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  1. Will my hypoglycemia eventually become type 1 or type 2 diabetes? How much of an impact does hypoglycemia have on memory? (31 Aug 2004)

  2. Are injections the only way to receive insulin? How much insulin can one get from onion? Will there soon be a cure for diabetes? (31 Aug 2004)

  3. I take Lantus and NovoLog and have gained weight. How can I lose weight and maintain healthy glucose levels? (31 Aug 2004)

  4. My young son is on Humalog and NPH. How can we eliminate the frequent blood sugar fluctuations we are seeing? How can we extend his honeymoon? (31 Aug 2004)

  5. My granddaughter is genetically predisposed to weight gain and other family members have type 2. Should I convince the pediatrician to give me a referral to an endocrinologist? (31 Aug 2004)

  6. Last night, my son's blood sugar was very high so he took Humalog. Within an hour, he felt low, experiencing a drop from 533 mg/dl [29.6 mmol/L] to 356 mg/dl [19.8 mmol/L]. Could the symptoms of the low have been from the drop? (31 Aug 2004)

  7. I'm having a problem with getting up and taking my insulin injections. I am still in denial. What should I do? (31 Aug 2004)

  8. When I want to sleep at my friend's house, my mom wants to speak with my friend's mom, as if she doesn't trust me and blames it on my diabetes. How do I handle this? (31 Aug 2004)

  9. Are there any studies indicating that a pregnant woman's use of Glucophage can cause the child to have learning or developmental difficulties? (30 Aug 2004)

  10. For five months, I have been ill, having some of the symptoms of diabetes. When I tested my urine yesterday, the section for urine changed an unusual color, then changed again after it sat for five minutes. What does this mean? (30 Aug 2004)

  11. Is it possible that autoimmune damage could be somewhat "incomplete" long term, leaving the body to produce "some" insulin, but not necessarily enough to be considered anything close to non-diabetic? (30 Aug 2004)

  12. My son has been eating and drinking more, urinating more frequently and gaining weight. Is this cause for concern, or could it possibly be an intense growth spurt? (30 Aug 2004)

  13. Can a high thyroid level cause an increase in blood glucose readings? (30 Aug 2004)

  14. My young daughter has sensitive skin and has been scratching at her pump sites. How can we keep get the site to stick better and not cause a rash? (30 Aug 2004)

  15. I take one metformin and one Xenical daily. Are these dosages sufficient? (30 Aug 2004)

  16. My doctor says my A1c, a long term test, is fine. I read that short term tests are more important. Which is it? (29 Aug 2004)

  17. Is there some sort of computerized documentation my teen son could use so we can ensure he is keeping track of his blood sugar readings? (29 Aug 2004)

  18. I recently had a high blood sugar reading one hour into the OGTT, but it was normal at two hours. Could I have Impaired Glucose Tolerance? (29 Aug 2004)

  19. My seven year old had a GTT following an episode in which she almost fainted. Her one and two hour tests were elevated. She does not have the symptoms of diabetes. What do you think she might have? (29 Aug 2004)

  20. This morning, my teen daughter was combative and uncooperative at waking. My husband and I had trouble restraining her to give her glucagon, assuming she was low. After about 10 minutes, she was fine and had no memory of the incident. Is this normal? (29 Aug 2004)

  21. I am a Head Start teacher of several children with high blood sugar or weight issues. What kinds of snacks should I give them? (29 Aug 2004)

  22. After 20 years with diabetes, I am trying to lose weight, having vegetables, protein and low carb Slim Fast drinks daily. Will this protein stress my kidneys? (29 Aug 2004)

  23. I am eating, sleeping and urinating more than usual. Does this mean I may become diabetic soon? (29 Aug 2004)

  24. Are you optimistic that stem cell research can lead to a cure for diabetes? (28 Aug 2004)

  25. I have type 1 and have sticky, messy stools. Could they be caused by the metacresol in the insulin? Or, could certain minerals/vitamins be getting "leeched out" of my gastrointestinal system from my NovoLog, lisinopril, or Nexium? (28 Aug 2004)

  26. A Swedish study indicated that children and adults may have blood sugars less than 3 mmol/ [54 mg/dl]. Should parents consider this "normal" and not needing immediate action? (28 Aug 2004)

  27. Is there any evidence that some forms of medicine can cause type 1 diabetes? I am curious because my daugher was diagnosed after completing some medication. (28 Aug 2004)

