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  1. Is is possible that even a low dose of steroids can lead to increased insulin needs? (23 Dec 2007)
  2. Our two young children have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, possibly MODY. Should we consider putting them on insulin at this point? (17 Dec 2007)
  3. Our daughter sometimes has slightly elevated blood sugars before breakfast and before dinner. She takes Lantus and NovoRapid. How can we reduce these highs? (13 Dec 2007)
  4. Does an average carbohydrate load have an effect on one's basal dose? (26 Nov 2007)
  5. At diagnosis, my daughter was put on Mixtard. A second doctor put her on Actrapid and Insulatard. With fluctuating blood sugars, what insulin(s) do you recommend? (9 Nov 2007)
  6. With the last two vials of insulin I've used, my son has had high afternoon blood sugars for a few weeks, then stable numbers. Why is this? Is it just coincidence? (26 Oct 2007)
  7. My toddler's blood sugar is elevated after breakfast, but in range after dinner. She gets the same insulin for both meals. Why are the mornings so different? (22 Oct 2007)
  8. Since July, I have needed to lower my teen daughter's basal rates and insulin to carbohydrate ratio. Is this related to the end of puberty or something else? (18 Oct 2007)
  9. For about nine months, I have been taking insulin only when extremely necessary. I often get swelling in my legs and ankles. Why is this? Is it a reaction to the insulin? (15 Oct 2007)
  10. Recently diagnosed, I gave my son insulin for an elevated blood sugar that went up to HIGH before coming in range 45 minutes later. How long should I wait for his insulin to work? (13 Oct 2007)
  11. Some of my neighbors are suggesting that I seek ayurvedic treatment for my diabetes instead of insulin. What should I do? Is insulin dangerous? (10 Oct 2007)
  12. NovoRapid and detemir didn't work for my mother, so she was put on Actrapid and detemir. Her post meal readings are still high. Are we doing something wrong? (8 Oct 2007)
  13. We give our son insulin based on his blood sugar and don't count carbohydrates. What are the pros and cons of these two methods of dosing insulin? (24 Sep 2007)
  14. When I was pumping, I took 38.4 units of insulin daily. I've been taking 42 units of Lantus. Is it normal to need more Lantus than fast acting insulin in a pump? (24 Sep 2007)
  15. Ever since his diagnosis, my son has had varying blood sugars, mostly high. He takes NPH and Regular. Should we switch him to different insulins? (24 Sep 2007)
  16. A year after diagnosis and steadily increasing insulin, my 11-year-old's insulin needs have dropped by about half. What could be going on? (12 Sep 2007)
  17. Newly diagnosed, my son is on Humalog and NPH in the morning. Can I premix the insulins at 5 a.m., two hours before he gives himself the injection? (4 Sep 2007)
  18. I'm an obese person with type 1. How would I know if I were significantly insulin resistant? Am I resistant because of my weight? (31 Aug 2007)
  19. For three years, we've used a sliding scale for our daughter's insulin. Is there a better way to dose it? (31 Jul 2007)
  20. I accidentally got a tiny bit of insulin in my mom's eye. I used eye drops immediately to wash it out. Can the insulin damage the eye? (25 Jul 2007)
  21. Do pregnant women with type 2 go back on the medication they took pre-pregnancy after giving birth? (23 Jul 2007)
  22. Since beginning growth hormone therapy, my daughter's insulin needs increased. Why is this? Why are her later afternoon blood sugars elevated? (19 Jul 2007)
  23. Any change in my son's insulin dose causes fluctuations in his blood sugar. On Lantus and Humalog, what is the best treatment option for him? (3 Jul 2007)
  24. Can endothelial dysfunction cause decreased extravascular movement of insulin? (30 Jun 2007)
  25. I once read that some long-term diabetics produce some insulin for years. Is this true? Could my son be one of those people? He uses little insulin 18 months after diagnosis. (30 Jun 2007)
  26. We recently gave our 12 year old responsibility for drawing up and administering her insulin. She admitted to giving herself extra insulin. How dangerous is this? (4 Jun 2007)
  27. If a 2 ounce serving of pasta is 42 grams of carbohydrates and contains 5 grams of dietary fiber, how do I calculate the bolus amount? (31 May 2007)
  28. Is it safe to give Lantus to a toddler? Assuming a negative GAD test means he doesn't have type 1, how do we treat our son? Is it safe to give him a chromium supplement? (24 May 2007)
  29. An endocrinologist told my daughter to take insulin, even though he thinks she has type 2. Why treat her for type 1? Is there a test to determine which type of diabetes she has? (22 May 2007)
