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  1. My mom was given a formula to determine her insulin. Can you help explain this? (30 Dec 2004)
  2. My son was recently diagnosed and put on N and NovoLog. He has since been much more fidgety in school. Could this be caused by the insulin? (30 Dec 2004)
  3. What are the general numbers for low, normal, and high insulin levels? (22 Dec 2004)
  4. Recently, while hospitalized, my daughter's insulin level was over 2000. She could not have given herself that much insulin. Do you have any insight? (9 Dec 2004)
  5. Diagnosed a month ago, my son has one or two lows per week without symptoms. He is on very low doses of insulin. Is it safe for him to have lows? (7 Dec 2004)
  6. Since increasing my dose of Synthroid, I have had to increase my 70/30 insulin and add Regular. Does Synthroid cause insulin resistance? (5 Dec 2004)
  7. Since his flu, my 22 kg (49 pounds) son is taking 31 units of insulin a day. Is this normal for his weight? When can I resume his usual lower dose? (30 Nov 2004)
  8. I have a feeling of anxiety after I inject. Could this be an allergic reaction to the insulin, the preservative in the insulin or the Synthroid I take? (17 Nov 2004)
  9. My teen son, a fencer, takes only Lantus. Could the exercise be contributing to his low insulin requirement? Could he be in an extended honeymoon? (14 Nov 2004)
  10. How can we determine the proper food and insulin for a recently diagnosed 13 month old who is on an insulin drip? (3 Nov 2004)
  11. Has there been any research done on using a patch for administering insulin in place of an injection? (30 Oct 2004)
  12. My daughter has "intermittent" insulin resistance during her period. Her blood sugars are very high with a pump and injections. Do you have any suggestions? (24 Oct 2004)
  13. My daughter takes NPH and Humalog, but still has some highs. What effects will the highs have? What other insulin therapy should we consider? (23 Oct 2004)
  14. Is there any type of insulin that can be injected once a day? Instead of three injections, I would like to give my son only one per day. (21 Oct 2004)
  15. What are insulin crystals and where do they come from? (10 Oct 2004)
  16. My daughter's doctor says to dispose of Humalog vials after 30 days, but does not say this about Regular and NPH. Why is this? (7 Oct 2004)
  17. My 16 month old son, diagnosed three months ago, has been taking Regular and NPH. Can we put my son on Lantus and Humalog? (26 Sep 2004)
  18. My brother often has unexplained lows. This was not the case when he took pork and beef insulin. Is it possible to get these insulins still? (25 Sep 2004)
  19. My son is having lows around midnight. Could it be from playing football? Is a big dose of Humalog at 7 p.m. contributing to the lows? (23 Sep 2004)
  20. Despite rotating her shots, my teen daughter has bulges in her stomach and sides. What could be causing them? (23 Sep 2004)
  21. I am adult taking Regular and NPH twice a day, exercising, and trying to eat well. I have lows before and after dinner, and at bedtime. What should I do? (21 Sep 2004)
  22. My father uses a sliding scale for NPH at night, but his doctor says not to do so. What do you think? (14 Sep 2004)
  23. My daughter switched from NPH to Lantus. Now, she's higher, except at night when she's low. Is this related to her insulin dosing or her age? (10 Sep 2004)
  24. I would like to stop pumping and take injections for a while. Is this okay to do? (8 Sep 2004)
  25. On a "pump break, " with evening Lantus and NovoLog for meals, my daughter is running high in the afternoon. If she added NPH in the morning, when would it peak? (7 Sep 2004)
  26. Are injections the only way to receive insulin? How much insulin can one get from onion? Will there soon be a cure for diabetes? (31 Aug 2004)
  27. My young son is on Humalog and NPH. How can we eliminate the frequent blood sugar fluctuations we are seeing? How can we extend his honeymoon? (31 Aug 2004)
  28. Is there any evidence of allergic reactions to NovoRapid and Insulatard? I experience stomach cramps when using them. (25 Aug 2004)
  29. At 36 weeks, I have some high blood sugars. Do I need insulin? If my blood sugars remain high, the doctor wants to induce labor in two weeks. Why? (25 Aug 2004)
  30. I take 160 units of Lantus daily. Why doesn't my doctor want me to use any short-acting insulin? What can I do about my weight gain? (22 Aug 2004)
  31. For four days, we have had to gradually decrease our son's insulin to avoid lows. What could have caused this need to reduce his insulin? (18 Aug 2004)
  32. Are bedtime snacks to cover the trailing effect of dinner Actrapid or bedtime Insulatard? How much time should I have between the two shots? (16 Aug 2004)
