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  1. What can you tell me about Apidra? How does it compare to NovoLog? (28 Feb 2005)

  2. My teen son is on Levemir and NovoRapid. With his evening Levemir, he needs a big snack or his blood sugar drops too much during the night. Why is this? I thought Levemir was to help prevent hypoglycemia. (27 Feb 2005)

  3. My son often acts "hyper," angry and aggressive when his blood sugar is high. Where can I find information about this? Are there any books? (27 Feb 2005)

  4. My dad, who takes insulin three times a day, has outbursts of anger that he says are related to his diabetes. Is this possible? (27 Feb 2005)

  5. Should my 83 year old mother take glyburide 2.5 mg, with a sugar level of 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L]? Can she be diet controlled instead? (27 Feb 2005)

  6. Are unexplained high blood sugars normal on a pump? I have checked my pump and supplies and they seem okay. (27 Feb 2005)

  7. Where can I find out about immunizations needed for a trip to Thailand? (27 Feb 2005)

  8. Is an insulin pump more efficient than injections? Is there anyone making insulin spray? (27 Feb 2005)

  9. Can antibiotics cause abnormally high blood sugars in a non-diabetic patient? My daughter started showing symptoms of diabetes two weeks into treatment for an infection. Should I consult her pediatrician? (26 Feb 2005)

  10. For a week, my daughter has been low at bedtime. If I adjust her insulin, she is high. What should I do to help keep her in range? (26 Feb 2005)

  11. My son has attention problems. Could his eight years of high/low blood sugars have contributed to this? (26 Feb 2005)

  12. About a year ago, my young daughter had a hypoglycemic episode. Since then, the doctor has said to check her blood sugar only when she drinks or urinates a lot. Why would she have variable readings within the normal range? (26 Feb 2005)

  13. If someone with pre-diabetes marries, what are the potential health problems for his children? (26 Feb 2005)

  14. When diagnosed about six years ago, I learned to do insulin injections in my stomach. Now, I can't seem to do them anywhere else and I'm starting to have higher blood sugars. How can I start over and rotate my shots? (26 Feb 2005)

  15. Can people with type 1 diabetes consume alcoholic beverages? What are the side effects of diabetes on sexual intercourse? (26 Feb 2005)

  16. Since his recent diagnosis with type 1, my boyfriend continues to have very high blood sugars, but his doctor is not worried. Should we look for another endocrinologist? Do we need to discuss "crystallized" urine with the doctor since this is a sign of ketones? (26 Feb 2005)

  17. Does insulin or diabetes affect babies' growth? (26 Feb 2005)

  18. My granddaughter was just diagnosed with type 1 six days ago. How long does it take before she has blood sugar is within the normal ranges? (25 Feb 2005)

  19. I was diagnosed with type 1 eight weeks ago. With a BMI of 19, I take only nine units of insulin. Why so little? Should I tell my diabetes team about previous hypoglycemia? (23 Feb 2005)

  20. Should I pursue a relationship with someone who's had type 1 for 17 years? I am concerned because I have heard that the longer a person has it, the worse it is on their body. (23 Feb 2005)

  21. What do you know about the technique used by Argentine Dr. Fernandez Vina to cure diabetes using stem cells? Are the results validated? (23 Feb 2005)

  22. When diagnosed with type 1, my daughter's doctor also put her on Synthroid. My daughter and I recently stopped the Synthroid and my doctor's blood sugars are more under control. Is this a common problem with Synthroid? (23 Feb 2005)

  23. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with MODY. After a month, I was able to stop taking insulin. Is it possible I'm still in my honeymoon? (23 Feb 2005)

  24. My son was diagnosed with type 1 with a high blood sugar. He was negative for all antibodies tested and his fasting blood sugars are mostly below 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Is he just honeymooning? Are there additional tests to determine if he has some other type of diabetes? (23 Feb 2005)

  25. I have gestational diabetes. Sometimes I feel nauseous and lethargic and have a blood sugar in the 7s mmol/L [126 to 143 mg/dl]. Why is this? (22 Feb 2005)

  26. Other than raising my blood sugars, what harm can sugar do to me? (22 Feb 2005)

  27. Due to allergies, my daughter had elevated blood sugars. Now that she is out of allergy season, how long will her blood sugars remain elevated? (22 Feb 2005)

