she could get the specimen in, and he said the lab was open from 8 - 5. This was impossible because my mom dropped us off at 8 and couldn't leave work until 5.

Then she remembered that the lab was open early! She called the lab and yes, she didn't have to have an appointment and could drop it off anytime, even at 7:30 AM. She talked to my dad, and he said he could drop it off at the lab because he was closer. By this time is was Thursday, and the next day dad could drop it off. Well, dad called up and told us he had left it in the car all day, and they said they needed another sample. Well, we had plans the next day for a family party, so we couldn't do it then, so we had to wait all weekend. Then, dad dropped off the sample on Monday. Mom was real busy at work Tuesday, so she didn't even remember until 4:30 that day to call the doctor's office.

She got concerned when the nurse at the office said, "What test?". They usually get the lab tests back by 10:00 AM the following morning. They said they would call her back after they called the lab. Well, she got called away from her desk and when she got back she had a message on her phone saying the test came out ok. It was 5:10 now, and she knew it was *not* ok, so she called them right back, but the phones had already been forwarded over to the message center. She had them put her through to the nurse right away. She told the nurse that there had to be something wrong and to check the test again. The nurse looked, and looks ok. Mom described to her what had been happening to me these last few days, and the nurse looked again...yes...I will have the doctor call you. She told her she couldn't wait because she had to come pick us up from day care.

When mom picked me up she asked the teacher whether or not I had been showing any strange signs of being extra thirsty or going to the bathroom alot. She said she didn't think so. Mom told her that I either had an infection or diabetes. The teacher looked real strange after that! When we got home it was after 6:00 and the doctor left a message on our phone recorder saying I had diabetes and to come to the Pediatric night clinic immediately for a complete test. Mom grabbed some sugar smacks in a bag and me and my sister munched on these until we could get some dinner. She called my dad, and he said he would meet us at the clinic.

When we got there, I had to have blood taken out of me for a more complete test. But, you know what? They couldn't test it there, and had to send it to the hospital. They said they would rush it, but it would take 2 hours to find out. The doctor really wanted to see what I looked like, because they were afraid that I was ready to drop, and be real dehydrated. We decided to go and have dinner, because I was real hungry. While we were at dinner, I had to go to the bathroom two times. My dad looked at my mom before the second time real strange. She looked at him back, "see what I mean?" I felt sooo hungry, I gobbled everything.

We left to go home, because we hadn't got paged by the doctor yet, then we got a message on the phone saying the doctor wanted us to go to the hospital. Dad talked to the doctor, he got paged on the way home. They said they tried to page my dad several times. Anyway, dad said they wanted me at the hospital for a shot. Shelby was just hanging out the whole time, watching everything. Mom was just a bundle of nerves, but she kept going. This was getting to be too much for her.

When we got to the hospital, it was 10:00 PM. The doctor there said he had diabetes, too. This made me feel better. The doctor said they wanted to keep me overnight. This was sure unexpected and surprised my mom. This was when she knew it was real serious. The doctor said that my number had gone up to 700! and that normal was between 70 and 120. He was surprised at how good I looked. Thanks to Mom for pushing the doctor to give me a test. She knew there was something wrong.

And it was such a simple test, too.

Now I am 5. I am just waiting to go to kindergarten and to the same school as my sister. I really love my sister. But my mom says I have to have 5 weeks of swimming lessons on Wednesday nights before kindergarten will start. I just can't wait!

My mom takes real good care of us, and it is real hard without my dad to help out. I had T-ball two nights a week, and on the weekends and Shelby has Gymnastics twice a week, and now piano. I just loved T-Ball. Dad took us one night a week, so that was great! Dad helps out with my shots at lunchtime, because he is closer to my school, but he really doesn't want to. He feels it is too much trouble and interferes with his work. My doctor now says that he needs to come everyday at lunch, not just when they page him, because my numbers are getting too high.

Mom is sure nervous about the new school.

But I'm not. I just can't wait.

I still don't know when I am low, except when I am really, really, hungry. But then I get hungry when I am really high, too, mom says. I went to diabetes day camp last month, and I was giving myself my own shots! I met a couple of other kids my own age, and we all did our shots and tests together. I met this really neat guy too, Tom. Even though he didn't have diabetes, he was real terrific, and we hung out together. He was the day camp director, and we had a blast!

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