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  1. I've read your information on Humalog® (Lispro Insulin), and have read the Forecast article called The Wait is Over, and I'm still wondering about comments made by the doctor in the Forecast article about Lispro's similarity to IGF which apparently is dangerous to the heart. (30 Nov 96)

  2. Have you heard of the book Reversing Diabetes? What do you think about that? My son was diagnosed at 6 1/2 years old. He is now 14. He was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1. (30 Nov 96)

  3. I have Type 1 diabetes; I am 35 years old. I have a 8 year old son and a 8 month old baby girl. As in my previous pregnancy, my thyroid went out of whack in this last pregnancy as well. My last results of testing was .78 on the T4 and 4.65 on the T5 test. Please help me understand this profile, if you can. (30 Nov 96)

  4. Could you give me an explanation as to how a blood glucose monitor works? This is for my science display at school. I am a diabetic, Type 1, since 4 years old. I am now 14. (28 Nov 96)

  5. Is there a specific diet for diabetics? (27 Nov 96)

  6. I am a 21 year old female with a history of two grandmothers with Type 2 diabetes. I am thirsty and have all the high blood sugar symptoms but, my endo refuses to do anything for me. I was just wondering, what should I do? (27 Nov 96)

  7. Can you tell me how diabetes "transmits?" I know that is hereditary, but is it from mother to son or daughter, from grandmother to grandson and granddaughter? (27 Nov 96)

  8. I have a 9 year old daughter diagnosed with Type 1 in April 1996. She picks the crust off her bread before she eats. I noticed this past week that she had a low after each meal in which bread was a component. Should I compensate for "crust-removal"? (27 Nov 96)

  9. Can anyone out there tell me about the Glucose Tolerance Factor? I read about it in Merck's Manual and have been interested in finding out more. It seems like nothing was done with the information once it was "discovered." What's up? (24 Nov 96)

  10. We are parents of a two and a half year old daughter. She is a very slow and few eater and we think that if we were able to use Humalog, life will get easier for all. Is there any reason to not use Humalog on children younger than 12 years of age? (24 Nov 96)

  11. We have a 5 year old daughter who has been experiencing hypoglycemic episodes since June. Recently, after a morning breakfast, she complained of not feeling well. I checked her blood glucose level, and it was 158! I am concerned that this is the beginning of diabetes for her. (24 Nov 96)

  12. My son is 11 years old and has had Type 1 diabetes for 3 years. I'm looking for information on alternative treatments such as acupuncture and herbs to supplement his insulin and nutritional plan. (24 Nov 96)

  13. My daughter (2.5 years old) is intolerant of sugar in more than very small doses. Her pediatrician doesn't seem concerned but recently a friend suggested that she (my daughter) may be glucose intolerant and possibly end up being diagnosed with diabetes. Is this a possibility? (23 Nov 96)

  14. I am a 17 year-old college student. I was "diagnosed" with hypoglycemia this autumn. I have even lost consciousness a few times lately. Do you have any suggestions? (23 Nov 96)

  15. I have a 4 year old daughter that was just switched to Humalog® [Lispro Insulin] from Regular insulin (she also takes Ultralente) for her evening (5:00 pm) injection. We have read that It has not been approved for children under 12. Is it safe to use on a 4 year old? (21 Nov 96)

  16. I have a 13 year old son that was diagnosed Type 1 two years ago. A year ago, my 17 year old tested positive for ICA and insulin antibodies and does not have the protective gene. How much do all of these genetic markers mean? (20 Nov 96)

  17. My aunt who is 54 years old has had diabetes since she was 21. She was just told that she has Charcot disease in her right ankle. What should be done to combat this disease? (20 Nov 96)

  18. How soon will products made with olestra be available on the market? (20 Nov 96)

  19. My wife takes insulin twice a day along with her regular prescribed pills. Why does her blood sugar go from a 50 before a meal to 280 two hours later when just the day before she would go from 105 to 115 and nothing in her diet changes? (19 Nov 96)

  20. Please advise if you can mix 70/30 insulin and regular insulin in the same syringe for administration. (19 Nov 96)

  21. My 7-year old grandson has been diagnosed to have diabetes, Type 1, two months after taking medicines for tuberculosis. What caused this sudden diabetes? Could it have been connected with the drugs he took for tuberculosis? (19 Nov 96)