  30. Why does my daughter's blood sugar level seem to go up at night? (16 May 2007)
  31. Since my diagnosis 14 months ago, I have gained 25 pounds despite following a diet and exercising. Could insulin be causing my weight gain? (14 May 2007)
  32. Where can we find information on nonconventional ways to type 1 diabetes? If one's blood sugar is in range, why don't you dose insulin later, after the blood sugar has gone up? (12 May 2007)
  33. I am on NPH and Humalog for type 2. The NPH covers my dawn phenomenon, but the NP wants me on Lantus. Can Lantus control the dawn phenomenon? (9 May 2007)
  34. I have CFRD. Why are my blood sugars higher when I take albuterol or Pulmozyme? If I need I.V. antibiotics, will I need more insulin? Why did I get diabetes? (6 May 2007)
  35. Does it make any sense to try using oral insulin instead of injections for type 1? (27 Apr 2007)
  36. Currently on nasogastric feeds for an IPEX-like syndrome, my toddler has erratic blood sugars. He cannot take Lantus or Regular. What do you recommend? (27 Apr 2007)
  37. My daughter's blood sugar is high at bedtime, then somewhat high at 1 a.m. Is this normal? She takes NPH in the morning. (18 Apr 2007)
  38. Where on the web can I find the guidelines for weight versus carbohydrate to insulin ratio? (12 Apr 2007)
  39. I am concerned about elevated fasting blood sugars. If I were to take NovoMix 70/30, would it help bring them in range? (12 Apr 2007)
  40. My toddler has developed urticaria in the last month. Could she be allergic to the preservatives in her NovoRapd and Insulatard? (12 Apr 2007)
  41. During the Spring, my son's allergies cause his blood sugars to be out of control so we have to increase his insulin by 150%. Is this normal? (7 Apr 2007)
  42. Is it beneficial to take insulin glargine with other long-acting insulins or with Mixtard 70/30 or 50/50 ? (3 Apr 2007)
  43. When you give yourself insulin, is it possible to have adverse symptoms other than hypoglycemia? (31 Mar 2007)
  44. Is injecting insulin into muscle instead of subcutaneous fat an acceptable way to bring down a high blood sugar level? (27 Mar 2007)
  45. Over the past three weeks, my son has had many low blood sugars, even after we reduced his Lantus by two units. What do you suggest we do? (26 Mar 2007)
  46. Is it unusual that six students at my daughter's school have diabetes? Why does my daughter suddenly need less insulin? We were told her honeymoon was over. (16 Mar 2007)
  47. My daughter is high after she disconnects her pump for four hour dance sessions. Would the untethered regimen be a good idea for such days? (16 Mar 2007)
  48. Has there been any research into the topical application of insulin to enhance wound healing? (5 Mar 2007)
  49. I've had diabetes for two years, take insulin and have good control. I don't like taking insulin. Can I live without taking it? (28 Feb 2007)
  50. My toddler's blood sugar spikes very high after breakfast, then drops at lunch time. What should I do to prevent this? (25 Feb 2007)
  51. My young daughter is having high blood sugars around lunch time. Could she be dropping low, then rebounding? What do you suggest? (22 Feb 2007)
  52. My daughter uses NovoNordisk penfills. Can I get them in the U.S.? We will be visiting there from Poland. (16 Feb 2007)
  53. My son has a problem with insulin absorption, having high blood sugars after 30 hours per infusion site. Is this a common problem? What do you suggest? (5 Feb 2007)
  54. What is going to happen in the body of someone without diabetes type 1 if this person injects insulin? Can this person get hypoglycemia? (23 Jan 2007)
  55. Based on her blood sugars, should we change our daughter's Lantus dose or her insulin to carbohydrate ratio? I've e-mailed the doctor, but wanted your opinion. (22 Jan 2007)
  56. I am concerned about my daughter's post-breakfast blood sugars, which are around 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], 90 minutes afterwards. What do you recommend? (22 Jan 2007)
  57. We recently increased our daughter's Actrapid, which has led to wide fluctuations in her blood sugar. Why is this? What should we do differently? (20 Jan 2007)
  58. Three months after her diagnosis, my daughter's A1c was 5.6. Is this acceptable? Is it an average or something else? Is it okay to give both Humalog and NovoLog on the same day? (15 Jan 2007)
  59. After switching to Lantus, my son would have extended periods of lows. Next on Levemir, the lows continued. So, now, my son is taking Humalog only. What is going on? (15 Jan 2007)
  60. Since my daughter's blood sugar is dropping at least 67 mg/dl [3.7 mmol/L] at night after dinnertime Levemir, might she not need a basal insulin? (14 Jan 2007)

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