  28. Is there any relationship, by means of our genetic makeup, that would cause my immune system to attack my pancreas and my dad's to make antibodies causing problems with his kidneys? (28 Aug 2004)

  29. I exercise, eat well and have lost weight. However, I now find that I am having trouble maintaining my weight. Why is this? My doctor says my A1c of 6.7 is fine. (26 Aug 2004)

  30. I've gotten my A1c down to 5.5 in an effort to minimize complications and get pregnant. My doctor says this is too low. Why? (26 Aug 2004)

  31. My 16 year old sister, who had diabetes for abut 10 years, passed away in her sleep. She often had nighttime hypoglycemia. Does the fact that her liver didn't excrete any glucose conclusively rule out her diabetes as cause of death? (26 Aug 2004)

  32. I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes in June. Can your pancreas stop working at any stage in life? I am taking Lantus and having some nighttime lows. Will I stop having them soon? Can I split my meals into two meals to avoid post-meal highs? (26 Aug 2004)

  33. How important is it that my daughter have a 504 plan for school? Should I request that she be put on a 504 plan? (26 Aug 2004)

  34. Is there any evidence of allergic reactions to NovoRapid and Insulatard? I experience stomach cramps when using them. (25 Aug 2004)

  35. I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 33, given a video on how to use an insulin pen and sent on my way! Where can I find support groups and information for adults diagnosed with type 1? (25 Aug 2004)

  36. How risky is it for someone with type 1 diabetes to journey to India? (25 Aug 2004)

  37. My teen son gets severe muscle cramps during football practices. Is this because he usually lets his blood sugar run a bit higher for this? (25 Aug 2004)

  38. When I recently had a miscarriage, my A1c was 8.4. How long will it take to lower it? What should it be, if and when, I decide to get pregnant again? (25 Aug 2004)

  39. I have had gestational diabetes for 16 weeks. If my blood sugars are not consistently high, do I need insulin? At what blood sugar level does one need insulin? (25 Aug 2004)

  40. What is the correlation between growth hormones and type 1 diabetes? (25 Aug 2004)

  41. My 13 year old daughter is manipulating her insulin to lose weight. She has been in DKA several times. How can I get her to be more compliant? (22 Aug 2004)

  42. My teen daughter has problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Is this related to her diabetes? (22 Aug 2004)

  43. Although I do not have gestational diabetes, I get a funny feeling after eating desserts, bagels, or bananas. Am I at higher risk for type 2 diabetes? (22 Aug 2004)

  44. I have type 2 and take 160 units of Lantus daily. My doctor wants me to increase it to bring down my average glucose level. Why doesn't he want me to use any short-acting insulin? What can I do to stop the weight gain the insulin is causing? (22 Aug 2004)

  45. At a recent exam, my eye doctor said I had bleeding in my eyes. Could you please explain this? (22 Aug 2004)

  46. Since my son had some high blood sugars, according to my glucose meter, I had some blood work done on him. What do the results mean? Should I do anything other than small, frequent meals and occasional blood sugar checks? (22 Aug 2004)

  47. Could you explain why Medicare requires a C-peptide exam? Because of this, I am not qualified for a pump or its supplies. (22 Aug 2004)

  48. My grandfather is having a hard time controlling his blood sugar. He avoids sugar and takes his medications. What is going on? (21 Aug 2004)

  49. How should my brother adjust his Lantus and NovoLog for a trip from Hong Kong to Los Angeles? (21 Aug 2004)

  50. What is "diabetes septa?" I am not sure I am spelling this correctly, but it's what my child may have. His urine is "concentrated." (21 Aug 2004)

  51. Why would a postprandial blood sugar, 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L], be lower than a fasting blood sugar, 87 mg/dl [4.8 mmol/L]? (21 Aug 2004)

  52. Is there such a thing as withdrawal from hypoglycemia? Could my husband's diagnosis of schizophrenia be related to the drugs he was prescribed? (21 Aug 2004)

  53. We currently have health insurance, but don't know how to get any if my husband starts his own company. What should we do? (21 Aug 2004)

  54. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes early in my pregnancy. Does this mean I might have diabetes after giving birth? When should I consider something other than diet to control my blood sugars? Does going on insulin increase the chances of a C-section? (20 Aug 2004)