  22. I'm looking for information about a rash that has developed on my neck and some on my cheek; was wondering if it was caused by my diabetes. (18 Nov 96)

  23. My 4 year old daughter is a type I diabetic. We are flying to Disney Land for the Christmas holidays. Our concern is the extra insulin stored in the checked bags. Is there a problem with Regular and NPH being subjected to x-rays? (18 Nov 96)

  24. I am a 36 year old type I diabetic and have a 8 year old daughter who was diagnosed 18 months ago. My question is, are they using acarbose with Type 1, and if so are they having much success? (18 Nov 96)

  25. I am a junior biology/pre-med student in college. I am researching for a paper on sugar diabetes. I was wondering if you could help me out a bit? (18 Nov 96)

  26. My teenage children have been diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic. The boy is being treated with glipizide and the girl is attempting diet control. Any advice would be appreciated. (17 Nov 96)

  27. What is the "typical" duration of the honeymoon period? How can one know when this period has ended? (16 Nov 96)

  28. I have a 59 year old brother who is diabetic, taking insulin injections. We are looking for any information about insulin taken orally. We were told recently of oral insulin and want to learn more. (16 Nov 96)

  29. Is there a device that is in the prototype stage that both monitors diabetes and also injects insulin if the reading is at a certain level? (16 Nov 96)

  30. I have a family member who has diabetes and seems to be doing well. I was also interested to see what is posted involving diabetes with ADHD. (16 Nov 96)

  31. I am a 39 year old male diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes for almost exactly 4 years now. Ever since being diagnosed with this disease I have found it difficult to keep weight on. Am I the only person with this problem? (16 Nov 96)

  32. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed in May 95. At first she was easy to control with diet, but now we have been having problems with her levels being too high. How dangerous is it for her to have varying blood sugar levels in one day? (16 Nov 96)

  33. My 2 year old niece has recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Is there a chromosome check that can verify Type 1 diabetes, or can this be a mis-diagnosis due to low blood sugar and a bladder infection? (16 Nov 96)

  34. Am now 46, and was diagnosed at age 42. Am still confused if I am Type 1 or II. Can you give any insight on my situation? (16 Nov 96)

  35. My daughter who is 15 has unusually cold hands. Could this be a condition of diabetes? (16 Nov 96, updated 18 Nov 96)

  36. Where can I find a list of doctors nearby that specialize in diabetic pregnancy? We have a doctor now, but she has not had a lot of pregnancy cases. She was unable to guide us in the right direction. Any ideas? (16 Nov 96)

  37. Is it common to notice a significant behavior change after a child has been in the hospital? I would appreciate any advice on the psychological effects of hospitalization and diabetes on children. (14 Nov 96)

  38. Our son is 12 years old and has been diabetic just over 2 1/2 years. He injects both NPH and Regular insulin in his morning, but only needs Regular (2-6 units) at dinner. Is it unusual to not need NPH at night? (14 Nov 96)

  39. What level of comfort is provided by the current infusion sets of today's insulin pumps? (14 Nov 96)

  40. I am 17 years old. I have had diabetes for 3 years. My friend is also a diabetic. She told me about a scholarship that she may be getting because of her diabetes. I was just wondering if you knew of anything similar to this. (14 Nov 96, updated 16 Nov 96)

  41. What causes the adverse effects of diabetes? (13 Nov 96)

  42. I have a 19 year old son who has had diabetes since he was 2 years old. In the last few years he has acquired the bad habit of "dipping" brands of chewing tobacco. Does chewing tobacco affect his blood sugars? (13 Nov 96)

  43. I wanted to know the differences between the Humalog and Novo's insulin. Can or can't Humalog be used with a pen injector if it is available? (13 Nov 96, updated 15 Nov 96)

  44. Can a woman who has had diabetes for 15 years have a healthy baby? She has not been in tight control till now. What are the chances of a baby with health problems? My wife is 29 years old and one month pregnant. (13 Nov 96)

  45. I was wondering if there were any receipes for desserts, cookies, candy, etc. I'm taking a Foods class and I need to make a receipe box for things I can eat. (13 Nov 96)