  28. My son was diagnosed with type 1 in July 2003 when sugar was detected in his urine during a physical. He is easy to control. Could he just be having a long honeymoon? (22 Feb 2005)

  29. My son has had a stomach virus. He is very thirsty and had an elevated blood sugar and urine ketones. Should I be concerned about type 1? (22 Feb 2005)

  30. What body system does type 1 diabetes affect? How does it affect that body system? (22 Feb 2005)

  31. My sister has a variety of health issues, including many high blood sugars, since going on insulin six months ago. What are the effects of many high blood sugars? Are there any ill effects of too much insulin? (21 Feb 2005)

  32. Is it possible that hypoglycemia is causing the paralysis I have been experiencing? (21 Feb 2005)

  33. My daughter takes two shots daily of Regular and NPH. Would it be okay for her to take Mixtard 70/30 insulin? (21 Feb 2005)

  34. Have you heard of or do you know of any learning disabilities that affect children with sudden onset of diabetes? (21 Feb 2005)

  35. My daughter has had some of the symptoms of diabetes, but her blood sugar was in range at the ER. What tests should I ask the doctor to run? (21 Feb 2005)

  36. We switched to a new endocrinologist since the first seemed to misinform us. Have we caused our son to have brain damage by creating lower blood sugars? (21 Feb 2005)

  37. Due to high blood sugars, my father's doctor has told him to take Lantus. He told my father to check his blood sugar once a day. Shouldn't he check often to get the Lantus dose correct? (20 Feb 2005)

  38. My daughter has MODY and takes metformin HCL. Can she become type 1? (20 Feb 2005)

  39. If a child has acanthosis nigricans, but has tested negative for diabetes, what are some other causes of this? (20 Feb 2005)

  40. After 18 years with diabetes, I have hypothyroidism and mild retinopathy. Is the risk too high for me to get pregnant again? (20 Feb 2005)

  41. What are real causes of insulin resistance? Is insulin resistance also seen in non-obese people? (20 Feb 2005)

  42. I have had pain in my groin and front thigh area for a month. Could it be caused by the diabetes medications I take? I take metformin, Avandia, and Amaryl? Should I try physical therapy, as was suggested by my doctor? (20 Feb 2005)

  43. Since I have had diabetes for about 30 years, I check my children's blood sugars once a month. On Saturday, my daughter had elevated levels. Is this the beginning of diabetes? Where can I look for resources before her appointment with the pediatrician? (20 Feb 2005)

  44. Why is it that t.v. shows do not show medical conditions, such as diabetes, on an on-going basis? Are there videos about diabetes? (20 Feb 2005)

  45. I have used my uncle's meter to test my blood sugar. When it's below 90 mg/dl [5.0 mmol/L], I feel faint, nauseous, have a headache, etc. Could I have hypoglycemia? Can it become diabetes? (20 Feb 2005)

  46. Following a miscarriage, my doctor did an A1c and it was 6.0. I started to diet and lose weight while monitoring my blood sugars. I am worried about my 125 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L] fasting blood sugar. Is this normal? Should I be doing more? (20 Feb 2005)

  47. Have you heard of anything (positive or negative) about using the untethered regime with children? (19 Feb 2005)

  48. I've had diabetes for six years. Every time I do a shot or a pump site, the skin turns purple and hurts. What should I do? (19 Feb 2005)

  49. I went into DKA when pregnant, but my insulin needs dropped postpartum and I considered myself cured. Seven months later, I was spilling ketones and had a high A1c. An endocrinologist says I have type 1 despite being antibody negative and having low insulin levels. What type of diabetes do I have? (19 Feb 2005)

  50. My 16 month old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of eight weeks. She was recently "borderline" for CF. What are the chances she also has CF? (19 Feb 2005)

  51. What is the normal expected A1c range for a type 1 diabetic? What changes should I make to my son's care? (19 Feb 2005)

  52. What can I expect for the next 10 years? Can I expect a cure with either stem cells or islet cells? (19 Feb 2005)

  53. Is it necessary to do the C-peptide, insulin, and antibodies tests in a newly diagnosed 12 year old boy? (19 Feb 2005)

  54. The doctor recently asked my husband to monitor my blood sugar, as well as his own. Where can we find a book or chart discussing "normal" readings? (19 Feb 2005)

