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Insulin from 1997

  1. For the past 4 days the readings have be creeping back up and we are worried that her insulin may be going bad after 1 1/2 weeks. (24 Dec 97)
  2. I need to know if insulin can cause swelling of the the hands. (16 Dec 97)
  3. Is Purified Pork NPH insulin better on children than the Humulin N? (14 Dec 97)
  4. Does the need for insulin increase with years since onset (31 years)? (14 Dec 97)
  5. I'm totally confused about the activity duration of Iletin II (pork NPH). (10 Dec 97)
  6. Can a person take too much insulin as long as the blood glucose's are good? (7 Dec 97)
  7. Do you know anything about the studies that were being conducted on an "insulin patch" to be worn on the arm? (4 Dec 97)
  8. Do you recommend storing insulin in the refrigerator or keeping it at room temperature? (27 Nov 97)
  9. My son has unstable readings. What do you think the best way to control it? (22 Nov 97)
  10. I have had the hives for 5 years, and believe they are caused by Humulin R insulin. (22 Nov 97)
  11. Do you have Insulatard and Humalog in the U.S.? (20 Nov 97)
  12. Is there a difference in the strength of U compared to N? (2 Nov 97)
  13. Is there is a recommended ratio of the number of units of fast-acting insulin to slow acting insulin taken? (2 Nov 97)
  14. Which is better, human insulin or animal insulin, and why? (23 Oct 97)
  15. It has been three days since his last change, and his numbers are still over 200. Does it take two weeks for new doses to take effect? (18 Oct 97)
  16. I am taking NPH insulin. Several people have told me I should take this earlier in the day as it is a 24 hour insulin. (18 Oct 97)
  17. I have noticed about 21 days after opening a bottle, his blood glucoses become erratic. Should we replace the bottle every 21 days? (11 Oct 97)
  18. My doses have been 15 units of Ultralente and 10 units of Regular at breakfast and dinner, and a dose of 10 R at lunch. (27 Sep 97)
  19. I read a book that says to "avoid insulins that contain protamine." Should I consider switching to Lente? (21 Sep 97)
  20. My friend's son was 480 for about three days, then bottomed out at 42. She says it seems like "antibodies." (21 Sep 97)
  21. Is there a reliable portable insulin refrigeration unit on the market? (9 Sep 97)
  22. My 11 1/2 year old son just had his long acting P.M. insulin changed to Ultralente. What should I expect? (2 Aug 97)
  23. Is there a chart that predicts the unused insulin in your system after a given time has passed? (2 Aug 97)
  24. My daughter's insulin arrived via UPS. The box was hot. Will this harm the insulin? (2 Aug 97)
  25. Our son is on 60 to 65 units of insulin a day. His doctor seems to think this is too much. (24 Jul 97)
  26. I use 70/30 type insulin. I use it for a couple of months and then I stop. (22 Jul 97)
  27. My physician is reluctant to changing to human insulins because of antibody buildups. (21 Jul 97)
  28. Is there any other way he could receive the insulin other than a shot? (12 Jul 97)
  29. Is 10:00 P.M. the right time to be taking NPH? (9 Jul 97)
  30. What would happen if someone who did not have diabetes took some insulin orally? (24 Jun 97)
  31. My daughter has had two low sugar reactions this week. She recently started on lispro. Is this common when changing to new insulins? (13 Jun 97)
  32. I've been told to keep up with the insulin because daily injections of insulin may prolong the honeymoon period. (1 Jun 97)
  33. Are growth hormones 'active' in the morning thus making her body resistant to the insulin? (25 May 97)
  34. Is there any chance he could be allergic to insulin? (21 May 97)
  35. Do you know of any reason why the insulins from different companies could not be mixed? (6 May 97)
  36. What is the proper way to store insulin? And what is the shelf life? (28 Apr 97)
  37. My daughter is Type 1, age 15. It seems like her body is no longer absorbing the insulin. (27 Apr 97)
  38. Morning and lunch levels are good. Our problem is that she is almost always high at dinner. (27 Apr 97)
  39. Our 13 year old son has developed antibodies to beef, pork, and human insulin. What does this mean and what do we do? (28 Mar 97)
  40. My daughter was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. We are still trying to regulate her insulin. (22 Mar 97)
  41. My 27 year old daughter has had excellent control of her blood sugar until recently. Should she be changing insulin? (22 Mar 97)
  42. Can frozen insulin cause illness and does it cause one's body to reject insulin treatment? (16 Mar 97)
  43. My daughter has Type 1 diabetes. We are having trouble keeping her blood sugars at good numbers. (16 Mar 97)
  44. Does age, exercise and length of time someone has been a Type 1 diabetic have any impact on insulin requirements? (16 Mar 97)
  45. How much is known about the timescales of action of insulin in very young children? (25 Feb 97)
  46. How do you really know if you inject too much insulin? (21 Feb 97)
  47. What is the recommended time that insulin can remain at room temperature? (19 Feb 97)
  48. My patient develops hives to NPH. Could it be the preservatives? (18 Feb 97)
  49. Has there been any recent developments in the research or testing of nasal spray of Insulin? (14 Feb 97)
  50. Our endocrinologist would like to try 4 injections a day of either Humalog or Regular with no long acting insulin. (14 Feb 97)
  51. I keep increasing her NPH in the morning but I feel like I never see any progress. (11 Feb 97)
  52. Is there some mix of insulins that would be effective at certain times? (9 Feb 97)
  53. For our daughter, the ratio is "inverted," (i.e., approximately 30N/70R). How common is this "inverted level"? (30 Jan 97)
  54. Is it true that Lilly will soon stop manufacturing the Pork/Beef insulin? (30 Jan 97)
  55. Our twelve year old daughter takes an average of 150-200 units of insulin daily. (25 Jan 97)
  56. I have been taking insulin and eating right after; with NPH, is that okay? (25 Jan 97)
  57. My morning shot is Humalog and NPH. Is it safe to make the evening shot Regular and NPH? (25 Jan 97)
  58. Do you know of anyone using maintaining a constant dose of both Regular and NPH insulin, while using Lente on a slide scale? (18 Jan 97)
  59. My daughter would like to stop taking her AM NPH and use the Humalog throughout the day. (15 Jan 97)

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