  46. I have Type 1 diabetes, I am male, 32 years old, I was diagnosed when I was 10. I enjoy a drink every now and then maybe twice a week. What are the negative issues for diabetics who drink alcohol? (13 Nov 96)

  47. I found a book on exchanges, portion sizes, etc. that I can understand. However, it brought up a question: If legumes are starches and nuts are fats, what does a vegetarian diabetic do about the meat exchange? (13 Nov 96)

  48. My wife is a Type 1 diabetic, age 28, diagnosed 6 1/2 years ago. My particular area of interest is The Cure (we're kinda tired of diabetes). I have some questions which I hope someone there can answer for me. (13 Nov 96)

  49. My son is now 16 years old. His glycosylated hemoglobin results are always over the test standard range. Can you enlighten me as to the "normal" variance in a teenager? (13 Nov 96)

  50. At 13 months our daughter developed diabetes. Recently (at 2 1/2 years old), she was switched to Iletin (Pork) Regular insulin and NPH. Can you explain the difference and benefits are of the various insulin types? (13 Nov 96)

  51. What are the symptoms of the onset of kidney problems associated with Type 1 diabetes? What should we be on the lookout for? (12 Nov 96)

  52. I am requesting advice for a friend. Her 13 year old son does not appear to be accepting his disease well. He cheats, doesn't do blood test when he should and couldn't care less about high blood glucoses. My friend is at her wit's end. How should she deal with her son? (11 Nov 96)

  53. I was wondering if you know if Lispro insulin [Humalog brand] is available in Canada? This insulin seems like it is the one for me. (11 Nov 96, updated 12 Dec 96)

  54. I would appreciate any menu that is available for diabetics. (11 Nov 96)

  55. In the evening, after my final insulin dose, I get so hungry. I know that I need to distract, but it is very difficult. Vegetables raise the morning sugar, so does pretzels. Any suggestions? (11 Nov 96)

  56. I have been trying to find out more about uncooked cornstarch to prevent low blood sugars. (11 Nov 96, updated 16 Nov 96)

  57. Are mega-vitamin supplements helpful for kids or adults with Type 1 diabetes? I've seen claims of dramatically improved blood sugar levels by one mail-order firm that sells products costing US$4 per day. I would do anything to help my child, but wonder if this would be money well spent. (9 Nov 96)

  58. My 12 year old daughter is concerned about her weight. Her doctor has told us that she has probably maxed as far as growing is concerned and we should try to maintain her weight where it is. About how many fat grams should we be trying to maintain at this point? (9 Nov 96)

  59. Do you recommend diluting insulin when small doses are required? When our son was 2 and 3 years old we often used 1/2 - 1 unit doses. (9 Nov 96)

  60. I am a young adult (20 years old) with Type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed six years ago. I am having my wisdom teeth removed and I will be put to sleep and I cannot eat after midnight the night before. Should I take my regular insulin dosage that night and morning? (9 Nov 96)

  61. What is better: the high protein diet approaches put forth by books like "The Zone," "Protein Power," the Atkins Diet -- they all promise great things for diabetics and a lot of their arguments make sense to a lay person. (9 Nov 96)

  62. My son is 18. Diet is not carefully monitored. He eats a lot of fast food and has stopped monitoring blood sugar as well. Is there any literature I can give him, and camps that he can attend that would encourage him to get back on the path to proper diet and care? (9 Nov 96)

  63. I was recently offered a sample of apple juice. The person offering the sample told me that the "natural" sugars were okay. How does 25 mg of natural sugar compare to ordinary table sugar? Where can I find information regarding natural sugars? (7 Nov 96)

  64. I understand that many children with diabetes present with rapid heart rates when they are experiencing rapid falling blood sugars or hypoglycemia. Is this one indicator, short of testing, that would alert us to a rapid change in his glucose? (7 Nov 96)

  65. Our teenage daughter has cut down her insulin doses so that she doesn't have to eat as much. Her diet consists of mostly vegetables and fruit. She's gotten quite thin. What is the danger to her of possibly being anorectic? I don't want to overreact, but I am concerned. (7 Nov 96)

  66. Is Halloween the disaster for kids with diabetes that I think it would be? (7 Nov 96)

  67. Do you have any information on different brands of syringes, and on syringes versus pens versus jet injectors at doses of 1-2 units? We're considering switching to a pen. (7 Nov 96)

