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Taylor Nelson
North Dakota
Diagnosed March 9, 1999

On March 9, 1999 our son Taylor Jaymes Nelson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was 8 1/2 years old at that time. With the help of many members of this group and the insulin pumpers group we were able to place Taylor on an insulin pump on March 6, 2000. At the time he was diagnosed, his dad and I had stressed to him he could do anything he wanted to in life. As long as the person in charge, or one of his friends with him was always aware that he had diabetes and he had his "kit" with him, he would go off with and/or without us and enjoy himself.

In September he began his 8th grade year and along with that he began his second season of football where he was a starting tackle. Taylor was very active in sports and did not let his diabetes slow him down. His motto in life has always been "I do not live for what ifs". As a parent many times I would say "Taylor, what if something were to happen" as he was doing things that were both diabetes and not diabetes related. His response to me was always "I don't live for what ifs mom, if something happens I will deal with it then".

Taylor's "what if" occurred on Saturday October 23, 2004 when he was helping a friend cut trees to later be sold. A freak accident in which a tree came down and hit Taylor on the side of the head knocked him unconscious. He was later pronounced brain dead. Taylor had turned 14 two weeks prior to the accident and had been able to receive his driver's permit. At this time we had asked him if he would consider being an organ donor. After explaining to him what that would mean he stated "I think I would want to do that mom". After we were told the doctors felt he was brain dead but could not say officially until more tests were run we let them know of his wishes. On Sunday October 24, he was officially declared brain dead. As a result of his desire to continue to help people (which was something he did with great ease) he was able to donate his heart, liver and kidneys. His pancreas and lungs went to research.

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