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  1. My son, diagnosed with type 1, had negative antibodies, therefore non-autoimmune diabetes. So, are there treatments other than insulin? (29 Dec 2006)
  2. When I reach the bottom of my insulin pen, I sometimes require less insulin. Is the insulin becoming more concentrated? Can it causes variations in insulin response? (27 Dec 2006)
  3. My daughter takes a lot of insulin and she has gained weight. What should she do? Are there oral medications she could try? Will her resistance end when puberty ends? (21 Dec 2006)
  4. Aside from their duration, are there any other differences between different insulins on the market? (21 Dec 2006)
  5. Even though she was diagnosed in 2004, I still am not sure when to give my daughter NovoLog because she has gone low on several occasions. What should I do? (21 Dec 2006)
  6. Can you help me determine if my young son's new insulin regimen is the best to have improved control? He takes Protophane and Actrapid, with NovoRapid for very high blood sugars. (4 Dec 2006)
  7. Recently, my 14 year old niece told me she was allowed to eat as much sugar as she wants, as long as she covers it with insulin. Is this true? (4 Dec 2006)
  8. Can a C-Peptide test can determine if production of insulin is natural from the pancreas or supplied only by insulin injection? (28 Nov 2006)
  9. Can there be resistance or restriction of insulin's transcapillary movement due to any disorder resulting into decreased effect of insulin? (28 Nov 2006)
  10. Since he started pumping in July, my 13 year old has often had moderate to large ketones. Could he use Lantus for half his basal? (22 Nov 2006)
  11. For the past year, my daughter, a swimmer, has had an elevated A1c. She takes a lot of insulin. Is her exercise causing her to need so much insulin? (20 Nov 2006)
  12. My patient is having trouble drawing up a mixed shot of Regular and NPH. Is it better to start the patient on Humulin 70/30? (16 Nov 2006)
  13. Is it possible to inject insulin directly into a vein? What would happen? (14 Nov 2006)
  14. Now that I am pregnant, I need to tighten my control, but when my blood sugars are in range one hour after meals, I am then low for two hours. What do you suggest? (13 Nov 2006)
  15. Should a person be treated with insulin during the honeymoon phase? Based on my history, am I really in the honeymoon? Could I not have diabetes? (7 Nov 2006)
  16. Is it correct that exercising muscle needs no or lesser insulin for glucose uptake? (2 Nov 2006)
  17. After eight years with type 1, why does my son now need less insulin? For two weeks, we have been reducing his insulin due to low blood sugars. (2 Nov 2006)
  18. My daughter always complains that her stomach hurts and itches all over her body. Is it related to her insulin? (24 Oct 2006)
  19. Sometimes, between meals, our son's blood sugar will be very high, only to drop low in about two hours. Are such fluctuations normal? (12 Oct 2006)
  20. At 12 weeks, I am extremely insulin sensitive and am constantly having to eat to avoid hypoglycemia. How long will this last? (11 Oct 2006)
  21. Since going on insulin in August, I have been losing my hair. Why is this? Is there a special shampoo for people with type 1? Will my hair grow back? (8 Oct 2006)
  22. Diagnosed 19 months ago, my daughter has excellent control so the doctor suggested we stop insulin. Her blood sugars are still in range, but is this stressing her pancreas? (2 Oct 2006)
  23. Our son uses Teflon infusion sets and Humalog with his Paradigm pump, but we are seeing higher blood sugars after two days. Why is this? (29 Sep 2006)
  24. Since her diagnosis, my daughter has had poor control. She takes Lantus at night, NPH in the morning, and lispro with breakfast and dinner. Is this the best plan for her? (26 Sep 2006)
  25. Can your body become immune to insulin? (25 Sep 2006)
  26. Before, my son took Lantus at bedtime, NovoLog for meals, nothing for his three 15 gram snacks. Our new doctor says insulin for all foods. What is your opinion? (25 Sep 2006)
  27. Is it necessary to wipe the top of insulin vials each time with alcohol wipes before drawing up the insulin? (20 Sep 2006)
  28. Where is insulin manufactured? Is there a plan to ensure American diabetics will be able to get insulin in the event of global war? (18 Sep 2006)
  29. Is it true that insulin manufacturers would stop insulin production to make avian flu antivirals should a pandemic occur? (15 Sep 2006)
  30. Is insulin a growth hormone that will increase one's muscle mass and give a "buff" look? (12 Sep 2006)
  31. In his honeymoon, we are to give our son NPH with Humalog for high blood sugars only. Would it make more sense to give Humalog with meals? Should we try Lantus? (29 Aug 2006)
  32. Since my diagnosis on June 24, I have been able to reduce drastically the amount of insulin I take. Could I have type 2? Is my diabetes reversible? (23 Aug 2006)
  33. How long does it take for the insulin to work to lower one's blood sugar? My son been on it for a week and his sugar is still high. (22 Aug 2006)
  34. Is it possible for insulin to "bleed out" and cause a higher blood sugar? How long after the expiration date is the insulin good if kept refrigerated? (14 Aug 2006)
