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Gestational Diabetes from 2000

  1. How is insulin dosage determined in gestational diabetes? Can it be determined without another (torturous) GTT? (26 Dec 2000)
  2. Is it true that the body could overcompensate after 17 hours of fasting and that this can result in falsely high numbers? (23 Dec 2000)
  3. What are some different ways to try to keep fasting levels below 90 mg/dl [5 mmol/L]? (20 Dec 2000)
  4. Has any link been found between weight loss during pregnancy with gestational diabetes and milk production? (18 Dec 2000)
  5. Are depression and gestational diabetes related? Do you know of any problems with antidepressants and pregnancy? (11 Dec 2000)
  6. Having had low blood sugar most of my life, how can it be, that all of a sudden my levels are high? (29 Nov 2000)
  7. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and had gestational diabetes with my first son. I checked my levels one hour after eating, and it was 120 mg/dl. (29 Nov 2000)
  8. Could I have had diabetes early on and not known? With levels such as these, exactly how concerned should I be? (21 Nov 2000)
  9. I read somewhere on the that the pills have been tested on pregnant women and are safe. Is this true? Which ones are safe ones to take? (21 Nov 2000)
  10. My first non-fasting blood sugar was 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L]. What is the likelihood (percentage) that I have gestational diabetes? (20 Nov 2000)
  11. I'm now in the (approximately) 20th week of pregnancy and have several questions about glucose control. (8 Nov 2000)
  12. I have gestational diabetes and am currently battling asthmatic bronchitis. My blood glucose is quite a bit higher than it has been before I became ill. (8 Nov 2000)
  13. My doctor waited a long time to test me, and I have gestational diabetes. I am going to see a dietitian. Hasn't the damage already been done? (5 Nov 2000)
  14. Her son was born with impaired vision. She is claiming that this is due to stress which raised her blood sugar during her seventh month. (22 Oct 2000)
  15. I am 35 years old and in my third trimester of pregnancy. Is it safe to use "Equal" and if so how much? (17 Oct 2000)
  16. My 32 year old pregnant daughter, who is due in 10 weeks, has just developed gestational diabetes. Her husband is saying it is all her fault. (16 Oct 2000)
  17. An obstetrician has told me that I should seriously consider a voluntary C-section if the baby is estimated to weigh over 8 pounds 13 ounces. (15 Oct 2000)
  18. I have gestational diabetes. What would happen to me and/or my baby if I do not follow my diet strictly? (14 Oct 2000)
  19. Has any relationship between gestational diabetes and obesity or glucose intolerance in offspring been found? (26 Sep 2000)
  20. Why did I get gestational diabetes so early in my pregnancy? Are my risks higher of having diabetes after I give birth? (22 Sep 2000)
  21. Would my diet on the day of the test possibly have caused the blood sugar level to be high? (19 Sep 2000)
  22. My glucose levels are usually low, but, sometimes, I have high ones. Should I be worried? (18 Sep 2000)
  23. Is it important for people with gestational diabetes to avoid heat, or should we eat less during hot weather to make up for higher blood sugar levels? (12 Sep 2000)
  24. My wife did a two-hour after meal blood sugar test in her 31st week of pregnancy which was 7.2 mmol/L [130 mg/dl]. How serious is this? (11 Sep 2000)
  25. What is the chance of this happening in my next pregnancy? Is there a chance that my daughter will have diabetes when she is older? (10 Sep 2000)
  26. I tried to control it with diet, but after my weekly visit I was told to go on insulin. I am totally freaked out about the whole situation. Any suggestions? (10 Sep 2000)
  27. Aren't there better, non fasting ways to test more accurately how my body metabolizes sugar? (1 Sep 2000)
  28. I am concerned that he did not find it necessary for me to do the glucose tolerance tests to determine the diagnosis. (25 Aug 2000)
  29. It seems like I have to give up watching my cholesterol in order to control my blood sugar and ketones! (24 Aug 2000)
  30. I had a glucose tolerance test early in my pregnancy. Given the results, do I have gestational or pre-existing diabetes? (22 Aug 2000)
  31. I have a history of gestational diabetes. None of my one-hour postprandial blood sugars are less than 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. Should I be preparing myself mentally for insulin this time around? (20 Aug 2000)
  32. I'm in my 28th week of pregnancy. I had the glucose test this morning. I became very sleepy and tired. Could this be a sign of test results? (20 Aug 2000)
  33. What will a small amount of ketones four times a week do to the baby? (7 Aug 2000)
  34. How likely is it that this is strictly gestational diabetes? Would diet be a consideration for me? (2 Aug 2000)
  35. Is there any general rule about when glucose is spilled in pregnant women with normal kidney function? (31 Jul 2000)
  36. My doctor scared me when he told me the risks of having another child. What would the risks of having another child be? (31 Jul 2000)
  37. Why do I have ketones in my urine and how can I get rid of them quick? (31 Jul 2000)
  38. What are the risks for my baby if I have a high sugar? Is it very complicated to have a situation like this during pregnancy? (29 Jul 2000)
  39. What level should a six month pregnant woman maintain? (26 Jul 2000)
  40. Being that my numbers are okay, why do I show sugar in my urine during my doctors visits? What does glucose in the urine indicate? (26 Jul 2000)
  41. Do I need to begin on insulin? Should I get a second opinion? (26 Jul 2000)
  42. What are the specific risks? (26 Jul 2000)
  43. How common is this with women who have gestational diabetes? (24 Jul 2000)
  44. The doctor recommends a level 2 ultrasound at 19 weeks to check all of the babies organs. (29 May 2000)
  45. I have heard that the World Health Organization is recommending that doctors switch to a one-step test. (26 May 2000)
  46. Because of previous history, I was given the glucose test at 4 weeks and it came back at a level of 146. (26 May 2000)
  47. What are the complications from such low blood sugar at birth? (17 May 2000)
  48. What statistics are there for women who do not respond to diet/exercise control? (17 May 2000)
  49. Does blood sugar rise or fall when you first become pregnant? (16 May 2000)
  50. Why would my endocrinologist say that my 2 hour readings after a meal must be 105 or below? (2 May 2000)
  51. The doctor went ahead and told me to do the diet again before I even took the glucose test. (1 May 2000)
  52. For the last week my 1 hour after meal numbers have been quite a bit lower, ranging from 98 to 112. (9 Apr 2000)
  53. Is it possible to prevent gestational diabetes with weight loss before pregnancy, good diet and exercise? (9 Apr 2000)
  54. My dietitian said I was to test fasting, and 1 hour post meals. (9 Apr 2000)
  55. I am pregnant again but prior to becoming pregnant my blood sugars were averaging 300+. (8 Apr 2000)
  56. I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Do I look like a candidate for insulin? (29 Jan 2000)
  57. My wife was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Any wisdom to share? (22 Jan 2000)
  58. I have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. What dietary changes can I make? (22 Jan 2000)
  59. Could the hypoglycemia be the beginning of gestational diabetes? (8 Jan 2000)

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