  55. What are the long term effects to a baby born to a mother with gestational diabetes? (20 Aug 2004)

  56. My 16 year old son, who was born with Down Syndrome, was diagnosed with diabetes at age 2. Now 16, his kidneys are failing. What should we expect? (20 Aug 2004)

  57. How common is polyendocrine failure? Is there a way to determine if my children's immune systems are attacking other organs? (20 Aug 2004)

  58. Which is worse, type 1 or type 2? (20 Aug 2004)

  59. How does extreme heat affect diabetes management? I am concerned because my daughter plays volleyball in a very hot building and has a high blood sugar afterwards. (19 Aug 2004)

  60. I have been taking Avanida for five days. My blood sugar is slightly elevated before breakfast and rises throughout the day. Should I be concerned about these higher levels? (19 Aug 2004)

  61. While recovering from a broken ankle, I have become quite insulin resistant. Wouldn't the physical activity from using the crutches help lower my blood sugars? Or, is it because I have lost muscle while recovering? (18 Aug 2004)

  62. Is there any research about the relationship between cell phone antennas and the diagnosis of type 1? (18 Aug 2004)

  63. Given that people can get type 1 when they're older, and that children get their genes from their parents, are parents ever tested to see if they are genetically predisposed? (18 Aug 2004)

  64. My young son was diagnosed with type 1 when he went to the doctor for pain in his penis. We control his diabetes through diet. His higher blood sugars come down on their own. The pain persists. Why is this? (18 Aug 2004)

  65. Can a type 1 diabetic take antihistamines for hay fever? (18 Aug 2004)

  66. My daughter is going away to college and we don't know what to do about the use of glucagon in the residence hall setting. What do you recommend? (18 Aug 2004)

  67. Four days ago, my son had belly pain and we had to reduce his insulin. We continued to reduce it daily until he stopped having lows. What could have caused this need to reduce his insulin? (18 Aug 2004)

  68. Since switching to Glucophage XR, I have seen oval, orange masses in my stools. Why is this? (18 Aug 2004)

  69. Can I safely use Cortislim or other drugs that inhibit the production of cortisol to lose weight? (17 Aug 2004)

  70. How long does it take for numbness and unusual taste sensations to subside after DKA? (17 Aug 2004)

  71. When my blood sugar is quite low, I get a cramping pain in my pelvic area. It will wake me so I can treat myself. What could cause this pain? (17 Aug 2004)

  72. What do you think about the use of omega 3 supplements by people with diabetes? (17 Aug 2004)

  73. I was diagnosed 15 months ago and control my blood sugar with metformin. I was GAD positive and IA-2 positive. What type of diabetes do I have? (16 Aug 2004)

  74. I have type 2 and take Amaryl and Precose. When I exercise, my blood sugar often rises, even if I have not eaten. Why is this? (16 Aug 2004)

  75. In a random glucose test, my daughter's blood sugar was 111 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L]. She had epileptic seizures beginning at age 3, but none for two years. Were they related to her glucose level? (16 Aug 2004)

  76. My feet hurt all the time and I am always tired. What can I do about this? I don't have insurance. (16 Aug 2004)

  77. I had a positive result on a one hour glucose test, but normal at three hours. I feel "groggy" when I eat sweets. Am I at higher risk for developing type 2? (16 Aug 2004)

  78. Since February 2004, my daughter has been in and out of the hospital with a variety of medical problems, including DKA. Do you have any suggestions? (16 Aug 2004)

  79. Are bedtime snacks to cover the trailing effect of dinner Actrapid or bedtime Insulatard? At what time should I take my Insulatard? How much time should I have between the two shots? (16 Aug 2004)

  80. After diagnosis, my young daughter was on Lantus and NovoLog, but was often low. We stopped insulin and saw post-meal highs that would return to normal before the next meal. The doctor then gave us NPH, but we are still seeing bouncing blood sugars, even with no carbs eaten. Is this really diabetes? Does the pituitary gland play a role in this? (16 Aug 2004)

  81. After pumping for five years, recently, I have been experiencing problems with my sites due to scar tissue. Is having scar tissue removed the only option? (15 Aug 2004)

  82. I noticed a refractive shift in a patient whose blood sugars ran high after a kidney transplant. Does the refractive shift commonly lag changes in blood sugar? If he stays under good control, about how long would it take for his refraction to return to normal? (15 Aug 2004)

  83. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 about two months ago. Since then, she has gained 30 pounds. Will she continue to fight weight gain? Also, could she have gotten the disease from taking either Xenadrine or ephedra? (15 Aug 2004)

