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  1. I have a friend in Honduras who is an orphan living with relatives. In the last 30 days she moved four times and did not inject. Now she is with a brother who is trying to help. She has been testing once a day, and she has finally gotten down in the 300-400 mg/dl [16.7-22.2 mmol/L] range. Please explain what happens when one does not inject and what her prognosis is. (27 Feb 2003)

  2. A company offers an ephedra-free weight-loss product Would this be something relatively safe in your opinion? (27 Feb 2003)

  3. Could you please give me a diabetic food plan for 1,200 calories? (27 Feb 2003)

  4. I have had diabetes for about five years and have been taking two diabetes pills, which seemed work great at first, but then not so well. Now, I have an A1c of 10%, and my doctor increased my doses, but I still have blood sugars of 190-240 mg/dl [10-6-13.3 mmol/L]. Will I have to take insulin? Is this normal? (27 Feb 2003)

  5. I inject Lantus in the morning because frequently found myself falling asleep and forgetting to take it at bedtime, and my doctor seems to think that when I inject shouldn't make a difference, as long as I am consistent with the time of my injections. Must Lantus be taken at night? If so, why? If there is no pronounced peak, are there any disadvantages to taking Lantus in the morning? (27 Feb 2003)

  6. I am very concerned about my 14 year old brother-in-law, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two years ago and cannot accept the fact. He does not want to listen or care about his health. Is there a place where he can be institutionalized anywhere in our area in order for him to receive help? (26 Feb 2003)

  7. Last week I took my 10 year old daughter to the doctor because she has been having periods where she gets shaky, and she seems to always be thirsty. The doctor said that since my daughter is so thin, the carbs boost her sugar level, then when it falls, it bottoms out, and fast. Is there a chance she could develop diabetes? (26 Feb 2003)

  8. I have to take prednisone for another medical condition, and now I have problems controlling my sugar levels. The doctor increased the metformin, but I still have a very high sugar level from after breakfast until after supper when it seems to be normal. (26 Feb 2003)

  9. My daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, is recovering from a kidney infection, and the pediatrician has scheduled an ultrasound. Is the doctor looking for something specific? (26 Feb 2003)

  10. Since my hemoglobin A1cs are consistently normal, and my weight is good, my doctor thinks I am doing great and is not concerned about insulin resistance, but I am. How can it be established if I need a medication which works on the pancreas or a medication which helps my cells to become more sensitive to insulin? (26 Feb 2003)

  11. A pharmaceutical representative at one of the pharmacies told the mom that no child should be on Lente insulin. Could I please have your input on this issue. (24 Feb 2003)

  12. For the last three years I have experienced sudden physical attacks from my daughter. After checking her blood testing book, which her new doctor requires her to do I have found that she had a high blood sugar each night that we have had an upsetting incident. Can a high blood sugar cause this type of behavior which is totally out of character for a person? (24 Feb 2003)

  13. We are planning and very anxious to start our six year old on the insulin pump soon. Do you think it would be okay for my daughter to go to school with a brand new insulin pump? (24 Feb 2003)

  14. I have a customer who has a 2 year old son. He seems to be a brittle type 1 diabetic. He is taking several shots of insulin per day. Could you recommend any doctors that may be able to help them? (24 Feb 2003)

  15. The doctors seem to think my five year old son needs nearly 350 grams of carb per a day, and I have done some research that says he could get by fine on 60 to 70 a day to maintain his weight. Where can I get more information because I will have to change his insulin if I change his carb intake? (22 Feb 2003)

  16. My daughter has had diabetes for about fourteen months, and today she noticed a brown patch on her neck under her chin. Is this normal for someone with type 1 diabetes? Her period, which she's only had for a year are not quite regular yet, and I worry about that ovarian disease. Will this brown discoloration go away or get worse? What causes it? (22 Feb 2003)

  17. I am now 16 weeks pregnant with my first child, I have been taking Glucophage since the day I conceived, and my doctor insisted that I should continue to take it. I need a second opinion about using Glucophage during pregnancy. If it is not safe to use during pregnancy what other methods are there to keep my sugar level low? (22 Feb 2003)

  18. I just received an e-mail from a friend about a website that is introducing a new medicine they are promoting. According to what our doctor told us, and general opinion seems to be these do not work with children who have type 1 diabetes. Does this medicine really help? Would it help her maintain her levels with less injected insulin? (22 Feb 2003)

  19. My almost five year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for over a year and a half, and very so often she will smell sweet. I've been researching MSUD, and it seems like a possibility, but I want to know how common is it in children with diabetes. Can it show itself in a child who is older? What are the symptoms? (22 Feb 2003)

  20. The endocrinology department we are working with has provided very little information about the honeymoon period or any possible means of prolonging or restoring beta cell functions. Also, when I asked about having her two sisters tested, I was told they could not be tested unless we were chosen to participate in a clinical trial. (21 Feb 2003)