  33. I was switched to insulin for uncontrollable blood sugars. Do I have type 1 or type 2? What is the best way to prepare for pregnancy? Do I need more bedtime NPH? (27 Jul 2004)
  34. Diagnosed in February 2003, my daughter soon stopped needing insulin. Recently, she had some elevated readings. Might she need to resume injections? (23 Jul 2004)
  35. If I wake with an elevated blood sugar, could I be having lows during the night without knowing it? Or, do I need to adjust my insulin to carb ratio? (22 Jul 2004)
  36. On NPH and Humalog, my daughter is high at lunch and dinner. Is there a scale or ratio of insulin to grams of carbs for each meal and snack? (20 Jul 2004)
  37. After a year of satisfactory blood sugars, my teen son has high blood sugars in the morning. The nurse thought hormones would be the cause. Is this possible? (12 Jul 2004)
  38. My son takes Lantus, NPH and Humalog to avoid a noon shot. He's having higher blood sugars though. How can we make this work? (7 Jul 2004)
  39. Diagnosed with type 1 in February 2003, I have been on a low carb diet, which has allowed me to reduce or eliminate my insulin. Is this safe? (27 Jun 2004)
  40. My Humalog dose varies all the time, even for the same food. I guess at the dose, then do a correction shot. How can I get better control? (15 Jun 2004)
  41. I am taking Protophane night, even increasing the dose, but it is not lowering my blood sugars. Why doesn't the insulin seem to be working? (2 Jun 2004)
  42. Why do people with type 2 taken insulin if they are insulin resistant? Isn't there too much insulin in the bloodstream? (31 May 2004)
  43. We give our sons NPH at 11 p.m. to prevent 7 a.m. lows. Our doctor does not recommend middle of the night blood sugar checks. Is this okay? (30 May 2004)
  44. How does the newly approved Apidra compare to Humalog and NovoLog? (30 May 2004)
  45. I think my son needs to get more insulin because he is growing. How much do I increase his Humalog and/or NPH? (29 May 2004)
  46. My ten year old daughter uses about 12 units of insulin per day. Is she still be in her honeymoon? She was diagnosed two and a half years ago. (27 May 2004)
  47. My son is consistently high with five units of NPH at bedtime. Should we keep increasing the dose of half units until we see an improvement? (25 May 2004)
  48. Should I use smaller doses or a different mix of insulins to prevent the post-meal lows I am now having. I use a Humalog 70/30 mix. (23 May 2004)
  49. My son is having high blood sugars and large ketones. As directed, I have given more insulin, but the problem continues. What is going on? (20 May 2004)
  50. My four year old is consistently high at 10 a.m. after a shot of Humalog and NPH. What do you recommend for eliminating these morning highs? (17 May 2004)
  51. As a teacher with the summer off, can I change my daughter's insulin schedule? I'd like to give her shots later. (17 May 2004)
  52. How should I deal with my dawn phenomenon highs? I go low when I take more Lantus. (12 May 2004)
  53. Are there ways to take insulin other than injections? Pumping is not an option here in Libya. We are frustrated by our son's high and low blood sugars. (12 May 2004)
  54. My daughter takes Lantus in the morning and evening, but still has high blood sugars after bedtime. Should we increase the morning dose of Lantus? (9 May 2004)
  55. Can you confirm that Eli Lilly is discontinuing sterile diluent for Ultralente and other insulins for which the same diluent is used? (4 May 2004)
  56. Is it acceptable to give my daughter her insulin after she has eaten? (2 May 2004)
  57. How do I determine the amount of insulin I need for a Glucerna meal bar? I don't quite understand the nutrition facts on the package. (30 Apr 2004)
  58. My father had allergic reactions to several insulins. Is insulin administration by other means effective without allergies? What about lispro? (28 Apr 2004)
  59. I plan to travel to South America and Asia. If I lose my diabetes supplies, can I get them in these countries? What if I have to get a different insulin? (26 Apr 2004)
  60. On what should insulin dose corrections be based? (18 Apr 2004)
  61. Why are there no generic insulins? (14 Apr 2004)
  62. If a diabetic doesn't take insulin for two and drinks two alcoholic beverages, what affect will alcoholic level have on a breathalyzer test? (13 Apr 2004)
  63. My 136 pound daughter takes about 107 units a day. Is this a lot of insulin? Is she becoming insulin resistant? (10 Apr 2004)
  64. I was on metformin and two daily injections of insulin. My new doctor wants to stop the metformin and increase my insulin. What do you think? (26 Mar 2004)
  65. How much insulin should my 14 year old, 128 pound, son be taking when his honeymoon is over? How do we know when it's over? (22 Mar 2004)