  55. How can I better understand and calculate carbohydrates in order to apply insulin? The doctor wants us to switch from R and NPH to Lantus and NovoLog. (19 Feb 2005)

  56. What symptoms indicate that I might need to take insulin? I have type 2 and take metformin, Actos and Amaryl. I often feel tired. (19 Feb 2005)

  57. Is there any information on panic disorders being linked to type 1? Will my blood sugars be affected by Paxil or Xanax? (19 Feb 2005)

  58. For someone who currently takes Lantus at 2 p.m., traveling to Australia, how should she alter the Lantus dose to account for the time difference? (19 Feb 2005)

  59. Does sibutramine, an anti-obesity drug, produce a mild diabetic effect? (18 Feb 2005)

  60. If a man has a blood glucose of 280 mg/dl [15.6 mmol/L] and a very high insulin level after a GTT, is it reversibile if he loses weight? (18 Feb 2005)

  61. If I use Insuflon, can I inject Ultralente and Humalog into it? Can it be a mixed injection? Can you explain in what order you draw up insulin into a syringe? (18 Feb 2005)

  62. Downloading my son's meter, I learned he has been lying to me about his actual blood sugars, which are very high. He also stated that he wants to die because diabetes his hard. Is this common? (18 Feb 2005)

  63. Recent laboratory work showed a slightly elevated micralbumin level. Could there be a connection between this level and the Lipitor I have been taking? (18 Feb 2005)

  64. My three hour glucose test was normal, but I had sugar in my urine at my last appointment. Do I have gestational diabetes? (17 Feb 2005)

  65. My husband and I both have diabetes. I am 33 weeks pregnant. Will our baby have diabetes? Should I have a C-section? What are the possible complications for me and the baby if there is pre-term labour? (17 Feb 2005)

  66. Is it normal to do a third 75 gram Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) after already passing two? (17 Feb 2005)

  67. I have been diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia, but, following a recent bout with pneumonia, have had slightly elevated blood sugars. Should I discuss the possibility of diabetes with my doctor? (17 Feb 2005)

  68. During her two month honeymoon, my daughter has had no insulin injections. Is a cure possible? Is a natural recovery possible? (17 Feb 2005)

  69. My young daughter has been tested for diabetes, but does not test positive. Sometimes, her blood sugars are a bit elevated and she recently had strange, sweet smelling urine. Why does she have the elevated blood sugars? (17 Feb 2005)

  70. My daughter has some of the symptoms of diabetes. She just got rid of some stubborn plantar warts. Should I have her tested for diabetes? (17 Feb 2005)

  71. I might go backpacking through Europe next summer. As a pumper, are there any special arrangements I should make? Is it feasible for me to go? (17 Feb 2005)

  72. For a week, my young son was vomiting, so I checked his blood sugar. It was high and he had ketones. The ER said my glucometer must be wrong. I got a new meter and found erratic readings all week. Is this the beginning of type 1? (16 Feb 2005)

  73. In a recent urine test, my daughter had a trace amount of protein. The doctor wants to do a 24 hour test. Would the shingles virus and highs have contributed to the reading? Is that reading considered high? (16 Feb 2005)

  74. My daughter takes Lantus and NovoLog and often has high blood sugars at bedtime, morning and mid-morning. Should we be more aggressive with her insulin? Our doctor says not to worry about the highs. (16 Feb 2005)

  75. I skip insulin shots to control my weight. I am in pain, tired all the time, sad, and feel controlled by food and diabetes. What should I do before my next doctor's appointment in March? (16 Feb 2005)

  76. I sometimes have lows that I can't bring up, then highs and ketones a few hours later. What do you think is causing this phenomenon? (16 Feb 2005)

  77. Since getting an insulin pump in November 2004, I have had frequent headaches, not associated with either highs or lows. Do you have any ideas as to their cause? (16 Feb 2005)

  78. With fluctuating blood sugars, my 11 year old son is doing poorly in school. When I asked about having a 504 plan, the school indicated he does not qualify for one. How do I get them to change their policy? (16 Feb 2005)

  79. My daughter has type 1. Could she have gotten this defect from her father's family due to her paternal grandmother's MS? Is she at greater risk for MS? (16 Feb 2005)

