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  1. My daughter takes Regular and NPH insulin. Is there another type of insulin that she can be put on for better control? (28 Dec 1999)
  2. I am 13 years old and we are using 70/30. Should I be using different insulins yet at my age? (19 Dec 1999)
  3. My 14 year old daughter takes 62 units of insulin. Is her dose high? (19 Dec 1999)
  4. My son recently switched from NPH and Humalog to Ultralente and Humalog. (18 Dec 1999)
  5. When does the N insulin start to work? (11 Dec 1999)
  6. My daughter has had diabetes for 7 years. Last month, her doctor advised me she is in a vicious cycle. (11 Dec 1999)
  7. Is there any way she can be treated with insulin without the use of invasive puncturing needles? (5 Dec 1999)
  8. Is there some type of scale for age or body weight in relation to amount of insulin to be given? (5 Dec 1999)
  9. Her blood glucose levels have been swinging wildly from daytime highs to nighttime lows. (3 Dec 1999)
  10. Do you have any information on exact recommendations on adjusting insulin dosages? (3 Dec 1999)
  11. The doctor likes her to switch both injections to Humalog Mix25. (30 Nov 1999)
  12. My daughter has been having unexplained highs. Could it be that she needs to take more insulin to cover what she eats? (7 Nov 1999)
  13. How does my doctor determine how much insulin I need to take? (2 Nov 1999)
  14. I'm self-administering insulin for bodybuilding. I went into hypoglycemia 4 times within 2 weeks. (26 Oct 1999)
  15. What are the effects of taking too much insulin? (26 Oct 1999)
  16. I am taking 120 units of Mixtard 30 in the morning and again before dinner. Is this a lot? (24 Oct 1999)
  17. What is the difference between Humulin NPH and NPH Iletin I? (11 Oct 1999)
  18. Is there a formula to calculate the insulin required to counteract a given blood glucose level? (10 Oct 1999)
  19. How does insulin affect the feelings of hunger? (28 Sep 1999)
  20. Her blood sugars are progressively going up at supper time despite the fact that I keep raising her dosage at lunch time. (28 Sep 1999)
  21. At her recent appointment her endocrinologist said her body is rejecting the insulin. (27 Sep 1999)
  22. My 13-year-old daughter would love to be able to eat only when hungry, rather than on a schedule. (20 Sep 1999)
  23. My daughter says the Ultralente burns when it is injected by itself. Is this common? (14 Sep 1999)
  24. Our son only needs a total of ten Protaphane and two Actrapid each day. Why? (14 Sep 1999)
  25. My husband takes Lente Iletin I and Regular Iletin I, both of which are being discontinued. (12 Sep 1999)
  26. Please supply details of side effects and adverse reactions to human insulin versus animal insulin. (5 Sep 1999)
  27. In order to make this a little easier for his grandparents, I am wondering it I can go ahead and load the syringes. (2 Sep 1999)
  28. My son will be going on a school trip soon. I am concerned about keeping his insulin cool. (30 Aug 1999)
  29. Can you offer an alternative injection strategy for dealing with fatty foods? (30 Aug 1999)
  30. My son was diagnosed 2 months ago. He is 7 years old. His blood sugar readings have been sporadic. (28 Aug 1999)
  31. At approximately 9 P.M., she sometimes feels low and is. Why would this be happening? (27 Aug 1999)
  32. I seem to remember that there is a certain number of carbs that it covered by a unit of insulin. (26 Aug 1999)
  33. Is it okay to use different brands of insulin together when preparing a mixed dose of R and N? (24 Aug 1999)
  34. Do you ever find people who do better on Regular than Humalog? (13 Aug 1999)
  35. Is there any data to determine if pre-mixed insulins makes any difference in the blood sugar control? (13 Aug 1999)
  36. I would like to know about the use of sodium insulin in children. (6 Aug 1999)
  37. Can you offer an alternative injection strategy for dealing with fatty foods? (2 Aug 1999)
  38. I am very interested in the inhaler. My son hates taking shots and this would be a great help to him. (24 Jul 1999)
  39. How is the dosage of insulin figured? How much insulin do you need? (17 Jul 1999)
  40. For a newly diagnosed Type IA patient, is it necessary to send certain laboratory studies before giving exogenous insulin? (11 Jul 1999)
  41. When we give her insulin, she has an allergy. Often painful tumours appear on her body. (7 Jul 1999)
  42. How do you find out if you are insulin intolerant? (4 Jul 1999)
  43. Please advise which insulins may be mixed together in the same syringe. (29 Jun 1999)
  44. I am trying to understand how long insulin lasts in the bloodstream. (29 Jun 1999)
  45. What is the difference between Actrapid and Humalog? (25 Jun 1999)
  46. Why can't you keep insulin in the freezer and then let is thaw? Does the insulin molecule denature? (10 Jun 1999)
  47. I was told that cold insulin can cause scar tissue when injected. (10 Jun 1999)
