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Exercise and Sports from 2002

  1. Is it always necessary to inform the coach of my daughter's condition? (11 Dec 2002)
  2. Do you have any tips on keeping the pump (and the insulin) warm while skiing? (24 Nov 2002)
  3. The doctor thinks my son's getting an adrenaline rush when wrestling. Do you know how we can control this? (22 Nov 2002)
  4. What should my daughter eat before exercise and bedtime to prevent a low because of the level of exercise involved? (22 Nov 2002)
  5. It is so frustrating to exercise, and then have my blood sugars go way up. (30 Oct 2002)
  6. Since bodybuilding is new to me, I was wondering about some of the supplements that are on the market. Are these safe? (22 Oct 2002)
  7. A college cross country athlete just can't finish strongly at the end of a hard workout and races. Any thoughts? (22 Oct 2002)
  8. My son's blood sugars are normal before practices and matches but go high from an adrenalin surge. How can we control this? (18 Oct 2002)
  9. My daughter is becoming frustrated trying to avert low blood sugar reactions while doing intense workouts. What do we do? (3 Oct 2002)
  10. During a karate competition, my son's blood sugar drops alarmingly. Is this normal? Are there any suggestions you can make? (17 Sep 2002)
  11. If my son's blood sugars are in the normal range, what should he take before he plays a spirited game of soccer? (13 Sep 2002)
  12. My son sprained his ankle in football practice. Is what the coach doing okay or will that hurt him? (13 Sep 2002)
  13. A friend with diabetes asked me about exercise. I know that aerobic exercise is all good, but is weight training also good? (13 Sep 2002)
  14. How can exercise cause blood sugars to increase in a person with type 1 diabetes, instead of to decrease? (13 Sep 2002)
  15. If insulin is used to get glucose into the body's cells, why should more activity require less insulin? (8 Sep 2002)
  16. What can I do to prevent low blood sugar after activity? (28 Aug 2002)
  17. Would it be safe to consume these carb-loading products? Should I take my medication prior to the event? (16 Aug 2002)
  18. Should I take any special precautions while hiking at higher elevations in the Colorado Rockies next week? (16 Aug 2002)
  19. I keep stuffing my son's belly to keep him in the low-normal range while playing. Of course, by the next morning, he will wake up with a high.number. (12 Aug 2002)
  20. Kindly tell me why is it necessary to walk or take exercise if I want to put on weight. (28 Jul 2002)
  21. How long after an activity can a delayed low occur? (9 Jul 2002)
  22. A friend who has type 1 diabetes wants to swim the English Channel. Will he need less Lispro during the swim? (5 Jul 2002)
  23. Could this be diabetes? (2 Jul 2002)
  24. I am wondering if this insulin is causing not only the lows but the high sugar levels. (29 Jun 2002)
  25. I heard that gymnastics doesn't affect blood sugars at all. Is that true? (6 Jun 2002)
  26. What does riding a mountain bike year round do to the sugar levels? (5 Jun 2002)
  27. Can body-building can be pursued by someone with type 1 diabetes? What kind of protein food or supplements can I take? (4 Jun 2002)
  28. At what blood glucose level should my son not participate in Physical Education? (31 May 2002)
  29. What is the best food (in terms of glycemic index) for a young child involved in physical activity for an hour and a half? (30 May 2002)
  30. Is there any reason why a person who has type 1 diabetes and no eye complications should not lift weights for exercise? (29 May 2002)
  31. We were told that exercise during the presence of ketones in the urine is dangerous. Is this so? If so, why? (28 May 2002)
  32. My 16 year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes treated with Lantus and Humalog is a runner, and we find that when she is distance running she has to adjust her insulin some, but when she is doing sprints her numbers are much more unpredictable. Do you have any suggestions for evening things out? (21 May 2002)
  33. If insulin is "the key that lets glucose into the cell," why don't people need more carb and more insulin during exercise? (14 May 2002)
  34. I cannot find much information about long and hard workouts and how they affect blood sugars (5 May 2002)
  35. My blood sugar may be great after a run, but then spikes a few hours later. I feel like no matter what I do, I can't get it right. (5 May 2002)
  36. I am 15, and whenever I exercise my blood sugar raises to about 300 mg/dl [16. 7 mmol/L], and I don't know why. (26 Apr 2002)
  37. I have newly diagnosed diabetes and am searching for the following information about food and exercise. (21 Apr 2002)
  38. What can I do to decrease the exhaustion level so that I can increase my activity level to help me lose weight? (17 Apr 2002)
  39. I really love to exercise, but the lows are turning me off. I feel like I am short of breath, and they drop so quickly! Any suggestions? (6 Apr 2002)
  40. I really love to exercise, but the lows are turning me off. I feel like I am short of breath, and they drop so quickly! Any suggestions? (6 Apr 2002)
  41. Can my son switch to two walking sessions, one early in the morning and one which he is continuing ? (31 Mar 2002)
  42. After I do my 35 to 40 minutes of walking, my level drops to low normal, then an hour later it goes back up to normal. Is this normal? (30 Mar 2002)
  43. Is it normal to have high blood sugar after exercising for an hour? (28 Mar 2002)
  44. I have type 2 diabetes treated with pills, and about three months ago I started power yoga classes about four times weekly. My problem is that this exercise elevates my fasting blood sugars, and then it doesn't drop for two to three hours. What can I do to reduce these sugars after exercise? (18 Mar 2002)
  45. Would you please tell me about sports for people with diabetes? (18 Mar 2002)
  46. Should I take insulin to get my blood sugar down before I run? Wouldn't the extra insulin drop me low in the middle of my race? (13 Mar 2002)
  47. How much and which type of exercise should my 13 year old be doing? (13 Mar 2002)
  48. My son, who has type 1 diabetes, wants to go back to weight lifting and wants to start taking protein supplements to improve muscle building. Are they safe? (4 Mar 2002)
  49. My son's diabetes team does not have an answer as to why he does not need extra carbs when exercising or why his glucose goes so high. (1 Mar 2002)
  50. Does anyone have any "helpful hints" for maintaining glucose levels during strenuous activity? (21 Feb 2002)
  51. I was recently in the hospital because I became sick from DKA, and I want to keep playing basketball without having to go to the hospital or getting sick again. (12 Feb 2002)
  52. Can you explain a little bit more about the pump? Is this a good thing for athletes to be on? (9 Feb 2002)
  53. I would like more information on whether it is safe to take some of the "bodybuilding supplements." (2 Feb 2002)
  54. Sometimes, even when I'm high, I continue to play sports, and it sometimes drags me down. Is it unhealthy to do this if I have no ketones? (1 Feb 2002)
  55. During a ski vacation, our son had some real problems with lows. I have several questions. (7 Jan 2002)
  56. My son has joined the school's wrestling team, but the insulin doesn't seem to work. Could this be from adrenalin? (4 Jan 2002)

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