  80. I have been experiencing fluctuating vision in my left eye for a month. Could it be caused by pre-diabetes? (16 Feb 2005)

  81. I work six days a week with a nanny to watch my toddler who has type 1. I feel very guilty about not being there and am thinking about quitting my job. What do you advise? (15 Feb 2005)

  82. Can nighttime lows cause death? (15 Feb 2005)

  83. My daughter has been symptomatic for type 1. She had an elevated blood sugar using my cousin's meter, but was in range at the doctor's office. Could she be in the early stages or a honeymoon? (15 Feb 2005)

  84. I am taking metformin, Avandia and Lipitor for type 2 diabetes. Will these medications have a negative impact if following the Atkins diet? (15 Feb 2005)

  85. After a recent overdose, my teen daughter went on Prozac. She couldn't eat or sleep while on it and had many low blood sugars. She is worried about getting addicted to medications. Is this possible with Prozac? Should I continue to oversee her diabetes regimen? (14 Feb 2005)

  86. My son's girlfriend has been checking his blood sugars, which have been high. Could he have type 2? (9 Feb 2005)

  87. I am a professional athlete who has had type 1 for 22 years. I recently had an elevated microalbumin level. What causes this? How does my exercise and diet affect the test? (9 Feb 2005)

  88. Is there any relationship between my son's IGF-1 level, his glucose control, or microalbumin? (9 Feb 2005)

  89. Is it possible for MODY to progress into type 1 diabetes instead of type 2? (9 Feb 2005)

  90. Is NutraSweet/aspartame dangerous for kids with diabetes? (9 Feb 2005)

  91. My sister, who is in her 40s and overweight, had a trace amount of sugar in her urine. Is this an indicator of diabetes? (9 Feb 2005)

  92. My endocrinologist has suggested I take metformin, increasing the dosage over a four week period. Is this typical dosing? The doctor wants me to test my blood sugar four times a day. When should I test? (9 Feb 2005)

  93. My child was diagnosed in October 2004. Since I have Hashimoto's, should I have his thyroid tested? Should I have my two month old tested for diabetes? (8 Feb 2005)

  94. I read a doctor's testimony claiming diabetes in caused by vertebrae pinching the nerves that supply insulin to the pancreas. Is this true? (8 Feb 2005)

  95. Can diabetes cause a false positive for THC on a urine screen? (8 Feb 2005)

  96. I've had type 1 for 45 years and type 2 for several years. How can I lose weight and beat the insulin resistance? (8 Feb 2005)

  97. My daughter takes metformin for type 2. When ill, her blood sugars skyrocket. Is this common for people with diabetes? Could she really have type 1 and be in her honeymoon? (8 Feb 2005)

  98. For about 10 years, I have been thirsty and overweight. My fasting blood glucose levels are normal. Should I have a glucose tolerance test? (8 Feb 2005)

  99. Using my son's meter, my cousin's daughter had two high blood sugars. At the doctor's office, her blood sugars were in range. They did not do a ketone test or A1c test. What should we do now? (8 Feb 2005)

  100. In the past, my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with acanthosis nigricans, but had no other tests. She is at risk for diabetes, but is not overweight. She recently had an episode similar to a hypoglycemic reaction. Should I have the doctor run some tests? (8 Feb 2005)

  101. My 15 year old friend doesn't take his diabetes seriously. He drinks and I am afraid for him. What should I do? (4 Feb 2005)

  102. I have LADA and have been as high as 500 mg/dl [27.8 mmol/L] without ketones. Are people with LADA as likely to have ketones at high blood sugars as someone with the traditional form of type 1? (4 Feb 2005)

  103. How safe is it for a person with hyperinsulinemia to have children? Is it even possible? (4 Feb 2005)

  104. Could you tell me about the latest new and alternative therapies for type 1 diabetes? (3 Feb 2005)

  105. Since starting Lantus, I wake up twice after the injection and often feel "jumpy" as if I've had coffee. Could I take it in the morning? How do I make the transition? (3 Feb 2005)

  106. What foods should or should not be eaten? It is not clear what type of diabetes the child has. (3 Feb 2005)

  107. Can a diabetic tell when they are producing ketones? Is there any way to smell your own breath to check for them or tatse them? (2 Feb 2005)

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