  21. My boyfriend is 20 pounds overweight, in partial diabetes denial, and he"sneaks" sweets too often. I am a new student to diabetes and I'd like to keep him around a long time. How can I encourage my boyfriend to change his eating habits or at least address nutrition? (19 Feb 2003)

  22. The pediatric endocrinologist gave us some infusion sets to practice with when we feel our son is ready to try them, and I want this to be as stress free of a process as possible. Are creams, such as ElaMax, effective? What (19 Feb 2003)

  23. Will my niece be more likely to have seizures now that she has already had one? Can we now expect convulsions to be a regular part of her disease? Why would she have a convulsion at one blood sugar level but not at a lower one? (19 Feb 2003)

  24. There are two children in my son's third grade who have some form of diabetes and cannot have sweets when we have parties. What alternatives can we offer them instead of the sweets that the rest of the class gets? (19 Feb 2003)

  25. Doctors have suggested that my 56 year old father have bone taken from his hip and transferred to his mouth because the bone there has decayed, and I am worried about the risks involved with a surgery like this for an older person who has diabetes. Is there anything we, his family, can do to reduce those risks? (19 Feb 2003)

  26. My four year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 13 months. Do you think that it is possible for her to have a hypo during the night and not have any side effects of it other than high blood sugar later? (19 Feb 2003)

  27. Is there such a thing as a diabetes specialist? If so how do I find one in my area? (19 Feb 2003)

  28. My son has been bedwetting for over a year, and he is having mood swings and constipation. We want to know more about Tofranil and its side effects because our pharmacist said it is not for kids with type 1 diabetes. How would Tofranil affect my child? What else can he take for bedwetting? (19 Feb 2003)

  29. Is it true that when basal rates are set correctly, only one bolus rate should exist? Even if the basal is set correctly, can more than one bolus rate exist? (19 Feb 2003)

  30. On three occasions during the last six months, our daughter has woken up looking perfectly fine but dizzy, nauseous, disoriented and not being able to speak or remember anything. This really scares us as parents, and worse, we don't really know how to go about fixing it. (19 Feb 2003)

  31. My seven year old granddaughter, who had cystic fibrosis diagnosed as an infant, was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Is diabetes a complication of or a spin off from the cystic fibrosis? (18 Feb 2003)

  32. We just received the GlucoWatch for our four year old son but it itches him and when he scratches, he dislodges the sensors so the watch turns off. We tried over-the-counter lidocaine but even though we washed the lidocaine off, it didn't pick up enough of a signal to register so it stopped. Do you have any suggestions to stop the itching so the GlucoWatch would have a better chance to work? (18 Feb 2003)

  33. My son had good care in the hospital, but now we are having trouble with his doctor. I called the emergency pager number and, boy, did he yell at me for doing this, even after I told him I called his office and left three messages. Is this normal? (18 Feb 2003)

  34. My eight year old grandson has type 1 diabetes and is on a pump. Even though he is not obese and is solid, I am concerned about his weight. What effect does the diabetes have on his metabolism? Does the pump allow him to eat things he should not by its ability to compensate with a bolus? (18 Feb 2003)

  35. A friend in Brazil he heard about a new type of insulin that is supposed to be better than the traditional one. However, Brazilian doctors are still conservative about it, and the Brazilian association has not approved it. She also heard that here in the US, this type of insulin is much more accepted and has been used for a long time. Do you know something about this? (18 Feb 2003)

  36. I have had type 1 diabetes for a little over a year, and I have a unusual body odor that occurs when I sweat. It is all over my body. It smells like a boiled egg and is worse the harder I sweat. Do have any suggestions as to what this could possibly be? (18 Feb 2003)

  37. I am currently on two medications for my diabetes, and a week age my family doctor told me I have high protein levels in my urine, so now I am on another medication. Is this common? What do the high levels mean as for as my diabetes is concerned? (18 Feb 2003)

  38. I am grateful for your "P-Balls" recipe to prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia. It is helping, and I would like to recommend it to friends who are allergic to nuts. What else do you recommend they use instead of peanut butter? (17 Feb 2003)

  39. I did not nurse my son, and he developed type 1 diabetes at the age of two and one-half. He has a baby sister I am nursing her for a year and to whom I am not giving any milk products. I am wondering what to do after the first year. Could I give soy milk instead of cow's milk? Does it make a difference after the age of one? (17 Feb 2003)

  40. I have discovered that when I mix my son's morning or nighttime Humalog with the NPH he seems to have higher sugar readings between meals and sometimes at the next meal. He seems to do consistently better when I use separate shots. I have mentioned this to my endocrinologist, but was told it shouldn't make any difference. (17 Feb 2003)

  41. This winter my son has started having bloody noses a couple times per week which seem to occur when his blood sugars are on the high side. Is this normal or should I be concerned? (17 Feb 2003)

