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Kelse in First Grade
Kelse Furr
North Carolina
Diagnosed March 14, 2005

Kelse, named for his great-granddaddy, is six years old (almost seven!) and lives near Salisbury, North Carolina.

Kelsy just loves living out in the country, taking hikes through the woods, playing at the creek, riding his Incredible Hulk bicycle down the long, gravel driveway to his house, and playing with his King Kong and Godzilla action figures. He has no brothers or sisters, but he does have two dogs, several cats, and a talking parrot. Kelse is a GREAT and very brave kids. He was diagnosed a year ago this very day (March 14) and is still in his honeymoon period.

The quilt square was made for him by a dear friend, Denise Morton, who lives in Colorado.

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