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Insulin Analogs from 2002

  1. When will Lantus be available in pens? (13 Dec 2002)
  2. I just found out that NovoLog (which the doctors put my son on immediately) has not been FDA approved for use with children! (27 Nov 2002)
  3. How many more people have reported these types of episodes with Lantus? (24 Nov 2002)
  4. I've noticed that after two-three weeks, the Lantus vials have visible floating particulates. Has this been described? (13 Nov 2002)
  5. I have been thinking of asking about using Lantus. However, I am a bit concerned about what the "product information" says. (12 Nov 2002)
  6. Is this a possible side effect of Lantus? (4 Nov 2002)
  7. What is your opinion about Detemir insulin? (24 Oct 2002)
  8. Can we try Lantus once my almost 13 month old daughter's blood sugars have stabilized or is she too young? (23 Oct 2002)
  9. What is the difference between Humalog and NovoLog? (21 Oct 2002)
  10. My son uses an insulin pump therapy and has lipoatrophy on his abdomen. How can this be prevented? (19 Sep 2002)
  11. In the morning, when he has a bowel movement, my son's blood sugar will drop dramatically. Could the Lantus be pooling? (19 Sep 2002)
  12. Is Humalog is safe for my four year old daughter? (9 Sep 2002)
  13. My sister's doctor says it's safe to take during Lantus pregnancy, but her pharmacist says it is not. (29 Aug 2002)
  14. Can I inject the Humalog from the bottles into the pump? (20 Aug 2002)
  15. In something I read about Lantus, it said a more common side effect was loss of consciousness. What does this mean? (31 Jul 2002)
  16. I have been taking Lantus alone for about five weeks, and I've been doing well. However, yesterday I had a problem with lows. (30 Jul 2002)
  17. My 26 month son has had type 1 diabetes for over a year, and I definitely want to try the Lantus. (28 Jul 2002)
  18. Is there an official (or unofficial) diluent for NovoLog? (22 Jul 2002)
  19. I have just started researching information on the new insulin, Lantus and have several questions. (24 Jun 2002)
  20. I understand there is a relatively new insulin on the market in the USA but not yet available in Canada. Can you tell me about it? (19 Jun 2002)
  21. I was told informed about a new insulin similar to using an insulin pump. Could you please let me know more information? (12 Jun 2002)
  22. Would my six year old daughter benefit from using Lantus or the insulin pump? Would these options make her less irritable and control her hunger? (15 May 2002)
  23. How long does insulin in a a pen retain its potency? (10 May 2002)
  24. Has the FDA had approved the use of Humalog during pregnancy? (8 May 2002)
  25. My sixteen month old daughter's palms are often reddened, itchy, and frequently it looks like there are hives. Do you have any ideas? (26 Apr 2002)
  26. After after several weeks on this new insulin, my son seemed to develop severe side effects. (23 Apr 2002)
  27. Is it possible that the long term use of "animal" insulin has caused problems with the use of "human" insulin? (9 Apr 2002)
  28. How do people with a dawn rise, or another rise during the night, manage a Humalog/Lantus plan? (3 Apr 2002)
  29. I have been on Lantus and Humalog for three months, and I still have extreme lows every night about 3:30 am which wake me up. (21 Mar 2002)
  30. My adult daughter is on an insulin pump with Humalog but would like to take a break from the pump and try Lantus with Humalog, and I have several questions. (20 Mar 2002)
  31. Why do people report having more stable results using Novolog in the insulin pump than they do using Humalog? (17 Mar 2002)
  32. Is there a reason I shouldn't eat my meal, test afterward and then take the amount of Humalog needed? (15 Mar 2002)
  33. Are shortness of breath, dry mouth, rash and vision problems side effects of the medication? (14 Mar 2002)
  34. Recently, my doctor has begun to mention insulin analogs. How can I find more information? (12 Mar 2002)
  35. In a four year old, how does Lantus work? Why do you sometimes have a low reading in the morning? Can your snacks be at any time? (6 Mar 2002)
  36. I've had type 1 diabetes for 21 years, and I recently started taking Lantus. How safe is Lantus? Is it better than NPH? Does it have any side effects? (27 Feb 2002)
  37. How is Lantus best used? How does it give sustained release with no peaks? How hard is it to get used to using in conjunction with Humalog at meals? - (22 Feb 2002)
  38. Is Lantus safe to use in pregnancy? (16 Feb 2002)
  39. I am confused about Novolog. What are the benefits to using it when it becomes available in the US? (11 Feb 2002)
  40. Is there any evidence of problems occurring with Lantus so that it becomes concentrated? (9 Feb 2002)
  41. I would like to know what type of experiences children have had who use Lantus. (27 Jan 2002)
  42. Why has the price of Humalog increased so steeply lately? (26 Jan 2002)
  43. Our three and a half year old son, diagnosed at age15 months, was put on a Lantus and Humalog regimen three months ago, and I have several questions. (22 Jan 2002)
  44. My Consultant put my name forward to take part in the UK trials of insulin glargine, and I was quite alarmed to discover some of the potential side effects. (21 Jan 2002)
  45. Is it possible that Lantus is peaking 12 hours after injection or the morning Humalog effect is delayed for some reason? (21 Jan 2002)
  46. I would like some objective opinions on what any of you think about putting a 21 month old on Lantus and what I might expect. (16 Jan 2002)
  47. If Lantus is left unrefrigerated for two days will it affect the insulin? (7 Jan 2002)
  48. About two months ago, my son switched to a Lantus and Humalog regimen. I have some questions. (7 Jan 2002)
  49. Would be helpful to split my daughter's Lantus into morning and nighttime doses? (2 Jan 2002)

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