  42. It's now been a year since I last had to inject insulin, and for the past week, my diabetes has really gone out of control. My life revolves around food, and even though I know I should, I can't stop eating. I want to know if this is a common problem and if there's anything I can do about it. (17 Feb 2003)

  43. Have you observed any evidence of "glyconutrients" helping stabilize people with type 1 diabetes blood sugars? (17 Feb 2003)

  44. Diabetes during pregnancy can be dangerous for the mother and also for the developing fetus. Whether or not you had diabetes during your pregnancy isn't clear from what you wrote. You would have to talk to your obstetrician to answer such a question. I would guess that your child's brain and nervous system/muscle problems are probably not related to diabetes. (17 Feb 2003)

  45. Could untreated diabetes been the reason for not ovulating? (17 Feb 2003)

  46. Over the last few years, especially since retirement, my father's diabetes has been more out of control, possibly linked to depression. Can you recommend a doctor or facility that specializes in diabetes and depression encompassing both mental and physical treatment? (17 Feb 2003)

  47. Have there been any studies done on the grade point average or scholastic achievements of children with diabetes versus children without it where other factors are similar? If so, what did it yield? If not, are there plans for this or is one in process currently? (17 Feb 2003)

  48. I have recently met with my daughters' pediatrician, we inquired about the insulin pump,and she said because my daughter isn't in control that she wouldn't even consider her for it. When I requested that she see an endocrinologist, the doctor said we still needed to get her in better control first. Wouldn't the specialist be more up to date and helpful? (16 Feb 2003)

  49. My 12 year old adopted sister, who has had type 1diabetes since she was seven, complains of severe vague abdominal pain almost every day. Because of the problem, much of her time is pent living in hospital. She claims to be compliant with insulin injections. What would cause this to happen in this young girl? (16 Feb 2003)

  50. Is it true that insulin cannot be shaken or it will lose its potency? Not that I make a general practice of shaking it, but it does move around if it's in a bag or that sort of thing. (16 Feb 2003)

  51. My child's school is dragging its feet on several important points in his 504 plan as we now enter the tenth week of school. (The usual pattern is silence for several weeks, then to present us with a plan that has unauthorized changes.) Is there a set negotiation time frame for 504 plans? (16 Feb 2003)

  52. I would like to know if the blood sugar level will rise the same amount for someone whether they do have diabetes or do not have diabetes when they are sick (16 Feb 2003)

  53. Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes less than a year ago, my husband has lost interest in having sex. He is not impotent, but he is just not as interested, and his interest in becoming less and less. I don't know if this lack of interest is because of his diabetes or if it is in his mind. (16 Feb 2003)

  54. My 71 year old husband, who has diabetes, is currently undergoing radiation treatment for prostrate cancer and his blood sugars have been running high. Today he had a urine test done and he has a bladder infection and will be taking medicine. Could this be from the high blood sugar? (16 Feb 2003)

  55. My son's insulin was changed to a mixture (25/75) because I was having problems getting him to do two injections at a time. Lately, however, his numbers have been high any way so we are doing corrections with just Humalog. Is this a good insulin for him? (15 Feb 2003)

  56. My daughter has been experiencing morning nausea, requent urination, drinks a lot, and has mild headaches almost every day. She has had many tests done including a glucose tolerance test. Could my daughter be in the early stages of diabetes? (15 Feb 2003)

  57. I've used an intensive program for the last 22 years, have maintained a "normal" A1c level for 21 years, and I have very few known complications. However, I am having a heck-of-a-time with control recently. I am trying to gather enough information that via some means I can regain control of my life and thus live complication free until my predisposed genetic life time is up. (15 Feb 2003)

  58. I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first child, and my doctor is telling me I have to check my ketones, but I'm having a big problem because I have to use a Foley catheter to drain my bladder. Is there any way to check the urine for ketones if the urine has been in the leg bag for an hour or more? (15 Feb 2003)

  59. My 71 year old husband, who has type 2 diabetes and is currently undergoing radiation treatment for prostrate cancer, has been having a terrible itching on his back and legs for the last month, and the creams don't seem to work for long. If he showers, the water seems to take the itching or tingling away for about an hour. Is this anything connected to the diabetes? (15 Feb 2003)

  60. I have had type 1 diabetes for 22 years, and I am planning on having a baby. In the past, I have had a microalbumin of 110 with an A1c of 8.0%, but, when I cracked down and got my A1C down to a 6.0%, my microalbumin dropped to 26. Can elevated microalbumin levels come back down after pregnancy if sugar levels are normal? Does a pregnancy cause permanent damage to the kidneys? (15 Feb 2003)

  61. I have gestational diabetes, and while most mornings I have negative or trace ketone, one hour after dinner, I show large amounts of ketones in my urine. Why are my ketones so high even though my blood glucose is in the normal range? Should I be testing for ketones throughout the day? What effect will the large amounts of ketones have on my baby, if any? (15 Feb 2003)

