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  1. What is the process of making insulin? (30 Dec 2002)
  2. Is all right to inject the insulin from the tubing into a vial of insulin so I can use it later instead of throwing out good insulin? (30 Dec 2002)
  3. I have swollen areas on my injection sites, and I believe that I am allergic to human insulin also. What do you suggest? (16 Dec 2002)
  4. My father, who lives in India, has swelling and small boils where he is injecting. Is this normal? (13 Dec 2002)
  5. According to the insulin pamphlet, this sounds like an allergy, but my doctor doesn't think it causes allergic reactions. (5 Dec 2002)
  6. Are there any insulins that are pregnancy category B or A? (24 Nov 2002)
  7. How much insulin can a person take? (18 Nov 2002)
  8. I have begun to follow a teenage African-American girl who has a rash which the family believes is an insulin reaction. (14 Nov 2002)
  9. My doctors have blamed Lantus for the rise in my A1c and have decided to switch me to NPH. (13 Nov 2002)
  10. The doctor says the NPH should not be peaking at this time, so what would cause the low sugar? (6 Nov 2002)
  11. Should I put the vial back in the refrigerator after I've filled the pump reservoir or leave it out at room temperature? (28 Oct 2002)
  12. Would switching from synthetic insulin to pork be a option for me? (28 Oct 2002)
  13. Could the warm bath water cause the insulin to work more quickly? (22 Oct 2002)
  14. What do other parents with kids this small do with the insulin regimen? (9 Oct 2002)
  15. What research is being done on the insulin patch? Where? Do they need volunteers? (9 Oct 2002)
  16. What is the difference between U-40 and U-100 insulin? (3 Oct 2002)
  17. My son has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. What are the long term effects of insulin of insulin use? (16 Sep 2002)
  18. My nephew from India will be travelling to Canada next week, and I am trying to find the Canadian equivalent of his insulin. (16 Sep 2002)
  19. Do you know if I can dilute NPH with saline to make a one-in-ten solution ? If I do, will it keep for any length of time? (3 Sep 2002)
  20. The National Hospitals are providing Actrapid (short acting) and Insulatard (long acting). Are we behind as a country? (31 Aug 2002)
  21. Do most doctors still use pork NPH for children? (29 Aug 2002)
  22. Is my son's rash a side effect of the insulin? How can it be treated? (26 Aug 2002)
  23. I know that they used to use pork insulin. Why didn't the human body reject it? (23 Aug 2002)
  24. How can professionals allow people to follow these constant guessing games with the peaks and lows of these old insulins? (19 Aug 2002)
  25. Won't all of this extra insulin hurt my friend's daughter? (19 Aug 2002)
  26. I read a in a publication by a medical doctor that NPH dangerous and that he does not recommend its use. (18 Aug 2002)
  27. How will giving my son his breakfast shot later in the morning affect him throughout the day? (15 Aug 2002)
  28. Should I go back to storing filled pump cartridges in the fridge? (6 Aug 2002)
  29. Should I be giving my son at least some fast acting insulin? Is his body handling the surge until the NPH goes to work? (31 Jul 2002)
  30. Why is the current status of Humulin N and Humulin R in the 1.5 cartridge being discontinued not being discussed publicly? (31 Jul 2002)
  31. We can't adjust my son's insulin before bed because, during part of the night his sugars are low. Any suggestions? (29 Jul 2002)
  32. My son measures his blood sugar with every meal and decides the dose required as that time accordingly. Is this right? (29 Jul 2002)
  33. I understand that NPH peaks inconsistently, but why can't it be adjusted? (27 Jul 2002)
  34. Is there any research on the connection between type 1 diabetes, PCOS and human insulin? (10 Jul 2002)
  35. How long are Lantus and NovoLog cartridges good for? (9 Jul 2002)
  36. Do you know of a commercial source for lyophilized insulin? (1 Jul 2002)
  37. What is the most widely recommended treatment for people with type 1 diabetes? Are five shots a day considered excessive for a 13 year old? (29 Jun 2002)
  38. Do the insulin companies make any smaller vials for small users? (25 Jun 2002)
  39. Is it common to have this reaction to a new brand of insulin? (23 Jun 2002)
  40. Can someone point me to some "practical" recommendations for insulin storage during extended outings in hot/tropical environments? (9 Jun 2002)
  41. Is my granddaughter on enough insulin? Why does she weigh under 100 pounds? (25 May 2002)
  42. Is it better for my daughter to stop using Regular and NPH and to use Actrapid and Protaphane? (20 May 2002)
  43. My nine year old has diabetes, and I mix his insulin immediately before his shot. Can I mix Humalog with Actrapid and Humalog with Insulatard? (16 May 2002)
  44. My daughter has recently developed an allergic reaction to her insulin. Do you think she should receive some sort of allergy test? (15 May 2002)