  68. Our son was diagnosed at age 4. He is currently 11 1/2 years old. Our doctor recently (one month ago) moved him to lispro insulin (Humalog) instead of Regular. Have you heard of any cases where Humalog given in combination with NPH diminishes the potency of the NPH? (7 Nov 96)

  69. Our endocrinologists have had a huge increase in the number of newly diagnosed patients they are treating. It was already on the increase last year, and this year has been double last years' cases. Are public health epidemiologists looking at this? (7 Nov 96, updated 11 Nov 96)

  70. Our daughter started first grade recently. We have concerns about how the school manages her care. The school nurse is insisting that she leave class and go to the nurses office to do her testing (2 - 3) times a day. (5 Nov 96)

  71. I have searched medline and I have e-mailed to three international institutes that boast five-year successes and still going with islet cell transplants in patients who underwent simultaneous organ transplants for kidney and liver. So, theoretically, would you not agree that there have been some successes? (5 Nov 96)

  72. Co-workers at my company are "hit up" for various worthy causes frequently, and it's hard to make diabetes a priority. Do you have any suggestions for separating this particular cause from all the others in order to garner donations? (5 Nov 96)

  73. Are there any statistical/mathematical indicators that can be used to analyze glucose readings and insulin usage beside the standard min/max, average, standard deviation, variance? Has anyone used regression analysis effectively? (5 Nov 96)

  74. I am a 41 year old diabetic. I was wondering if I could mix Lispro insulin (Humalog® brand) with Regular insulin, so I can get immediate high down and have a little longer effect on the food I just ate? (3 Nov 96)

  75. Our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 a year ago. She is now 3. Is counting carbohydrates the best way to compare the effect of a given meal on blood sugars 1-2 hours hence? (3 Nov 96)

  76. My twelve year old son was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. Twice a year his doctor does a C-peptide test. What exactly does the test measure and what does falling below the normal range mean? (3 Nov 96)

  77. My 25 year old boyfriend was told that he has excess sugar in his urine. Does this mean that he has diabetes? Or may be in a high risk category? (3 Nov 96)

  78. Several weeks ago I took a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I repeated the test several times and the results confuse me. (3 Nov 96)

  79. My son is 9 and has had diabetes since he was 5. His control has been pretty good but lately we have some high blood sugar readings after lunch. How bad is it for him to have high readings if we catch it quickly and get it back down? (3 Nov 96)

  80. I was wondering if you could give me information on how to get into the field of neonatalogy. (3 Nov 96)

  81. We are planning a trip from Toronto, Canada to Turkey for June, 1997. We have an 8 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in June, 1996. As we are making our plans we have been told that we must have access to an international doctor. Is this true? (3 Nov 96)

  82. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes 9 months ago. We were given a recommendation for another doctor in the area who is associated with a dietician and a social worker and has a nurse specialist. What should I look for in a practice? (3 Nov 96)

  83. I have a son with diabetes. He transferred to Lispro insulin one month ago. This week his readings are a bit on the low side, 70-100 and his meals are coming one hour early since he is so hungry. I am concerned about keeping a five year old's activity and sugar level up a bit more than we have seen. (2 Nov 96)

  84. What is "brittle diabetes?" (2 Nov 96)

  85. My 12 1/2 year old niece was diagnosed with Type 1 several months ago. I was talking with her mother and she told me that my niece's blood sugar levels have been good lately and they have been letting her have some soda pop to drink with sugar in it. Is this okay to do? (2 Nov 96)

  86. My brother is a recently diagnosed insulin dependent diabetic. He has not been able to get his blood sugar under control. The problem centers around the fact that he isn't getting complete care because he doesn't have insurance. (2 Nov 96)

  87. My wife is diabetic and she is very limited as to what she can eat, especially in terms of dessert. I feel uncomfortable, when I can eat ice cream and pies, while my wife cannot eat those desserts. What kind of dessert could my wife eat? (2 Nov 96)

  88. We have a friend whose son was taken to the hospital in a diabetic coma. He was taken by his father and all of the information (diet, exchanges, etc.) has since been kept by his father who refuses to give it to him or his mother. (2 Nov 96)

  89. I am looking for information on lipohypertrophy. (2 Nov 96)

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