  62. The doctor prescribed an extremely low carb diet, and my daughter's sugar levels are normalized but she has been spilling ketones. I am told that the NPH with NovoRapid should be switched as one always becomes resistant to it. Is the low carb diet okay for a growing kid? Should we really be switching to another insulin? (15 Feb 2003)

  63. My four year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, had Kawasaki disease two years prior to diabetes and he had chicken pox two weeks prior to that. Is it possible either of these illnesses led to the other and possibly could be the cause of his diabetes? (15 Feb 2003)

  64. My 13 month old son has had diabetes for a month, and I want to know if low blood sugar levels can cause damage to his brains. We are very worried about his wellness. (15 Feb 2003)

  65. School personnel think my son needs a clearer standard of acceptable behavior, no matter what his blood glucose level is, but I don't think his brain is functioning so well when he is low and that makes it harder than usual to control his behavior. What do you think? (15 Feb 2003)

  66. My 18 year old daughter, who has had diabetes for eight years and had gastroparesis last year, is on a pump, and for about a month, she as had a difficult time keeping her blood sugars in a good range. She really spikes after a meal sometimes. (14 Feb 2003)

  67. My friend has a 10 year old with type 1 diabetes who is on 25/75 insulin, and I've been asking her to confront her "team" and ask them for some evidence that 25/75 works for kids with type 1. Her son's A1c is now over 10%. Do you know off-hand of any abstracts or articles I could send her to present to the team that 25/75 isn't the best route for kids and teens? (14 Feb 2003)

  68. My daughter, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about six weeks ago, has times when she has to eat continually to keep her sugar up past 45 mg/dl [2.5mmol/L]. Her specialist says she is in her honeymoon period, but he has no explanation as to why she has extremely low blood sugars. (14 Feb 2003)

  69. My niece has type 1 diabetes and has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She is on a lot of insulin, her blood sugar levels are constantly high, and since she began taking thyroid medication, she has put on weight with an excessive appetite, she has very tight skin on her hips and thighs, her menstruation has been heavy and painful, and she has constant abdominal pain. (14 Feb 2003)

  70. I have had type 2 diabetes less than two years, and I have tried diet, exercise, all types of oral medicines, and I just started taking insulin injections but still no change. One thing different about me is I have three functioning kidneys! Could having three kidneys have any effect on my higher readings? (14 Feb 2003)

  71. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was 18 weeks pregnant, was put on insulin at 20 weeks, I am at 37 weeks, and my insulin dose requirement has begun to decrease. I count baby movements several times a day, and he moves a lot. Also, I have two non-stress tests every week and the results are very good. I have a few questions. (14 Feb 2003)

  72. Can anti-seizure medicine prevent a hypoglycemia-caused seizure, or change the sensitivity to hypo seizures in a person with diabetes? Does anyone put a child with diabetes on anti-seizure medications to prevent hypo seizures? (14 Feb 2003)

  73. I work out lifting weights about five times a week for 90-150 minutes. I have read that athletes in training need 1gram of protein per pound of body weight which means I need about 188 grams of protein per day when bodybuilding I am looking to build a substantial amount of muscle. Would added protein shakes hurt my kidneys in any way? (14 Feb 2003)

  74. Where can I find information on rabbit behavior during insulin reactions? I hope that you can help me out on this, because I have had little luck in finding out. (13 Feb 2003)

  75. I have developed two spots on my feet that get very itchy, and the skin keeps on peeling. I also have got this itch on my foreskin which is developing into red spots on my penis, and the itch is getting worse. The local doctor says this is due to my sugar level, and I have a urine infection. Is this true? What should I do? (13 Feb 2003)

  76. My teenage daughter has lost a lot of weight and has blurry vision so her doctor told me to put her on a high protein diet. What type of high proteins foods can I give my daughter? (13 Feb 2003)

  77. My grandson has type 1 diabetes, and no genetic links have been found. Has an association been found with the current polio vaccinations used in the UK and type 1 diabetes in children? Can anyone enlighten me on the use of Calpol and Disprol including the effects of this medication on organs such as the pancreas in children under the age of one? Could this have caused or contributed to the onset of type 1 diabetes? (13 Feb 2003)

  78. I want details or the address of the Encore testing machine makers because I am unable to get the testing strips for it. (13 Feb 2003)

  79. Is there is a common blood type (for example, A Positive) that is more common among people with type 1 diabetes? (13 Feb 2003)

  80. My son had a DNA test which showed he has the Wolfram gene but only in one gene not both, and the doctor asked about his behaviour problems and eyesight (which are both bad, and he is going for a hearing test next month) didn't seem worried. However, after reading about DIDMOAD, I am a bit concerned. Can you enlighten me more? (13 Feb 2003)