  45. How can I learn about the new insulin currently undergoing Phase III Clinical Trials, insulin detemir. (13 May 2002)
  46. Which insulin ruins more easily out of the refrigerator (NPH, Lente, or Humalog)? (9 May 2002)
  47. I have been told that too much insulin causes weight gain, but if I cut my insulin, my blood sugars go up. (7 May 2002)
  48. I'm experimenting with multiple injections of NovoRapid into three spots at the same time instead of one. (4 May 2002)
  49. If I use Humalog and NPH, can I mix them in the same syringe without changing their action? (30 Apr 2002)
  50. What reasons are there for sudden, persistent, increased sensitivity to insulin? (26 Apr 2002)
  51. How comparable is one insulin brand to another? Is is safe to change insulin brands? (25 Apr 2002)
  52. When can we expect to see one or more of these new insulin delivery modalities in main-stream medicine? (25 Apr 2002)
  53. I am trying to get equations for the responses of the different types of insulin I take. (23 Apr 2002)
  54. Are there long-term side effects from excessive insulin use? (18 Apr 2002)
  55. Why does my two year old's insulin need to be diluted with saline solution? (7 Apr 2002)
  56. I was using the Novopen 3 up until recently, when my pharmacist told me that they have stopped carrying the Penfills I need. (3 Apr 2002)
  57. What new insulins are coming on the market? (2 Apr 2002)
  58. A doctor told my son he didn't have to take his NPH insulin at night if his blood sugar was under 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L]. Then a CDE nurse said he should. (1 Apr 2002)
  59. How do we calculate an insulin dose? (29 Mar 2002)
  60. I would like information on Lantus, but I can't seem to find any. Where can I find more information on new types of insulin? (29 Mar 2002)
  61. I was put on Novolin instead of Humulin on two separate occasions, and both times I noticed a severe increase in my blood sugar levels. (28 Mar 2002)
  62. Could my daughter be allergic to the insulin? (26 Mar 2002)
  63. Is there a pill I can take by mouth, instead of (25 Mar 2002)
  64. Have you ever known NPH to cause lows when it was going bad? (24 Mar 2002)
  65. What is you opinion of taking extra insulin to cover sweets? (21 Mar 2002)
  66. Does the insulin lose potency faster when its temperature changes on a daily basis? (13 Mar 2002)
  67. Can you have side effects from certain kinds of insulin? (7 Mar 2002)
  68. Will this much insulin at such a young age in life cause problems down the road for me? (6 Mar 2002)
  69. I have had type 1 diabetes for 19 years. Two years ago, I switched to human insulin, and now I have a hard time recognizing when my blood sugar starts to get low. (6 Mar 2002)
  70. Is it possible to use both Actrapid and Humalog/Novolog for premeal insulin? (28 Feb 2002)
  71. What experience do you have with trying combinations of Humalog and Regular? Do you think it could benefit patients to know this information? (28 Feb 2002)
  72. How do premixed insulins work so that the clear insulin will not bond with the NPH and lose its ability to act quickly? (27 Feb 2002)
  73. Could I change the morning Mixtard to a mixture of NovoRapid and Insulatard in a syringe, and thus eliminate one type of insulin? (26 Feb 2002)
  74. My daughter, who has had diabetes for two years, has developed large indentations on both legs. Could she be having a reaction to Insulatard? (21 Feb 2002)
  75. I am an aide for a child on an insulin pump who has been having lows at night before he goes to bed, and wakes up in the morning with high blood sugars. (18 Feb 2002)
  76. I would appreciate a second opinion on my weight and high insulin intake. (18 Feb 2002)
  77. Why do I seem to have more stable blood sugars taking Lente and Regular at breakfast and dinner than Lente and Humalog at breakfast and dinner with Humalog at lunch and bedtime? (15 Feb 2002)
  78. I want to know how best to travel by train with insulin. (4 Feb 2002)
  79. My girlfriend is out of work at this time, and I want to surprise her by ordering her insulin. (2 Feb 2002)
  80. Do the insulin companies make any smaller vials for small users? (2 Feb 2002)
  81. My son was on a twice daily combination of Actrapid [Regular] and Monotard [NPH] and was switched to a Humalog 25 mix, but now he is having hypos. (27 Jan 2002)
  82. What is the difference between 70/30 and Regular insulin? My father-in-law is concerned about taking the insulin even when is blood sugar is not high. (21 Jan 2002)
  83. I have been taking the same amount of NPH with Regular in the morning and at dinner, but I have recently changed over to a regimen of Humalog in the morning, before lunch, before dinner, and at bedtime. (16 Jan 2002)
  84. Since the numbers for a sliding scale of Humalog looked liked 20,40, etc, I gave my son 40 units were taken instead of 4 units. (16 Jan 2002)
  85. Is it possible for us to have our daughter wait for her bedtime shot until 11:00 pm? (9 Jan 2002)
  86. Can I be allergic to the insulin? (2 Jan 2002)

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