  48. Is there any evidence that might support an individual becoming immune to any type of insulin? (9 Jun 1999)
  49. What are the methods by which insulin can be administered? (4 Jun 1999)
  50. I have heard of reports that the UK has approved a nasal insulin. (30 May 1999)
  51. It seems that I have to take a lot of insulin, 15 units with meal of Humalog, and eating approx 60 grams of carb. (29 May 1999)
  52. My friend's daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for a couple of years now, and now she has developed antigens against insulin. (29 May 1999)
  53. My problem is that the amount of Ultralente I require seems to vary a lot. (29 May 1999)
  54. I was reading the transcript from the forum with Dr. Brink, and was intrigued about overlapping small doses of NPH (13 May 1999)
  55. This is my first week on insulin and I have noticed that my body creates a lot of gas. Is this a result of the insulin? (8 May 1999)
  56. Is there a scale that says for example how many units of insulin I would have to take to bring my levels down to 100? (5 May 1999)
  57. I'm fourteen and have had diabetes for 14 years. How much insulin is too much? I take 13-16 Humalog and 45-46 NPH. (25 Apr 1999)
  58. What measures should I take to care for my insulin should we lose power when the year 2000 arrives? (22 Apr 1999)
  59. How much does the insulin affect the child's weight? My child needs to lose some weight but I don't want her to know she is on a diet. (22 Apr 1999)
  60. Are there sulfites in insulin? Are there any preservatives in insulin that can cause itchy lips? (20 Apr 1999)
  61. When my son gets a headache and is nauseated, what would the procedure be for calculating how much insulin to give him? (20 Apr 1999)
  62. My son is on Actrapid before meals and Protaphane in the evening. Does it make a difference if he gets it at 20:00 or at 2:100? (10 Apr 1999)
  63. I was recently told that there is a insulin patch that you can wear. Is there such a thing? (10 Apr 1999)
  64. Is there a point where too much insulin can do harm? (8 Apr 1999)
  65. Can you please send any information you have on the effects of long term insulin use for children with diabetes? (8 Apr 1999)
  66. I administer my son's insulin injection at 6:30 in the morning, but some mornings it can be at 7:15. (4 Apr 1999)
  67. If insulin is given after a meal, does it work in controlling your blood sugar level? (4 Apr 1999)
  68. We were recently told that changes to Ultralente dosages take several days to take effect. (3 Apr 1999)
  69. What time should a 60 year old woman with Type 2 diabetes take her bedtime insulin dose? (3 Apr 1999)
  70. My son was recently switched to pork NPH. It appears that the NPH acts much longer in my son than the "typical" times. (26 Mar 1999)
  71. Is there a general rule of thumb for units of insulin required in relation to size and weight? (24 Mar 1999)
  72. My concern is with Y2K computer problem. Will insurance companies pay for supplies for a year or more in advance? (18 Mar 1999)
  73. I am 34 years old. I am still on the same insulin that they put me on when I was diagnosed at the age of 18. (16 Mar 1999)
  74. I have heard of reports that the UK has approved a nasal insulin application, available in lieu of injections. (14 Mar 1999)
  75. How does insulin affect the feelings of hunger? (12 Mar 1999)
  76. I am having a hard time understanding how to adjust my insulin if my sugars are too high in the evening and morning. (9 Mar 1999)
  77. Is it possible that she is allergic to the insulin? (6 Mar 1999)
  78. Could I have a resistance to insulin? (2 Mar 1999)
  79. Can you tell me if food can affect the amount of insulin our bodies produce? (6 Feb 1999)
  80. I hear that now there is insulin, that you can drink. Is that true? Is this only for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? (28 Jan 1999)
  81. In a previous question, you discussed vitamin E reducing the sensitivity to insulin. (24 Jan 1999)
  82. Her endo wants to switch her to ultralente, covering all meals and snacks with humalog. (21 Jan 1999)
  83. Is it possible for someone to have Type 1 diabetes to control their blood sugar purely by diet and exercise? (17 Jan 1999)
  84. What is the normal dose of insulin for a person with Type 1 Diabetes? (15 Jan 1999)
  85. If the morning blood sugar is high, do you just give the standing dose or both the standing dose and the sliding scale coverage? (15 Jan 1999)
  86. Is there any apparatus or mechanism to detect the validity and effectiveness of the used insulin? (10 Jan 1999)
  87. I have been told not to refrigerate insulin because the cold can feel unpleasant to a child. (5 Jan 1999)
  88. My Pomeranian was diagnosed with diabetes few months ago. Can you tell me what are the long term effects of insulin? (4 Jan 1999)
  89. What is the difference between NPH and Regular insulin? (2 Jan 1999)
  90. What is the average age kids in America move on from 2 to 4 shots a day? (1 Jan 1999)

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