  81. My seven year old daughter has just recently started to want to have water with her more than usual, and I have noticed her stating she is still hungry at times after just eating. Do the symptoms of diabetes all occur at one time, or can one or two occur first, then other symptoms follow? (13 Feb 2003)

  82. I had a fasting blood glucose of 125 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L] so my then had me purchase a glucose meter and start checking my blood sugar. My readings are mostly 140-180 mg/dl [7.8-10 mmol/L], but I have caught it as being over 200 mg/dl [11.2 mmol/L], and my morning readings have been 120-133 mg/dl [6.7-7.4 mmol/L]. Could I have or be developing type 2 diabetes? (13 Feb 2003)

  83. In one of your previous responses, you said that in Florida all insulin supplies are available without prescription. I have heard this from several other sources as well. but I need you to verify because none of my local pharmacies will sell needles without proof of diabetes such as insulin or an insulin prescription. (13 Feb 2003)

  84. I started the Atkin's diet a month ago, and stopped the medication two weeks later after a good drop in my blood sugar in cooperation with my physician. Even though my breakfast is the lightest meal, the morning test yields the highest reading. Is there a logical explanation? (12 Feb 2003)

  85. I started using Lantus in the morning with Humalog before meals a little over a year ago. Everything I read states that Lantus reduces the incidence of hypoglycemia. but my blood sugar falls while I sleep. Does anyone have any answers? (11 Feb 2003)

  86. My husband, diagnosed with diabetes treated with diet and exercise about a month ago, has a problem with thinning hair that is not growing well. When it grows, it will be flat by the head and he now has just a little. Could diabetes be the cause of this hair problem? (11 Feb 2003)

  87. I have had hypoglycemia for a long while now, and within the past several weeks, I have gotten extremely tired. I have found myself urinating a lot more than usual, and I am constantly thirsty and often hungry as well. I have gained about 15 pounds rather suddenly within the past month or so. Should I have my sugar checked out? (11 Feb 2003)

  88. My 43 year old brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and his favorite food is pizza. Do you know which commercial fast food pizzerias might be healthier for someone with diabetes? (11 Feb 2003)

  89. My grandson, who has type 1 diabetes, has trouble sleeping and going to sleep. His body will jerk as if he has cramps or something. Do you know of any correlation between diabetes and ability to sleep, especially in a child so young? (11 Feb 2003)

  90. My 22 year old girlfriend received a foot spa and a back massager for Christmas, but when reading the instructions I found out that people with diabetes cannot not use these products. I think it's something to do with the vibrations, but I may be wrong. Why can't people with diabetes use these types of products? (10 Feb 2003)

  91. It appears right now my son is in the honeymoon stage. Is there any new drug that stops the destruction of the remaining beta cells? Do drugs like Interferon-Alpha and DiaPep 277 work? What are the side affects of these drugs, if any? (10 Feb 2003)

  92. My cousin's parents want to purchase a GlucoWatch G2 Biographer in the USA so I called the company to inquire but was told the item is sold by prescription acquired through a licensed US physician only. Would you know of a way around this? (10 Feb 2003)

  93. My almost 18 year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes, has had impacted bowels and has been ill for a month.She continues to vomit, usually within 20 minutes of eating or drinking anything. Could the impaction and vomiting be a result of diabetes? What can I do to adjust her diet? What kinds of medications can she take to help? (10 Feb 2003)

  94. I know that 90% of people with diabetes have type 2, but how many of the remaining 10% are like me and get type 1 well past childhood? I want to know just how little my minority is. From the latest statistics that you have available, what is your estimate of the percentage of children versus adults (let's say over age 21years) who develop type 1? (10 Feb 2003)

  95. My new insurance will only cover one box of strips a month, and I then tried to talk to the benefits administrators of my company who were most unhelpful. What are my possible options are at this point? Is there anything else I can do to get my company and insurance to cover more of my diabetes supplies? (10 Feb 2003)

  96. I m 28 years old, and I have type 1 diabetes treated with a pump. I have been very responsible about going to the doctor and staying on top of my diabetes. Now, I want to go to work for a company that does not provide medical insurance for a pump. Are there any health insurance companies out there that will provide individual coverage? (10 Feb 2003)

  97. I just found out what some of the ingredients are in Humalog, and I think they are very disturbing. Can you tell me why Humalog has all this stuff in it? (10 Feb 2003)

  98. I've had a 12 hour fasting blood sugar level that was negative for diabetes, but I have the symptoms. Middle age onset diabetes runs in my family, and I don't feel well, so I'm checking this out now.I bought a blood glucose test system and need to know how to best use it. How often and when (relative to the time I eat) should I check my blood sugar level, to test for hypoglycemia and/or diabetes? (10 Feb 2003)