  35. My wife, a flight attendant who sometimes works 14 hour shift, has gestational diabetes. Is there a different type of insulin dosing she could try? (11 Aug 2006)
  36. What is your opinion on the use of insulin pens? (25 Jul 2006)
  37. A few weeks ago, I had several stubborn low blood sugars so I reduced my NovoLog. Then, I was high and needed my usual doses. What caused this? (13 Jul 2006)
  38. I eat a snack and decrease my insulin right before I start a 45 to 60 minute rowing workout, but still have lows. What should I do? (9 Jul 2006)
  39. On a pump, my son was in DKA three times, often as a result of his forgetfulness. He's doing well on Lantus and NovoLog. Should we stick with this or resume pumping? (6 Jul 2006)
  40. For the past two weeks, we have had to reduce our son's Humalog to prevent lows. Is it possible he is producing insulin again, nine years after diagnosis? (6 Jul 2006)
  41. I started insulin in my 20th week and was on 100 units. Last week, I had to stop insulin to avoid lows. The doctor thinks the placenta may be deteriorating. Does this usually have a good outcome? (5 Jul 2006)
  42. For three years, I used Humalog and Insulatard successfully. I am pregnant so the local put me on Actrapid. My blood sugars skyrocketed. What do you recommend? (5 Jul 2006)
  43. Can people with type 1 really eat whatever they want? What about weight gain? Can you explain when people with type 2 need insulin? (29 Jun 2006)
  44. How can I find out how many carbohydrates are in Keflex so I can titrate my daughter's insulin accordingly? (22 Jun 2006)
  45. After a year, my son stopped taking insulin. He now has high levels that come down on their own. The doctor will not resume insulin. What is your opinion? (6 Jun 2006)
  46. My daughter takes a total of 53 to 57 units of insulin a day. What are the long-term effects of using that much insulin? Is it dangerous? (6 Jun 2006)
  47. Can persistent hyperglycemia cause vasoconstriction? (26 May 2006)
  48. Is there a test kit or any way to know if my insulin (Humalog pen) has spoiled? (24 May 2006)
  49. After meals, my son's blood sugar drops very low, then high two hours later. What adjustment do we need to make? (19 May 2006)
  50. Our son's blood sugar is often high two hours after eating. Does this indicate we need more fast-acting insulin or that he would need more Lantus? (12 May 2006)
  51. What do you think of using a tuning fork to detect neuropathy in the feet? What do you think of dosing Regular insulin prandially at lunch if you are on NPH? (11 May 2006)
  52. What are the adverse effects of insulin, aside from hypoglycemia, for someone with type 2? (30 Apr 2006)
  53. I've heard NPH is the best insulin to take while on prednisone. Is this true? What effect do steroids have on blood sugars? (29 Apr 2006)
  54. If my child is over 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] with no ketones, is it okay to let her exercise if she recently took insulin? (29 Apr 2006)
  55. What can you tell me about reusable insulin pens? (24 Apr 2006)
  56. I have type 1, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and celiac. I now have several other symptoms and need to take less insulin. What should I do? (24 Apr 2006)
  57. Sometimes, my son has extended lows and we stop insulin. Then, if he has a high, it comes down on its own. What is your opinion of this situation? (20 Apr 2006)
  58. When my daughter is high around midnight, I find a correction has little effect. I have to do a second correction to see her blood sugar drop. Why is this? (17 Apr 2006)
  59. I need to take rapid acting insulin four or five times a day because NPH doesn't work for me. Do others have issues with insulin not working? (13 Apr 2006)
  60. At the ER for a fall, my daughter was very high. I refused to let the doctor give her extra insulin. Once home, she was quite low. Do you agree that I made the right decision? (13 Apr 2006)
  61. Sometimes when I pull the needle out after giving an injection, a bit of insulin comes out of my arm. Why does it happen? Is this common? (12 Apr 2006)
  62. Diagnosed in December, my daughter's been able to go without insulin for two months. Is this common? What would cause the rash and joint pain she's had? (11 Apr 2006)
  63. Are there any long-term complications associated with taking more than one unit of insulin per kilogram, if you eat healthy and are not overweight? (8 Apr 2006)
  64. I was diagnosed with type 1 16 months ago. Without taking insulin, my last three A1cs were normal. How long can I go on without insulin? (5 Apr 2006)
  65. My 12 year old patient takes Human Mixtard. Sometimes, she has lows, but a reduction in insulin causes high blood sugars. What do you suggest? (30 Mar 2006)
  66. When my daughter eats sugary foods, she often goes low. Why is this? She takes NovoLog and Lantus. (29 Mar 2006)
  67. My one year old gets Insulatard only in the morning. A split dose caused late night lows. But, he's high in the morning. What do you suggest? (29 Mar 2006)
  68. Last Monday, my granddaughter was hospitalized with a stomach bug. She hasn't needed insulin since. Is this common? Does she still have diabetes? (26 Mar 2006)
