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Insulin Analogs from 2003

  1. The CE booklet had a section by Dr. Bruce Bode. In his last paragraph he said, "the best insulin for the pumps is insulin aspart." (15 Dec 2003)
  2. My diabetes nurse is keen that I stay on Actrapid to cover the bolus. Do you think Humalog would be more appropriate? (9 Dec 2003)
  3. Would there be a benefit to giving Lantus in the morning, rather than bedtime if a six year old is having early morning lows? (11 Nov 2003)
  4. Is it a side effect of Lantus? If so, what should my daughter do? (8 Nov 2003)
  5. We are thinking of switching my son from NPH to Lantus, and I have several questions. (4 Nov 2003)
  6. After my son injects his Lantus, he says the area stings and/or itches and a red area around the injection site sometimes develops. (27 Oct 2003)
  7. Since changing to Lantus, my fiance has had very violent mood swings and low blood sugars while asleep causing convulsions. (27 Oct 2003)
  8. If Lantus is supposed to be so good, why does my child seem to be giving himself twice as many shots per day as before? (21 Oct 2003)
  9. Can you tell me about Lantus insulin? Is it effective for 24 hours? Do we have to mix it with any other insulin? Can my daughter use this? (19 Oct 2003)
  10. Could the Strattera be causing my son to run high during the day and low at night? (18 Oct 2003)
  11. Does my daughter need more Lantus? Can you split up Lantus (morning and evening)? Should I cut out the bedtime snack? (16 Oct 2003)
  12. I heard about a type of insulin which is effective for 24 hours, and at least I can save my daughter from one shot. Is this true? (8 Oct 2003)
  13. Is this a reaction to the Lantus? (30 Sep 2003)
  14. In the last 30 days, my son has experienced severe and rapid lows within 30 to 60 minutes after his Lantus is injected at bedtime. (30 Sep 2003)
  15. Are there any studies going on about higher occurrences of lipoatrophy and whether it is tied to Humalog? (24 Sep 2003)
  16. My sister needs Humalog, but she is in Yemen where unfortunately this insulin is not available. (22 Sep 2003)
  17. Humalog stings when it goes in. Should I use it? (16 Sep 2003)
  18. Can we simply replace the NPH with Lantus? (2 Sep 2003)
  19. What is the average time frame to seeing the advantages of using Lantus? (21 Aug 2003)
  20. I have pain and severe tightness in my neck and shoulders, along with numbness and tingling down both arms. Any thoughts? (28 Jul 2003)
  21. Do hemoglobin A1cs tend to improve when people switch from NPH to Lantus? (27 Jul 2003)
  22. Suddenly my Humalog is not working at all. What should I do? (14 Jul 2003)
  23. I take Lantus twice per day with Humalog before meals, and I have been having high blood sugars in the mornings when I wake up. (7 Jul 2003)
  24. My son is has been having low blood sugars in the middle of the night, and he usually wakes high. Any suggestions? (6 Jul 2003)
  25. I asked my doctor if I could take the Lantus in the morning, but he said it was better to take it at night. (5 Jul 2003)
  26. My diet is well controlled, so I wonder if the Humalog is inconsistent. Do other have problems with Humalog? (30 Jun 2003)
  27. Is there a difference in action between Humalog and NovoLog? (27 Jun 2003)
  28. Do you thing using cartridges instead of vials is possibly affecting my son's readings? (21 Jun 2003)
  29. My daughter is going to camp so we have decided that she not use her pump and go on Lantus with Humalog. (18 Jun 2003)
  30. How many times per day can we use Humalog? (8 Jun 2003)
  31. I have been on Lantus with NovoLog for several years, and I've gone through extended spells of feeling 'out of it', like I was drugged. (2 Jun 2003)
  32. Are you finding that children involved in active sports reduce their dose of Lantus? (30 May 2003)
  33. I am concerned because everything I read about Lantus says night injection. Why? Is morning okay? (30 May 2003)
  34. The benefit from Lantus, for me, is that it's action is more predictable, but the promise of "once a day" dosing wasn't realized. (29 May 2003)
  35. Since Humalog peaks at two hours and is gone by three, is it necessary to give snacks? (29 May 2003)
  36. Have there been any studies on the benefits of NovoLog as opposed to Humalog in pumps? (16 May 2003)
  37. I'm looking for some guidance and direction. I but am wanting to compare/select between Humalog and NovoLog for pump use. (12 May 2003)
  38. How is Detemir different from the existing insulins? When will it be released? (7 May 2003)
  39. Although Lantus keeps my sugars under control, I can't continue to live this way. What are my options? (30 Apr 2003)
  40. My daughter is 1 1/2 years old and is on Lantus. Everything I read on Lantus says it is not approved for children under 6. What is your feeling on this? (29 Apr 2003)
  41. Why does Lantus have to be given at night? Why wasn't the diabetes educator concerned that a patient was to get it in the morning? (28 Apr 2003)
  42. I heard that some children who have switched to Lantus have a reaction (combative behavior, higher blood sugars) a few weeks after changing. (27 Apr 2003)
  43. I was put on Lantus, and since then my legs have been swollen from thighs to ankles. Is this a side effect? What should I do? (25 Apr 2003)
  44. Apparently, my son is allergic to Humalog, and the doctor has injected a small amount of steroids into it. Are there other treatments? (13 Apr 2003)
  45. I am on Lantus and NovoLog now for six months which seems to work fine, except that I break out with a rash.What are my options? (3 Apr 2003)
  46. I have always had low blood pressure, but since I started taking Lantus (and this may be coincidental) my blood pressure is elevating. (31 Mar 2003)
  47. Why would the insulin crystallize in the pump? (29 Mar 2003)
  48. Do you think it is possible the diabetes will go away after puberty? Can a person take Lantus without any other medicine? (20 Mar 2003)
  49. I read that Lantus regulates the rate of growth of children. Could you give me your opinion? (18 Mar 2003)
  50. I have heard there is a new type of insulin given once a day only and blood sugar levels remain normal, regardless of what is eaten. (17 Mar 2003)
  51. Are you familiar with using U-50-NovoLog in a pump? If so, are you aware of any problems that may have surfaced? (16 Mar 2003)
  52. Must Lantus be taken at night? If so, why? If there is no pronounced peak, are there any disadvantages to taking Lantus in the morning? (27 Feb 2003)
  53. Everything I read states that Lantus reduces hypoglycemia. but my blood sugar falls while I sleep. (11 Feb 2003)
  54. Can you tell me why Humalog has all this stuff in it? (10 Feb 2003)
  55. Three days after my daughter started taking Lantus, I noticed a rash on her upper torso, and now it has covered most of her body. (29 Jan 2003)
  56. What is the formula for the sliding scale when you use NovoLog for short-acting and Lantus for basal? (21 Jan 2003)
  57. Can you provide any methods for converting from a sliding scale of Regular insulin to Lantus? (19 Jan 2003)
  58. Could the Lantus cause ankle swelling? (14 Jan 2003)

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