  99. My four year old son has been referred to the pediatric diabetes center, but his doctor didn't do anything for him except set up this appointment which isn't until next week, and my son is still sick. What other tests are involved in diagnosing someone with diabetes? What is the first plan of treatment? When will his nausea go away after starting treatment? (10 Feb 2003)

  100. My 15 year old daughter was issued a learner's permit, but the school nurse says she cannot have it until she has her doctor fill out a form for the state. I believe this to be a form of discrimination. Am I right to fight this issue? Do I stand on good ground? (9 Feb 2003)

  101. Even though I have not in the past had evidence of complications, I am becoming very concerned about developing them, especially because I started a new, and increasingly stressful, job. How much have I increased my risk for complications this year? Can I still recover from it, even if I have to work harder at it? If so, what must I do differently? (9 Feb 2003)

  102. Is my classification type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Does this result indicate insulin resistance? Is the honeymoon period typical of type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Why does taking insulin injections control my blood sugar levels when there is enough insulin reserve, whereas metformin did not help? (9 Feb 2003)

  103. I have recently changed my insulin from Actrapid (Regular) with Protaphane (NPH) to a sliding scale of Humalog and Lantus prior to breakfast. I am having troubles though with my control, especially upon waking in the morning. Can you suggest a solution? (9 Feb 2003)

  104. I have never met a person with type 1 diabetes who was not allergic to penicillin. How come I never see research on this? (9 Feb 2003)

  105. My nine year old daughter has type 1 diabetes which is very much difficult to control even though we give human insulin regularly. Is there any other long acting insulin to control sugar? Is there any permanent cure in any part of world or any oral treatment to control type1 diabetes? (9 Feb 2003)

  106. My partner was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three years ago, but his doctor did not send him to nor recommend that he see an ophthalmologist, and we just found out that he has severe diabetic retinopathy. Since he does not have any health insurance he has to depend on county hospital for the recommended laser treatments. Are there any other alternatives available for treatment? (9 Feb 2003)

  107. A medical professional told someone I know that glucose meters are deliberately designed to read low, especially at low blood glucose levels, as a safety measure. I can't believe that meter manufacturers would handicap themselves this way in the quest for FDA approval, but I found similar information. Is there any basis to this information? (9 Feb 2003)

  108. I am familiar with the appropriate precautions related to the alcohol content of drinks such as Kahlua and the effects on blood sugar, but I can't determine how much sugar they contain, except that it seems to be a lot based on what it does to my blood sugar! I would like to know the carb content for a variety of after dinner liqueurs. (9 Feb 2003)

  109. My eight year old son has type 1 diabetes, and in the past month, he has had two seizure type lows. His endocrinologist does not know what the problem is, and the staff just keeps adjusting his insulin for his readings. (9 Feb 2003)

  110. I have been using a sharps disposal unit, and I know these are not to be opened. However, since the company I originally got this from discontinued it, I have been opening it, emptying the contents into a plastic pop bottle and then disposing of the pop bottle. Do you know where I might be able to get one of these? (8 Feb 2003)

  111. Everyone in my family, except me, has/had diabetes, and my second child weighed 10 pounds. Blood sugars at home and in the doctor's office testing, occasionally showed very high levels, but lab testing always was consistently low. A new neurologist suggests that I may have had diabetes for up to 30 years. Is it possible that diabetic neuropathy has caused this? (7 Feb 2003)

  112. Kindly advise if there are any new methods available to cure diabetes. Are stem cells one of the future methods to cure this, and when will it be realized? (7 Feb 2003)

  113. My five year old son has ketotic hypoglycemia, and while he is not having episodes as often as he used to, he still has problems with low blood sugar and running large and extra large ketones when he gets sick. Can a child with ketotic hypoglycemia get sick from ketones? At what point do I need to get him into the doctor? Can there be possible damage to his liver? (7 Feb 2003)

  114. About four years ago I had a glucose intolerance test done, and my doctor said that I had "cheated" on the "test" because my levels did not move at all the entire time. Should I have a GTT again? (7 Feb 2003)

  115. My 11 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for almost 2.5 years, and there have been several occasions when he is experiencing symptoms of a low blood sugar, but when he checks, he is not low. Have you heard of this before? Do you have an idea of what is going on in his body? (7 Feb 2003)

  116. I am 47 years old, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 237 pounds, and I see the doctor for a variety of ailments, and my blood sugars are always in bold with "High" written next to them. My last fasting blood sugar was 149 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. Do I have diabetes? What kind of diet should I follow to lose the weight? (7 Feb 2003)

  117. Are there any particular groups that are more likely to have diabetes than any others? (7 Feb 2003)

  118. About a week ago, my dad, who had was a very brittle diabetes was killed in a car accident, and over the past few weeks, he had multiple episodes of severe hypoglycemia. On autopsy, can they determine this? How is that done? The autopsy report isn't back yet, but MI, CVA, and alcohol have already been ruled out to present. (7 Feb 2003)