  66. My daughter has had diabetes for three months. Since the flu, she has symptoms of hypoglycemia with normal blood sugars. Is this normal? (21 Mar 2004)
  67. My son has been in his honeymoon, but is having elevated blood sugars after his afternoon nap. What insulin adjustment should I make? (20 Mar 2004)
  68. After 10 years, I switched to Regular and NPH. I am have very unusual "reactions" from the Regular. Are reactions to Regular common? (20 Mar 2004)
  69. My 14 year old son was diagnosed with type 1, but had no GAD antibodies. Could he really have type 2? Does he need pills instead? (18 Mar 2004)
  70. The doctor wants my son on a four shot regimen using Humalog and Lantus. I prefer three shots. Which is better? How can I discuss this with him? (17 Mar 2004)
  71. If my son's blood sugar is high at lunch, should he take the correction shot an hour before lunch or can he take it immediately before eating? (17 Mar 2004)
  72. My TSH level has dropped since I started taking insulin. Could the insulin intake have anything to do with the reduction in TSH levels? (16 Mar 2004)
  73. Can you tell me more about the honeymoon? Can you use NPH/Humalog in the morning, Lantus/Humalog at dinner? How does one become a CDE? (14 Mar 2004)
  74. My recently diagnosed son is having low blood sugars despite lowered insulin dosages. How much more should we decrease the insulin? (14 Mar 2004)
  75. Why is insulin supposedly good for only 28 days? Why does it go bad for some people? (12 Mar 2004)
  76. What would happen if a non-diabetic person were injected with insulin? (9 Mar 2004)
  77. Are morning ketones, small to medium, likely to be present after blood sugars dip too low during the night followed by a rebound? (8 Mar 2004)
  78. I was surprised to hear my granddaughter is getting five to six insulin shots a day. Her blood sugars are erratic, too. Is this normal? (8 Mar 2004)
  79. Is insulin resistance common with Addison's disease? Or, is my patient being over insulinized and feeding insulin all day to prevent lows? (8 Mar 2004)
  80. My mother was recently diagnosed with diabetes and given insulin. Her blood sugars are high. How high can they go before it becomes a problem? (8 Mar 2004)
  81. Since a recent seizure, my daughter has cannot sense low blood sugars. Do you think we would have better results on Lantus/Humalog or a pump? (7 Mar 2004)
  82. Recent blood work revealed I have four times the normal amount of insulin antibodies. What does this mean? Will I continue to make them? (6 Mar 2004)
  83. Since his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, my son has gained a lot of weight. He is very active. Can you help me understand why he is overweight? (6 Mar 2004)
  84. After a recent flight, I discovered that my insulin pens had almost no pressure. Could this be related to the cabin pressure of the flight? (3 Mar 2004)
  85. Is it normal to have blood glucose spikes while honeymooning? (27 Feb 2004)
  86. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He now takes no insulin and still has low blood sugars. What could be causing them? (23 Feb 2004)
  87. Can you comment on the insulins we are currently using for our son? (21 Feb 2004)
  88. My 27 month old daughter sometimes goes low during the night, then wakes up much higher. Can you give me any clarification or suggestions? (19 Feb 2004)
  89. Should I increase my son's exercise regimen to help bring down his blood glucose readings? (13 Feb 2004)
  90. Do you believe that Lantus provides the best control? (9 Feb 2004)
  91. Once you start taking insulin injections, is it possible to go back to oral medications? (6 Feb 2004)
  92. I now base my calculations on the action of 15 grams of carbs. Is there something wrong with this approach? (6 Feb 2004)
  93. How can I get the medicines my son needs to stay alive? (2 Feb 2004)
  94. Could we inject insulin straight into the circulation (intravenous), perhaps by an automatic machine? (28 Jan 2004)
  95. Her doc put her on Lantus for bedtime and she is still supposed to take her NPH and NovoLog during the day time. (21 Jan 2004)
  96. Ss there an associated time frame for preprandial testing that is more valid for monitoring/treating with regular insulin? (16 Jan 2004)
  97. I had to take an exceptionally high dose of Humalog to bring down the sugar level. (13 Jan 2004)
  98. Could you please explain to me in detail how NPH works? (7 Jan 2004)
  99. She had a really good week then her sugars started to rise again. (7 Jan 2004)
  100. Any advice on the very high post-prandial blood sugar? (5 Jan 2004)
  101. What in the world does NPH mean? Or what is it an abbreviation for? None of my medical books indicate any reference to this. (4 Jan 2004)
  102. Is it possible that I have some sort of allergy to Lantus? (2 Jan 2004)

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