  84. My son was diagnosed with type 1 recently, but he no longer needs insulin to maintain target blood sugars. What is going on? (15 Aug 2004)

  85. Where can I find someone to make special shoes for my uncle who has a hump on his foot? Can you send me information on complications? (15 Aug 2004)

  86. My daughter has had type 1 for four years. Her blood sugars are consistently high, so her doctor put her on Avandia, then Actos. It was my understanding these were for people with type 2 and people over age 18. What do you think of this situation? (9 Aug 2004)

  87. I've read that C-peptide reduces the occurrence of complications for type 1. Why is it not included in their treatment? (9 Aug 2004)

  88. What can you tell me about cardiovascular changes early on in children with diabetes, irrespective of their A1c? I am concerned because my family has a history of heart disease. (9 Aug 2004)

  89. Our eight year old is to have eight teeth extracted. What is the protocol for administering antibiotics beforehand? (9 Aug 2004)

  90. My son recently underwent a glucose tolerance test. The doctor suspected hypoglycemia. I got a meter and tested him. Why did my son not show signs of having low blood sugar? What do I need to talk to my doctor about? (7 Aug 2004)

  91. My teen son had blood work done and his insulin level was high. What causes this? What should be done? Should I be worried? (6 Aug 2004)

  92. Shortly after my brother was diagnosed with type 1, six years ago, he developed a "tic" that still exists. Is it related to his diabetes? (5 Aug 2004)

  93. My husband was diagnosed with type 1 in early July 2004. He has since stopped using both Humalog and Lantus. Could something else have caused his hyperglycemia? (5 Aug 2004)

  94. After seven years with type 1, I've had ingrown hairs in several places. My doctor says they are related to my hormones. Can the Humalog and Lantus I take be affecting my hormones? (5 Aug 2004)

  95. I have all the symptoms of type 1 except weight loss. Is high blood pressure a sign of diabetes? Would my finger prick iron test indicate my blood sugar level? (4 Aug 2004)

  96. My son has loose stools. Are they diabetes-related? (4 Aug 2004)

  97. The man I am dating has type 2. He is experiencing erectile disfunction. Could it be related to his diabetes or because he takes his two Glucophage all at once rather than twice a day? (4 Aug 2004)

  98. At his recent visit, the doctor told my son he'd had very little growth since his last visit, probably because of high blood sugars. Why is this? (4 Aug 2004)

  99. My son wears a Deltec pump and wishes to go on a 2.5 hour "tubing adventure" down a local river. Should he bolus and then take off the pump or leave it on in a pocket? (4 Aug 2004)

  100. My daughter was just killed in a car accident early in the afternoon. An autopsy wasn't done until the next morning and it did not indicate that my daughter had diabetes. How can this be? She was 23, diagnosed at age 16. (4 Aug 2004)

  101. I have had type 1 for eight years. My doctor suspects I have IBD. How would this affect me? Is this why I can't conceive? (4 Aug 2004)

  102. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 after several months on medications for congestive heart failure. Could the medicines have caused his diabetes? (4 Aug 2004)

  103. I have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years and am overweight. Is a gastric bypass or other similar surgery possible? (4 Aug 2004)

  104. My daughter had a total pancreatectomy as an infant and is insulin dependent. When do we start testing for complications? Which is more important in determining the likelihood of complications, the A1c or daily glucose readings? (4 Aug 2004)

  105. For someone who has occasional sugar in his urine and impotence, how long until he has kidney damage or nonreversible impotence? (4 Aug 2004)

  106. Is it okay for someone with type 1 diabetes to do light weightlifting? (4 Aug 2004)

  107. Recently, I found my teen daughter in a daze and suspected she was low. After the paramedics arrived, she was extremely combative and had to be sedated. By then, her blood sugar was 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L]. All hospital tests were negative. Her endocrinologist felt this was a hypoglycemic event. Could it have been? (4 Aug 2004)

  108. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes after the death of a close friend. Could the related stress have triggered the diabetes? (4 Aug 2004)

  109. Could you clarify the diagnositc values of fasting and two hour post meal blood sugars? I've gotten different information from medical professionals. (2 Aug 2004)

  110. My daughter ate carbohydrates for dinner, then disconnected her pump for an hour for dance. Afterwards, she felt nauseous and had moderate ketones. What could have caused this? (1 Aug 2004)

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