  119. My 19 year old boyfriend, who has had type 1 diabetes since he was two, has lost close to 30 pounds in the last two months even though he hasn't changed his diet or his exercise. Is something really wrong? (7 Feb 2003)

  120. I am 37 years old, female, who is mildly active, and I am wondering if I could possibly have hypoglycemia. (7 Feb 2003)

  121. I'm not sure if this is something that I should call the doctors about and have test run, or if I should be concerned about. (5 Feb 2003)

  122. As a parent of a young child with type 1 diabetes I know to watch for and to avoid DKA. I'm wondering how people on this Atkin's diet are encouraged to enter into ketosis by not consuming any carbs for months at a time. Why don't they get sick? (5 Feb 2003)

  123. Since beginning a regimen of Lantus and NovoLog three months ago, I have had some high morning readings, and my glucose levels have been up and down ever since going on these two insulin. My A1c has consistently been between 6.5-7% for many years, but these ups and downs make me feel badly. If I have had nothing to eat since dinner the night before, what's causing the high reading? (5 Feb 2003)

  124. Where can I find a diet menu for my 15 month old baby with type 1 diabetes? (5 Feb 2003)

  125. My 11 year old daughter has been complaining about a lot of things, but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her and say it is probably growing pains. My mother and grandmother both had/has diabetes. Is this something I should call the doctors about and see about having them run tests on her to rule this out? (5 Feb 2003)

  126. I began the insulin plus the metformin to control the postprandial readings, and I'm feeling very frustrated. I work very hard to keep my disease controlled with diet, exercise and medication, and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain my health. (5 Feb 2003)

  127. Up to the time my wife had the flu and bad cough, her blood sugars were running at an average of approximately normal, but this accompanied by a blood sugar that's high, and this has remained the case for the past two weeks, even though the illness has cleared up. When can we expect these blood sugars to lower? (5 Feb 2003)

  128. I pay child support for my 10 year old daughter who had some tests done (comprehensive metabolic panel, cortisone serum, growth hormone, insulin serum, T4 total, TSH, and C-peptide). but her mom will not disclose the nature of her illness to me. Can you please tell me what illness she might have been being screened for? (4 Feb 2003)

  129. My nine year old son seems to have terrible reactions to sugar, and seems to get hyper, then mean, then very whiny. I have had several people tell me he may have diabetes or something, but his pediatrician says it was hooey, and to take him to a doctor for behaviors. Please help. (4 Feb 2003)

  130. My mother suspects my son has bouts of low blood sugar because my brother had them when he was small, and the behavior pattern is similar. Could this be blood sugar problems or am I paranoid thanks to mum? (4 Feb 2003)

  131. For a year and a half, I have been plagued with hypoglycemic episodes. I was examined at the National Institutes of Health for four days where I underwent a 48 hour fast, and my blood glucoses remained steady in the 70s mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. I also showed no signs of insulinoma. I'm at a loss. What should I ask my doctors to consider looking at? (4 Feb 2003)

  132. I have type 2 diabetes, I go to the military hospital, and cannot get a pump there because they say the cost is too high so I am trying to find out how much a pump would cost. How much it is for me to buy an insulin pump? Please help me if you can, because so far no doctor was able to get my blood sugar under control. (4 Feb 2003)

  133. My son has both type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. If he had celiac disease first, could the diabetes be complication of that? (4 Feb 2003)

  134. I am 35 years old, I have had insulin treated gestational diabetes during both of my pregnancies. I have started birth control and my fasting glucose was 125 mg/dl [6.9 mmol/L]. I have been using at meter at home, and my blood sugars are high. Can the birth control patch cause diabetes? (4 Feb 2003)

  135. I have never been tested for diabetes, but I do know that it runs in my family. I get very thirsty, drink a lot in a day, and go to the bathroom a lot. I feel tired a lot also and don't have very much energy at all. I don't have much energy at all, I get very nauseated a lot also, and I have deep and rapid breathing at times. Is this something I should bring to my doctor's attention? (4 Feb 2003)

  136. Last weekend I went out as usual, and when I got home I set my alarm clock to wake me up. The following morning my alarm clock did go off, I got out of bed to make some breakfast, and that's the last I remember. (4 Feb 2003)

  137. At my recent doctor's visit, I was told I have mild hypertension and a high level of protein in my urine (based on one sample taken in the clinic), so the doctor prescribed an ACE inhibitor. Should I demand a 24-hour urine test or other tests? Does the menstrual cycle affect protein amounts? (4 Feb 2003)

  138. Why do people with diabetes heal so poorly after a injury? (4 Feb 2003)

  139. I'm a 16 year old, who was as diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, but I tested negative for islet cell antibodies, and my family doctor cannot understand my diagnosis since four months before it, my blood sugars were normal. Should I ask my doctor for the other antibody tests? What are other possible tests that would tell more about this situation? (4 Feb 2003)