  69. I have type 2 with PCOS. Five years ago, I was put on insulin. My A1c went from 9.0 to 7.6. I am still on insulin. Will I ever be able to stop taking it? (26 Mar 2006)
  70. To correct a high, does a larger dose of insulin cause a faster drop in blood sugar? (25 Mar 2006)
  71. When on Dexamenthasane for her leukemia, my daughter's blood sugars do not go down, even with insulin. Would Chromax chromium picolinate be helpful? (21 Mar 2006)
  72. I am a school nurse with a first grader with type 1. With carbohydrate counting, can insulin be abused by allowing too many carbohydrates? (17 Mar 2006)
  73. What are the options for someone who takes animal insulin and cannot take regular or synthetic insulins? (15 Mar 2006)
  74. How can insulin really help people with type 2 who have insulin resistance? Can living in crowded and polluted cities cause persistent hyperglycemia? (12 Mar 2006)
  75. Do you know of any insulin pens/cartridges for Humalog that currently come in one-half unit increments? (10 Mar 2006)
  76. Which insulin is better, human or animal? Why is animal insulin no longer produced? I am concerned about the side effects of human insulin. (8 Mar 2006)
  77. Can some carbohydrate/sugar be absorbed by cells without needing insulin? What is the affect of foods' natural color? Can some people not take insulin? (7 Mar 2006)
  78. My six year old's doctor has told us to give her Insulin 30/70 Human Biphasic Isophane (Mixtard 30 Novolet) twice a day. Is this a good regimen for her? (4 Mar 2006)
  79. Diagnosed recently, my son was on Levemir and Humalog. His new doctor said to stop Humalog, that my son is in "remission." Is this regimen appropriate? (4 Mar 2006)
  80. To lower my daughter's A1c and bring down highs after snacks, should she be taking insulin for snacks? Can she skip snack if her blood sugar is normal? (4 Mar 2006)
  81. My daughter gets her insulin through an Insuflon. She is often low before lunch. Is it from injecting two insulins into the same site? What do you recommend? (3 Mar 2006)
  82. My teen son will be traveling in Europe this summer. Should he need it, can he buy additional Lantus and NovoLog there? (2 Mar 2006)
  83. When hospitalized, my son got Regular and Lantus, which worked well. At home, the doctor said to use his Lantus/NovoLog regimen, but he's high again. What should I do? (1 Mar 2006)
  84. Is there a way to work out how much insulin I need to take? Calorie counting didn't work for me. (23 Feb 2006)
  85. For a teen, how much insulin is "too much?" What defines "insulin resistance?" (22 Feb 2006)
  86. I have type 2. I take 250 units of insulin and several pills. How much insulin is too much? I'm worried that all the medications will do more harm than good. (15 Feb 2006)
  87. My daughter is on Humalog and NPH. I find the NPH unpredictable and believe it is causing lows. Would Lantus be a better long-acting insulin? (15 Feb 2006)
  88. Why do jail doctor's treat youths with type 1 like they have type 2? Why do they cut their insulin in half? (14 Feb 2006)
  89. My son has been on Regular and NPH since diagnosis. I've read that this regimen is outdated. Do you agree? (14 Feb 2006)
  90. The doctor has said to increase my son's Humalog and decrease his NPH, both at dinner. Can you explain why too much insulin can be harmful even with good readings? (13 Feb 2006)
  91. I am trying three shots of NPH to prevent post-breakfast and late afternoon highs. My doctor doesn't like this idea. What is your opinion? (10 Feb 2006)
  92. I have gestational diabetes and am to take NovoRapid with meals and Insulatard at night. Is this a normal regimen? Is there a risk with NovoRapid? (10 Feb 2006)
  93. It is hard to control my young daughter's blood sugars. She is always hungry. Is it okay to give extra insulin for extra food? (3 Feb 2006)
  94. My best friend was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She is being treated with artificial insulin. How is it made? (1 Feb 2006)
  95. Our new doctor says our daughter should not use a pump because she uses very little insulin, that the insulin will crystallize. Is this true? (23 Jan 2006)
  96. My 17 year old's Lantus dose has decreased in the last month. His doctor feels it might be the end of puberty and growth hormones. What do you think? (19 Jan 2006)
  97. Since Lilly is no longer making Lente, what other insulin do you recommend? I an concerned about nighttime lows and maintaining a good A1c. (17 Jan 2006)
  98. My son has wide swings in his daily blood sugars. He takes NovoLog and NPH because the doctor refuses to put him on Lantus. What should I do? (17 Jan 2006)
  99. Is there any benefit in splitting NPH into three injections for an infant who still has milk during the night at 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.? (13 Jan 2006)
  100. My fiance has been told that if his upcoming A1c is greater than 6, he will need insulin. Would he need shots for the rest of his life? What if he loses weight? (10 Jan 2006)
  101. I have gestational diabetes and need to increase my insulin. Is there a limit to the amount I can take? Will it affect my unborn child? (9 Jan 2006)
  102. Why might the injection of too much insulin be harmful? How we can help someone who had taken too much insulin? (9 Jan 2006)

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