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Shayne Baumgartner
Diagnosed May 29, 2003

I was eight years old when I was diagnosed with diabetes and when I figured out that it was diabetes and that I'd have to do numerous blood tests each day and get needles at least twice a day, I felt really sad. I was worried about how much the needles were going to hurt. I thought that it would stop me from going to parties and having fun.

It was really bad for the first two years. My blood sugars would go high and low and I'd have to have a needle at least twice a day, sometimes more. I'd have to eat all of my food at certain times, even if I wasn't hungry or didn't like the food. I'd have to do at least four blood tests per day. When I was sick it would get worse, as my blood sugar would go high or low and would affect how I feel and make me even sicker than I was.

Last summer, my parents bought me an insulin pump which acts like an artificial pancreas. It gives me a steady basal rate and now I'm able to eat almost what I want, almost when I want. I'm able to go to parties now, but I have to count all the carbohydrates and bolus extra insulin. I still have to do lots of blood tests. Insertions hurt more than needles, but I only have to take one every two or three days.

Although the insulin pump helps me, and is almost a pancreas, it is not perfect. I have forgotten to bolus, forgotten to do blood tests, forgotten to fill tubing, and my pump has malfunctioned and come unattached during activities. I can still go low and still go high. The pump is good, but a cure would be much better for everybody.

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