  140. In the past, every time my husband has had a seizure, the ambulance has been called and he has gone to the hospital to be taken care of. However, he has been having more and more in the past few years, so he and I have talked about how I should give him glucagon. Is it necessary to go to the hospital after glucagon has been given? (3 Feb 2003)

  141. I am using Novolin 70/30 insulin, and I am going to England for about six months. Can I get 70/30 insulin in England in any pharmacy? Do if they have another compatible insulin? What is the name of it? (3 Feb 2003)

  142. It would seem likely that a blood sugar would have been elevated if it had been done. Our problem, of course, is that we are getting information third-hand from you, and we don't have access to the medical records when he was originally seen. As Dr. Brown suggests, your sister should discuss this with her son's physician. (3 Feb 2003)

  143. I've had type 2 diabetes for four years, and I am starting a weight lifting program. Are there any benefits to using vitamin supplements? If so what kind of supplements would benefit me? (3 Feb 2003)

  144. The only real benefit the pump has given me was the freedom of eating meals late, or skipping them and not having to pull out a syringe. I don't know if that is enough to justify staying on it and arguing for an upgrade of pumps with my insurance company. Should I go off the pump? (3 Feb 2003)

  145. My son eats constantly, but has lost 10 pounds in the last week, and he says he is thirsty all of the time, but I hesitate to ask the doctor to test my son. (3 Feb 2003)

  146. My six year old son was diagnosed a week ago, is on insulin twice daily, and I read about surgery being done in Japan for this problem. Is it safe? Can you give further information? Can't the glands function again? (3 Feb 2003)

  147. The school nurse told my aunt that she had to be really careful about my cousin getting sick since she was newly diagnosed because an illness could send her to the hospital. She has two sisters and one brother and not being exposed to an illness is kind of hard if there is one going around. How accurate is that?. (3 Feb 2003)

  148. For about two months, my 22 month old daughter has been waking up during the night. I guess this is typical for her age. I don't know whether to be concerned about her having diabetes or not. (1 Feb 2003)

  149. I have had diabetes for almost four years, and at the moment, I have a real bad sore throat, and feel anxious about it because my blood sugars don't seem to be going down. Is it normal to lose a wee bit of control when ill? (1 Feb 2003)

  150. Any ideas on how to stop the roller coaster numbers? The up and down numbers make me feel buzzed and tired after meals, and if supper is late, I will go low which doesn't feel great either. Since my team has few LADA patients, they are not sure have to handle my care. Their plan for now is to wait and see what happens. Any suggestions? (1 Feb 2003)

  151. I have been having terrible headaches that started in the back of my head to start and now are throughout my whole head. I am getting worried, but I don't know who else to ask for help since my doctor is not helping me. Is there anything related to the diabetes that could cause this terrible headaches? (1 Feb 2003)

  152. Despite his age, my 13.5 year old son had a bone age on x-ray was 10 years and shows no signs of entering puberty. At least six males on his dad's side of the family have told us that they did not start growing until the age of 16-17. What to do? (1 Feb 2003)

  153. I have had type 1 diabetes for over 33 years, and my child is showing significant signs and has postprandial hyperglycemia as well, but he seems to be able to pass the glucose tolerance test. (1 Feb 2003)

  154. I have type 2 diabetes, treated with diet and exercise, and have been having some low blood sugars lately, particularly fasting ones. Could this possibly be caused by an extremely cold weather pattern we've for the past few weeks? (1 Feb 2003)

  155. Shortly after eating an unusually large amount of carbs (soda, candy, etc.), my 14 year old son did a random glucose test using his grandmother's meter which was high; the next morning his fasting blood sugar was low, and every subsequent test has been normal. Urine test was normal. Is it worrisome for a kid to spike like that? (1 Feb 2003)

  156. I am trying to find a program to load onto my Palm Pilot that will assist with carb counting. I know that you previously answered this question, but the reference link you gave does not currently function/exist. Do you know of any such carb counting program? (1 Feb 2003)

  157. My newly diagnosed son's pediatrician doctor and HMO referred us to an endocrinologist who sees children two days a week and adults three days a week. Shouldn't HMO's refer families of a newly diagnosed child to a doctor that has a program and will follow-up with that child? (1 Feb 2003)

  158. I have had diabetes for almost four years, and while I have been told my management is very good, ever since I have been diagnosed, I have had health anxiety problems.The doctor was going to give me beta blockers but said these cannot be given to people with diabetes. Is there an alternative, or maybe a natural herbal solution? (1 Feb 2003)

  159. For the past two weeks, I have been treating low blood sugars with glucose tablets on average five per week. By the end of the first week, I began having abdominal cramps and nausea which has been continuous. I feel this way most of the time regardless of what my blood sugars are. Can the frequent daily use of glucose tablets cause this? (1 Feb 2003)

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